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Motorola Moto G6 Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.7" Screen - 32GB - Black (U.S. Warranty)

Product works fine, worked for sprint, is the difference between this, will reformat. Phone is great, works great, worked fine, has plenty of features. Battery life is very good, is excellent, has been excellent, is amazing. Camera is improved, is much improved, is good, was exceptional. App are not in the same location. Volume is way too low. Amazon was not able to help other than returning the phone(s. G5 don't like.

4.0 out of 5 stars
149 reviews were analyzed
172 opinion
118 1 53
positive 118
like, works fine, good, great, worked for sprint, toss up, is the difference between this, will reformat, keep, hard to explain, highly recommend, is cheaper to buy it, wonderful and better, clear, easy to use, so far so good, is much better, was very simple to set up, was over $100, no complaints, is very fast, on a surface with a 1degree slope, has multiple ring choices, return for sure, cheap, almost just as good, is definitely good product, was a replacement, has been mind boggling to me, has all the functionality, comes in handy, is the other, shattered, ended up loving, does everything i need, is cheaper through them, still fit, finally worked, is pretty cool, light, well-built, great value for the money, fairly light, without feeling flimsy, is the best, has replaced my lg g3, protect, fast and peppy, definitely a step up, was a seamless transition
neutral 1
is not an improvement
negative 53
hits the pavement, doesn't have ir, kept, will not do wifi calling, must come from att to do wifi calling, will not add to code to do it, return, one never drops calls, just a few issues, didn't work, solves some of the shortcomings, didn't bring over passwords, is very slippery, slip out, slide down that, never have to charge, slipped off of flats surfaces, onto hard floors, doesn't look like oreo, had dropped in the g4, is always omitted for us marketed phones, couldn't pull up the model to activate, no longer works, was only gsm unlocked, is not cdma unlocked, told me to hook it up to my computer to install or update something, didn't look used, did not transfer, was not compatible with their network, couldn't mentally justify the price tag, dirty, still froze up, not enough for me to return, booted right up, was randomly rebooting, has battery issues, doesn't, worked in less than 5m to transfer the phone number to the g6.the transfer program, minor complaint, will not replace my nikon professional cameras, not sure, has not updated to, may just be a user issue, made of glass, lacks is snob appeal, is a very common issue, had the same issue, had many other problems, turns on and off, turned
143 opinion
112 7 24
positive 112
great, good, is great, best, for a couple months, excellent, really like, fast, best buy, works great, worked fine, i love, better and better, does everything i want, with as many features, skinny, has plenty of features, slickest, is slippy!great value for money, love, very nice, awsum, clean, week, 1200, for more than just calling, run collaboration environments, performs well, pretty good, works fine, highly recommend, very good, best budget, is just as good, is more than powerful, is both gsm and cdma compatible, no issue, for my daughter, sweet spot, decided to return, nice looking, has been rooted, new, solid, is a good size, fits nicely in my hand, best phones, nice, are working well, terrific reliable
neutral 7
is a little longer than the e4, used as primary, basic, has a 18:9 aspect ratio, with hotspot, replace an lg g5, non-moto
negative 24
doesn't work, not one to buy expensive, was not loaded, is very slippery, issues, kept asking for a pin number, was reset, not of a great quality, is not new, don't buy, not drop, kept shutting off, was being able to not have charge it multiple times a day, are not setup properly, doesn't have all of the features, ringing, broke, nobody can hear me on the other end, didn't work, would freeze, wrong, no i-, lost
battery life
26 opinion
20 6
positive 20
is very good, long, is excellent, great, can't be beat, has been excellent, is amazing, good, fantastic, seemingly better, is good, much better, is pretty good, is incredible, is great, lasts all day, is marvelous
negative 6
very disappointed, low cell signal, cannot comment, is very short, doesn't measure up to it's forebearers, is the only issue
23 opinion
14 9
positive 14
great, good, modern look good, is improved, low light photos, less grainy, really great, is much improved, excellent, is good, better, was exceptional, takes nice pictures
negative 9
fell short, is not exactly on par, is really awful, never focuses properly, could be better, freezes up, no longer feels low-end, poor, isn't super great
22 opinion
12 10
positive 12
great, lasts the day, charges really quickly, lasts all day, decent amount of usage, has been lasting a complete day, has managed to last all day, only lasts for a long time, all-day, decent, long lasting
negative 10
is non-removable, started to die, into a small tupperware container, hasn't been below 50%, down to 8%, was failing, only problem, don't last as long, issues, runs down very fast
18 opinion
9 1 8
positive 9
bright, is responsive.-, looks great.-, is pretty sharp, plenty nice, longer, closer to the center, very nice, precise
neutral 1
isn't flagship good
negative 8
off, except draw, on my z play cracked, cracked, is just *off, was pushing on the lcd right, can't see, couldn't see
8 opinion
3 5
positive 3
scary all, work properly, never notice any sluggishness
negative 5
had to re-installed manually, are not in the same location, took care of that problem, couldn't open, running at once
8 opinion
4 4
positive 4
was quickly, was pure moto, positive experience, best buy
negative 4
shattered, same problems right out of the box, can do wireless calling, neither the g6
8 opinion
5 3
positive 5
keeps it up, needs to do a software upgrade, thanks, continues to run a clean version of android, good
negative 3
doesn't promise more than one updated android version, were terribly unhelpful, disappointing
8 opinion
positive 8
crisp clear, were over saturated, are very good, nice, are good quality, come out looking good, very good
8 opinion
6 2
positive 6
good, was an android, very good, essential, functional, practical
negative 2
negates this one flaw, no
7 opinion
5 2
positive 5
great, very good, transferred all of his contacts, takes far better
negative 2
crappiest, no
7 opinion
4 3
positive 4
works just fine, is i no longer feel the need, works on their network, got the phone
negative 3
can't plug, seemed to require the additional step of turning up the volume, wasn't eligible
7 opinion
positive 7
good, is the same either way, great low, very basic, very nice, says cheap
6 opinion
5 1
positive 5
is very good, good, is good enough, snappy
negative 1
4 opinion
1 3
positive 1
seems a bit brighter
negative 3
is way too low, drops way down, begins low
4 opinion
3 1
positive 3
negative 1
4 opinion
3 1
positive 3
best, was easy, fast through amazon
negative 1
didn't want
4 opinion
positive 4
beautiful, very nice, very good, nice
4 opinion
3 1
positive 3
is nice, loud, sounds better
negative 1
puts out a lot of sound
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