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Apple iPhone 6S, Fully Unlocked, 16GB - Rose Gold (Certified Refurbished)

Phone works great, looks brand new, is in great condition, was fine. Battery holds charge, was really good, is good, came at around 80%. This is exactly what you'd expect from a refurbished phone, is the best, was purchased for a teenager, is great. Product is excellent, was in new condition, was delivered promptly, looks brand new. Battery life is really short, is a little worse. Them has already quit working. Watching videos ruins. Battery life time is very low.

4.1 out of 5 stars
123 opinion
92 3 28
positive 92
works great, works perfectly, love, was fully unlocked, no scratches, happy with, was perfect, was delivered on time, performs very well, came in very good condition, worked, was packaged very well, looked bran new, no scratches or marks, ’s all self explanatory, easy, perfectly fine iphone, was a gift for my daughter, zero problems, worked perfectly, looks brand new, loved, came very secure, able to activate, ’s visible, ’s a verizon model, a day early to me, would cost me a fortune to return, works better, takes nice clean pictures, did cost me 32usd tax included, looks brand new for a refurbished phone, was easy to transfer everything, activated a week ago, no issues, ’s quick, ended up having to return, was factory unlocked, ’s ok, ’s enough, works awesome, working fine, has worked on both of them, came sooner, was easy to switch over phones, ’s cheap, was so great, was in great condition, is working great, functions as a new phone
neutral 3
came with a little mark on the screen, was some wear, was a used iphone
negative 28
is almost unnoticeable, is only august, said 90 day warranty, ’s only a month, solved, without fail, was more unreliable, rid of, dying at super inconvenient times, sometimes powers off, came without an head-phones, ’s not on the outside, was locked or black list, didn’t come with the original box, wasn’t compatible to verizon, did not come with an apple charger/cord, was not unlocked, ’s not a lot, not a mark, would shut off, back on for 20mins to sometimes 2 hours, ’s dire, replaced, doesn't work, had just few scratches at the edges, does not work, would work, isn't new
116 opinion
97 19
positive 97
great, works great, looks brand new, is in great condition, fully unlocked, was fine, works as expected, work fine, love, excellent, was next to perfect, arrived earlier than expected, is in near perfect condition, arrived earlier then expected, consistently, is good, ’s not bad, wonderful, is great, i had no money, looks brand spanking new, fits perfectly in my hand, synced, very fast, was supposed to be fully unlocked, very nice, looks new, is the best thing, very skeptic, keeping, was cosmetically excellent, no complaints, nice clean, was safe, operated normally, arrived in brand new condition, worked great, works like new, i was so excited, is amazing, cosmetically perfect, really enjoy, is brand new look, really quick, simple to use, looks great, has worked great, arrived ahead of estimated time, had absolutely no issues, sooooo nervous
negative 19
isn't well suited for you, will die, not turn on until i plug in again, didn’t come with earphones, great, is not unlocked, was broken, was not in the package, arrived with no charge on the battery, is in very condition, was to hot, without, march 27, was shutting down for 20 minutes, was crumpled, had a couple scuffs, day, had nothing to do, wasn't compatible
27 opinion
15 12
positive 15
holds charge, was really good, is good, fully unlocked, should be fine, came at around 80%, great, lasted long, charged pretty fast, is also very good, expected, costs $29, new, hoping it would help, seems good
negative 12
drained from 95% to 40%, isnt strong enough, goes dead in 20, isn’t involved in the refurbishment process, replaced at an apple store on their dime, not too great, is worn down to 82%, died every 2 hours, loses its charge much more quickly, has not been replaced, was not replaced, not a new
battery life
17 opinion
8 9
positive 8
great, is decent, is at 87% of new, is very good, seems pretty good, is at 83%, very solid, is long
negative 9
ran into was, sucked right, only complaint, is really short, need, sucky, should last, is a little worse, isn't amazing
16 opinion
13 3
positive 13
isn’t a paid review, real person, real experience, is exactly what you'd expect from a refurbished phone, is the best, for my mom, was purchased for a teenager, is great, arrived at, was a gift, was a huge hassle, need to return, one was for my wife
negative 3
must not have been checked, is a little annoying, is ridiculous
14 opinion
positive 14
great, good, is excellent, excellent, definitely buy, was in new condition, was delivered promptly, great working order, looks brand new, works flawlessly
11 opinion
10 1
positive 10
perfect, like new, better, excellent, very good, really excellent, almost perfect
negative 1
10 opinion
8 2
positive 8
like chips, immediately noticed a reddish mark, was perfect, is clear, cheap replacement, was clear, no cracks, protector
negative 2
freezes until, is completely free of imperfection
7 opinion
6 1
positive 6
gave a great description, great, was spot on in the description, good, gave me a 10% discount, delivered a perfect product
negative 1
will not return emails
6 opinion
5 1
positive 5
no, not minor, minor, unnoticeable
negative 1
nothing to big
6 opinion
positive 6
came looking very under used, work perfectly, very pleased, que me llegó este lunes esta, funciona perfectamente, return
5 opinion
positive 5
good, works, is still working, no complaints, worked great
4 opinion
positive 4
help line connected me eventually to apple, was great, well worth, stood behind the product
4 opinion
positive 4
excellent, great, looks and operates like brand new, easy to set up with verizon
4 opinion
positive 4
great, good
4 opinion
2 2
positive 2
great, zero problems
negative 2
fried my, have issues
3 opinion
1 2
positive 1
just like the picture
negative 2
not a big deal, factory locked this
3 opinion
2 1
positive 2
is very, is excellent
negative 1
very poor
3 opinion
2 1
positive 2
great, better
negative 1
would trigger volume control
iphone 6s
3 opinion
positive 3
like new from buyspry, has performed flawlessly, really enjoying
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