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Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Black - U.S. Warranty

Product works better, has difficulty running many apps with higher requirements, will look like its going to work, work almost the entire time. Phone is great, is perfect, is good, will respond. Battery life is good, is very good, is amazing, is also wonderful. Camera is good, is just okay, are okay, is basic. App have to constantly relaunch, will not work, will crash, got stopped often.when making phone calls. Device will not win any awards for speed, is seriously under powered, is a bit bulky. Memory is small, is sufficient to get started. This phone don't buy.

3.5 out of 5 stars
229 reviews were analyzed
272 opinion
162 3 107
positive 162
love, perfect, good, runs most apps fine, works better, has difficulty running many apps with higher requirements, started okay, going to return, well keep, from factory conditions, will look like its going to work, can't get any further, telling me, been over 4 months, work almost the entire time, not not fair, was ok, will double the speed, is unlocked, unlock, was alot faster, very happy, loud, lightweight, one will, is a perfectly adequate device, nice perk, takes pictures, is running android 7.1.1, feels more like a mid-range device, work fine, good brand, seems great, spent a day just updating the os, like, cheap, might be ok, is an all time low, does alright, my son loves, ok, prime day, on sale during prime day for $80.00, 5 stars, looked really nice, ’s good, ended up returning, should be able to run basic apps properly, was packaged with care, work well
neutral 3
a little bit heavy, identical to a pixel, looks brownish
negative 107
don't buy, fix, is slow, is seriously unbearable to listen to, really awful, sounds like garbled plastic, annoying, makes noise, really lacked for using apps and internet, simply closes your map and directions, across the room into a wall every day, furious, couldn't believe, back within the 30 days, doesn't take my information, driving me mad, is such a pain, is so frustrating, been a nightmare, doesn't make sense, big time, has very little internal storage, slow phone, restarts, always errors out5, not sure if, is super slow, slow, so slow, is difficult to get used to other phones, kind of dumb, wasn't so slow, a little slow, ran slow, had problems, so aggravating, forget about, take pictures, will lock up the zoom and exposure, stops playing, not very loud, asked my issue, responded after about 10 minutes, wasn't worth it, takes forever to start up, hangs up constantly, fell from less than one foot onto wood floor, has 8gb storage, not worth it, teathered to google
206 opinion
116 3 87
positive 116
great, good, is great, budget, is perfect, very nice, like, decent, nice, excellent, very good, is good, ok, good little, nice looking, $100 smart, will respond, worked great, backup, is cheap, is pure, was good, good-looking, is really great, serves the purpose, is great for the money, replaced every two years, can handle android, has cameras, can come close to this value, well, reliable, fast, is very easy to handle, works fast, i like, is a winner of your remember to close apps, is very well made, works well, is work in românia?she, relatively auto-intuitive, is best, alright, loads up everything, is ok, really cheap, 1000000x, inexpensive, really like, is very nice looking
neutral 3
just for calls or text, spare, are made by hmd global
negative 87
is too slow, slowest, worst, is not the fastest, was fairly slow, has less than 900 mb of memory, cannot run multiple apps, closes 1, not with this, takes a laughably long amount of time to even load snapchat or youtube, is infuriating, is absolutely terrible, off completely to restart it, to work, was slow, was not unlocked, do not recommend, makes it impossible, real difficult to trim and edit videos, lags badly right out of the box, is not fully compatible with t-mobile, better not get, is no working, is beyond terrible, does not have a stock gallery app, is not only terribly programmed, is unbearably slow, wasn't so cheap, took forever to transfer information, runs very poorly, runs so badly, completely locked up, just sucks, clumsy, is a bit slow, is just so sluggish, had windows, randomly turning itself off, would not recommend, replace a broken iphone, do not get, gets warm, was slow on loading videos, not be choosing, too slow, is way too slow doing basic tasks, not worth it, super slow, a bit slow, is a disaster
battery life
32 opinion
30 2
positive 30
long, great, is good, excellent, is very good, is amazing, decent, good, isn't completely terrible, is also wonderful, is excellent, is quite impressive, do last a long long time, progreat, is the best, is the best thing, is just as good, is impressive, massive, is exactly what i wanted, 7.1.1).long
negative 2
was too demanding, above half
27 opinion
18 9
positive 18
is good, better, isn’t great, is just okay, are okay, is basic, is surprisingly good, is ok, look gorgeous, is perfect, nice, is 8mp, is nothing exceptional, doesn't seem to be on par, fly your drone, decent
negative 9
isn't great but acceptable, isn't that great, takes forever to actually come up, not the best, goes nuts sometimes, is not great, stopped working, was indeed broken, is just okay to keep memories
26 opinion
13 4 9
positive 13
last closer to those old school gsm phones, will really last 2 days, was already in it, came with 83% charge, 4000+, is very good, lasts nice, was still in the 90 percent range, did not budge, perfect, last long, is easily replaced, huge
neutral 4
huge, big honking 4,100 mah, integrated
negative 9
lasts quite a bit, won't drain fast, did last two days, be removed, does last days on standby, takes way too long to charge, will not die within a week, down to zero, lasted 8 or ten days
25 opinion
15 1 9
positive 15
little time, is bright, clear enough, is clear, sharp, unbreakable, is big, is bright and sharp, is pretty good, is large, detailed, 720x1280 res, efficient, is good, is better
neutral 1
initial blue
negative 9
went black, blank, blue, too tiny, is not as sharp, always turned black, shattered, pop up, cracked just from being in my pocket
22 opinion
16 6
positive 16
make any effort to test, is well known, respected, good phones, always like, is back, is rasing the bar, expecting more, was a huge selling point, will be rolling out android updates, love, glad, did excellent on the features, more!the build quality, frugal, has promised continued support for android 8
negative 6
sorry, only comes with 8gb of memory, didnt offer to replace it, die hard fans from 3390,8890, totally brick, has no customer service
nokia 2
20 opinion
16 4
positive 16
was fun, connects fine, looks beautiful, well, is at least slated to receive 8.1.pros:-, is a servicable device, highly recommend, is by far the best, has a good feel to it, does not seem to be very good, cheapest android phone, was publicly announced on october 31, is a very decent phone, looked more aesthetically pleasing, really shines, was working perfectly
negative 4
is not fully compatible, factoverheats, is dead after minimal use, do not receive security updates monthly
13 opinion
10 3
positive 10
perfectly balanced, lacks, is alright, is adequate, is good, extra, is a lot better, very demanding, was so much better, feels like on par
negative 3
no, is horrible, will be very disappointing
13 opinion
4 1 8
positive 4
reopen, finally downloaded along with a few required updates the phone, few, almost 100
neutral 1
require a gig of ram
negative 8
none of them a game, have to constantly relaunch, will not work, will crash, got stopped often.when making phone calls, wont work, judder, can act a little strange
7 opinion
positive 7
great, low, original, very happy, very good, are perfect
build quality
7 opinion
positive 7
is nice, professional, is good, is great, amazing, seemed nice, handled well
6 opinion
2 4
positive 2
real good, could very easily be bootloader unlocked
negative 4
will not win any awards for speed, is seriously under powered, is a bit bulky, stopped turning
6 opinion
3 3
positive 3
stress, just adequate, is the snapdragon 212
negative 3
older, slower, weak
6 opinion
positive 6
gets two thumbs up, inexpensive, better, affordable and durable, great cheap, amazing
5 opinion
2 3
positive 2
was full mind, good
negative 3
low, is small, is sufficient to get started
this phone
5 opinion
2 3
positive 2
negative 3
regretting owning, don't buy, wouldn't recommend
4 opinion
1 3
positive 1
lot of time to watch
negative 3
you were watching, was a tad low, zapped right
4 opinion
negative 4
running out, is limited, is too small, 1gb(slow working).storage 8gb
4 opinion
2 2
positive 2
just fine, can route
negative 2
appeared to have not gone thru, had gone thru
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