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Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter Protein Cookie, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 12 Count

We have analyzed 1146 reviews from Amazon and found:

40% of users say that: Product are delicious, are great, are soft, are amazing. Taste is ok, is good, is very good, is alright. Cookie is soft, are a lifesaver, are amazing, are delicious. Flavor are good, is good, is a great replacement, are great. 1% of users noticed that: Box is visibly old, was open. Peanut butter cookie is very stiff, are almost unpalatable, has little sugar crystals. This product was wrong, don't recommend. Quest bars are too dense.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

787 303
good, love, are delicious, delicious, great, are great, are soft, are amazing, chewy, are so good, are the best, warm, are good, are perfect, pretty good, soft, moist, tasted good, not bad, like
270 101
great, good, pretty good, is ok, amazing, is good, ok, protein, love, texture, really good, like, really like, better, is very good, no, strong, very good, is alright, decent
195 56
good, best, favorite, love, is soft, real, are a lifesaver, are amazing, great, tasty, are delicious, are soft, chewy, are awesome, pretty good, amazing, delicious, like, are fantastic, large
67 25
best, great, good, decent, are good, delicious, is good, is a great replacement, are great, is decent, overpowering protein, dirt like, seem fine, are masterful in flavor, doesn't taste like protein, are very good, 4 stars, is very dry, strong artificial, like
61 25
great, soft, is great, chewy, dry, good, is perfect, is a little less than fabulous, is good, different, hardly notice, tasty and soft, was decent, was okay, not that great, are very good, taste, no bitter aftertaste, like, is more crumbly
chocolate chip
41 5
love, is the best, is my favorite, double, are delicious, better, was by far the best, is my fav, is way better, is definitely the best tasting, taste good, highly recommend, are very sweet, is next best, is the way to go, loved, i liked, very best, lot, warmed up
19 16
no nasty, strong, appalling, not so good, lingers long, metallic, savory, gross, lasts for hours, no, leaves an in pleaser, cool, was a little strong, slight, easily, bad bitter, is really strong
20 13
great, best, better, much better, eatable, good, awesome, very close, very dry, low carb, not good, not very chocolate, artificial-sweetener, very good, low in sodium
these cookies
20 10
love, are good, are incredible, like, have been the answer, are great, are just right, really good, very filling, were good, are terrific, good, are delicious, are for you
high, enough, good, pretty stellar, has never tasted better, lots, dense, great, fan, best, perfect, weren't milk, can be converted to carbohydrates in the body, carries me thru to lunch, fiber content, really taste, less, well versed
peanut butter
21 4
is my favorite, love, is better, are my favorite, are most and sweet, is my least favorite, are delicious, is the best flavor, flavor best, expect to taste, pairs well with coffee, delicious, is really good, is definitely my favorite, are okay, has been my all-time favorite afternoon snack, is by far my favorite flavor, chunks throughout
16 6
very low, is low, low, good low, aren't terrible, great, little high, good, relatively low, careful - 10-13 net, super low, nice treat to fix your cravings, moderate, perfect low, fits all the low
19 2
good, perfect, great, excellent, low-carb friendly, pretty keto, packed, nice, well-portioned, decent, great healthy, awesome, delicious, high protein
double chocolate
10 6
are delicious, is my fav, is my favorite, chip flavor, is pretty good, would be just as good, are amazing, is better tasting, dry, is pretty decent
15 4
good, are great, are awesome, unbeatable, aren’t that good, are good, best, perfect, are better, are perfect, great, excellent, perfect for keto
15 1
good, great, positive, update, negative, is for all the current flavors, is for the double chocolate chip, helpful, is for the quest chocolate chunk protein cookie, applies to the chocolate chip
this cookie
8 6
fills me up, tastes good, is pretty good, is very good, no problems, is excellent, doesn’t taste great
11 1
must be drinking their own koolaid, can you do better, makes some good stuff, is much thinner, weighs in at an additional .08-ounce, continues to put into their products, has beat them out, taste wise, best product, has done it, did a good job
11 1
low, laden, artificial, great low, stayed 100% normal after eating, are less than larry’s complete cookies, less than 1 gram of
quest cookie
10 2
are 240 calories, are for protein supply, hit all 3, are really good, is really not all that healthy, is a great tasting, love, are out of this world, are good, are yummy
7 5
is pretty good, nice treat, is perfect, chip, is my favorite, tastes ok, are great
chocolate chip cookie
8 4
are delicious, are phenomenal, best, are amazing, are soft, is the best, is worth purchasing
8 4
are so good, will serve you well, have more protein and fiber, better, favorite, are great, are very filling, were great
10 1
saturated, non-carb, better, high, isn't inherently bad, highish, more
6 3
is the best, just melted easily, are pretty good, is better, without, are very chocolatey
7 2
relatively clean, great, are quite natural, natural, sensitive, delicious, clean
carb cookie
7 2
best low, great low, delicious low, low, good low
8 1
good, wish, tastes good, great, down a little, was cheaper, deeper
carb diet
low, great, perfect
protein cookie
best, is awesome, perfect, very best, solid
oatmeal raisin
6 2
has the most net carbs, are better, is the sweetest, most flavorful, is by far the best, are awesome
5 2
good, was off, really odd aftertaste, seemed much stronger than the bars, artificial
this flavor
4 2
cant taste, is great, n’t be buying, doesn't have the somewhat unpleasant aftertaste
5 1
are 250, 96 of the 250, twice the, per day are a bit lower, not wasting
is remarkable, gave me a refund, has cheaper than 7-11, has the best price, keeps them in stock, would carry my favorite, lets you review
5 2
very odd, fake sugar, smell, overwhelmed, like
10 19
tossed out entire, is visibly old, stale to the taste, like i did, won’t buy these again, ended up just tossing, was open, back out, must have come from the back of the warehouse, couldn’t easily been a mistake, out, dang, i won't eat, not a whole, i am going to return to purchasing know cookies, won't purchase again, out to keep my dog from rolling in it, at once easily, away to my co-workers
peanut butter cookie
5 6
taste awful, is very stiff, tastes awful, might be a suitable replacement, are almost unpalatable, has little sugar crystals
this product
2 8
very disappointed, was wrong, may cause the same for you, did not i know, just not for, not a fan, don't recommend, would not buy
quest bars
2 5
nothing like, worried, not as good, not particularly fond, are too dense