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BLU Life One X3 - 4G LTE Unlocked Smartphone with 5,000mAh Monster Battery -Black

We have analyzed 464 reviews from Amazon and found:

26% of users say that: Product is great, works great, worked fine, works fine. Phone is great, works great, is amazing, worked great. Battery is great, is the best thing, is way over rated, is admittedly very good. Screen is bright, is sharp, is decent, is ok. 3% of users noticed that: Speaker was blown, keeps cutting out, is not working, is horrible. Blu will not acknowledge, work thru, has yet to answer my query, has a slow hit. Device is turned off, is a little buggy, has no taste to it. Call were a bothersome task.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

240 195
love, does everything, is great, like, good, works great, worked fine, loved, cheap, works fine, easy to use, works, excellent, really like, great, incredible annoyance, uses a lot of data, replaces my blu life one, works well, perfect size
261 163
great, good, is great, best, love, works great, nice, better, excellent, decent, is amazing, worked great, last blu, highly recommend, awesome, really nice, is a steal, 5 star, was very little difference, best thing
73 35
big, monster, great, amazing, best, lasts all day, incredible, huge, is great, good, is the best thing, is way over rated, is admittedly very good, currently lasting for 2 days, average, last all day, last me all day, massive, is amazing, whopping 5000mah
39 30
large, bigger, went solid green, inch, crazy, huge bright, bright and large, is bright, easy to look, nice looking, is sharp, incredible, is decent, protector, sharp, is ok, sharper, comes on taking over, 5.5 inch, is vibrant
30 26
great, is nice, very good, is ok, takes nice pictures, good light.-, is high res, does in fact do better than the camera, is sufficient, is good, needs to be improved, is really clean, is 13mp, makes nice pics, works fine, quite good, took much better pictures, nice, were better, better
battery life
47 10
is great, great, is awesome, is better, is okay, good, is the best, is much longer, is good, especially with, is way better, extremely long lasting, works well, is super, is an incredible feature, is about equal to a typical android, decent, is pretty incredible, better, excellent
24 1
great, reasonable, good, cheap, awesome, b+convenience & setup: bstorage & memory, you pay, unbeatable, was so good, cant best, is a steal, was reasonable, very good, $150, hard to beat, is crazy awesome
16 1
very beautiful, is very beautiful, does look crisp, clear with content, is more crisp, clear, beautiful, great bright, is good, were almost equal, very cheap, is nice, was really bright, is also good, looks beautiful!sound, sharp
14 2
great, look at, good, are just decent, clear and colorful, look pretty crisp, clear, is great, dark, lot, decent
10 2
is great, wasn't bad, smooth, decent, great, acceptable, is fast, mixed bag, good
6 5
great, pleased, are good, look good, are accurate
8 2
high, really good, good, looks high end, very pleased, best, is very good
blu phone
5 4
love, like, actually prefer, is for my wife, eyeing
6 3
much better, blue life, has 4gb ram, has a 64gb rom option, are gone on the x3, absolutely my favorite
8 1
no, fast, clean, reliable, finding new
8 1
needs to assure products, issued a full-refund, huge fan, blu products to determine recourse, basicly no problem return the phone, stood behind the product, took care, shipped this overnight
8 1
great, are freaking fantastic, impressed, are different, pretty nice, are unbeatable, lot more
5 3
great, good, impressive, better
picture quality
5 3
is great, is good, is decent, vivid, pretty good
screen protector
7 1
extra, already on it, well, is already applied perfectly, came preinstalled, additional, silicon case included already + earbuds
5 3
quick, more, would be amazing, recent, is software wise
4 3
has a 1.3gh mediatek, in every possible way, is a downgrade hardware wise, isn’t worth the cost just for software
5 2
good, lots of bloatware, light, solo que en alguno momentos se cuelga
build quality
5 2
good, feels good, must be better, nice, is pretty good
decent, orange tint, were better, are so clear, okay quality, started out great
5 1
works on 720p, play back quality, are just ok, play great, ran smoothly
great, don't, pretty good, at your own risk
excelent, great, is very affordable, vey good, good, fast
3 2
not an awful device, held up fine, ok
call quality
3 2
excellent, improves, decent
8 26
doesn't work, stopped working, was blown, issue solved, never worked out of the box, no one can here me talking, keeps cutting out, is not working, is horrible, got bad, not as clean, sounds like garbage, are of poor quiality, has blown on this phone, not immediately taken a dump, constantly turns on, is not good, very hard to hear, sounds very bad, sucks
12 16
doesn't hurry up with a fix, fragile avoid it, bricked, took a step backwards, sealed the deal, does not disclose that their phones, screwed up the rma replacement, will not acknowledge, work thru, has yet to answer my query, has a slow hit, gets back to me, not heard, let me down, should had tested the update, fixed the update on dec. 4
9 12
should be recalled , did not provide that, seems like an unfinished product, is turned off, died suddenly, kept rebooting, really disappointed, is a little buggy, entirely, wouldn't read my kingston card, not unique, has no taste to it
6 11
disabled, won't work with it, frequently crash, stopped working, can't move, forced upon users, won't open, does not seem to work, never had a problem, do not load or run slowly, crash
3 9
were a bothersome task, hears their own voice, hears their voice coming back to them, really an issue, blocking, noisy, annoying, randomly drop, dropped
1 10
drop, network at work, intermittently disconnects, is terrible, does not work, could be a deal breaker, continues to drop, gets disconnected, connecting to, drops out for no reason
does not work properly, intermittently disconnects, doesn't detect in the car very well, is on, will turn itself on, tends to hang up, has difficulties connecting, cannot use, will glitch off
3 6
slow, is slow, is no powerhouse, slightly slower, is a waste of time to build
sd card
3 5
problem, isn't even being read by the phone, can show up again, wouldn't work properly, not all three at the same time
1 4
most heavy, pretty heavy, heavy, fairly heavy