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Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training Drone is awesome, is great. Product is great, is amazing. Customer service is great, was great. Battery is charged, got weak was right after the worst crack up. Motor has stopped working. Propellers are fragile, don't last very long.
4.4 out of 5 stars
1274 opinion
699 361 214
positive 699
works great, is easy to fly, is very durable, flies great, loves, loved, is awesome, handles great, is easy to use, is very easy to fly, flies well, works fine, great, ’s great, flys great, much fun with, works perfectly, is very fast, works really well, absolutely loves, is really fun, is very easy to control, is very light, ’s awesome, works just fine, worked well, is a lot of fun, is very fun to fly, is easy to learn, works fantastic, he loves, easy to control, easy to operate, performed very well, has been great, loves flying, worked perfectly, is stable, is a great drone, much fun flying, absolutely loved, is quick and responsive, can move really fast, handles very well, is very responsive, works well, really enjoy flying, ’s nice and sturdy, flies smoothly, pretty durable
neutral 361
has held up well, far, is fast, small, durable, is well built, is very tough, makes, is well made, nimble, seems durable, fast, flew, agile, is small, is quick and nimble, flies, is sturdy, came fast, flips in mid air, a blast to fly, light, wanders around a little while flying, will take sometime to learn to control, worked only one day, is very fast, seems to work well, comes with one spare set of blades, i never could fly, keeps coming back for more, onlynlasted a day in our hands, is much faster than i anticipated, started going right, can't fly, quick, handled, manipulate, is very tough and forgiving to an inexperienced flyer, pretty hard yesterday, can easily be flown indoors, has fared well in the few crashes, will rise to 60 feet, can fly pretty far without losing signal, seems to bounce well, came quickly, is a balance to achieve both, is obedient, just well built, goes in reverse, was hard to fly
negative 214
crashed, lost, stopped working, doesn't have altitude control, was terrible, lights up, ’s time to start flying, is finicky at times, ’s trash, does only last ~6 minutes, goes off when, gets affected by wind, appears these pins are very weak, broke within a week, did not last a week, has crash landed on asphalt, ’s a waste of money, flies without a problem after charge, fell on the ground outside, cannot even be fixed, was too sensitive, broke in two days, will be my sons go to toy, takes too long to charge, can take some abuse, hasn't skipped a beat, shaking, doesn't drift could use some work, is either going up or going down, no problem flying, hasn't down yet, really hard to disconnect, will get blown onto a roof, not very steady, drifts aggressively left, flow, broke after one minor crash, became too much of a hassle, was way too delicate, doesn't work, is is a ball to use, broke in less then 24 hours, has not disappointed, takes a beating and keeps going, never worked out, will never work, is very difficult to fly, very badly, isn't too difficult for him to control, does seem to charge within a half an hour to use
993 opinion
809 144 40
positive 809
great, great little, great beginner, awesome, awesome little, is awesome, excellent, fun little, best, great first, nice little, good, amazing, very good, perfect, is great, nice, is amazing, cool, fun, cool little, very nice, works great, best mini, is very durable, fantastic, excellent little, amazing little, great starter, is a lot of fun, very fun little, great indoor, great mini, good first, perfect beginner, good beginner, is easy to fly, the best small, great small, very durable, is fairly easy to fly, excellent beginner, is pretty awesome, excellent small, is super fast, outstanding, is really fun, solid, is so fun to fly, perfect first
neutral 144
little, small, inexpensive, is fast, is small, simple, sturdy, expensive, is well made, is tough, beginner, smaller, decent, tiny, fast little, fast, very reactive remote, normal sized, should be top seller, works, is slender, is low average quality, agile, maintains, is now up and running again, zippy little, is functioning well, extremely light, tremendous beginners, very speedy, holy, larger, is prefect for learning how to fly, expensive high quality, is insanely durable, compact, his first small, is almost indestructible, is relatively small, is understated, bigger, does everything my large drone, small little, are well written, lightweight, inexpensive beginner, extraordinary, is very rugged, few days, most centered flying
negative 40
lost, is difficult to operate, sucks, worst, flies well, appears to be built well, have lights, dead, is rad, hands down the easiest flying, not a great starter, broken, is completely disabled, has taken a beating well, awful, been hung up, takes quite a beating, faulty, are down the toilet, is just completely dead :(, crashes, is so hard to control, became unresponsive, can take a beating, did charge normally, could be to blame for their negative experiences, bad quality, has exceeded my expectations, is a piece of cake, does not fly off, is very hard to calibrate, is difficult to fly at distance, can no longer take off properly, does not lift off, doesn't bank too aggressively, can maneuver as my boys take turns flying, is dangerous, is awsome, is impossible to fly
418 opinion
370 19 29
positive 370
great, good, excellent, awesome, nice, amazing, is great, wonderful, very good, fantastic, fun, is amazing, very happy, perfect, works great, outstanding, great little, better, a very nice, had been great, fine, is excellent, a very solid, has only improved, is pretty decent, great intro, seems great, wonderful beginner, solid, great quality, is fun, was easy to use, very fun, is awesome, was fun, very solid, not at all a good, pretty good, came in perfect status, does it pretty well, a quality, incredible, really nice, is good, is quality, packaged well and instructions were clear, are great, highly recommend, a good quality, easy to use very good
neutral 19
exelent, is stellar, big, can do what it does, works as advertised, never would fly, lolawesome, is very portable as well, holy stone, inexpensive, works as described, bogus, lasted a little, looks, is quick to respond, is well made, is well designed, very danger, a resilient
negative 29
horrible, very disappointed, damaged, terrible, broken, showed up wet, is a general disappointment, crappy, inferior, not true of this, poorly designed, buy another holy stone, 's fault, is terrible, incomplete, not a good, does not work, sucks, awful, very bad, company stands behind their, had small problem, is complete trash
customer service
286 opinion
273 5 8
positive 273
great, excellent, amazing, awesome, is great, good, was great, outstanding, is excellent, fantastic, was excellent, is awesome, best, is top notch, is wonderful, is outstanding, is terrific, very helpful, is good, has been great, is amazing, is fantastic, wonderful, responsive, very impressed, better, was fantastic, very professional and good, was very responsive and extremely helpful, super great, is about a good, is beyond the best, quick and pleasant, offers great, very best, is awesome as well, was friendly, superb, has been great to work with, is the best, has been phenomenal, phenomenal, is extremely helpful, incredible, is very good, super responsive, is good as well, very great, was terrific, the top notch
neutral 5
responded quickly, holy stone, exceptional, doesn't get better, rocks
negative 8
doesn't stand up to holy stone, very hard to find, is just unbelievable, has been lacking, bad, should, grear, has
165 opinion
26 55 84
positive 26
wish, doesn’t last long but easy to fly, substantially improved, doing fine for the first, works fine, recommend getting an extra, is pretty good, last a good amount of time, die to quick, last a good 10 minutes, is amazing, really quite handy, easy to charge, last a good 7, better, does run out pretty quickly, lasts pretty long, has a pretty good life span, lasts a nice amount of time, given a good, is effective, holds a very good charge, takes a good, detailed below this paragraph, is fine especially
neutral 55
lasts longer, lasted a little longer, runs out quickly, lasts a long time, lasts about 10 minutes, spare, lasts about 7, lasts surpringly long, lasted a bit longer, only lasts about 5 minutes, was mushy and drone wouldn't fly, cheap and broke at the connection, lasts about 5 minutes, lasts a lot longer than advertized, only lasts about 10 minutes, only lasts 6, lasts long enough, seems to last longer than the 6, lasted more than 8 minutes, is about average, last long enough, removable, only lasts around 5, full, actually lasts quite longer than expected, gets about 6, only lasts about 7 minutes, small, a little more, charge quickly, lasted a little longer than 4 minutes, only last about 10 minutes, lasts about 8 minutes, bigger, seems to last longer than 8 minutes, couple of spare, runs out fairly fast, last for a few, you about 10 minutes of flight, larger, lasts about 10 mins, hard to put, took off straight up, lasts plenty of time, lasts about 6 to 8 minutes, recharges real fast ~ 20 min, replaceable
negative 84
extra, lasted longer, does not last long, longer lasting, doesn't last long at all, does not last very long, bad, doesn’t last long, inserted, is charged, did not last, getting low on, lasts as long as described in description, lasts for as long as claimed, must be completely dead, contacted holy stone, takes about an hour to recharge, got weak was right after the worst crack up, is replaceable on this guy, only lasts ~8 min, long lasting, no spare, never charged, is hard to take out, doesn’t last long in the cold, charged, not hold a charge, is difficult to remove, is terrible, doesn't stay charged long, doesn’t last very long at all, no, replugging, doesn't last forever, 8 minuets, has fully charged, only lasts maybe 5, lasts under 6/7 minutes, does not have an enclosed compartment, lasts 10 minutes on beginners mode, removeable, individual, keeps sliding out, gets less flight time, is ruptured, doesn't last as long, drained, i crash hard, was dead, lasted longer than i thought
163 opinion
5 157 1
positive 5
were very courteous and helpful, highly recommend holy, great holy, is hands down better, good to work
neutral 157
holy, well done holy, n’t fault holy, go holy, ton holy, muck holy, a very timely
negative 1
nothing against holy
battery life
127 opinion
50 39 38
positive 50
good, is decent, great, is good, i wish, is great, is pretty good, 5 minutes of solid flight, love extended, is nice, better than advertised, is good as well, isn't the best, is better than expected, got pretty short, negatives to advanced drone users, is phenomenal, isn't the best lasting, is good some nice features, is not the best, really good, is good about 6 minutes, decent range, really very fun and easy to fly, works great, was excellent, has been pretty good, decent
neutral 39
longer, could be better, only downside is short, is ok, a lot to be desired, was more than i was anticipating, is very small, is minimal, only about 5 to 6 min, only other complaint, decent, is less than what, is shorter than my son, averages 7, an older kid, little longer, is shorter, 6 minute flight, more batteries, was about 15 minutes the first time, is around 6 to 7 minutes, is as advertised, is most likely typical, is about what is stated in the manual, other downside, only 7 mins, goes, seems to be long, is about 10 minutes, is only around 5, could be a little longer, seems more than 8 minutes
negative 38
short, is short, is the short, stinks, has been longer than reported, does not last long, does, is relatively short, is painfully short, seems to be about 10 to 15 minutes, is not long, is really short, seems really short, 30 minutes of constant flying, seems to be as advertised, is not long as i expected, is way too short, bummer, could, only disappointment, does have a very limited, is, is a bit short, could use longer, longer, has, is alright
118 opinion
97 20 1
positive 97
great, great little, awesome, fun, awesome little, amazing, fun little, excellent, perfect, fantastic, very cool little, amazing little, is alot of fun, is fun flying, flew great, very easy, neat looking, amazing indoor, not user friendly, is very stable, nice little, great first, good flying, very good looking little, most popular, really shines during night time flying, very stable great little, is a blast to fly, a top end toy grade, best quality, wonderful, good, very fun little, best, is stable, very nice, is a great looking, easy to fly, great indoor, is great, great mini, is very light, outstanding little, is very fun for a beginner, worthwhile, best little, good beginner, is easy to, is amazing, best lil
neutral 20
little, small, is practically indestructible, small casual, sized, larger, is a blast to fly, tough little, neat little, can no longer fly, mini, big, handles well in low wind
negative 1
91 opinion
68 19 4
positive 68
great, great little, awesome, good, great first, fun little, excellent, fun, far my favorite mini, amazing little, very reasonably price, is a joy to fly, pretty great little, really a fun, is very fun to fly, tremendously fun little, is operating perfectly, is easy to fly, really fun little, is amazing, very cool, very good flying, perfect, good micro, is freaking awesome, extremely great, my favorite small, is the best mini, very fun little, a great beginners, flies great, helps stabilize, insanely cool, is a lot of fun, a very nice, very nice, is great for a beginner, flies pretty well, flew great, favorite holy stone
neutral 19
little, must be powered up first, small, worked well, larger, has definitely exceeded my expectations, expensive, awweeesome, easiest, smaller, tough little, worked as described, is very delicate
negative 4
is crashing often, would not fly, my second holy stone, unable to decide
90 opinion
57 23 10
positive 57
are easy to use, easy, are very responsive, work well, are easy to operate, are very sensitive, are easy to understand, responsive, work very well, are responsive, good, are easy, are pretty sensitive, are solid, are nice, were easy to figure out, are very sensitive takes, are smooth and responsive, are pretty good, are wonderfully responsive, easy to learn, not super easy, are great, are sensitive, felt good, excellent, easy enough for him to master, very responsive to its, are easy enough to figure out, very comfortable manipulating, very responsive to, great, are extremely sensitive for flight, are easy enough, are easy to learn, are easy to get the hang, great responsive, are easy to figure out, very responsive, have great feel
neutral 23
smooth, simple, more proficient, get well adept, basic, seem exceptionally precise, are a little more challenging, are a bit touchy, are sensitive, are a little touchy, were not easy, handled, does take time to figure out, are a breeze to operate, seem reasonable, are really touchy, are a bit complex, are definitely touchy, are very simple, is responds well to, sensative, are very touchy
negative 10
are intuitive, intuitive, didn't respond, little to get the hang of, are touchy, little loose, are semi intuitive, can be complicated, didn't seem to work properly
75 opinion
44 23 8
positive 44
is awesome, good, best, is great, great, amazing, is amazing, works great, amazing little, is friggin' awesome, most important, powerful little, is quick and super responsive, is absolutely awesome, is built really well, is fluctuating in price pretty frequently, fun little, is so much fun, is stable and fast, is super fast, is too much fun, nice
neutral 23
little, small, is fairly quick too, is awesome!it, darn, takes a licking and keeps on ticking, is agile, is lightweight, coldest, is really fast, takes a beating and keeps on flying, is fast, has taken some serious tumbles, zippy little, fast little
negative 8
worst, poor, is slipshod from the start, is fast as hell, pretty bad, doesn't take off by itself
70 opinion
64 6
positive 64
good, great, very good, high, is great, nice, excellent, best, hard to beat, very high, not the greatest, decent, seems very high for a smaller, seems pretty good, decent gift, very nice, higher, is decent, not very good, pretty good, nimble, super good, is very high, is very good, fine, exceptional, really high, are exceptional, most outstanding
negative 6
bad, extremely low, poorer, very disappointed, terrible
starter drone
65 opinion
63 2
positive 63
great, good, great little, perfect, excellent, awesome, greater, best, nice little, good choice, very nice, fun, nice, very good, user friendly
neutral 2
inexpensive, decent
65 opinion
60 3 2
positive 60
great, excellent, very good customer, outstanding, the best customer, fantastic, friendly, has the best customer, courteous customer, top notch customer, very great customer, is excellent, better than great, is prompt and courteous, good, pretty good, expecting good customer, not expecting the great customer, was great, is top notch, is 100% awesome a+, not quite as happy with, is outstanding, incredible, surprisingly good, best customer, excellent costomer, very helpful customer, great costumer, awesome, is real good too, very good costumer, had great customer, hard to find good customer
neutral 3
is exemplary, is unbeatable, is ok
negative 2
not least costumer, has
57 opinion
53 4
positive 53
very easy to, very fun to, pretty easy to, very responsive and easy to, super easy to, super fun to, fairly easy to, very durable and easy to, incredibly fun to, easy to, great fun, goes really fast, super stable and easy to, amazingly fast easy to, extremely easy to, very fun easy to, great to, are very stable and pretty easy to, super easy, surprisingly very responsive and fast, very stable and easy to, relatively easy to, really high, handles windy conditions pretty well, super stable, great, is very rugged
neutral 4
a bit more challenging to, holy, very steady, easy to set up
57 opinion
45 8 4
positive 45
easy to, good, is pretty easy to, great, pretty easy to, pretty good, fairly easy to, quite easy to, very easy to, amazing, flys super high, very responsive and really easy to, is very stable and easy to, great easy to, its easy to lose, is very easy to, is great, has great, very stable and easy to, very easy to fix, fine, flys great, able to get pretty good, is fairly good
neutral 8
easy to fly, sticks, nor lift off very well, pros:**awesome, really fast, is a little bit bulky, flies well in very tight spaces
negative 4
very hard to, is not windy, very low quality
56 opinion
52 4
positive 52
great, great little, fun, cool, awesome little, fun little, cool little, very cool, entertaining little, good, really solid little, excellent, nice simple, nice little, wonderful, very fun, better
negative 4
decent little, lasted for only one day, tuff little, useless
49 opinion
32 17
positive 32
perfect, is great, is perfect for a beginner, very good, is just right to fly indoors, nice, is perfect for a kid, is perfect for indoors, great quad, pretty durable, is wonderful for indoor and outdoor flying, pretty good, always bounces back.- powerful for its, is a nice, very impressive, strong enough, fairly durable for its, is ideal for kids, great, nice small
neutral 17
small, smaller, tiny, have, many full, fairly quick, larger, bigger, compact, is still not meant to be thrashed around
45 opinion
13 22 10
positive 13
top, is nice, very fast in high, is awesome, acceptably quick, excellent, extremely fast and easily controlled, great, impressive, amazing take off, is fun, amazing
neutral 22
high, full, adjustable, fast, differant, more, make, moderate, three different, highest, little, slowest, fastest
negative 10
low, slow, lowest, doesnt stay stationary
44 opinion
41 1 2
positive 41
great, is great, awesome, amazing, solid, is great to work, seems to be very eager to please, fantastic, seems very proactive and helpful, best, very impressive, is awesome, friendly, are both top notch, excellent, good, very nice, real nice, very responsive
neutral 1
a fairly new
negative 2
should, conscientious
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