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NUU Mobile G3 5.7" 64GB Unlocked Cell Phone - 4GB Ram Dual-SIM GSM 4G LTE - Dual Camera 13 MP Fingerprint ID Fast Charge

Product is very nice, looks nice, looks great, works great. Phone is great, works well, is beautiful, is glass. Screen looks and feels great, works just fine, is a hair narrower, is very vibrant. Camera is awesome, is amazing, are better, is better. Battery life is awful, is not long, is crap, is really crappy. App will crash, were never on the screen. Speaker are at the bottom and sound far, is awful, is no good. Glass is weak, is atachi.

3.4 out of 5 stars
360 reviews were analyzed
439 opinion
268 3 168
positive 268
love, fast, great, is very nice, looks nice, beauty, like, does everything, snappy, looks great, works great, everything, good idea, best, worked great, good one, up, was off, time, looks to good to be true, one up, works well, easy to open, has the feature of facial recognition, charges so fast, so cute, small perfect, good for hot liquid, small, convenient, is super picky, has fast charging, way slower imo, able to trick, is quicker, works most of the time, worth pointing out, really dark, really nice to get a case, quickest way, every time, will get long, nice this one does, is for you, fine out, actualy really tough glass, runs pretty decent, was a go, really good, stays at this screen
neutral 3
has been about a month, has a processor that 2.3, only option
negative 168
having some charging issues, is having issues, cuts you off, is very annoying, for a little over two months, wont stay connected to my wifi, cuts out, was not functional, better one, gets slow with use, just crashes everything back in time, started giving me issues with charging, not very effective, charges slow, dead, dumb, goner, only gets up to 45%, fragile, gets extremely hot, feels suspiciously like plastic, could be my router, didn't get to use, can't give my full opinion, no for me, take a few seconds, becomes alil annoying, gets so bad, will never get a good rating, has bumps and scratches, does not show when people call me, will go straight to voicemail, won't connect to the bluetooth on my car at times, crap, never dropped, keeps dropping, does have some software bugs, has restarted by itself, 2 days, isn't the phone, didn't carry parts, was very hard, would get really hot at times, don't regret, really miss, makes it so difficult, really is a crap shoot, isn't compatible with cdma sma, is not good experience, less than 24 hours
397 opinion
260 8 129
positive 260
great, good, nice, beautiful, awesome, is great, excellent, really like, love, amazing, nice looking, works well, very good, really nice, highly recommend, is beautiful, is glass, good looking, works good, pretty good, like, best, fast, sexy, supported metropcs, will be easy to break, cheaper, will be replacing, was super fast, back in the middle of may., work well, running great, independent technical service center, comes with a finger print senser, more awesome, are happy with their old school headphones, like just that to me, get a case, really nice looking, has plenty of storage, has some nice features, brand new, works great, very gorgeous, still functions like new, more than a month, keep away, made from other manufacturers, just ordered, you won't be disappointed
neutral 8
ok, does have a big forehead, will be some items, 4 inch, is a steal at $200, one-handed, is not bad, non-name brand
negative 129
worst, not a good, bad, get sent to the entirely diffent city, will not give me any service, would not order, incredibly disappointed, dies quickly, failed to charge, then stopped responding to the charging trick of restarting the unit daily, was left disappointed, frustrated, was completely shattered, wasn't able to connect to my provider, is sometimes glitchy, not common, don't work for wifi calling, hate, is only 3 months old, does not have any kind of screen protector, for about 4 weeks, really been, doesn't break the bank, in my front pocket, fell off my motorcycle at 40mph, started to act up, stupid, good, is not good, can not return, haves the same problems, sucks, little over a week, dropped calls, garbled calls, nothing really negative, always was hot, prevented, does not work, shut down, lost singles, would not recommend, no use, worse, without a case, uses usb c, not good, 200, was super slow, gets super hot
47 opinion
32 1 14
positive 32
good, great, nice, i like, looks and feels great, works just fine, flagship right next to it comparing, no complaints, brightness, big, is a hair narrower, is very vibrant, is big, bright, very easy to use, is beautiful, curved, is good enough, clarity, dual, is not bad, vivid, are all gorgeous, beautiful, perfect, is gorgeous, is vivid, very smooth
neutral 1
is only 740p
negative 14
broke on a previous phone, not see, did not crack, cracked my, completely shattered, is a tiny bit sensitive, is a finger print magnet, isn't optimized, may only be 720p, right side, easily scratches, is off, scratches(not gorilla glass, broke about a week
40 opinion
25 1 14
positive 25
is awesome, is amazing, great, really good, are better, beautiful design, is better, has dual rear, most acceptable, is great, does have to feature rich settings, extra, is totally amazing, very nice, is decent, perfect for a photo, takes gorgeous pictures, is good, good, ok, excellent, far superior
neutral 1
is not the worst
negative 14
will not focus, isn't the best, was terrible, weak range, really slow, is wildly inconsistent, loses focus a log in videos, wasn't great, refused to focus sometimes, is very slow, handles blue badly, is poor quality, mess, not so good
30 opinion
15 15
positive 15
decent, is pretty good, bigger, needs charging way, is great, last all day, pretty good, drains down really fast, depletes, will last the day, last a lot longer, lasts all day, lasts me all day, good
negative 15
bad, drain completely down, dies faster, defective, doesn't last long, can barley get me through a day at work, gets too hot while charging, does not come off, won't hold charge, drains pretty quick, does not last as long, not wanting to stay charged, will not hold a charge, no way to replace
27 opinion
23 4
positive 23
great, is nice to look at and hold, love, budget-friendly unlocked, is impressive, really concerns me, had android 8, beautiful, really nice, awesome, power use, worked well, excellent, decent, absolute ly beautiful, limited warranty, a chance, good, fantastic, no complaints, is outstanding, is not only aesthetically pleasing
negative 4
isn't accepted on certain networks, isn't a supported, poor reviews, defective
battery life
27 opinion
7 20
positive 7
great, is great, is excellent, was great, is important
negative 20
sucks, is awful, not hear the caller, 80%, being extremely poor, horrible, devours high-speed data, number one, is not long, is crap, terrible, descent, really gets me, low quality, is really crappy, very short, no, is horrible, lacks much
16 opinion
13 3
positive 13
takes good, not clear, wonderful, look great, good, nice, can let you downverdict, are colorful, crisp, great, are acceptable, beautiful
negative 3
disappointed, lost, always blurry
16 opinion
positive 16
looks really nice, el diseño y el, telefono y el, blue, i like, love, has bold, bright, beautiful, works great, change, bright blueish, good, very easy to work, is amazingusb type cscreen, vivid, is amazing
12 opinion
8 4
positive 8
is good, was always present, adequate, is better, great, is ok, easy to use
negative 4
buzzing, is pretty poor, gets distorted easily, fixed
12 opinion
positive 12
great, recommend, descent, is cheap, looking, parts, is outrageous, very good, good
11 opinion
2 9
positive 2
fast, quick to open
negative 9
will crash, didn't recongnize the front facing camera, would crash constantly, crash a few times, were never on the screen, opened after delay, showed signs of drag/lag, deleted, randomly closes
11 opinion
8 3
positive 8
good, update, ton, is for the nuu g3, many, no, came out first before purchasing, original
negative 3
keep getting worse, poor, don't write
11 opinion
2 1 8
positive 2
midlevel good, not too bad
neutral 1
could be louder
negative 8
cuts out every 3-5 sec, are at the bottom and sound far, weak, is awful, is no good, stopped working, aren't great, sucked
10 opinion
9 1
positive 9
clean, beautiful, tons of storage, bright, vibrant, has an incredible picture quality, looks extremely nice, is fantastic, green
negative 1
is not perfect
8 opinion
positive 8
good, great, mixed bag, was excellent, is neck and neck
screen protector
8 opinion
5 3
positive 5
available for the nuu mobile g3, like, available soon, proper, glass
negative 3
no, couldn't find
7 opinion
negative 7
stuttering, even hanging up, i miss, missed, dropped, missing, would not receive
7 opinion
6 1
positive 6
cool, updated, very nice, lots, great, pros
negative 1
7 opinion
5 2
positive 5
honestamente es magnífico, is easy to set-up, wonderful surprise, best of luck, offers a little more hardware
negative 2
found out, looking online
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