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Apple iPhone SE A1662 GSM Unlocked Phone, 16GB, Rose Gold (Certified Refurbished) Phone looks great, works great. Product is amazing, works great. Everything works great, works perfectly. Screen is black when wearing polarized sunglasses, was glitched out. Sound is annoying. Touch id is bad.
3.8 out of 5 stars
223 opinion
147 34 42
positive 147
great, good, looks great, works great, perfect, excellent, nice, is in excellent condition, works well, awesome, works perfectly, is great, looks good, amazing, is perfect, is good, great little, excellent condition, perfect condition, very pleased, good condition, good shape, solid, much more clean, is in good working condition, looked great, good price, is great and working on at&t service, cute little, beautiful, is amazing, awesome gr8, works better, came super fast, is in great condition, looks beautiful, workig good at calling, advertised great, is really serving me really good, very happy, came in good shape, works fine, great shape, is working great, great condition, nice hard box, was beautiful, was simple as good as new, looks physically good, single best
neutral 34
works, small, is acceptable, smaller, is ok, could easily have other problems, was working normally, junk, works as expected, arrived in pristine condition, is exactly as listed, working well, is completely unlocked, looks, exceeded my expectation, received well packaged, everything matched description, exceeded my expectations, works 100, very long, arrived quickly, wants to save money, previous contract with an unpaid bill, does have some glitches, was totally acceptable, has worked well, running well, seems to work really well, works well with gsm providers, purchased for my daughter, locked
negative 42
no scratches, it wouldn't turn on, is not working, no, dead, scraped up, did not work, dinged up, does not work, was, works over the next few months, very worn, would give back my broken, essentially bricked after 6 months, sucks, doesn't specify, freezes up, broken, is not working well, gets worse every day, would not work with my carrier, didn't come with apple airpods, suddenly turned off, doesn't even work, bad, does not include a sim card, only worked after a force restart, should work, would crash, messed up, stopped working, turns off every few, was dirty and scratched, didn't work, stop working outta, no complaints, no problems, no issues starting, couldn't open
101 opinion
43 29 29
positive 43
works great, works fine, works perfectly, works most of the time, runs smoothly, worked excellent, worked perfectly out of the box, efficient, works just great, great, to be honest, works flawlessly, good, is clean, is working great, came in great condition, was excellent, works like a brand new phone, looked very nice , stellar condition, works perfectly fine, came looking new condition wise, becomes perfect to use with one hand, fantastic, works really good, is perfect, seems to work fine, works like a dream, went so smoothly, worked with straight talk, has worked great, is super fast, work perfectly
neutral 29
far, came quickly, ’s little scratches, kept the product safe from damage, doesn't even want to let me access, ’s a producto with many errors, is illegible in daylight, seems to be working just fine, small, all worked without a hitch, had very minor, did work for my roommate, works with sprint & t, won't find service, is working ok, is working as expected so far, works as it is supposed to, ran through some set up, holds a charge for 2 days, worked a little over four months, turned on ok, works before i leave, jumps all over, seems to be okay, looks like a used phone, quickly delivered, feels so loose
negative 29
simply never worked, just constantly shuts off, synced over with no problem, is so slow and the ux is terrible, seemed to work well, stopped working after 3 mos, didn’t work at all smfh, doesn’t have a headphone jack, takes about 15 minutes or less to perform your, started to set up correctly, regret, is work or not work & let, dirty, would occasionally glitch, randomly restarts and crashes, could happen after several hours, does not work, continuously turns back on, doesn't work on verizon, turned off yesterday, is not guaranteed to work on all carriers, doesn't come with earpods, locked up, wouldn't accept a charge, did not come with ear buds, didnt work anymore, can only charge intermittently, is tied up to target corporation, didn't work at all
46 opinion
37 3 6
positive 37
great, excellent, good, nice, wonderful, most impressed, is amazing, works great, wonderful awesome, is like new condition, works wonderfully, extremely happy, very excellent, worked very well, is super awsome, amazing
neutral 3
compact, appears completely immaculate, ok
negative 6
doesn't always work as desired, defective, bad, is definitely not certified refurbished, is not big enough, has to work properly
35 opinion
33 2
positive 33
great, perfect, good, excellent, amazing
neutral 2
is, prestine
28 opinion
8 7 13
positive 8
is beautiful, is as bright, is crisp, looks great, is flawless, was flawless, perfect
neutral 7
slight shade, went dim, likely due to improperly replaced, got bigger, smaller, removed screen protector, didn't need the big
negative 13
is black when wearing polarized sunglasses, was glitched out, didn't charge at all, bad, doesn't work stupid, unresponsive from the beginning, not able to swipe, does not respond, defective, went black, goes completely wonky, is blinking constantly, no sim card
21 opinion
15 6
positive 15
works great, works perfectly, ’s perfect, perfect, works well, was excellent, works fine, works smoothly, work fine, is ok, worked fine
neutral 6
worked out, far, ok, works exactly, else seems okay, is fully functional
battery life
20 opinion
14 2 4
positive 14
good, is great, great, better, is holding very well, is astounding, holds a good, have the best, is a huge improvement, incredible, perfect
neutral 2
runs within a day, as most phone batteries
negative 4
was terrible, is bad, sucks, cold affecting
19 opinion
11 4 4
positive 11
is good, very good, is superb, good, is in a new condition, went out super fast, is perfect, is great, seemed good, is in great shape
neutral 4
holds charge all day, tested, runs out too quickly, last all day
negative 4
lastthe entire day, doesn't last very long, needs to be replaced, was completely dead within 6 hours
17 opinion
9 3 5
positive 9
works great, great, very pleased, is excellent, works perfect, best, is working perfectly
neutral 3
affordable, small, works
negative 5
isn't up to spec, didn't show any wear, bad, shuts off, is working in
12 opinion
positive 12
great, good
12 opinion
8 2 2
positive 8
great, much improved, works worth, works great, is a delight, is ok, is pretty good
neutral 2
as well, upgraded front facing
negative 2
seems to be dirty, no silent
10 opinion
positive 10
good, great, fantastic, very good
8 opinion
3 5
positive 3
super fast, perfect, very fast
neutral 5
fast, timely, was extremely fast, were fast
8 opinion
positive 8
good, very happy, very high, excellent, amazing, great, very good, high
7 opinion
positive 7
excellent, great, very good, absolutely great
6 opinion
4 2
positive 4
great, very positive, pretty satisfying
negative 2
bad, no hassle
6 opinion
1 5
neutral 1
far no
negative 5
no, no visible, zero
5 opinion
2 3
positive 2
are easy to handle, great
neutral 3
how expensive, were too big, small
5 opinion
1 4
positive 1
is perfect for holding
neutral 4
small, smaller, same
5 opinion
2 3
positive 2
easy and speedy, super fast
neutral 3
fast, quick
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