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Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training

Product works great, is my first drone, is great, is very durable. Drone is awesome, is great, is amazing, works great. Customer service is great, is excellent, was excellent, was great. Battery is great, is pretty good, is fine, works fine. Propeller came off, don't sync up, are not spinning, were broke. Motor were just free floating in the box, was dislodged, is being sent, can have trouble getting home. Charger is usb, is a usb, is small/awkward, is already very finicky. Prop will fall off, are small, is not tight, keep popping off.

4.4 out of 5 stars
4650 reviews were analyzed
7661 opinion
5773 69 1819
positive 5773
great, love, loves, good, recommend, durable, loved, fly, fast, awesome, flying, highly recommend, works great, excellent, fun, easy to fly, is my first drone, very durable, is great, is very durable, fun to fly, like, easy to use, is easy to fly, nice, responsive, was great, flies great, quick, easy to control, works, lot of fun, is very stable, easy, agile, is amazing, very fast, my son loves, amazing, is so much fun, gift, pretty durable, small, flies well, is durable, very good, was fun, is perfect, works well, works perfectly
neutral 69
small, is small, hit the ceiling, little quad, is quite small, does not halt it's decline in altitude, can take some abuse, does lose a little altitude, looks in the picture, has a medium, has been nothing, was very small, is susceptible to wind, with three black, was fresh out of the box, is the pilot, has taken a few bounces, 're small, took him a bit, takes a little getting use, small drone, still a little trainer drone, no-brainer, created a short, can be flown indoors, with some spare rotors, isn't quite obvious, is a toy, is a mini quad, a bit too advanced, did the same thing, took about a month for a reply, is inside of a surrounded by bubble wrap packaged in another box, comes with a few spares, can take a beating, takes a licking, came with spare props, had a little indent, doesn't do anything really fancy, has knocked into walls, a little smaller, a bit tricky to fly, does what it is meant to do, are so small, for a bit, are small, is very short, isn't necessarily challenging, has red/blue lights, is that - little
negative 1819
broke, stopped working, replaced, crashed, lost, out, would not fly, indoors, so small, flying, wouldn't fly, too bad, up, doesn't work, difficult to control, won't fly, crashing, a few times, was hard to fly, fly, didnt work, small, didn't work, inside, lose, not recommend, does not work, was my fault, horrible, crash, is junk, stuck in a tree, fix, broken, wrong, was broken, broke within a week, hurts, was never seen again, figured out, is hard to control, takes a little getting used to, was malfunctioning, never found, piece of junk, hates, little guy, don't recommend, been too cold, took him a little time
2126 opinion
1763 31 332
positive 1763
great, great little, great beginner, awesome, is awesome, awesome little, good, fun little, excellent, best, is great, little, fun, amazing, perfect, nice little, inexpensive, easy to fly, flying, is amazing, very good, cool little, nice, works great, worked great, beginner, sturdy, is very durable, favorite, bigger, is fast, fantastic, very durable, very nice, cool, is a lot of fun, powerful, responsive, simple, is perfect, holy stone, agile, is so much fun, fast, smaller, is easy to fly, larger, good beginner, new, works well
neutral 31
little, small, is small, flat, takes a little skill to master, is not much more expensive, fancy little, is a 4, tiny, did the exact same thing, did charge normally, mini
negative 332
little, lost, was defective, expensive, broke, never flown, flew away, holy stone, replaced, can do flips, entirely new, defective, never used, was broken, does not have a camera, may bite you in the face, level surface, is difficult to operate, a few months back, broke down in less than 1 hour, becomes more and more unpredictable, worst, seemed defective, seem to flip, was very hard to control, i've ever operated, started banking to the left and losing altitude, no longer, send the file to him, turned on the transmitter, was missing a motor, lost connection, 1000, was compared to the box, does not respond to controls, outside to play with, will not take off with the new propeller, just flew away, had motors go out, had issues, might have lots of 5 reviews, ends of the two wires together, back down to my location, continued down, stopped turning, was no damage, i had ever bought, does not seem cheaply made, is going to burn someones house down one day, did not break so easily
customer service
512 opinion
482 30
positive 482
great, excellent, is great, awesome, is excellent, was excellent, was great, is awesome, best, amazing, holy stone, is top notch, fantastic, good, has been great, very responsive, was awesome, outstanding, very good, is outstanding, is fantastic, very impressed, is good, exceptional, very helpful, is amazing, is the best, was very responsive, was amazing, is wonderful, extremely helpful, top notch, was outstanding, is terrific, has been very helpful, very pleased, is exceptional, helpful, was very helpful, is very good, reached out, was friendly, helped resolve my issues, wonderful, responsive, friendly, better, was wonderful, superior, like to commend
negative 30
holy stone, bad, doesn't stand up to holy stone, measly amount of change on their product, resolved all of it, quickly identified the problem, haven't had to contact, cant understand what i am saying, not expecting good, has resolved the issue, very hard to find, not expecting the great, not have to be in touch, was terrible, kind, holy stones, is second to none, addressed the issue, doesn't get better, has been lacking, was promt to respond to my problem, rarely see quality, busted copter, comes in, quickly resolved, solved my problem, contacted, can't beat
410 opinion
201 9 200
positive 201
extra, lasted longer, free, lasts longer, would last longer, is great, lasted a little longer, is pretty good, honest review, lasts a long time, longer lasting, is fine, fresh, full, recommend, good, larger, easy to fly, lots of fun, lasts surpringly long, just charge, charged up, feels like it lasts longer than stated, lasts as long, lasts for as long, improved, doing fine, had a lot of stamina, 380mah, sturdy, fine, fully charged, would start getting really warm, ’s the point, works fine, had a longer flight time, is replaceable, last about 6-8 minutes of pure fun, charges more quickly, easy to remove, long lasting, need new, for free, gave it a run, goes down fast, needs 6, very important wires right, works as stated, is very handy, red lights
neutral 9
lasted a bit longer, would last a little bit longer, 2nd, needs to be snug, won't fix, get a second, little more, worked!!. the original battery, doesn't quite last as long
negative 200
died, does not last very long, doesn’t last long, replaced, issue, does not last long, lasts about 10 minutes, doesn't last long, careful, out, no, bad, wires, inserted, did not last, wouldn't hold any charge after 7 or 8 times of use, will not last forever, only lasts about 5 minutes, was not due to faulty equipment, must be completely dead, needs charging, ends up dying, only lasts about 8 minutes total flying time, contacted holy stone, problem, runs around 10 mins, holy stone, may explode if over charged, got weak, would only give me a couple of minutes, was charging, runs out quickly, dies, comes out, out to recharge, only lasts ~8 min - 10 min, needs to be removed to be charged, stick out awkwardly, was mushy, very well, need to use plyers to pull apart connectors, only flew it for 6 minutes, removed, take about 30 minutes to recharge, never charged, is hard to take out, lasts only 5-6 mins, connects to the charger/adaptor, is attached to the charger, is low
234 opinion
188 8 38
positive 188
easy to, good, are easy to use, easy, responsive, are intuitive, are very sensitive, are very responsive, work well, work very well, easy to learn, pretty good, very responsive, smooth, are responsive, are sensitive, maneuverability, great, very easy to, well, is better, easy to fly, are pretty easy to use, better, really easily, sticks, great for starters, are responsive enough, wonderfully, are easy to operate, intuitive, are easy, very maneuverable, is easy to use, are pretty sensitive, are solid, are nice, is very smooth, easy to operate, responsiveness, simple enough, were easy to figure out, are easy to understand, works great, are easy to understand and manipulate, are smooth and responsive, pros:**awesome, well adept, are pretty good, basic
neutral 8
are a little sensative, are very sensitive, are not super easy, are a little touchy, will take some getting use, can be complicated, are a bit complex, are similar to larger drones
negative 38
lost, hard to, hard, take sometime getting use, down enough to navigate, not to hard to, require such limited movement, didn't respond, down, not hard to control, take a little bit of movement, were a little difficult to learn, are a little confusing, are touchy, are a bit touchy, are not super intuitive, were not easy, was no controlling it, are a little loose, very sensitive, directional, did nothing for trying to power it down, kind of difficult, stick, are not very goodi, are really touchy, quits before the camera feed, is a little bit bulky, slightly difficult, are definitely touchy, didn't seem to work properly, doesn't need to be everything white, start by taxiing over carpet, compensate, are very touchy
battery life
161 opinion
96 1 64
positive 96
good, is good, is decent, longer, was longer, great, decent, has good, is shorter, is as advertised, is great, is pretty good, easy to fly, is ok, is about 5 minutes of solid flight, extended, a lot to be desired, was more, is minimal, is nice, is as (or slightly, run, lasted longer, has been longer than reported, is less, averages 7-10 min, is better than expected, may be negatives to advanced drone users, is phenomenal, needs more, is what you'd expect, easy to set up, is what's expected, shortish, is just as imagined., seems to be as advertised, could be better, is also really good, longest, super responsive - good, is as expected, enjoy, were better, is around 6 to 7 minutes, easy to maneuver, longer than manufacturer estimates, minutes, is most likely typical, is about what is stated in the manual, literally about all it
neutral 1
could be a little better
negative 64
short, is short, could be better, longer, is about 10 minutes, is not long, downside, is very small, only about 5 to 6 min, due, stinks, isn't the best, does not last long, pretty short, isn't the best lasting, is relatively short, is painfully short, joke, seems to be about 10 to 15 minutes, lasts about 6 minutes, is less than 10 minutes, the biggest con, so buy more batteries, is really short, seems really short, is not the best, lasts about 20-30 minutes, is way too short, only downside, was about 15 minutes, is so short, is a bit disappointing, only 7 mins, goes by so quick, only disappointment, very limited, was 8-9 minutes, is only about 8 min, is not very long, only issue - -, is only around 5-6 minutes, has diminished
160 opinion
52 4 104
positive 52
extra, fly off very easily, comes off way too easily, may come off, i've outgrown, are durable, is fine, more, work seamlessly, are cheap, are now unusableall, spare, try again, are fully pressed on, come off, flew right off, were easy to find upon flying off, flying off, fly off easy, are designed to come off fairly easily, are easy to pop off, will fly off at times, for dust, easy, wrapped around the shaft, do come off easily, popped right back on, extra supply, pop off incredibly easily, come out without any trouble, pop off nicely, fall off easy, blades, were snug on the motors, come off fairly easy, no damage, fly off, have been easy to reinstall, easily reattach, are surprisingly high-quality, are protected by bumpers, no issues, are well protected with guards
neutral 4
white, are small, keep popping off, have been easily found within a foot
negative 104
stopped working, did not work, fell off, broke, would turn, popped off, came off, popped off one time, broke very easily, flew off of the drone, don't sync up, bent, are not spinning, would not all fire, would not spin, were broke, get hair, easily break, fly across the room/yard, in wrong place, stopped turning, came off during my first flight, are fragile, rarely fall off, break more easily, break, did not have a hole, were put back on backwards, continues to dislodge itself, flying off, fly off, lost, won't spin, are weak, are a little prone, flew off, are not secured very well, would com of, lost one of the two white, spins, breaking, are fully pressed on before flight, are very small, not being able to spin, should be inspected for debris, keeps falling off, fly off occasionally after a crash, don't spin at the same speed, cons:-, are screwed on
159 opinion
112 3 44
positive 112
extra, recommend, more, get extra, recommend getting extra, need extra, install 6 aa, would be great, purchased additional, 6, aa, are fairly cheap, should last more, can charge multiple, are super-affordable, keep, lasted long, there reasonably priced, spare, recommend a 400-500mah, 500mah, thank your self, insane, last a good, getting some more, are a great idea, has maintained contact throughout, charged all, pretty quickly, charge quickly, can fly non-stop, like a lit, are easy to swap out, need 6 aa, are an absolute must, were good, are much better quality, are in your flying your drone, very ilustrative, extra blades, extend flying time, arrived charged just needed, are short lived, definitely buy more, were up, came onto the market, sent me 2 replacement, are easily interchangeable, are a perfect fit, seem to last for quite awhile
neutral 3
are small, aa, extra
negative 44
extra, not included, only last for a few minutes, didn’t work at all, took some time, empty, charged, not one, weren’t fully charged, were in, wouldn’t charge with the supplied charger, cool down, didn't have extra, missing, last about 6-8 minutes, spare, downside, could not find extra, take about 40-50 minutes to charge, 10 flights, last about 7-10 minutes, do not last long, waste, no luck, none, don't last very long, wasted, don't forget to buy spare, i drain twice daily, work in my other drones(same 1s and voltage, take about 30 minutes to recharge, last roughly 5 minutes, only lasts about 15-25 mins, sent me two replacement, dont need especially, charged up, dislike, wasn't to much, get spare, lasted as expected about 8 minutes
150 opinion
28 2 120
positive 28
powerful, incredibly stable, got new, new, sent me, good, won't turn anymore, are powerful are quiet, are surprisingly strong, strong, was much faster, are very cheap, were easy to put, sent four replacement, are pretty powerful, is sending us, short long, became a little tighter, update further, are strong enough, promptly ripped out one, sent me new, quite, drops altitude in turns without throttle up, are quite, very easily, would lead an intuitive
neutral 2
tiny, are small
negative 120
stopped working, broke, burnt out, bad, stopped spinning, failed, burned out, weak, problem, broken, completely quit working 2 days, burned out after half a dozen flights, burned out on each one of them.update, stopped working within 24 hours, were just free floating in the box, burned out on the first flighting experiance, burnt out in the first three or four weeks, need to rest/cool down(i'm, was dislodged, go bad, is being sent, can have trouble getting home, burned out in one day drone, stepped up quickly to remedy the issue, pulling out, destroyed, runs constantly, did not get hot, came right out of the housing, broke the wire, runs continuously, quit workingsent, does not spin up, correct, ended up locking up, out, can easily burn out, started to intermittently stop working the 2nd day, spun up slower, stopped faster, was overheating, stop working, replace, was not working correctly, has stopped working, would mess, must be bad, extra, wouldn't sync for vertical takeoff, wires trying to replace a blade
this thing
147 opinion
136 11
positive 136
is awesome, is great, is amazing, love, is a beast, is very durable, is so much fun, can take a beating, is fast, is a blast to fly, durable, very sensitive, is quick, loves, is a lot of fun, is fairly quick, is so fun, is tougher than i expected, is as good, works great, can also take a hit, is friggin' awesome, is awesome!it, easy to learn, has proven to be a nice, entertaining little toy, super small, really enjoy, is so fast, fun, is cool, keeps on ticking, seemed pretty cool initially, tough, came way smaller, is tons if fun, super responsive, has been indestructible, is super stable, easy to fly, is absolutely awesome, is built really well, can withstand hits, is lightweight, is sweet, honestly can't be beat, goes really far, stays within connection with the remote, is tougher than you'd think, is badass
negative 11
is tiny, takes a licking, has been far more frustration, still drifts forward, is kicking my butt, sucks, isn't really made for hovering, broke, has taken some serious tumbles, is overpriced, doesn't take off by itself
147 opinion
125 3 19
positive 125
great, great little, awesome, fun, fun little, little, best, good, excellent, blades, can really take a licking, very nice, is great, not very expensive, my favorite, opened up, continued to climb by itself, amazing little, flies exactly as how i wanted it, is a joy to fly, very manageable, was very easy to setup, pretty great little, old son for christmas, is very fun to fly, really enjoy flying, with longevity, favorite, really enjoying learning to fly, tremendously fun little, arrived on time, is operating perfectly, is stable, durable, i have owned, is easy to fly, good to learn on, worked well, no damage, don't have any previous experience, really fun little, is amazing, is perfect for flying, are a ton of fun to fly, working, very cool, free, very good flying, has definitely exceeded my expectations, is are right in the money
neutral 3
little, rc
negative 19
must be powered up first, should now lift off the ground, was out of sight, lost, is crashing often, is about 13 in diameter, expensive, would not fly, has been crashed numerous times, few issues, took a few tumbles, kept flying, have these issues, no, due to broken arms, lasts at an average of 10-12 minutes, never flown
136 opinion
120 1 15
positive 120
great, holy stone, is great, contacted me, awesome, best, helpful, has outstanding customer service, amazing, seems very professional, good with customer service, refreshing, solid, holy stone directly, replied within the next day, was kind enough, is super responsive, helpful!i, is great to work with, will buy, very eager to please, is phenomenal, fantastic, quickly sent a new one as a replacement, definitely stick, seems very proactive, should aspire to be like them, was easy to work, has been in contact with good communication, took care of us, has been nothing, accomodating, is really awesome, really strives for customer satisfaction, has done ok, stands tall, is keeping the pressure, sent me a new unit, kindness, was outstanding, went above, is so amazing, great company, very helpful, very impressive, emailed me, quickly assured, very reputable, reached out to me clearly concerned, is awesome
neutral 1
sent a replacement
negative 15
sent us out two motors, decided not to contact, has contacted me, replaced the drone, has attempted to influence me, has tried reaching out to me to resolve my dissatisfying experience, reached out to me, do not recommend, reached out to me directly, reached out about sending us a new one for the troubles, sells cheap chinese crap, has a history of posting fake, went out of their way to contact me, could not have been more awesome, is sending me the correct motors
130 opinion
118 3 9
positive 118
great, great little, awesome, fun, amazing, awesome little, very nice, excellent, fantastic, best, worked as well, is practically indestructible, was everything, small, impressive, is fun flying, super easy to fly, fun little, neat looking, killer, flying, reacts very well, is built into it, is awesome, came yesterday, is so durable, flies smoothly, has a gamepad style transmitter, stable beginners, flying my two, would be perfect, preforms my larger, had began climbing, asked me to watch, perfect, most popular, very stable great, can accept the hubsan x4 107 parts frames, would be easier to learn, amazingly, rewarding to fly, inexpensive, good, is stable, quick, sturdy, is a blast to fly, has multiple levels of speed options, is real quick, is fun
neutral 3
much small casual, little, small amount of force
negative 9
no, will fly for less than 1 minute, can no longer fly, was not functioning, has repeatedly survived crashes into trees, little, will just sit there and blink, accl recentered on a flat surface, won't take flight
126 opinion
64 11 51
positive 64
feels good, is easy to use, easy to use, is sturdy, feels cheap, is comfortable, is massive, is very well constructed, good, is well-organized, is a little difficult to use, is well designed, was configurable, simple to understand, was stable, paired easily, works good, makes the sound, bigger than drone, are very solidly constructed, is huge, is big, is well made, are very well made, had some better identification on the controls, is perfect for adults, was bigger, seems incredibly cheap, is quite big, is cheaply made, has a nice size, has a quality weight, connect very easily, is bigger than the quadcopter, easy to pair, stable enough, fits just right in my hands, responsive, has trim adjustments for vertical flight, isn't bad, is weighted well, sturdy, has a bunch of different modes, real big, takes finesse, is much larger, well-built, is very stable and maneuverable, practical to use, works great
neutral 11
is a bit bulky, is a bit larger, is kinda big, is a little too big, feels cheap, sticks are self-centering, smaller, is a bit large, should black, uses a whopping six aa batteries, is a bit odd
negative 51
would not connect, hard to fly, didn’t take six aa batteries, will not bind with copter, will prevent, little over-kill, takes 6 aa batteries, is the problem, issue, dead spot, started to overheat, is setup to compensate by pressing those buttons, did not seem to stay paired, very poor quality, basically fell apart after opening the box, is big and clunky, holds the throttle at the location last held, will not pair to, keeps beeping really loud, is a bit wonky, flew up and away, disliked, requires 6 aa batteries, would beep, flimsy, do not treat, is very sensitive, not being able to maintain radio connection, makes the most annoying, was cracked, did not work, is very loud, doesn't have any writing on it, started glitching, can be a bit confusing, in the small room, keeps beeping, defect, is kind of oddly large, disconnects every 10 seconds, has buttons, is bulky, is trivial, is a bit awkward, was beeping, wouldn't link, started making strange double beeping, is like play station control, is very odd, odd
this drone
115 opinion
107 8
positive 107
recommend, highly recommend, love, loves, definitely recommend, like, loved, absolutely love, really love, flying, buy, not go wrong, highly enjoyed, grab, absolutely recommend, able to fly, chose, no regrets, ds2)really love, enjoyed flying, enjoyed, more quality, digging, no trouble, really enjoy flying, inherited, finally settling, enjoy flying, love flying, recomend, absolutely loves, wonderful time flying, really like, fly
negative 8
not recommend, sucks, does not have that problem, not knocking, not regret, trouble flying, break
111 opinion
95 16
positive 95
good, great, high, very good, very impressed, best, is great, nice, pretty good, impressed, exceptional, durable, same, hard to beat, very high, very happy, decent, are excellent, carries through, seems very high, proper, very nice, very controllable, superb, poorer, is decent, works fine, very satisfied, excellent, could see, surprised, nimble, super good, fairly well made, ease of use, is very high, beats, love, needs improvement, is very good, takes hits and recovers well, is excellent, considerable more, much better, is awesome, really high, is very well, fit and finish, happy, good customer service
negative 16
extremely low, cheap, not the greatest, isn't better for the price, bad, worst, not very good, is questionable, not good, knocking, lacking, can't believe, is horrendous, very disappointed, weak, terrible
108 opinion
104 4
positive 104
great, good, low, is great, excellent, very, awesome, is reasonable, was right, reasonable, best, very reasonable, fantastic, was reasonable, can't beat, discounted, forgiving for those occasional crashes, went up, pretty good, is perfect, ok, small, worth three times, very reasonably, well made, hard to beat, lot of fun, is excellent, great entry point, cheap, is very affordable, you get your moneys worth, impressed, affordable, very good, close, better than i expected, similar, seems a bit high, is totally reasonable, i'm blown away, getting another one, fair, can take a beating, durability, in the last week, is good, i'm very happy, quite easy to control, is unbeatable
negative 4
not unexpected, can not beat, i couldn't pass it up, bit or beef up the controller a bit
99 opinion
83 16
positive 83
good, positive, great, original, updated, excellent, 5 star, update, are so good, few expert, are really good, send me, many positive, follow, ever writing, no more five star, read, lot, is 3 stars, were contacted by the cs team, false positive, false, lowering, wonderful, very pleased, only gets better, caused me to buy for christmas for my boys, reached out to verify my address, were bought, real, no, seemed good, iwould like to upgrade, oringinal, new, reflect their customer service, generous, helpful, unbiased, are 100% honest, tested many times, were so good, 8.4***unbiased, is focused on the customer service of holy stone, no way that 2000+ people write, would be twice as long, not nearly as nice, not exaggerated, pretty extensive, 5-star
negative 16
bad, poor, negative, out sooner, would be read, are fake, none of the complaints, do not really agree, really can't leave, caught up, do not write, positive
88 opinion
65 4 19
positive 65
great, flies great, durable, great little, are great, is perfect, are very solidly constructed, is very responsive, leapt into the sky with a quickness, cool, was our best bet, good, outperformed my expectations, fairly resilient, received right out of the box, work great, worked fine, landing struts, came with the, favorite, on a wednesday evening, is amazing, fun to fly, is great, worked great, well built, had flown great, nice little, nuances, comes with four rotors, are both top notch, is very durable, is also very responsive, is a great mid-size flyer, is fantastic, very good, much better, is about as good, are fairly intuitive to use, is great for beginners, is on a level surface, solid, easy to fly, amazing, is fast, performed flawlessly, very happy, flies very good, is even viable for more experienced users, is very stable
neutral 4
went straight into the kitchen, was toast, has a headless mode, takes six (6
negative 19
runs for 6-9 minutes, is hard to break, dropped itself right into the sink, getting a dji phantom, taking off the propeller took off, outside a few times, has survived quite a few crashes, burn out within 2 days of receiving it, little, does is compensated for by the copter, wobbles, pretty rough, would only tilt forward when motors, excuse me, not wreck my bigger, stop working, would never lift off the ground, developed a small fracture in the plastic, orients itself to the remote control
87 opinion
79 1 7
positive 79
great, fun, great little, better, awesome little, best, fun little, cool little, cool, very cool, tough little, happy with his new, grade to professional, cheap, very happy, really fun, delivers as promised, kool, decent little, nice simple, was toast, works, nice little, has been surprisingly durable, perfect, very fun, awesome, is for my nine year old son, good, looking forward to playing, love, came with a nicely worded card, favorite
neutral 1
negative 7
broken, lasted for only one day, not a kid, doesn't work, useless, faulty, is extremely fragile
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