People openly speak their mind and want to be heard

Internet grants yet another great oppotunity for your business, and for your customers. Predict future demand, improve UX and make right and timely business decisions.

Our Products

Make informed business decisions
  • Get insights into real user opinions.
  • Discover new niches and disrupt markets.
  • Build your product strategy on better decisions.
  • Continuously improve UX with zero-lag feedback loop.
Boost marketing performance
  • Use objective metrics to measure user satisfaction.
  • Measure user attitude to your brands across industries.
  • Leverage the insights in marketing campaigns.
  • Generate smart personalized recommendations.
  • Improve product search UX: include aspects that matter.
  • Further improve UX: generate product summaries.
  • Increase product awareness and conversions.
  • Get more traffic through better product awareness.
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Have a lot of user-generated data and don't have time to process it? Drop us a line and we'll help.
We employ professional linguists and NLP machine learning experts to achieve best possible results for each customer.
Actionable consumer insights Product aspects highlighter Custom NLP analytics

Some features that make us stand out

Accurate user opinion processing

Based on recent advances in neural networks, our algorithms process opinions to extract product aspects.

Aspect-related sentiment analysis

Large phone screen: good or bad? You know the right answer extracted from real user opinions.

Reporting, trends, predictions

A clean and neat dashboard with alerts and business activities tracking.

Custom aspect categorization

Arrange aspects into categories and get a better overview of your products.

Multiple aggregation levels

Work at different levels of detail: from product groups down to products, aspect categories, aspects and user opinions.

Easy integrations

No data preprocessing needed. Use JSON API and a customizable website widget that can handle raw text.

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