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Apple iPhone 6S, Fully Unlocked, 16GB - Rose Gold (Certified Refurbished)

Product works great, works perfectly, looks brand new, works well. Phone works great, is great, looks brand new, works perfectly. Condition works perfectly, works great, works well, was excellent. Iphone looks brand new, looks new, looks like new, works perfectly. Battery is really bad, dies quickly, drains too fast, is useless. Screen is not working, is completely free of imperfection, is on, was replaced. Charger is really flimsy, came with a problem, is not apple brand, was also not working. Camera has stopped working, keep crashing, is kinda messed up, will not turn off.

4.1 out of 5 stars
2982 reviews were analyzed
1875 opinion
1275 11 589
positive 1275
works great, great, love, works perfectly, good, excellent, looks brand new, works well, no scratches, like, looked brand new, perfect, worked great, was a gift, works perfect, looks like new, was great, is great, no issues, arrived on time, recommend, looks new, loves, works, ’s great, works like new, came in great condition, no problems, very good, worked perfectly, is amazing, was good, works fine, looked new, came in excellent condition, very happy, well, looks like brand new, works perfectly fine, came with a charger, works very well, excelent, was fully unlocked, loved, was in great condition, was perfect, works flawlessly, was like new, ok, fast
neutral 11
came with a little mark on the screen, was some wear, was a used iphone, came in a white box, was advertised, almost a month, came with a plastic sticker, has a small dent, comes delivered with a third-party charger, came in a brown box, has a minor scratch on the back
negative 589
does not work, sucks, is ridiculous, doesn't work, off, didn't come with headphones, bad, was not unlocked, replaced, was locked, did not work, locked, can't use, was disappointing, resolve, turned off, is not original, freezing, terrible, do not recommend, problem, had to returned, stops working, not a scratch, wasn't unlocked, is almost unnoticeable, has already quit working, is only august, said 90 day warranty, ’s only a month, solved, without fail, was more unreliable, must not have been checked, rid of, dying at super inconvenient times, sometimes powers off, came without an head-phones, ’s not on the outside, not a big deal, was locked or black list, didn’t come with the original box, wasn’t compatible to verizon, did not come with an apple charger/cord, factory locked this, would not recommend, ’s not a lot, is a little annoying, not a mark, would shut off
1557 opinion
1163 11 383
positive 1163
great, works great, good, is great, looks brand new, works perfectly, looks like new, looks new, nice, excellent, is in great condition, works well, looks great, was great, love, no problems, perfect, was in great condition, works fine, no scratches, very nice, awesome, works perfect, works, worked great, came on time, is fine, is in perfect condition, came in great condition, worked fine, was in excellent condition, very pleased, is in excellent condition, clean, is good, looks and works like new, best, is in great shape, arrived in perfect condition, was like new, looks good, arrived on time, was unlocked, looks like brand new, absolutely love, looked brand new, very good, fully unlocked, works like new, work fine
neutral 11
replaced, with a chipped glass, non-apple chargers, refurbished, 2nd, bent like a banana, unlocked, was inside a pouch, came with a generic brand charger, arrived in a generic box, my first refurbished
negative 383
was not unlocked, is not unlocked, freezes, wrong, stopped working, useless, bad, was defective, was broken, died, not sure, would not charge, was not refurbished, is dead, came with scratches, did not work, horrible, isn't well suited for you, will die, not turn on until i plug in again, didn’t come with earphones, great, was not in the package, arrived with no charge on the battery, is in very condition, was to hot, without, march 27, was shutting down for 20 minutes, was crumpled, had a couple scuffs, day, had nothing to do, wasn't compatible, nothing overly demanding, came stuffed in a usps envelope, has these three dots, wasn't even charge at all, some minor star, “, poor, completely frustrated, had never been used, would not download, would not boot might indicate it was not the battery, was not unlocked false advertisement, will die so quickly, was unlocked, has been holding its charge, cannot turn on
346 opinion
98 6 242
positive 98
new, good, works perfectly, is good, holds charge, was really good, fully unlocked, should be fine, came at around 80%, great, lasted long, charged pretty fast, is also very good, expected, costs $29, hoping it would help, seems good, has good life, was at 80% of new, has performed well, wasn’t in the best condition, is better, are all good, looking, is dropping pretty quickly, goes a little fast, holding up good, drains fast, has an acceptable durability, is still decent, was good, works fine, lasts as supposed, came showing 87% of life use, last a good, old, seems ok, seems okay, cheap, working great, looks great, last long, is discharged quickly, 80%, seems a bit used, is holding all day, showed 70% of health, long-lasting, in good condition, is at about 85% overall
neutral 6
was a little lower capacity, shows a little bit of age, peak 92%, might be a little aged, doesn't seem to be perfect, was in a significantly used
negative 242
defective, replaced, problem, bad, is really bad, dies quickly, drains too fast, is useless, damaged, is old, was faulty, swollen, is not good, does not last as long, drained from 95% to 40%, isnt strong enough, goes dead in 20, isn’t involved in the refurbishment process, replaced at an apple store on their dime, not too great, is worn down to 82%, died every 2 hours, loses its charge much more quickly, has not been replaced, was not replaced, not a new, drains so fast, did not last more than a few months, did not charge, won't hold a charge, replaced 3 times, replaced for an additional 70$, drop 21%, not as good, dead within 15 minutes, was significantly degraded, drains faster, really fast, would drain within 3 hours, keeps shutting the phone off, was not, barely lasts, was not so bad, goes down, is not durable, does not work, was at 1%, drains itself, was complete garbage, died rather quickly
139 opinion
135 4
positive 135
perfect, great, excellent, good, very good, works perfectly, almost perfect, works great, in good, very happy, like new, better, really excellent, works well, was excellent, perfect looking, relatively better, pristine, is fantastic, was perfect, esthetic, working perfectly, was perfectly acceptable, is in good, was okay, looks great, very impressed, is in better, in excellent, is in perfect, pretty good, functional, works flawless
negative 4
bad, not in the advertised, degraded
137 opinion
96 1 40
positive 96
refurbished, new, looks brand new, looks new, great, looks like new, best, works perfectly, works great, came looking very under used, work perfectly, very pleased, que me llegó este lunes esta, funciona perfectamente, return, can communicate with each other, with good durability, luce bien, good, for work, esta en perfectas condiciones, simply the best, loved, was good, is perfect, you expect, not a single mark, is great for syncing, arrived in pristine condition, tech savvy, good price, came intact perfectly operating footprint unlocked, love to explore, came on time, were in excellent condition, arrived within a week, was just as described, is in good condition, better off buying, came in on time, nearly perfect condition, came at a good price, fantastic, thanks chubbietech, arrived in perfect condition, works like a charm, was in excellent condition, was refurbished, just fine, few months ago
neutral 1
is linked to an apple id
negative 40
stopped working, gave me problems, was junk, died completely, would not work, overnight, would not come on at all, had touch disease, was also getting hot, is by far the worst, wouldn’t hurt, again any day, don't buy used, intended to be sold, is not gsm unlocked, are very fragile, does not have wifi or bluetooth, is unlocked, there were screws, i don't like, little bit leary, is locked, was scratched, can't go wrong, is a mess, going to hot, didn't work okay, never used cases, never broke one, wasn't unlocked, do not recommend, faulty, didn't come with 16gb, in bad conditions, is not unlocked, not good, is notorious for broken screens, not unlock, started shutting off, is defective
133 opinion
48 1 84
positive 48
protector, larger, like chips, immediately noticed a reddish mark, was perfect, is clear, cheap replacement, was clear, no cracks, is so much sharper, are in good shape, is scratch free, excellent, was in good condition, had a protector, looks as if it’s brand new, very good, is in good condition, just goes bonkers, tempered glass, crystal clear, without scratches, great condition, didn’t have a scratch, are new, black, seems brand new, great, works wonderful, glass, covered more, looks new, without scratch, was pristine, is good, no issues, were pristine condition, with white dots, looked new, in good condition, are easy to crack, is perfect, is awesome, was in great condition, has zero scratch, works perfectly
neutral 1
is coming off at the top
negative 84
is not working, stopped working, doesn't work, freezes until, is completely free of imperfection, is on, was replaced, started flashing black, freezes, froze, has been opening from the side, would be severely blurred, kept popping out, are scratch free, sad, were no scratches, repaired, kept freezing, was already coming loose, was some issue, started flashing, freezes, restart by itself, not turn off, has issues, randomly became unresponsive, slightest, knocked, tiny scratches, is not functional, is all scratched, had lots of small scratches, have a touch sensitivity issue, stays stuck, light peaking out, was scratched, has a huge defect, was covered with a protective film, will black out, repeatedly followed by shutting off, blanking out, freezes all the time, jumpy, would not cut off, went black, not responding correctly, was so badly scratched, blacked out, became completely unresponsive, does not respond with a screen protector, keep touching
battery life
117 opinion
62 4 51
positive 62
great, is good, is very good, good, is great, is perfect, is decent, is at 87% of new, seems pretty good, is at 83%, very solid, is long, came at 76%, is fine, is amazing, is okay, recommend, was solid, is 86% expectancy, is around 3hours, fast, is standard, is at 80%, is remarkable, 100%, came at 89%, awesome, is average, is the same, isn’t perfect, is 90%, like new, isn’t as great, lasts like brand new, no visible scratches or defects, with less than normal use, has better, is what, is significantly diminished, speed of the phone, seems fine, isn’t so great, has decreased in durability, started decreasing dramatically, was decent, tested, is at 85% of the original capacity, seemed shorter than normal, is much less than i expected, no problems
neutral 4
a little worn, is 3-4 hrs, isn't the best, is lacking a little
negative 51
is horrible, is short, issue, sucks, ran into was, sucked right, only complaint, is really short, need, sucky, should last, is a little worse, isn't amazing, started dropping from full charge to 10%, low, really sucks, is very bad, goes down really fast, is too short, would go from 100% to 0%, seems short, is not optimal, could be better, running on 80%, is garbage, only downside, ’s severely diminished, is terrible, shouldn't be, only thing, not able to review, is horrid, seems to go from 10% to 0%, is not that good, has been deplorable, don’t last long, is pretty horrible, not very good, only issue, horrible, is crap, succcccked, is awful, absolutely sucks, isn't the greatest, slightly lower, has blown me away
111 opinion
110 1
positive 110
works fine, ok, works perfectly, works great, works, was perfect, is great, was fine, good, works well, fine, is fine, went well, is still working, no complaints, worked great, works normally, is ok, worked, is working just fine, seems very decent, has been perfect, has worked perfectly, is working fine, was very simple, incredibly satisfied, is nice, is as expected, functioned properly, is working, works properly, is functioning, works like it should with a new phone, looks, works as expected, with out any glitches, transferred over smoothly, is going perfect, works very well, looked good, works just fine, is still completely fine, came out, working perfectly, turned out okay, work perfectly, seemed fine, works as advertised, was as expected, seemed perfect
negative 1
sounds so mumbled
101 opinion
71 30
positive 71
great, highly recommended, excellent, reputable, very good, would use, gave a great description, appreciate, was spot on in the description, good, gave me a 10% discount, delivered a perfect product, has a very professional customer service, came in near perfect condition, many different, definitely recommend, is vipoulet, is great, is electronic deals, chubbiestech, will be contacting, counts on that, add a note about country of origin - keep reading for details, responded quickly, very nice, is legit, highly rated, thank, was buyspry, manufacturer declined return or repair it, right away, contact, chance, awesome, provides a 90 day warranty, recommended, touted an excellent cosmetic condition, best, was professional in handling the situation, nice, will correct, for my twins 13 birthday, legit, performed a great job, got high ratings, agreed to refund money, established, buying, was super helpful, exclusive electronics
negative 30
changes, will not return emails, would not even respond to my email, received no reply, replaced at bestbuy or apple, not quite sure what refurbished, is selling defective, careful, is refusing to work with me, very dissapointed, got no response, tried to contact, put a screen protector, should have taken the time to test the phone, would not buy, not the, are not the same, n’t hesitate to order, never sent a return slip a few weeks, is a scammer, beware, never buy, very serious, does not help to solve the issue, total waste of money, even included a phone case and screen protector, corrected the issue, would not replace for another unit, has done nothing about it
63 opinion
60 3
positive 60
great, good, cheap, was great, was good, excellent, is great, fair, hard time paying, was so great, is lower, decent, was competitive, reasonable, was fair, was wonderful, i have no complaints, i expected better, was very reasonable, awesome, was decent, nice, worked flawlessly, are great, best
negative 3
not worth, are expensive, like so slow
61 opinion
22 1 38
positive 22
came with phone, works perfectly well, doesn't show any wear, appeared new, in perfect condition, great, is great, reliable, works just fine, cheap, packed properly, plenty of those, was working, worked better, were included as well, works well, like it, is pretty low quaity, best buy, long generic, came all
neutral 1
generic non-apple looking
negative 38
is really flimsy, came with a problem, didn't really work, is not apple brand, not an original, was also not working, doesn’t work 100%, were no headphones, lasted for a month, does work, does not charge phone, no original, does not work, failed, was garbage, wore are no apple product, doesn’t work, is no longer working, are not from apple, wasn't apple brand, stopped working within a week, isn't original, is broken, wasn't working, isn't an official apple charger, crappy, was not an original one, was no use, don't have de original, was not from apple, sucks, is the main issue, didn't even charge, unoriginal, are not original, meant for an older iphone generation, was not the genuine one, is not original
iphone 6
60 opinion
54 6
positive 54
unlocked, very happy, like new from buyspry, has performed flawlessly, really enjoying, most, in perfect physical condition, is the last iphone, works great, ordered, was all he wanted, really like, is working as it should, i had some opinions, works, looks like a brand new iphone 6s, back in february 2018, 128gb, looks brand new, is wonderful, got two, very good, good, in perfect condition, worked as expected, arrived on time without scratches or cracked screen, 2-day shipping, goes great, stopped working well, is the best seller, rose gold 64, really love, looks and works great, delivered quickly, was in excellent shape cosmetically, is a good phone, has close to the same specs, in good condition, operating well with updated ios 11, received the black, very pleased, has minimal to no operating errors, works fine, very satisfied, feels brand new, is an excellent product, buyed, arrived in perfect condition, love, recommend
negative 6
defective, had a problem, broke, not 6s, very minor scratches, is not an
53 opinion
47 6
positive 47
no, not minor, minor, unnoticeable, were visible, fine, works just fine, looked brand new, not any visible, no noticeable, very tiny unnoticeable, couldn't find, did not disappoint me, super fast, lot of, can't find, dents/dings, arrived 4 days
negative 6
very minor, nothing to big, like small, didn't see, acceptable
45 opinion
35 10
positive 35
great, very pleased, very happy, excellent, n’t be happier, very good, happy, well worth, like the ease, went through, exceeded my expectations, big, i am fed up, arrived on time, looks new, really great
negative 10
very disappointed, bad, not very happy, very dissatisfied, not completely happy, horrible, highly regret, pretty sad, couldn't be happier, absolutely nothing wrong
38 opinion
15 23
positive 15
great, better, good, is nice, work great, good love it, needing, makes shuttle sounds, ok, is just so awesome, takes awesome photos, gold, loved, is amazing
negative 23
would trigger volume control, shutter off, broken, has stopped working, wouldn’t focus, had issues, keep crashing, tiny, is kinda messed up, will not turn off, never turns off, stop working, was a scratch across, doesn’t silence, is somewhat grainy, defective, stopped working entirely with no clear cause, was very doomed, works, followed by multi issues, started playing up, would not focus, silent
38 opinion
21 1 16
positive 21
mixed, good, best, great, honest, negative, 0 star, how satisfied, help the next person who orders, better, are high enough, add a sim card to the device, gladly, really expect, really good
neutral 1
might be a little bit premature
negative 16
bad, negative, was a little skeptical, never posted, mixed, horrible, were scary
35 opinion
24 11
positive 24
is in mint condition, works fine, excellent, exactly as described, wonderful, is in good shape, arrived promptly, looks and works like a new phone, great, arrived in great condition, amazing, works, looks good, pristine condition, is ok, did not disappoint, unlocked, took longer, arrived in perfect conditions, came as described, like new, is better then described, looks brand new, works perfectly fine
negative 11
defective, keeps turning off, ’s not refurbished, didn’t work, non working, bunch of scratches, has glitch, get switched up, was not as advertised, is 2 yr old, are damaged
35 opinion
24 11
positive 24
great, is great, zero problems, works lije, works fine, is in perfect working condition, came with no scratches, no dents, is in perfect condition, love, was in great condition, properly working, awesome, recommend taking, like, very happy, is extremely happy, hasn't any issues, new, came in flawless estethic condition, fully functioning
negative 11
fried my, have issues, are mostly negative, are sort of “sensitive”, got wet in the past, locked to previous user, overheats, was previously owned, bad, was already associated with another account, edges
34 opinion
29 5
positive 29
good, great, like, beautiful, looks brand new, was perfect, works like a dream, is great, really good, very satisfied, excelent, verry good, amazing, awesome, impressed, blown away, perfect, perfekt, excellent, low
negative 5
poor, terrible, very poor, was questionable
32 opinion
29 3
positive 29
no, no glitches, so far, no serious, looks brand new
negative 3
biggest, very big, didn't present itself
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