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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) G610F/DS - 5.5" Dual SIM Unlocked Phone with Finger Print Sensor (Gold)

We have analyzed 1264 reviews from Amazon and found:

34% of users say that: Phone works great, works well, is good, is great. Product works perfectly, works, works fine, works perfect. Battery is decent strength, has lasted me up to two days, is very durable, was fully charged. Camera is okay, is phenomenal, is better, is ok. 2% of users noticed that: Screen keeps jumping, was not covered, is completely dark, will got off. Device was defective, is fake. Charger is not for use, is not usa simply version, was missing the compatible part. Call keep dropping not because of my network, were coming in.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

494 229
great, good, nice, excellent, best, works great, works well, very nice, very good, love, is good, awesome, is great, is awesome, beautiful, highly recommend, really like, was great, cheap, nice looking
433 289
love, great, like, excellent, fast, good, works perfectly, works, works fine, works perfect, loving, highly recommend, easy to use, wish, is easy to use, very nice, excelent, does the job, works great, worked fine
22 17
lasts long, charges quickly, good 6 hours of constant use, is decent strength, out for a couple of minutes, live all day, good, lasts the whole day, has lasted me up to two days, change, is very durable, lasts the phone life, lasts a long time, long lasting, lasts for long time, was fully charged, holds a charge thru the day with moderate usage, looks great, works with my 128gb micro sd card, last very long
27 10
good, great, best, is okay, amazing, very easy to usethanks, is phenomenal, is better, takes pretty good photos, is ok, was clear, is awesome, is good, super, are good, is great, is fantastic, was very clear, are great, is amazing front and back
26 1
great, excellent, good, very good, vs. value, best, ok, fair, is also perfect, can't beat, decent, is right, is much better, reasonable
12 7
sold me an old phone, wait reponse, has to recommend to check, like best buy, processed a return, no problem, awesome, was great, good, great, highly recommended, very carefully
9 7
great, are displayed different from the regular samsung galaxy j7 prime, were transferred without any issues, just for themes, useful, works on network, work well, run flawless, decent
sim card
10 5
bigger, easily manage, works well, without having to worry, are perforated to standard, holds 2, i have tmobile, working simultaneously, chose local, are nano
ran smoothly, is fine, should have been boxed delivered together, really like, is working properly, works on it, was accurate, is flawless, is working nicely, works well, is good, is working perfect, great, works great, perfect
13 1
great, beautiful, was pleasantly surprised, takes nice, is totally usable, you see, are crisp, clear, are great, takes beautiful, is bright
battery life
12 2
is good, great, long, is amazing, is besbeautiful, good, is 8/10, is far better, is great
great, few additional, are ok, missing a few, several, are several, decent, reslly work, without all the crazy, are nice
this phone
12 1
love, perfect us condition
7 3
good, in excellent condition, exactly as described, is good, is recommended, works or function well
was on time, was fast, fast prime, was quick, $111 for shipping, still good, ans handling, was excellent
5 4
great, excellent, good
excellent, is very sublime, great, good, works well, is very good, best
good, great, high, strong, excellent, amazing, perfect
excelente, buen, muy buen, no me llego
7 1
great, good, excellent, great great
5 2
very sleek-, easy to set up, love, very good, is pure black
5 3
hola, was better, really needs to police, not satisfied with their apology, was great
6 2
great, good, is bright, are good, is kind of okay
6 1
5 2
even a decent daily driver, working well, an older phone, ok, works is ok
cell phone
6 1
very good, great, has turned out good, excellent, perfect
infinite, loving, is awesome, tons of expandable, plenty, extra, is superb
great, good working, excellent, very good, in great
33 36
cracked, keeps jumping, break, very rough, continuously black, no longer, should be jumping like it, was not covered, kept doing it's own thing, would stop working, would not stay on for one second, is completely dark, will got off, interrupt the call, keep black, will not react to touch, will turn gray then black, randomly went black, black out, is always shaking
11 11
will not service, is crap, doesn't support it, buy only from, will not guarantee them, there response was to call, is not user friendly, removed the phone to activate it on the local national network, twice, should discontinue to make such idiot phones, took it out just to sell s7
6 7
was defective, cannot go back, is fake, terrible, well annoyed, does not work in lte mode, drops my signal significantly
2 10
poor, lose, weak, can't even play his basic google play games, no, losing
4 4
is very low, doesn't receive well-, don't use, issues
4 4
is terrible, terrible, is low, is not the best
4 4
is rather late, is not based on incidents, didn't want to leave, worried
3 4
is not for use, is not usa simply version, was missing the compatible part, dosen't work normal
2 5
drop, keep dropping not because of my network, were coming in, unable to hear me, always drop
not registered to, does not work, were different compatable, is slow, problem, not just away
2 5
switched, same problem keep showing, not compatible, not sure about other, doesn't support
3 3
still not an s, is not set up to receive their signals, couldn't run apps on the playstore