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Apple iPhone SE A1662 GSM Unlocked Phone, 16GB, Rose Gold (Certified Refurbished)

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37% of users say that: Product works great, works perfectly, works fine, looks brand new. Phone works great, works perfectly, is great, looks great. Iphone works great, works perfect, looked as new out of the box, was in great condition. Condition works flawlessly, looks impeccable, came in like new, works great. 2% of users noticed that: Screen has been replaced, is black, was a slight shade, is noticeably dimmer. Charger was not apple original, is not working, are non-apple, is not an approved iphone charger. Verizon is always pain to work with. Touch screen is not working very well, was not working.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

504 255
great, works great, love, good, works perfectly, works fine, looks brand new, looks like new, worked perfectly, excellent, perfect, looks new, loves, nice, like, works like new, was good to go, is working great, turned on, works
445 147
great, good, works great, works perfectly, perfect, nice, is great, looks great, works well, excellent, is in excellent condition, arrived on time, looks brand new, no issues, arrived quickly, looks good, very happy, quality, works fine, is good
44 15
great, works great, buy, works perfect, fully functioning, looked as new out of the box, was in great condition, worked out great, arrived in perfect condition, very pleased, affordable, perfect for my current needs, arrived in pristine condition, no scratches or marks or screen cracks, favorite, looks brand-new, great time using it, ok, is excellent, arrived looking brand new
great, perfect, excellent, good, like-new, works flawlessly, great working, looks impeccable, came in like new, mint, amazing, works great, almost perfect, works excellent!will, is working perfect, works perfect, is nearly perfect, works fine, prestine, was in pretty decent
31 18
good, is good, very good, excellent, is superb, has been perfect, is in a new condition, efficiency, lastthe entire day, went out super fast, has 35% of wear, inside new, had about 87% of a brand new capacity, holds charge all day, is perfect, tested, is great, seemed good, works perfectly, was able to download the new 11 program
works great, is ok, works perfectly, ok, more, perfect, is working, ’s perfect, works well, running perfectly fine, was excellent, worked out, no problems, working well, is great, was as stated in the description of the product, is perfect, works fine, is going very well!thank, works smoothly
battery life
28 7
great, good, is great, huge leap, is like 4 hours, is something i've, better, still in great shape, is holding very well, is astounding, holds a good charge, working like new, very pleased, best, are excellent, is a huge improvement, incredible, perfect, works fine!thanks, is very good
31 1
good, great, is right, was excellent, was more cheaper, was amazing, better, was good, very nice, is high, most impressed, awesome, was too good, works fine, very impressed, barely any scratches
12 10
solution, no more lousy, fit in at school, has the badest support, still owns ist, work fine, is important, support for hours and hours, didn't abandon its previous products, authentic, trust, thank you
13 8
investigated the potential, most trusted, was in pristine condition, has good reviews, wait for repairs, was fulfilled by amazon, reviewed, respond to remedy the situation, would recommend, very good, diligent, i think, was blutek intl
13 6
has a good balance, was in great condition, looked almost new, is awesome, good, more than 5 scratches, was packaged professionally, was treated as such, seems to respond quicker to interaction, runs pokemon go better, works normally, was deep, great
16 3
no, very clean, really notice, no visible, ok, barely any, are noticeable
14 4
great, better, lighting properly, much improved, as well, works worth, works great, work the way, is a delight, is ok, is pretty good
iphone se
13 2
is as good, 128, rose gold color, came in next to new condition, like, is great, is like a new phone, came with iphone activation lock, has a world phone model, identical, is perfect, came with this box, unlocked
14 1
very good, good, very happy, very high, can vary from device to device, highly doubt, excellent, amazing, high, is great, is almost like new, very pleased, great
13 1
small, like, perfect, is perfect for holding, is perfect, perfect for my use/need.- power, smaller, fits well inside purse an pocket, same
12 1
was what was advertised, was delivered on time, is performing upt to par, great, has a few scratch marks, is clean, works as advertised, good, arrived quickly, was as expected, no issues, arrived safely
11 2
good, great, fantastic, very good
9 3
was totally worth, excellent, was easy, very pleased, my particular experience, glad, great, changed my mind, vius included one
sim card
7 4
work just fine, good, activated without problem, was very simple, works great, returning, able to get a free
10 1
no, works great
fast, super fast, feels brand new, timely, perfect, was extremely fast, were fast, very fast
no, zero, perfect
fast, speedy, quicker than advertised, quick, super fast, was quick, took some time, very fast
7 1
great, good, at your own risk
6 2
weird, is designed to work only with sprint, a1723, was the proper, trusting its a1723, smaller
6 2
arrived in like-new condition, is the perfect sizes, doesn’t have 3d touch id, does the same function, beats them in most catagories, great
good, super good, great, in good, in great, works well
works great, works like new, walks, talks like new
good, is pretty accurate, works well, works perfectly, like
5 1
great, was fantastic, pretty satisfying, no hassle
21 33
has been replaced, is black, was a slight shade, is noticeably dimmer, was streaky, was glitched out, light scratches, started glitching out, just wouldn't turn on at all, didn't charge at all, bad, went dim, stop working, is a bit small, nothing, doesn't work stupid, was unresponsive, stops, not able to swipe/slide to navigate easily, does not respond
9 16
does not work, was not apple original, is not working, are non-apple, is not an approved iphone charger, didn’t come with factory, are bad, come with aren't apple, careful use, is also broken, not an off-brand, is generic, came with doesn't actually charge it, didn't work well, doesn't charge as fast
5 6
not all features work, hardest part, is always pain to work with, wanted me to buy the phone, produced charger box and cord, activated
touch screen
2 8
seems to be temperamental, is not working very well, doesn't work very well, would not work, was not working, sometimes seems less responsive, doesn't function, didn't work
4 6
bad, negative, bad experience
2 5
no, missing
3 4
triggered by using an app, triggered by being charged, already lost 5% capacity, incompatible with our network
2 4
not keep the accessories originals, was beat up, janky looking, was a bit beat up
customer service
1 6
pour, lousy, keep pushing their contact back, is only available 9-5pm, is non-existence, is horrible