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Apple iPhone 6S, Fully Unlocked, 64GB - Rose Gold (Certified Refurbished)

We have analyzed 390 reviews from Amazon and found:

35% of users say that: Product works great, looks like new, looks brand new, is perfect. Phone works great, looks like new, is great, came in great condition. Iphone is 2 years old, is fantastic, came in good condition, works well. Condition worked fine. 8% of users noticed that: Battery is completely shot, was 3/4 charged, is at 83%, is not a problem. Battery life is terrible, is quite deteriorated, has nothing to do with the vendors, is still 9%. Screen is unresponsive, is not responding, has plastic peely, was purely scratchless. Charger is clunky, has a shortage in it, looks a bit beaten up.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

207 91
works great, great, good, excellent, looks like new, stays charged, perfect, looks brand new, is perfect, works well, works, awesome, is not a huge issue, exactly what the description said, worth you to purchase, is to be expected, change, is a very good, charges well enough, doesn’t looker feel cheap
183 63
great, works great, looks like new, is great, came in great condition, works perfectly, good, works well, is good, works, was in good shape, loves, works fine, nice, functions perfectly, is in great condition, is in great conditions, came without no scratch, looks good, was supposed to be 'like new
14 3
end of july, you refurbished/, otros, stability, is 2 years old, love, i already have my, upgrade from 5s, is fantastic, came in good condition, no scatches, works well, very pleased, never had problems either time
excellent, perfect, great, good, worked fine, impressed, very good, flawless, operational
is fine, worked just fine, looks new, works properly, went smoothly, worked like it, was good, was ok, is working the way, is working great, is great, was working, is awesome, seems right about it
9 2
was very responsible, reliable, makes you pay for the return label, shipped it one day earlier than expected, great, honest, pleased, had a good return policy, will reach out to me
8 2
amazing, great, reasonable, was great-, was too much, is expensive enough
8 1
very pleased, got my other son, was everything, great, has been, remains a positive, really good
5 1
many good, good, top notch, had to right, positive
no, very few, activated smoothly
4 2
good, works, better, works woo%
customer service
3 2
was there to answer questions, wonderful, excellent
3 2
great, very prompt, very fast
4 1
unlocked, rose gold, certified, warned.certified
iphone 6s
i ordered, arrived quickly, compre un, was in perfect condition
sim card
3 1
no problem, transfer your number to the new card, was it
timely, looks almost new, activated right away, works like new
super fast, great fast, was fast, very quick
3 1
2 1
was faster, prompt
came in great shape, no scratches, dings
screen protector
high quality, arrived with, tempered glass
18 54
doesn’t last long, needs to be replaced, already old, wear level around 13%, would hold 80% charge, sucks, feat, is completely shot, isn't so good, complain, issues, died, was 3/4 charged, is at 83%, is not a problem, died off very quickly, is already unusable, only has 81% capacity, lasts 3 hours, replaced for 29 dollars
battery life
11 24
is terrible, is quite deteriorated, very short, has nothing to do with the vendors, is still 9%, was at 64% of life, is worse, is short, sucks, is not the best, is pretty bad, is not so good, only have issues, was a little bit, is low, terrible, dies kinda quickly, is horrible, was even worse, only 75%
9 14
went blue, serious scratches, doesn't even work, faded out to black, is unresponsive, went black, is not responding, has plastic peely, was purely scratchless, has slight ghosting, has been replace, with doesn't work, won’t let me text, like was never touch
2 6
generic, isn't working properly, is clunky, has a shortage in it, looks a bit beaten up, only worked for a couple of weeks
3 3
is not possible to repair, damn, straight
battery health
3 3
poor, was at 80%, is terrible
home button
not working, is already sticking, freezing up a few times, had stopped working, is loose
2 2
are scratches and splinters, is not apple original
touch screen
did not work, seems a little wonky, was obviously not the original apple retina display, has a few problems
2 2
may unexpectedly shut down, was not refurbished
faint dinging, can not bet turned off, would not turn off, goes in and out
1 2
can't speak, disable peak
1 2
doesn’t work very well, doesn’t work
1 2
was extremely dented, was generic
this product
1 2
didn't like, not recommend
1 2
1 2
is pretty busted, didn't work
headphone jack
1 2
does not work, slight clicking sound