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Apple iPhone 6S, Fully Unlocked, 64GB - Rose Gold (Certified Refurbished)

Product works great, looks like new, looks brand new, is perfect. Phone works great, looks like new, is great, came in great condition. Iphone is 2 years old, is fantastic, came in good condition, works well. Condition worked fine. Battery is completely shot, was 3/4 charged, is at 83%, is not a problem. Battery life is terrible, is quite deteriorated, has nothing to do with the vendors, is still 9%. Screen is unresponsive, is not responding, has plastic peely, was purely scratchless. Charger is clunky, has a shortage in it, looks a bit beaten up.

3.7 out of 5 stars
390 reviews were analyzed
302 opinion
207 4 91
positive 207
works great, great, good, excellent, looks like new, stays charged, perfect, looks brand new, is perfect, works well, works, awesome, is not a huge issue, exactly what the description said, worth you to purchase, is to be expected, change, is a very good, charges well enough, doesn’t looker feel cheap, appeared to be brand spanking new, no problems, granted that to punctuate or enter numbers, looked great, fine, i am returning, is a 64gb, just like a lego, looks like the new one exactly, ’s still worth it, any problems, ’s barely noticeably, immediately sent me a new phone, charges super fast, thoroughly enjoy, did, without a problem, was in fantastic condition, came equipped with a screen protector, was safely packed, new!!very recommended, has worked as advertised, ’s in perfect condition, came exactly as described, is model, was time for me to get a new phone, was best to purchase a refurbished phone, looked like kanga, is true, ’s just a used one that’s cosmetically in a condition
neutral 4
does have some redeeming features, was purely cosmetic, isn't much of a big deal, internals swapped to a new phone
negative 91
terrible, several times, ’s actually just 16gb, didn’t, is really a minor problem, off, can only hole 82percent, is horrible, wouldn't work with my carrier, doesn't come in the original box, will cause me to need to pay $30 to get it replaced.3, have trouble charging, start charging properly.4, ’s slow, wet, ’ll probablt return, ’s impossivld to disable it, day, was glitching, didn't work, returned, is not a safety issue, caught the problem, all day, doesn't come unlocked, runs through the battery quicker, is to be prompted every morning, takes an act of congress to get it to reset my password, turns on then the “hello, would not stay on, nary a flaw, quite low, from dying, questionable quality, don’t buy, didn't seem like a big deal, wouldnt work, ’s not going to be able to be used, does not come with any apple accessories, doesn't cost too much more, was a generic white box, cut, was unable to deliver the sufficient amount of power, wasn't in the best condition, had an offbrand charger cord, has lost 21% of the power, only took about 10 minutes, for a few hours, had severe cosmetic damage, goes dead fast
249 opinion
183 3 63
positive 183
great, works great, looks like new, is great, came in great condition, works perfectly, good, works well, is good, works, was in good shape, loves, works fine, nice, functions perfectly, is in great condition, is in great conditions, came without no scratch, looks good, was supposed to be 'like new, beautiful, no problems, looked new, is very happy with it, refurbished, came to me without a single blemish, replacement, was delivered within 2 days, able to easily, was in excellent condition, extremely easy to setup, came in perfect condition, is pretty beat up all the way around the edges, easily would recommend, look very old, came with dents, looked great, was exactly what i ordered, amazing, looks brand new, looks wonderful, performs great, much quicker than predicted, looked real purty, was in good condition, seems to work perfectly, with at&t no problem, looks almost new no dents, looks awsome, arrived today as scheduled
neutral 3
got my, replace my old, was indistinguishable from a new phone
negative 63
broken, stopped working, was obviously not being repaired, got very hot, doesn't comes as mentioned, is completely different when it comes, came in very poor condition, is damaged with dents and scratches, came a few issues, has gone blank, were minor issues, one day, could not see, don’t even work, doesn’t work by the time, was not included in the package, powered up with first attempt, only expecting, has scratches at the top part, was too expensive to fix, was defective, was fake, just shut off, has shut off, last issue, broke, did not damage, warmed up the problem, were dead, dies after not being plugged, not as described, could ever see myself, came loose inside the box, did not charge, was frozen, i didn't receive any money back, is still registered to you, isn’t restored, unable to read, would not hesitate, do not buy, suddenly stopped working, doesnt work good, switched to at&t once, loses 10% almost every half hour with minimal use, problems to show up, no damage, not a good working, was returned, was at 11%
74 opinion
18 2 54
positive 18
isn’t perfect, at 88% health, better, last for a day, doesn’t die fast, only lasts a half a day with minimal use, is ok, was at 60% health, looks great, should be lasting longer, is draining just like that, is lasting, good, came to me at 70%, 90%, started off good, replacing, in good health
neutral 2
isn't that much, is at 87%
negative 54
doesn’t last long, needs to be replaced, already old, wear level around 13%, would hold 80% charge, sucks, feat, is completely shot, isn't so good, complain, issues, died, was 3/4 charged, is at 83%, is not a problem, died off very quickly, is already unusable, only has 81% capacity, lasts 3 hours, replaced for 29 dollars, was completely shot, was shot, continuously drain, still goes from full charge to zero in about 10 hours, is slightly weak, drains too fast, dies really fast, less than 85%, doesn't even last an hour, is a little iffy, drains out pretty quick, is draining in 2-3 hours, got disconnected, was at 84%, replaced at apple for 30 dollars, is basically dead, was a little wanting, died out quickly, was terrible, only at 80% capacity, is toast out of the box, worse, 2 months, lasted less than 6 months, dies after 1 hour, is the problem, runs low, is wack within 2 hours, needed to be replaced, did not last long
battery life
35 opinion
11 24
positive 11
good, long, is less than desired, like new, or anything wonky, is good, is great, is a huge deal, was 83%, very good
negative 24
is terrible, is quite deteriorated, very short, has nothing to do with the vendors, is still 9%, was at 64% of life, is worse, is short, sucks, is not the best, is pretty bad, is not so good, only have issues, was a little bit, is low, terrible, dies kinda quickly, is horrible, was even worse, only 75%, low, reduces to 80% capacity, is really bad
23 opinion
9 14
positive 9
is a tint of blue, bigger, has a white dot, is perfect, very low quality, high quite light, looks new, larger, is flawless
negative 14
went blue, serious scratches, doesn't even work, faded out to black, is unresponsive, went black, is not responding, has plastic peely, was purely scratchless, has slight ghosting, has been replace, with doesn't work, won’t let me text, like was never touch
17 opinion
14 3
positive 14
end of july, you refurbished/, otros, stability, is 2 years old, love, i already have my, upgrade from 5s, is fantastic, came in good condition, no scatches, works well, very pleased, never had problems either time
negative 3
is locked, unlocked, suck
16 opinion
positive 16
excellent, perfect, great, good, worked fine, impressed, very good, flawless, operational
14 opinion
positive 14
is fine, worked just fine, looks new, works properly, went smoothly, worked like it, was good, was ok, is working the way, is working great, is great, was working, is awesome, seems right about it
11 opinion
9 2
positive 9
was very responsible, reliable, makes you pay for the return label, shipped it one day earlier than expected, great, honest, pleased, had a good return policy, will reach out to me
negative 2
didn't deal, complete false
10 opinion
8 2
positive 8
amazing, great, reasonable, was great-, was too much, is expensive enough
negative 2
not worth of, is expensive
9 opinion
2 1 6
positive 2
real, proven to work
neutral 1
3rd party
negative 6
generic, isn't working properly, is clunky, has a shortage in it, looks a bit beaten up, only worked for a couple of weeks
9 opinion
8 1
positive 8
very pleased, got my other son, was everything, great, has been, remains a positive, really good
negative 1
cannot be more satisfy
6 opinion
5 1
positive 5
many good, good, top notch, had to right, positive
negative 1
6 opinion
positive 6
no, very few, activated smoothly
6 opinion
4 2
positive 4
good, works, better, works woo%
negative 2
does make the shutter sound, grainy issues
6 opinion
3 3
positive 3
can't figure a way to incorporate that into its products, currently supports yet clocks, doing a promotion
negative 3
is not possible to repair, damn, straight
battery health
6 opinion
3 3
positive 3
were both at 85%, was about 85%, is showing 84% capacity
negative 3
poor, was at 80%, is terrible
home button
5 opinion
negative 5
not working, is already sticking, freezing up a few times, had stopped working, is loose
customer service
5 opinion
3 2
positive 3
was there to answer questions, wonderful, excellent
negative 2
terrible, note inside to contact
5 opinion
3 2
positive 3
great, very prompt, very fast
negative 2
lost, still no improvement
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