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Echo Dot Kids Edition, a smart speaker with Alexa for kids - blue case

We have analyzed 1196 reviews from Amazon and found:

35% of users say that: Product is great, works great, is perfect, is nice. Alexa is much nicer, will sing twinkle little star, is great, is cool. Music can play, can play their own, is easy, is filtered. Device can interact with my kid, is great, will prompt, has a lot of potential. 1% of users noticed that: Sound quality is poor, is nothing, is a bit tinny, is a bit meh. Sound have been rectified, is poor, is very low, is horrible. Skill are blocked by amazon. Phone was transferred between several people.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

909 399
love, loves, great, like, loved, good, is great, my granddaughter loves, ’s great, my grandson loves, works great, returning, is perfect, ’s awesome, plays music, recommend, loving, worth, up, is nice
40 28
love, isn’t perfect, doesn’t understand him anyway, is much nicer, will sing twinkle little star, took over our house, does all the work, is great, becomes more apart of our family, is cool, loves, respond to her, gets about 50% of the questions parents sob quietly in the tub eating a candy bar over, makes her want to practice her diction, is enjoying playing games, is supposed to be able to read books, like, isn’t my favorite, is our entertainer, would be unstoppable
47 8
favorite, great, friendly, listens, bit, loves, listens to, can play, disabled, prime, can play their own, should allow the same, is easy, to use, charged monthly, wasn’t accurate, isn’t for toddlers, she likes on it, funny skills, listens to stories at night
35 18
great, like, good, can interact with my kid, is great, will prompt, has a lot of potential, on separate accounts, setup, precludes being able to use, would be more interactive with kids, works great, nice, great little, works the same as any other echo device, separate echo, friendly, really only provides freetime echo to kids, is awsome, can manage the account
27 19
dedicated for children, i setup the kid’s stuff, hung so much, light, showed me a blank screen with a kite, only works, i would see whole conversations from previous owners, are good, inlove, can change the alarm, for younger children, really love, is great, work on our alexa kids edition, limits, needed to reload, found the alexa, completed correctly, finally to discover the story, work well
echo dot
37 7
regular, loves, does my kiddos, protective hockey puck case, is my least favorite, fan, free, loving, cheaper, is good, normal, priced, unlimited, has worked great, really enjoy, not the kid version, make things easier all around, wipe everything off, not be able to live without, 🥰love
25 16
will improve it, well played, echo dot kids addition, could work on being able to create other names to awaken the echo, came with 1 years unlimited use, doesn't allow parents to control it, waiting on replacement, best, dear, creates a more comprehensive filtering system, no reason, spoke with two different departments, will release a car edition, was kind enough, has been pretty cagey, lot of work, is very helpful, doesn’t make a app for apple, pulled a quick one on us, doesn’t even have a list of available content
17 8
love, big, lot of issues, gone with the regular, portable, loves, without beginning our free time trial, very own, has done so much more, is a lot of fun, seemed to work well, were on sale, enjoy, fascinated, is playing songs from eminem, regular
15 6
friendly, can't beat, many cool, has way more, easy to use, is my daughters favorite, toms off, extra, enough time to play with other, worked fine, free time subscription
13 9
awesome, could be better, understands my 6yo as well, plays music easily, keeps out explicit music, cheap, works great, very decent, really good, is fairly low quality, superior, is loud
this product
17 4
love, highly recommend, loves, recommend, enjoyed, everyone loves, absolutely love, return, considering returning
14 7
favorite, clean up, are available, definitely recommended, able to request, approved, vs alexa play x, about big booties
18 3
echo, regular, works fine, extra money, very well, can play games together using the echo, just about every day, very cool, worked, loves his echo, added freetime, plays them with no problem
parental control
12 7
great, are great, well, necessary, are set accordingly, aren’t good, love, very satisfied, are exactly what i was hoping, are very easy
11 2
great, good, worth the prime day, awesome, cheaper, is more buying separate, isn’t worth much, higher
set up
11 2
easy, is very challenging, process a second time, was fairly easy, very easy, simple, super easy, was a little easier, was pretty easy
8 4
great, are amazing, new, favorite, cool
9 3
love, are available in the free, favorite, are great, told to her, are cute functions, fun, nothing but fun
10 2
great, best, good
had to have the, like better, came in other, 3 bold, favorite, neutral, choice, fun, bright, pretty bright green, not very big, broader variety
asked alexa everything, are getting along from the other room, works great, didn’t use, are smart, look forward to jokes, are currently playing with it, great, are very curious, looks at me like mom help, are happy
this thing
8 3
love, loves, is perfect, is great, does differently
6 3
worry free, is accessible, adds kid friendly, can censor, friendly, controlling explicit
7 1
light, little, able to, can be used, parental, can control, more
5 4
ok, okay, ok for alarms, edited, on all my other non kid dots
kids edition
5 4
” requested by my 9 y/o son, can’t work in other countries, was so much different, is great, is a work in progress
8 1
easy, awesome, process over and over, is easy, same as the echo dot, easy to, was a little challenging
8 1
best, great, made me happy, excellent
5 3
everyday, wakes him up in a good mood(most days, are awesome, look forward to after summer scheduling, allowing
7 1
great, returned, most important, wonderful, was used without being advertised, very user friendly
7 1
is ready, talk to me if she wants, me on my alexa every night, excellent, nice, team for the new kids dot, impressed
echo dot kids edition
loves, is incredible, was packed, old granddaughter, extremely pleased
very durable, like the color, is great for kids, difference, nice, hard
sound quality
6 11
is poor, poor, is nothing, is a bit tinny, not impressed, is a bit meh, is not as good, disappointed, isn’t the greatest
6 9
have been rectified, very tinny, is poor, is very low, does not compare to the regular dot, muffles, bad, is horrible, is not loud enough
4 5
never work ever always says, like an impossible task, are blocked by amazon, tried to change, doesn't work on the kids version
3 6
for another 15 minutes, w/ tech support, would not set up, not old enough, allows grandparents to communicate, was transferred between several people
4 5
are difficult to do, resets occassionally, are inappropriate for his age, have bugs, dont play correctly
customer service
3 6
had me disconnect freetime, had me troubleshoot the issue, you never have to contact, may not be very helpful, is a nightmare, with basic questions
3 5
remains unresolved, not to talk for years, several, issue, has caused me the most annoyance