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Huawei Mate 10 Pro Unlocked Phone, 6" 6GB/128GB, AI Processor, Dual Leica Camera, Water Resistant IP67, GSM Only - Titanium Gray (US Warranty)

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30% of users say that: Product works great, will will do for a year, is a lot better than iphone, is a big deal. Phone is amazing, is awesome, is fast, is great. Camera is amazing, is simply amazing, is the best, is great. Battery life is amazing, is incredible, is terrific, is its greatest strength. 1% of users noticed that: Emui is not the greatest os skin, is a tad bid dated, is still a mess. Bluetooth is not stable, can be temperamental. Wireless charging don't care, was a little disappointed. Headphone jack don't miss.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

239 111
love, good, wish, smooth, best phone, works great, more proprietary, great, like, just stays open like a wallpaper, really appreciate, definitely worth it, will will do for a year, is a lot better than iphone, is a big deal, continually drawn, feels amazing, will find out, upgraded, is super amazing
238 49
great, best, amazing, good, beautiful, better, is amazing, is awesome, is fast, solid, nice, is great, love, fantastic, gorgeous, is beautiful, really like, like, favorite, awesome
78 5
is amazing, great, better, awesome, amazing, is simply amazing, is the best, is great, best, excellent, monochrome, takes such high resolution photos, takes amazing photos, goes great, is stunning, accurate, fast, with very moderate price, really good, pro
battery life
53 5
great, long, amazing, excellent, is amazing, fantastic, is incredible, last forever, maximized, is terrific, is its greatest strength, is too good, is a astounding, is insane, insane, much better, magnificent, are no doubt top class, went smooth as butterperformance, enough
40 7
great, big, is bright, beautiful, is beautiful, 6.9, large-ish, run full, awesome amoled, bright colorful, is so much better, is awesome, is big, is sharp, easily, will automatically dim, was stunning, never dimmed, was off, are all great
25 14
did a great job, need an upgrade, consider wireless calling for tmobile, can consider left-handed people in its future release, wonderfully done, can deliver on bi-monthly updates, i will contact, announced some new features, released a us update, has by far the best packaging, you rock, makes the best phones, stay out of the u.s., difference, beats anytime anyday in my opinion, always the best, looks great, works well, my compliments, is better than iphone in terms of operating system
23 13
great, high quality, is very thing, work flawless, is an excellent all around camera, great portable pc, is quite fast, responds quickly, very impressive, supports upcoming cat16/cat 18 standards, wonderful, you might brick, excellent, last huawei, amazing, blazing fast, beautiful, unlock, keeps running, quick charge abilities
27 5
is amazing, lasts all day, amazing, 2.5, last a whole day of 805 work with moderate use, is fantastic, is among its highest-rated attributes, lasts me two days, love it, is below 60% around midnight, 4000 mah, is awesome, nice large, lasts all day easily, lasts super long, last 2 days with moderate used, great, lasts for 2 days, is better, is just insane
11 10
open, are snappy upon loading, refresh, work well, are fast and fluid, mainly, works just fine.-, runs all, you want alerts from to manual, transferred over within 20 minutes, working
16 3
great, reasonable, seems great, is better, is amazing, dropped to $550 on sunday, came down, low, ridiculously low, just barely, good, last thing, fair
15 2
are amazing, great, amazing, takes are fast, look great better, lots of compliments, quick, clear and natural, is very sharp, good, look healthy and natural, great from my perspective
10 4
is flawless, amazing, colorful, bright, very beautiful, is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, extremely bright, gorgeous, is a really good oled panel
8 1
two most important, have long been launched across asia, without too much bloatware, enjoying all, surprising, helps my sensitive eyes, nice, is exclusively to the at&t network
7 2
still at no, great, fast, you just got schooled, need the step up, much better than, addios
8 1
great, so fast, are stunning, superb, amazing, perfect, is easy to take beautiful, look better than iphone
better, gigantic, amazing, are no doubt top class, not noticed, best, super responsive, is stunning
happens instantly, is pretty good, is 8/10 at lowest and 9.5/10, is ok, works great, has been as advertised, worth the price, is good, has been running smoothly
5 4
connected instantly, are very fast, is faster on the mate 10, good, works
7 1
fast, is insanely fast, no, easily, is not a problem
favorite, es, very nice, perfect, technologically advanced, great, best, were very high
6 2
wonderful phone!!much better than, better than, i always used, much better than, true, got 4g lte
7 1
are clear, able to make, fine, excellent, make, great
mate 10 pro
is super fast, really nice looking, does have lift to wake, is a beast, is a single sim version, pretty good, is so good
4 3
don't have, zero, enough, no
build quality
is amazing, are superb, lower screen resolution, is good, is top notch
smart phone
best, fantastic, great, nice looking
5 1
are excellent, pretty decent, great, is good, is also real loud
fingerprint sensor
great, is unbelievably fast, is ultra fast, is fast, precise
4 1
open, original, beautiful, fresh out
fast, is amazingly fast, is good, were acceptable, are all great
update, impression, great, are glowing
nice, right, not too big, is actually perfect, is perfectly fit for my hand
5 8
is not the greatest os skin, is a tad bid dated, doesn't really impress, enough faulted, does not support smart lock, not a huge fan, does not use the android smart lock feature, is still a mess
4 6
had major issues, does not work, is not stable, drops connection/functionality, can be temperamental, connects in milli seconds
4 6
issue, worst, lots of noise, lone, not as nice, lower
wireless charging
no, lack, does eat up the electric bill, not having, don't care, was a little disappointed
headphone jack
1 6
no, lack, don't miss
3 4
is bad, has a problem, issues, is a tad glitchy
huawei phone
2 4
will never buy, problem, will never again purchase, is unable to handle this
3 3
would not always be the greatest, is weak, low