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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) G610F/DS - 5.5" Dual SIM Unlocked Phone with Finger Print Sensor (Gold)

Phone works great, works well, is good, is awesome. Product arrived in great quality, came as displayed, works, arrived quickly. Battery is decent strength, has lasted me up to two days, is very durable, was fully charged. Camera is okay, is phenomenal, is better, is ok. Screen keeps jumping, was not covered, is completely dark, will got off. This is a mistake, is not able to work, is a fraud, is the first day of use. Samsung will not service, is crap, will not guarantee them, is not user friendly. Charger is not for use, is not usa simply version, was missing the compatible part.

3.6 out of 5 stars
638 opinion
440 7 191
positive 440
great, good, nice, excellent, best, works great, works well, very nice, very good, love, is good, is awesome, awesome, is great, beautiful, really like, was great, highly recommend, nice looking, like, is amazing, really nice, looks great, fast, no problems, no problem, working great, cool, cheap, absolutely love, easy to use, works perfectly, amazing, really good, brand new, very happy, loved, better, replacement, definitely recommend, perfect, came on time, look great, good product, just started, me by the t-mobile representative, right here on amazon, gift, no complaints, in good shape
neutral 7
is a brick with t-mobile, work in colombia claro red 3 gsm, was manufactured in thailand, biggest, comes in english, without a spanish language, was intended to use in pakistan
negative 191
will not work, is horrible, locked, don't like, can't use, useless, stopped working, does not work, very disappointed, is not working, by mistake, rooted, will not work well in new york, does not have any form of internet, freezes up, can not support tmobile lte, suddenly blackout, not showing any screen having charged, surely disturbed, no longer holds a charge, never had the ability to work here in the usa, is already completely burnt out, is pretty useless, few issues, does not access mobile data, back, starting heating up, never happened, excuse, same week, could unlock, not only does it continually, doesnt have 4g lte, has stopped working correctly, very displeased, is not working fine, is not working good, kept locking up, no way, don't have, is not functioning properly, is not compatible for verizon, does not work in usa, prime, worked on t-mobile, returned, was frozen after 8 months' usage, was stuck, never worked properly, started shutting down
523 opinion
312 7 204
positive 312
love, like, fast, works perfectly, works perfect, highly recommend, great, works, easy to use, works fine, is easy to use, loving, does the job, works great, worked fine, best, amazing, could be better, has warranty of 1, just went blank for no reason, able to return, works with the operators, access, is athestically beautiful, plays games well, loved, came in tuesday, all good use, is jus as they described, had everything, is durable, looks nice, performs super well, has not given me any problems, does everything, authentic, not had any issues, does not, was compatible with metropcs, reprogrammed again, everything, works like, carries dual sims for two of the providers, international version, clear, was setup for another language, couldn't fix, has been over a year i bought this phone, been fine, long enough to determine
neutral 7
country of origin is thailand, goes into the side, was usa version, would be okay, accepted my t-mobile sim card, doesn't have all the extra amenities, has a bit of reflection
negative 204
did not work, can't use, doesn't work, freezes, can not use, dont buy, will not turn on, should work, not worth, drop down, seems set to overseas networks, do not suport, rarely misbehaves, not nfc compatible, not going to work, didn't work, bottoms out on the right, not within the time allowed to return, has been 2 day, in a week, began to be unresponsive, exhibited the same unresponsive behavior, just kept freezing, may start out on wi-fi, too late, forget, might connect, ’s asking for a pin, ’s locked, not a fully unlocked, is not connecting with t mobile, doesn't work as a phone, does not connect 4g/lte, figured out, lost, wouldn't work with my carrier, only work for 3 weeks, never glitched out, would turn off, how many things, wasn't 32gb, has officially factory reset, just reset again, will be extremely temporary.p.s, has never had any issue!great purchase, is shaking, sticking most of the time, looks expensive, is not in english, didn’t work well
61 opinion
27 1 33
positive 27
nice, large, is large enough, big, change, is big, pretty big, very large, easy to use, does is go bright, is clear/smooth, is great, is amazing, fit this 5.5 screen, bigger, started going crazy, had not gone haywire, very sturdy, wide, is clear, smooth
neutral 1
black or green
negative 33
cracked, keeps jumping, break, very rough, continuously black, no longer, should be jumping like it, was not covered, kept doing it's own thing, would stop working, would not stay on for one second, is completely dark, will got off, interrupt the call, keep black, will not react to touch, will turn gray then black, randomly went black, black out, is always shaking, fixing issues, is all frozen, went completely black, easily cracked, broke on day, sucks gps, managed to protect, had a crack, dark, not happy, would type things, has started freezing
50 opinion
42 8
positive 42
great, excellent, good, very nice, excelent, well receive, nice, arrived in great quality, received as expected, came as displayed, very excelent, works, exceptional, arrived quickly, meets all the fearures, works properly, was amazing, is satisifed, back for a refund, delivered on time, was supposed to be a new phone, very good, arrived as advertised
negative 8
bad, cannot work, does not work with t-mobile 4g lte, worst, is not manufactured in us, is not us approved hand set, did not have time to claim, never buy
48 opinion
19 29
positive 19
like, upgraded, wish, same exact listing twice, is a good buy, is unbelievable, seemed like a good replacement, has been my phone, is a european phone, is g610f., fits the bill, has good ram, fixed, has been going on for a month, was a replacement, is absolutely awesome, love
negative 29
doesn't have 4glt connection, happened only 2 weeks, does not work with verizon, is a mistake, is not able to work, is a fraud, is the first day of use, out, deceptive, is pushing me away from samsung, i do not like, out with google, caused them so much grief, will *not* work, does not work with t-mobile, does not work correctly, is a total disappointment, is not new, is frustrating, has technical issues, does not, is bad, is no work any sim card, is not a one-off mistake, is not a one-off, was a problem, sometimes every other day, was not specified anywhere in the product description/specs, piece of junk
34 opinion
21 1 12
positive 21
lasts long, charges quickly, good 6 hours of constant use, is decent strength, out for a couple of minutes, live all day, good, lasts the whole day, has lasted me up to two days, change, is very durable, lasts the phone life, lasts a long time, long lasting, lasts for long time, was fully charged, holds a charge thru the day with moderate usage, looks great, works with my 128gb micro sd card, last very long, lasts long periods).the problem
neutral 1
negative 12
doesn't last at all, draining, can't take, draining after 2/3 hrs, stop working, only at around 50%, is a disadvantage, low, last me 4 days, dies phone become useless, stays charged for 3 days, runs down very quickly
33 opinion
22 1 10
positive 22
good, best, is okay, amazing, very easy to usethanks, is phenomenal, is better, takes pretty good photos, is ok, was clear, is awesome, is good, super, great, are good, is great, is fantastic, was very clear, is amazing front and back, is amazing
neutral 1
not so great
negative 10
isn't as good, poor, is mediocre, is more often blurry, bad, opens, isn't great, is super grainy, is not what i excepted
25 opinion
24 1
positive 24
great, excellent, good, very good, vs. value, best, ok, fair, is also perfect, can't beat, decent, is right, is much better, reasonable
negative 1
not bad
21 opinion
10 11
positive 10
talked to, made a good product, will tell you, expects us to lug this around in my pocket, wish, recommended i return the phone, love, has worked on its touchwiz ui, solid, good
negative 11
will not service, is crap, doesn't support it, buy only from, will not guarantee them, there response was to call, is not user friendly, removed the phone to activate it on the local national network, twice, should discontinue to make such idiot phones, took it out just to sell s7
16 opinion
10 6
positive 10
sold me an old phone, wait reponse, has to recommend to check, like best buy, processed a return, no problem, awesome, was great, good, great
negative 6
did not provide a warranty, no warranty, gave me only a month of warranty, do not buy, won't respond, is giving a faulty product
14 opinion
positive 14
ran smoothly, is fine, should have been boxed delivered together, really like, is working properly, works on it, was accurate, is flawless, is working nicely, works well, is good, is working perfect, great, works great
battery life
13 opinion
11 2
positive 11
is good, great, long, is amazing, is besbeautiful, good, is 8/10, is far better
negative 2
was terrible, not bad
12 opinion
6 6
positive 6
excellent, exceptional, high end, is belongs too, was built
negative 6
was defective, cannot go back, is fake, terrible, well annoyed, does not work in lte mode
this phone
12 opinion
11 1
positive 11
love, perfect us condition
negative 1
12 opinion
positive 12
great, few additional, are ok, missing a few, several, are several, decent, reslly work, without all the crazy, are nice
12 opinion
2 10
positive 2
very strong, strong
negative 10
poor, lose, weak, can't even play his basic google play games, no, losing
12 opinion
7 5
positive 7
are better with t-mobile, gift 🎁, goes hot easily, nice, arrived without chargers, works better, are great
negative 5
not the kind, are not cheap, does not work well with t-mobile, are 9 times out of 10 non-us international versions, don't understand difference
11 opinion
6 5
positive 6
flat, light, perfect, portable, about now 2 month, happy
negative 5
not in english, not gonna work, stuck in safe mode, not working, terrible!!!
11 opinion
10 1
positive 10
great, beautiful, was pleasantly surprised, takes nice, is totally usable, are crisp, clear, are great
negative 1
i would post
10 opinion
positive 10
was on time, was fast, fast prime, was quick, $111 for shipping, still good, ans handling, was excellent
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