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Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (32GB) J730G/DS - 5.5" Full HD Dual SIM Unlocked Phone with Finger Print Sensor (US & Latin 4G LTE) (Pink)

Phone is great, arrived on time, is perfect, is good. This is a good alternative, works very well, is amazing, looked really nice. Camera is great, is nice picture, is decent, works well. Product is sold as new, came just as expected, is very good, was working perfect. Screen is non-responsive, looks bleeded out, is freezing some times, is changed to black. Language was in vietnamese, was not hard to set, was in not in english. Samsung will not honor the warranty, will not provide any service, is samnsung, came up with a piece of trash. Touch screen keeps freezing, were some issues, is completely unresponsive, has stopped working.

3.9 out of 5 stars
394 opinion
292 6 96
positive 292
great, good, best, beautiful, nice, is great, excellent, fast, perfect, awesome, really like, arrived on time, loving, love, very nice, very good, is perfect, is good, is awesome, cool, is beautiful, replacement, fantastic, works well, was great, amazing, is very good, came on time, is everything, i like, looking at the settings, really good, easy, decent, definitely factory, has been rooted to be ''unlocked'' , no problems, working great, really fast, was given a refurbished one, very satisfied, does a great work, is working excellent, functional, was awesome, very, excellent for games, without the memory, absolutely love, cutest
neutral 6
on a rush basic, 4g, without, expensive, was in a different language, don't drop
negative 96
is slippery, unlocked, never boot pass the samsung screen, didn't meet expectation, is pretty the bad thing, worst, do not buy, did not purchase, didnt have any plastic, went in the pool, disappointed, is very hard to press on, like, dropped onto the carpet, is made for indian o thailand use, did not come with a charger!!!i am totally disappointed, not a bad, negatives, is quite frail, fragile, won't ring/vibrate when somebody calls, nags, sadly lineageos, has issues, always had slow mobile data h+, immediately gots 4g+, has stopped working, has no warranty, many issues, never had this issue, restarts all the time, nothing bad, can't use, is even on the market, did not come with the wall adapter, is terrible, came with a factory failure, broken my original, not a us/latin market, was fully covered, black spot, was simply splashed with water, is a total waste of money, don't ever buy, is not in english, down, trashy, don't get, didn't not drop, not very good
369 opinion
225 5 139
positive 225
love, works great, works perfectly, very fast, unlocked, really good, good, was good, fast, highly recommend, is fast, is very sleek, does do tethering, is working fantastically, just worked, was shipped fast, packaged well, not worth paying out a couple more hundred dollars, was covered in fingerprints, almost the half of the price, noticeably faster, is big, is bright, came like in 2 days, perfect, works on lte, works as it should, ’s getting bigger, bigger everyday, was a breeze switching, very easy, simple to set, giving up, super good, came like brand new, worked perfectly, has turned off for no reason, not obvious, was in my back pocket, still works mind, gets delivered, got the software, came out perfect, came with charger, has worked ok, has became bigger and darker, fantastic, worked very well, is getting bigger, will cost me $145
neutral 5
takes a nano card, is in japanese, started to show a cloudy, had almost all the features, little bit heavy
negative 139
dropped, didn't drop, is a bit heavy, would work on the t-mobile network, doesn't work in costa rica, crashing, goes straight to voice mail, can't get, does not have a us warranty, is slippery to hold, is only 16gb, didn't survive, has fm radio, got an ink leak, not goin, has expired, ’s dead, didn’t even last a year, ’s a fake, gets pressed 3 times, wasn't compatible with my phone service, misses calls, begins missing calls again, ridiculous, couldn't be reprogrammed, is a known issue, fixed the 4g, even had pre downloaded apps, does freeze occassionaly, was refurbished, may take a few seconds, fell in the toilet, too late for a return, was not compatable with straight talk, couldn't be setup, does not have warranty, doesn't work with boost mobile, was fixed, already wont load any apps, happened over a period of time, is obviously used, is not said in the product description, does not connect to any wi fi, resets itself, was registered to their carrier, same mistake, running, will work or much more, comes programmed in is khmer, apparently from south africa
70 opinion
28 1 41
positive 28
is glossy, nice, is very nice, lot, is purple, almost all, nice size, purple spots, is crystal clear, magically, barely see, was shot, excellent, is much much better, grows bigger every day, growing black spot, very responsive, much bigger, replace, like, complete, had developed a dark matter, looks great, has less sensibility, perfect window, looks amazing, is great, very comfortable in the hand
neutral 1
developed a black spot
negative 41
tripping out, is non-responsive, does not work, kept freezing, scratches easily, tiny scratch, running ink, became clouded with ink, looks bleeded out, started spreading over entire screens phone, started to turn black, spot, cracked, replaced, didn't work, breaks easily unexpectedly, is freezing some times, flashes on, is changed to black, black, not as sensitive, were blotted, is gone, was shattered, how weak, goes black, went blank in last three days, is black, is as fragile, was unresponsive at times, costs $200, shuttered to pieces, stopped working, is unresponsive, was cracked, is bad, lasted 6 weeks, goes white, goes blackk, was in vietnamese along with the entire manual, has a small scratch
38 opinion
27 11
positive 27
love, didn't disappoint at all, is a good alternative, in december 2017, works very well, is amazing, looked really nice, is the most, is the second i buy, good, just works, is a great replacement, is made right, no complaints, happens, is the first time, is my second one from amazon in a year, is awesome, was definitely worth my extensive research, kept coming back to, is a more subjective, is an international imported item, provides more ma, is very awesome, is a really good, is excellent
negative 11
was a fake, is duplicate, is unacceptable, utterly disgusted, could happen, never recommend, starts in chinese, happens about 75% of the times, is a worst buy, does not have us warranty, piece of garbage
28 opinion
26 2
positive 26
is great, good, nice, great, i need, didnt seem to have the quick choice, really likes, takes really nice pictures, is nice picture, far better, awesome, is decent, very good, works well, is so clear, is also cool, is amazing, better than the iphone, very sharp, works great, has multiple filters and modes, is wonderful
negative 2
not being very good, is not so good
23 opinion
18 5
positive 18
excellent, is sold as new, came just as expected, excelent, satisfied, is very good, thank you, great, good, was working perfect, works great, just like advertised, came from china, isn't bad, very nice
negative 5
not good, stop working, zero, bad, has been shipped with non functional state
battery life
22 opinion
positive 22
is great, long, awesome, is amazing, lasts a long time, outstanding, is extraordinary, is the best, is as desired, is great.don't, also great, great, better, coolness---
21 opinion
13 8
positive 13
lasts forever, expecting removable, last all day, great, works long, has enough power, big, long lasting, nice, beautifully built, last longer, relatively large
negative 8
don't have a long durability, did not last at all, finally wears out, not charging beyond 30%, doesn't come out, dry, left at the end of the day, starts off at 100 percent
14 opinion
positive 14
beautiful pink, rose gold, beautiful rose gold, is just a major bonus, should be aware, pink, love, love the pink, beautiful, gold, is more like silver, rocks, is a very, very light rose gold
14 opinion
10 4
positive 10
should provide a package insert, don't had any problems, very satisfied, only three stars, did a great job, bundle!great, a negative five star rating?, recommend, same pone, was very informative
negative 4
didn't even care to offer a refund or replacement, “sorry, did not have any compassion, must indicate that condition.!.
12 opinion
8 1 3
positive 8
pretty, stay far away, very well made, excellent, great, holds up to 256 gb, over again, answer all questions
neutral 1
covers the following bands: 4g lte band b1 (2100
negative 3
prevalent problem, worthless, instead of new one
10 opinion
9 1
positive 9
good, great, decent, was excellent, look good
negative 1
not bad
10 opinion
6 4
positive 6
low percentage, returning both, greatest, happen in regard to android, purchased 2, seem to work properly
negative 4
start up is in chinese, had issues, are not meant to be boom boxes, will not get 4g lte
10 opinion
6 4
positive 6
is wonderful, nice clear, is clean, is very, very clear, colors vivid
negative 4
was gone, all black, is black, not working
9 opinion
positive 9
high, can't beat, great, is great, very good, excellent, good
9 opinion
positive 9
works, performs great, is fine, seemed great, was awesome, okay, arrived as expected, worked well, is working fine
9 opinion
2 1 6
positive 2
already installed, awesome
neutral 1
was in hindi
negative 6
strange, had was with setting, was in vietnamese, was not hard to set, was in not in english
8 opinion
6 2
positive 6
fast, pretty big, fine, working great, unlocked, fast enough
negative 2
fragile nature, misleading your customers
8 opinion
6 2
positive 6
great, comes out very clean, amazing, are very clear, excellent
negative 2
are blurry, missing
8 opinion
3 5
positive 3
makes a great, my favorite, solid experience
negative 5
will not honor the warranty, will not provide any service, does not allow anyone to work, is samnsung, came up with a piece of trash
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