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Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1" 1080p Full HD Display, 32 GB, Black - with Special Offers

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32% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works well, works. Tablet is great, works great, is awesome, is fast. Screen is beautiful, is nice, is great, is clear. Size is great, is perfect, is good, is great for videos. 1% of users noticed that: Battery drains, was no longer holding a charge, was fully charged, was at 90%. Camera is terrible, is horrible, is not good, is bad. Wifi keeps dropping, is flaky, is going back to amazon, is terrible. Ad are annoying, are so annoying, are something else, were quite bothersome.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

5160 2345
love, great, like, good, works great, does everything, loves, fast, is great, loved, works well, excellent, easy to use, nice, works, really like, better, easy, highly recommend, is fast
1621 296
great, nice, best, love, good, is great, awesome, excellent, very nice, really like, better, works great, amazing, very good, wonderful, is awesome, cheap, decent, is fast, very pleased
925 182
larger, bigger, big, large, great, nice, clear, beautiful, is beautiful, bright, is nice, crisp, huge, is great, is clear, love, is sharp, is bright, much larger, is amazing
477 16
love, perfect, larger, like, great, nice, is great, bigger, i like, is perfect, right, good, large, ease of use, liked, easy to use, is good, really like, inch, best
269 142
thanks, thank you, love, good, great, prime day, nice job, great prices, prime, support, has amazing apps, introduced the kindle on oprah, recovers their profit/costs, add an hdmi port, lots of time spent waiting for sites to open, prime movies, told me what to do, doesn’t care about their customers, has been wonderful, has gone above
206 177
great, favorite, good, works great, many, are great, love, more, is great, well, best, too many, finding all my, most important, choice, work exceptionally well, are spyware have permissions, keep coming on the tablet, is great to set limits, supported by alexa
213 126
great, excellent, good, nice, is great, perfect, very nice, is very nice, very happy, work fine, fantastic, very good, better, very pleased, unlock, lovely, amazing, is fine, works well, was designed to sell you things
301 20
great, good, was great, is great, low, very good, excellent, full, like, fantastic, is right, was good, is incredible, was right, can't beat, affordable, is very reasonable, liked, modest, nice
179 86
great, love, best, upgraded, larger, much faster, enjoying, absolutely love, loved, better, like, wonderful, unlimited, smaller, finally did, was released back in 2007, does not disappoint, charges faster, keeps a charge longer, worked the same
241 11
great, clear, beautiful, good, nice, is great, very clear, better, excellent, sharp, is very clear, is amazing, is very good, is clear, is crystal clear, is beautiful, clarity, easy to use, is fabulous, crisp
battery life
181 65
great, long, good, is good, is great, excellent, is excellent, longer, decent, is amazing, is awesome, is much better, love, is very good, is impressive, is decent, is okay, easy to use, is better, amazing
213 31
great, good, is great, is good, excellent, better, is very good, is amazing, nice, is awesome, is fantastic, pretty good, like, clear, very good, easy to use, is really good, is better, much better, is much better
147 67
is great, works great, love, is fun, is awesome, is the best, like, works very well, works really well, always knows everyting, will play your music, is backed up, is right, was as knowledgeable, is helpful, is a new experience, can do all the work, is on point, needs to increase her knowledge base, no problems
201 7
great, beautiful, good, nice, clear, crisp, large, is great, is beautiful, excellent, is clear, bright, is excellent, awesome, crystal clear, easy to use, is awesome, is gorgeous, is crisp, is very nice
this tablet
140 15
love, like, absolutely love, highly recommend, really love, really like, loves, would recommend, recommend, prefer, most likely return, definitely recommend, would like, ordered, loved, should buy, do like, easy to setup and use, pretty easily root, cant beat
97 37
love, very happy, new, bigger, very pleased, was good, is faster, works fine, going strong, excellent, was the best decision, will always buy, perfectly satisfied, has alexa will answer, enjoying my hd 10, is easy to use.luv, has an amazing he screen, was extremely.stable, accepts the most important apps, overrides the speaker on alexa
85 43
good, like, better, is still winning, cheaper, too much, just flies, get an, worked perfectly, was easy, will be my next choice, has a screen app, better value, pro, replacement, thank goodness, larger, very easy to get use to and a fraction of the cost, is aging, looked better
83 35
prime, great, watching, are awesome, available everywhere, i’m please so far, is super crisp, clear, works great, very smooth, gopro, wonderful, ok for, decent, reasons, for fifteen minutes, is very good, really like, like gonoodle for kids movement, nice
104 11
great, good, better, excellent, high, love, easy to use, amazing, is good, very good, is outstanding, nice, is fantastic, is truly a-1, is excellent, is so good, is also amazing, really good, true, very satisfiedthe
102 3
great, good, are beautiful, bright, like, red, vivid, much better, true, pretty, are bright, are crisp, vibrant, brilliant, clear, nice, better, are very vibrant, goes off to light, gorgeous
98 5
like, is great, love, works great, works fine, impressed, is working great, just works, is amazon, was packaged perfectly, seems much faster, syncs up, will transfer over, work fine, has been upgraded, ran very nice, else just average, very convenient, comes back to normal, is a little larger
81 11
great, good, more, new, amazing, many, like, wonderful, all, valuable, has many, awesome, has more prime, helpful, cool helpful, are really cool, inexpensive, were outstanding, has excellent, will be great
84 4
good, great, love, is great, like, fast, nice, is good, very impressed, is very good, are great, is awesome, excellent, really like, loved, is fast, better, fully close, quicker, hasn't locked up
fire tablet
54 23
love, like, very satisfied, over the years, is my go to tablet, are the best, is a good product, during a special pricing day, work with alexa, cool, could be what you need, don’t like, big fan, is for reading books, is fantastic, recommended, extremely happy, is a great way to go, in excellent condition, never been disappointed
56 20
ok, been working great, okay, does a great job, working out nicely, playing passenger seat editor, 3rd fire, own built in spam for free games, working good, just ok.pros, fully charged, handy tool, still a good value for the money, been a worthwhile investment, seats the tablet, 4 hours, offline, got many great features, got loads of restrictions, already after having it a couple days
51 25
are great, are ok, great, crisper, echo, are just play store, are excellent, are on the side, are loud, clear, are spicy, were about as good, okay, is adequate, were a little better, is much higher, were better, are sub par, so much better, really do the job
67 7
great, better, good, is great, beautiful, high, perfect, increased, excellent, happy, was way better than i expected, is more than adequate, are great, awesome, ultra clear, is awesome, very clear, clear, still great, is way better
72 2
great, beautiful, are great, love, very good, are very good, good, vivid, nice, are incredible, are pretty good, are crystal clear, clearer and brighter, really love, very clear, crisp, clarity, are clear, slightly heavier than expected, great for daily needs
fire hd
63 10
love, 10 tablet, happy, very pleased, loving, really enjoy, arrived very fast, best bang, 10is equal to if not better, works for me, meets my expectations, excels, i always buy, thrilled, came around, easy, really love, 10 to replace my ipad, fits the bill very well, is a lemon
this product
47 25
love, absolutely love, like, highly recommend, would recommend, really like, is very nice, beyond happy, definally recommend, recommend, pleasantly surprised, very much like, is outstanding, liked, happy to have, is ok, high recommend, returning, very pleased, strongly recommend
46 17
good, favorite, playing, many, are good, few, are great, lots, entertaining, better, friendly, look great, is more enjoyable, plenty, play and movies, could have the space to play his, checking my emails, are lots, are fun, had to start over
picture quality
57 3
great, is amazing, is great, nice, is awesome, love, is very clear, liked, is very good, is fantastic, is great!cheers, is good, are excellent, is just one minute item, better, is really crisp, is supurb, is excellent, crisp, is magnificent
37 22
update, updated, positive, good, original, them on my laptop, mixed, first thing the next morning, minus, is based on as an average user, were great, well, is well past the time, go thru, were mostly positive, looked at many, negative, lot, 5-star, best buy
screen size
56 3
love, is perfect, is awesome, larger, great, i like, is great, is nice, is just right, is helpful, is comparable to ipad, is incredible large, can add a sd card, clear, hd.dislike, good, very clear, responsive, loving, best value
44 14
great, is great, solid, nice, all, very pleased, best, is terrific, smooth fast, problems, has been outstanding, high, really good, overall, is nice, wise, rises above others in its price range, keep me from breaking it, tenth, well worth the money comparatively
kindle fire
41 17
love, really love, is awesome, very happy, with so many upgrades, deals back in july, new one after 4 years, is fast, is easy for her to use, quicker, upgrade, always had, just fine, was much easier to use, is great, is very good, big fan, are fantastic, absolutely love, glad to have
76 137
died, drains, was no longer holding a charge, gets hot, issue, run down, nothing seems to work, was fully charged, was at 90%, wont charge above 62%, left, charging issues, on my original fire hd 10 died, doesn't last long, quickly, dead, won't respond to being plugged in, was dead, could hold the charge for a bit longer, won't hold a charge over night
48 72
is terrible, is horrible, is not good, no, haven't tried, is bad, not really used, stinks, is absolutely poor, hate, are 2006 cell phone quality, could be made, early 2000s, is completely useless, is really poor, doesn't even have a flash, is not near as good, sucks poor pictures, kludgy, is absolutely horrible
31 56
no, drops, keeps dropping, poor, continuously drops, turned on, drops out every 10 minutes, constantly lags on, drops regularly, is flaky, problem, is going back to amazon, drops every 5 minutes, is terrible, cannot connect, do not buy it, off, doesn’t support wifi dfs channels, was so cludgy, is rubbish
31 55
are annoying, annoying, many, do not like, would remove, are so annoying, are something else, were quite bothersome, remove, are animated, are bothersome to him, pop up disturbing me, have no positive effect, pop up, dont like, come up are a pain, paid to remove, i rarely use it, sucks, are not relevant