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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) G610F/DS - 5.5" Dual SIM Unlocked Phone with Finger Print Sensor (Gold) Phone works great, is awesome. Product was amazing. Screen is great, is amazing. Battery dies. Device was defective, is belongs too. Sound is terrible, is low.
3.6 out of 5 stars
355 opinion
226 47 82
positive 226
great, good, nice, excellent, best, works great, very good, very nice, is awesome, awesome, beautiful, is good, works well, is great, cool, my best, really good, nice looking, very happy, is amazing, looks great, perfect, really nice, based on good product customer, in good shape, perfect inexpensive, absolutely represents a quality name, has been great, was secure in a safeguarded box, really loving my new, better, is the best, seamless transition to this, gorgeous, worked great, very awesome, seems to be working good, amazing, very nice snappy, is pretty cheap, is best very good, really good budget, is wonderful, is very awesome, much better, is beautiful, amazing camera, good , offers a lot at a reasonable price, fantastic
neutral 47
will not work well in new york, can not support tmobile lte, never had the ability to work, doesnt have 4g lte, is not working fine, is not working good with t, white gold, the russian language programmed, really fancy looking, reasonable priced, came, won't charge anymore, works, unload, very fast, gives lots of problems, excelen, had a lot of features, wonderfull, isn't worth the money, only support 2g, cheap, would be, will not be able to get mobile data, is not supported by t, has all of the functions my last, miss important calls, did a lot of review, exccelent, is garbage, gret, has enough space, is working well, sealed, only has band 5, will not work for att, fast, far, comes w charger, works on cricket service, is probably made for markets outside, has been everything, is okay, do mostly everything that my pc can, shipped quickly arrived properly packaged, substantial, is fast
negative 82
very disappointed, is horrible, locked, stopped working, bad, useless, does not have any form of internet, freezes up, not showing any screen, does not access mobile data, stopped, very low, wouldn't work with my carrier, kept locking up, does not work with tmobile all 4g bands, does not work in usa, never worked properly, started shutting down, extremely annoying--, is not gd for us, sucks, tampered by the third party seller, simply hate the motorola, is a brick with t, does not in the us, not working poper voice, is faulty, does not function well, would not turn on after two charges, doesn't have 4g, no gyroscope, doesn’t work, doesn't work in the usa, does the same thing, to work, wouldn't connect to at&t network, did not work with the network items, has not internet, did not work with t, is a international phone, an international use, will not work on t, terrible, will not work in us, dosn't support internet 4g, isn't charging, damaged, has not even been updated to android, no real issues, lasted less than 4 months
118 opinion
48 31 39
positive 48
works perfect, works perfectly, love, works fine in miami, rarely misbehaves, plays games well, looks nice, is easy to use, very happy with, is extremely happy with, is deeply loved and cherished, works well, i loved, am very happy with, was compatible with straight talk, flashes a bright light, is light, worked just fine, is nice too, works perfectly fine, works great, wide and beautiful, loved, works perfectly well, worked fine for 2 months, working well thus far, is working great, is great, was easy to set up, felt big at first, works very well and very smoothly, far i love, works fine, works good, won't make that much difference, looks great, serve me very well, is looking good, working great, i highly recommend, works really good, works perfectly as expected, works like a tablet
neutral 31
works, looks expensive, is purely factual in every regard, runs all the apps my old, is hard to hold with one hand, arrived very fast, does far more than i expected, lags ever once and awhile, does everything my s6 does, took a bit of time to figure, is very slippery, is very slippery to hold, prime, started out promising enough, does the job, will be problematic, makes, appeared, came well packaged, has plenty of speed, looks just like the photos provided in descriptions, lasted me exactly 3 months, does not work with 4 g-, met my expectation a 100, lasted all of 30days, is prepared to work for united, very user, doesn't allow for one to carry, has a bit of reflection, uses
negative 39
drop down, just went blank for no reason, freezes and i have to reboot, goes into the side, didn't work, only work for 3 weeks, would turn off, did not work, too late to return, start to mess up already, takes the small sim card, never turned on nor charged, does not respond, does not work with straight talk, not working after 10 days, started in the wrong, communicates with my samsung chrome, freezes, drives me crazy, shutting off, doesn't work in the us, would pick up 3g networks, shuts off, takes too long to log, does not even charge, was not good, is very sad, does not work with t, do not work, does not work like, did not work with t, zero problems activating, turned off, went black, has not slipped off or fallen off once, shuts me out of the phone, doesn't work 4g, is to late to return, does not appear to work
36 opinion
27 4 5
positive 27
great, excellent, good, very nice, nice, very excelent, was amazing, very good
neutral 4
excelent, well, exceptional
negative 5
bad, does not work with t, worst, is not us approved hand set, faulty
30 opinion
10 13 7
positive 10
pretty big, does is go bright, is great, is amazing, nice, nothing better the, managed to protect, not happy on right top corner, a very good tft pls, is clear
neutral 13
big, no longer works, is big, very large, is clear/smooth, is always shaking, bigger, is large enough, wide, easily cracked, smooth, large
negative 7
keeps jumping, would not stay on for one second, is completely dark, black out, 5.5, largest, has started freezing
26 opinion
20 2 4
positive 20
good, isn't as good, best, is better than my real camera :o, takes pretty good photos, isn't great, is super grainy, was clear, is awesome, is good, super, great, is great, is fantastic, was very clear, is amazing front, is amazing
neutral 2
is okay, descent
negative 4
poor, hesitates, bad, is not what i
21 opinion
4 8 9
positive 4
is decent strength, good, is very durable, super fast
neutral 8
lasts long and charges quickly, draining too fast, lasts the whole day, lasts, lasts a long time, lasts for long time, was fully charged, runs down very quickly
negative 9
draining, stop working, only at around 50%, low, long lasting, last me 4 days, dies, stays charged for 3 days, lasts long periods).the problem
battery life
13 opinion
7 4 2
positive 7
is good, great, is amazing, good, is far better than my old s5
neutral 4
is besbeautiful, long, not bad, reached 5 percent
negative 2
was terrible, long
13 opinion
positive 13
great, excellent, good, very good, best, fair
10 opinion
2 1 7
positive 2
very strong, strong
neutral 1
higher form
negative 7
weak, poor, always hard to find a, no, problem getting
10 opinion
7 2 1
positive 7
is fine, its good, is flawless, is working nicely, works well, seems to be great, fits perfectly
neutral 2
is working properly, far
negative 1
should have been boxed delivered together
10 opinion
positive 10
great, good, excellent, great great, best
9 opinion
6 3
positive 6
excellent, he has great phone, great, good, always had great
negative 3
is terrible, bad, no
8 opinion
2 1 5
positive 2
neutral 1
a high end
negative 5
was defective, is belongs too, terrible, don't work, does not work in lte mode
8 opinion
positive 8
excellent, is very sublime, great, good, is very good in, best
6 opinion
5 1
positive 5
great, are ok, are nice
neutral 1
6 opinion
positive 6
great, takes beautiful, are crisp and clear, are great
6 opinion
2 4
positive 2
is not the best, acceptable
negative 4
is terrible, terrible, is low, drops into a hole
6 opinion
4 1 1
positive 4
great, great good, is bright
neutral 1
is kind of okay
negative 1
not working
5 opinion
positive 5
good, great
5 opinion
positive 5
excellent, great, in very good
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