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Apple iPhone 6 GSM Unlocked, 16 GB - Gold (Certified Refurbished)

Product works great, works perfectly, works, was like new. Phone is great, works great, works perfectly, was like new. Condition was in great, is in good, was in very good. Everything was fine, is great, is perfect, works great. Battery is messed up, is bad, is not working, is fully charged. Screen was bad, is loose, is freezing, is stuck on a silver screen. Iphone are not repaired to original standard, has begun to come unstuck, is completely dead, came with some scratches near the volume button. Charger is not good, is plugged up, is generic, is not original.

3.1 out of 5 stars
697 reviews were analyzed
414 opinion
232 2 180
positive 232
love, great, works great, loves, good, loved, works perfectly, excellent, like, works, yesterday, was like new, was unlocked, working great, was good, awesome, was perfect, back, seemed possessed, opened apps, typed all on its own, is just as expected great, was perfect for gift wrapping, keep, wrks just fine, sorted, does charge fast, recommend, last week, works very well, was supposed to look like new, works perfectly well, ’s self, looks brand new, runs out in a day with no use, is amazing, colombioa, is registered by verizom.very thankful, no problems, is working well, on time, worked for the first day, has worked fine, would be easier to pay the $30, worked for about 10minutes, comes almost as new, is genuine, just perfect, for free, good buy
neutral 2
came with a generic charger, was a lemon
negative 180
not working, is not unlocked, problem, was a broken unit, began to glitch a little, completely glitched over the screen, started glitching, started blinking out, will not hold a charge, doesn’t work, is partly on me for not getting it back to the vendor in the first 30 days, was past return date, is worst, absolutely sucks, automatically shuts off on her, no one decided to say anything about, did not work well, does not work, turns off less than five minutes, can get annoying, get it replaced, can’t be on unless it’s on the charger, is a trap, charged then would die, not charge at all, ’s been on for all of 24 hours, ’s shut itself off, very bad, won’t let me, wouldn’t hold a charge at all, was not good, can't run android, won't even run fortnite, was totally discharged, blacked out, didn't work initially, cant stay off, doesn’t even turn on, completely stopped working, totally broke down, really slow, no working, keeps shutting down, sad, didn't come with any apple product, ’s still not working, will not holdback a charge, didnt function properly, didn't cost me much money, wasted
338 opinion
179 2 157
positive 179
great, good, is great, works great, love, works perfectly, was like new, loves, is in great condition, looks brand new, nice, is good, worked well, no problem, for my daughter, is as good, awesome, came in great condition, looked good, gift to my wife, functional, no problems, quality, last 6 weeks, was in excellent condition, looks like a new, worked fine, clear, dies fast, perfect, look nice, advertised, look for it, works smooth, looks brand new no scratches or marks, arrived on time, responds well to the commands, looked great, was perfect, work properly, i was so happy, showed up on time, cosmetically perfect, was displayed i got it, has been working flawlessly, arrived in new condition, cheap, best, is wonderful, was in great condition
neutral 2
was advertised, is in mint condition
negative 157
was defective, is not unlocked, stopped working, did not work, does not work, is garbage, not a good, was scratched, keeps shutting out, did not like, reset phone from asia, was not working properly, would not recommend, was a waste of money, doesn't work, broke, did have to charge, from last 4 months, stops vibrate, are worst, gets very hot, runs very slow, goes dead on 10%, really not satisfied, arrive late, has so many issues, if fully charged, lost power, is on mute, is already malfunctioning, only lasted 4 to 5 months, has a terrible lag, was super slow, works as stated, outside the warranty return period, can hear me, do not buy refurbished, freezes a lot, starts to have problems with touchscreen, completely shut down, wouldn't charge or cut on, worst $200, had to return, just recently went out completely, week, is only 16gb not 128, without me using it ll go down to 20 or 10, useless, faulty, won't turn on any more
82 opinion
10 72
positive 10
need to get new, seemed to work fine, working, reasonaby good, holds up so well, will be fully charged, worked for several weeks, needs to be serviced, is good, new
negative 72
bad, is messed up, replaced, is bad, is not working, is fully charged, don't work without computer, was dead, won't charge past 1%, is utter, immense trash, is awful, lasts 20 minutes, has very little life, runs low very fast, doesn’t last more 5 minutes, replaced the next day, was jacked up, was bad, came totally exhausted, shot, is malfunctioning, dies extremely rapidly, was shutting down, change, runs right bk down, does not hold up well, replace, will not hold a charge, dead, must have not been replaced, suck it up, won't even bother sending a complaint, sucks never again buying things, is in bad condition, hard issue, stopped working, was fairly weak, would only last minutes, doesn't hold charge for too, can be sent, was lasting less than a day, don’t seem new to me, did not fit, dead completely, doesn't charge at all, is not good, defective, is not secured, issues
43 opinion
8 35
positive 8
kind of works, were in perfect, unmarred) condition, perfect, works everyrhing, works perfectly, beautiful, large
negative 35
freezes, cheap, started to change color, completely useless, issues, was bad, not working, is loose, turned out to be defective, not functioning correctly, is freezing, is stuck on a silver screen, is turning black, does not respond to touch, was sometimes unresponsive, began to be unresponsive, is now unresponsive, just isn't responding, protector on and off, goes completely black, would flash repeatedly, becomes unresponsive, goes black, has quit sensing touch, began fading off, went back to normal, is most likely fake, does not work, is starting to come off causing usage errors, hangs up, will quit work, was already detached, not good, keeps freezing up
21 opinion
9 12
positive 9
cost, looked brand new, couldn’t be happier, has over two million of options, very pleased, well buy, looked great, worked great, was good
negative 12
fake, horrible bent, are not repaired to original standard, does not work, terrible, has begun to come unstuck, is completely dead, doesn't work well, not worth anything?this, stopped working, came with some scratches near the volume button, not even the real
20 opinion
positive 20
great, perfect, good, really good, was in great, like new, is in good, awesome, in great, good working, was in very good, very good
14 opinion
3 11
positive 3
long, so quickly, very fast
negative 11
is not good, didnt work, is plugged up, is generic, is not original, did not work, very bad, stopped working, is the most ugly thing, doesn't work, was not original
13 opinion
11 2
positive 11
was fine, is great, is perfect, works great, should work on it, was fine, seemed fine, worked great, perfect
negative 2
sounded muffled, become glitch
11 opinion
7 4
positive 7
great, works really good, very happy, works just fine, very impressed
negative 4
stopped working, horrible, not happy, was tantamount to a rip off
iphone 6
10 opinion
9 1
positive 9
is cheaper, is a beautifully sleek phone, is the most user-friendly phone, received an iphone 5, no issues, worked like new, came in just like, is a long lasting, is a great phone
negative 1
nearly blew up in my hand
8 opinion
4 4
positive 4
really should have read, negative, like, good
negative 4
few negative, were bad, don't get so terrified, bad
battery life
8 opinion
2 6
positive 2
is dependent on how much use, excellent
negative 6
poor, is ridiculous, is horrible, losing, has no existence, impossible to know
8 opinion
5 3
positive 5
already a significant upgrade, okay, currently in venezuela, been great, not a problem
negative 3
been a nightmare, atlest now fake, not working properly
8 opinion
positive 8
really good, wasn't bad, happy not to have spent full, good, great, works perfectly, was perfect, considerably less than the new
6 opinion
3 3
positive 3
running all the necessary test, just repaired the mobile for a temporary usage, would recommend to all
negative 3
will not answer any inquiries, stay away, will not buy
touch screen
6 opinion
1 5
positive 1
is all jankie
negative 5
don't work, is giving problems, started spazzing out, not working, would not work
6 opinion
1 1 4
positive 1
can take good quality pictures
neutral 1
is a little dark
negative 4
fuzzy, never worked, stopped working all together, doesn't work properly
refurbished phone
6 opinion
negative 6
scared to buy, work poorly, does not work properly, worse, will never buy, would never buy
6 opinion
3 3
positive 3
great, works with your carrier, asked to return
negative 3
has obviously not been refurbished properly, is chargeable, don't want to return
6 opinion
3 3
positive 3
love, you see the other customers comments, should take an action
negative 3
very disappointed, i needed to contact apple, is not certified seller
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