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Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Black - U.S. Warranty

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29% of users say that: Product works better, has difficulty running many apps with higher requirements, will look like its going to work, work almost the entire time. Phone is great, is perfect, is good, will respond. Battery life is good, is very good, is amazing, is also wonderful. Camera is good, is just okay, are okay, is basic. 2% of users noticed that: App have to constantly relaunch, will not work, will crash, got stopped often.when making phone calls. Device will not win any awards for speed, is seriously under powered, is a bit bulky. Memory is small, is sufficient to get started. This phone don't buy.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

162 107
love, perfect, good, runs most apps fine, works better, has difficulty running many apps with higher requirements, started okay, going to return, well keep, from factory conditions, will look like its going to work, can't get any further, telling me, been over 4 months, work almost the entire time, not not fair, was ok, will double the speed, is unlocked, unlock
116 87
great, good, is great, budget, is perfect, very nice, like, decent, nice, excellent, very good, is good, ok, good little, nice looking, $100 smart, will respond, worked great, backup, is cheap
battery life
30 2
long, great, is good, excellent, is very good, is amazing, decent, good, isn't completely terrible, is also wonderful, is excellent, is quite impressive, do last a long long time, progreat, is the best, is the best thing, is just as good, is impressive, massive, is exactly what i wanted
18 9
is good, better, isn’t great, is just okay, are okay, is basic, is surprisingly good, is ok, look gorgeous, is perfect, nice, is 8mp, is nothing exceptional, doesn't seem to be on par, fly your drone, decent
13 9
last closer to those old school gsm phones, will really last 2 days, was already in it, came with 83% charge, 4000+, is very good, lasts nice, was still in the 90 percent range, did not budge, perfect, last long, is easily replaced, huge
15 9
little time, is bright, clear enough, is clear, sharp, unbreakable, is big, is bright and sharp, is pretty good, is large, detailed, 720x1280 res, efficient, is good, is better
16 6
make any effort to test, is well known, respected, good phones, always like, is back, is rasing the bar, expecting more, was a huge selling point, will be rolling out android updates, love, glad, did excellent on the features, more!the build quality, frugal, has promised continued support for android 8
nokia 2
16 4
was fun, connects fine, looks beautiful, well, is at least slated to receive 8.1.pros:-, is a servicable device, highly recommend, is by far the best, has a good feel to it, does not seem to be very good, cheapest android phone, was publicly announced on october 31, is a very decent phone, looked more aesthetically pleasing, really shines, was working perfectly
10 3
perfectly balanced, lacks, is alright, is adequate, is good, extra, is a lot better, very demanding, was so much better, feels like on par
great, low, original, very happy, very good, are perfect
build quality
is nice, professional, is good, is great, amazing, seemed nice, handled well
gets two thumbs up, inexpensive, better, affordable and durable, great cheap, amazing
2 1
is definitely a compromise, can swell nicely
3 1
been kind 4 months, okay, capable of gaming
smaller, are unremarkable, not impressive
call quality
is fantastic, is good, very good, much better
2 1
fairly light, can add an sd card
impressed, good, great
un excelente, no incluir mayor memoria, al
high, is an absolute 10*., liked
2 1
is perfect, work fine
this thing
2 1
runs circles around those, can last you about 2 days
is sleek, is durable, is very smooth
4 8
none of them a game, have to constantly relaunch, will not work, will crash, got stopped often.when making phone calls, wont work, judder, can act a little strange
2 4
will not win any awards for speed, is seriously under powered, is a bit bulky, stopped turning
3 3
older, slower, weak
2 3
low, is small, is sufficient to get started
this phone
2 3
regretting owning, don't buy, wouldn't recommend
1 3
you were watching, was a tad low, zapped right
running out, is limited, is too small, 1gb(slow working).storage 8gb
2 2
appeared to have not gone thru, had gone thru
2 2
stink too much, usually slow down bad
2 2
can't even own your own, run into is receiving
music app
tried inevitably crashes, stop, quits, just quit on its own probably once an hour
touch screen
1 2
very inaccurate, goes on the fritz
sd card
1 2
doesn't it read, wouldn't recognize
1 2
internal storage, slow
galaxy s7
couldn’t afford to replace, don't consider this phone
aren't great, are nothing special
crashes or quits, not too great