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Samsung Galaxy S7 G930A 32GB Black Onyx - Unlocked GSM (Certified Refurbished)

Product was unlocked, was good, works properly, was refurbished. Phone is good, is working fine, works fine, was in great condition. Condition is close to excellent. Battery life is good, is as good, is better, was like. Battery drains very quickly, is very slow to charge, is water resistant, is experiencing the very same issues. Screen is black, has scratches, can remain frozen, got messed up. Charger was garbage. Device is not an unlocked, works outside of usa.

3.4 out of 5 stars
486 reviews were analyzed
375 opinion
233 4 138
positive 233
great, was unlocked, good, like, love, fast, was good, refurbished, works properly, unlocked, was refurbished, was flawless, works great, worked great, works perfectly, works, no issues, works perfectly fine, works perfect, was just as described, returning, fine, charges fast, arrived in excellent physical condition, would quickly run down with any activity, for my son, came on the promised delivery date, was the best buy, nice, serving well, wasn’t unlockedso, need to return, is 90 days, seriously like new, was very clean, ready to go, worth, was a replacement, was going to be updated, keeps running the samsung dm service, was reading it, short time, all back up, are working great, great way to step up in phones, was new, pleased, looking up, solved right, work perfect
neutral 4
was a gsm, is originally sprint phone, was out of the box, could be the case
negative 138
back, could be user error, was refurbished, doesn't seem like the screen had small cracks, a very common issue, is an issue, don't recommended, labeled with verizon on the back, just sat there spinning, was the problem, was not unlocked properly, does not receive calls half the time, was a horrible purchase, had come scratched and cracked, didnt even have any of the at&t model, fixed, straight away, did not include the headphones, keeps retying to connect to the sprint network, came in plastic wraps, did not when i bought it, won't focus on close-up pictures, wont last a whole day, keeps turning off, i may activate, didn't come with any instructions, no reason, may stay stuck for a few seconds, returns to normal for a few seconds, no end, had some kind of water damage, turns on, wasn't cracked, was impossible, not worth, was not black, will randomly restart, has a verizon logo, has quit working, should last longer than 5 or 6 weeks, 2 or 3 times in our truck, not be able to get rid, wasn't worth the trouble, enough to be disappointed, didn't come with the little push device, went completely bad, extremely annoying, is infuriating, something wrong, wasnt
362 opinion
214 10 138
positive 214
great, love, good, is good, is working fine, works fine, for a few months, was in great condition, is advertised, works well, nice, works very good, arrived in perfect condition, was in good condition, looked new, works great, was advertised, was in excellent condition, came like new, looked really good, have a lot of issues, is giving me h+, booted perfectly, worked unlocked, in excellent condition, looks like brand new, very good, was as advertised, came in perfect condition, up through t-mobile with no complications, came in very nice condition, was like new, is great, gift, excellent, returned, no problem, is fine, are so cheap, really great, is advertised as unlocked, came right in time, refurbished acceptable, are great, happy to have, works without issues, try a different seller, was in like new condition, came quickly, well packaged
neutral 10
was marked as verizon, i was given a verizon, was originally a sprint phone, non sprint, arrived in a generic, was a at&t, took, t-mobile, for sprint, west africa
negative 138
was not unlocked, is defective, fails, would only fully charge in safemode, would get really hot, 2 to 3 times a day, is having problems, falsely advertised, is terrible, won't download software updates, couldnt replace, stick, being blocked, was dead, did not work right, broke within 6 months, locked, was in initial setup mode, hanged, opened by pressing into a tiny hole, not a unlocked, gave us a scare, showed up it said verizon on the back, right network, would not function correctly, had a glass back, did not work from the start, returned, no longer charges, has not provided the value sought, will no longer fast charge, doesnt hold up, fault, is pretty much worthless, does not work with at&t., are not good quality, only a week, no one is touching it, no one bothered, broken, haven't tried, terrible, worked except for the volumn button, is unusable, has only few small scratches on the home button, never tried, trouble, does not work with cricket wireless, wish i never bought, always overheating
49 opinion
6 43
positive 6
drained super fast, worked flawlessly, is very reliable, last shorter, holds a charge for maybe three hours with normal use, was well
negative 43
died, charging issue, unable, over heats, does not hold a charge, drains very quickly, is very slow to charge, is water resistant, faulty, would no longer hold a charge, is experiencing the very same issues, goes from fully charged to zero within 3-4 hours of light use, barely last half a day, seems weak, dies too fast, drains fast, is weak, isn't great, not terrible, was draining so quickly, holds very little, is losing charge fast, would go down in hours, was horrendous, isn't super long lasting, loses life super fast, not long lasting, drains, is bad, weak, terrible, is not good, do not last all day, had less life, is hot, would last longer, is drained really fastabout half day life, poor, has been a great disappointment, wasn't some sort, only lasting a few hours, neither change
28 opinion
5 1 22
positive 5
was lighter, large bright and sharp, is responsive to touch, it very sensitive, larger
neutral 1
negative 22
didn't work, is black, has scratches, without issue, can remain frozen, got messed up, had a rainbow glitch, little purple lines, work, isn't cracked, scratches, had a large number of small scratches, absolutely died, fading in and out, was scratched, started flickering, worst buy, unlock, broken, stopped working a few days, stopped working 6 months, was extremely scratched
23 opinion
20 3
positive 20
great, good, excellent, perfect, very good, looking, is close to excellent, awesome, like new, in great
negative 3
not proper, not very good, poor
battery life
20 opinion
10 10
positive 10
good, better, is good, is as good, is better, long, was like, great, seems good
negative 10
is terrible, is going bad, draining fast, was very short, doesn't seem to live up to the hype, is a little worse, worsens over time, was terrible, was at 16%
15 opinion
11 4
positive 11
great, decent, had increased significantly, very good, was amazing, excelent, can not beat it, was a total steal, good
negative 4
dont get fooled, can complain, was a very bad experience, not recommended
14 opinion
11 3
positive 11
great, was a big selling point, works great, best, is pretty stellar, is great, are perfect, sharp, has more settings
negative 3
went out, only one minor scratch, quit working on the 30th day
10 opinion
4 6
positive 4
fast, were included, perfect starter instructions
negative 6
did not work, take an hour some 3 hours, didn't worked, no the original, was garbage
9 opinion
5 4
positive 5
everything, was very responsive, did a fine job, shipped gold tone g903v, is definitely recommended
negative 4
did not get back to us, had massive fail, will not buy, should not be allowed to advertise phones
9 opinion
2 1 6
positive 2
works well, is unlocked as promised
neutral 1
negative 6
not be a quality, is not an unlocked, works outside of usa, isn't eligible to be unlocked, overheats very quickly, brought to the country of el salvador
8 opinion
7 1
positive 7
fast, was superfast, was great, slow, works perfectly
negative 1
can be delayed
7 opinion
6 1
positive 6
no, haven't had
negative 1
7 opinion
positive 7
worked perfectly, working well, is much better, really good, is cool, transferred over
sim card
7 opinion
5 2
positive 5
working great, ultra, works, new, was able to pop
negative 2
non-working, inserted at&t
7 opinion
positive 7
no, haven't encountered, haven't had any functional, zero
6 opinion
positive 6
takes are so clear, shows an at&t phone, are great quality, are very clear, are awesome, are pretty good
6 opinion
4 2
positive 4
ok, working quite well, still working like new
negative 2
stuck at android 6.0, still been annoying
6 opinion
1 5
positive 1
were correct
negative 5
no, very unhappy, doesn't come with, were no, were not original
6 opinion
3 1 2
positive 3
would work on any network, thank you, doesn't boast about it's many features
neutral 1
does not have an (easily
negative 2
finds a fix soon, can go jump off a bridge
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