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Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (32GB) J730G/DS - 5.5" Full HD Dual SIM Unlocked Phone with Finger Print Sensor (US & Latin 4G LTE) (Pink)

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36% of users say that: Product works great, works perfectly, works very well, was good. Phone is great, arrived on time, is perfect, is good. Camera is great, are superb, is nice picture, is decent. Battery life is great, is amazing, is extraordinary, is the best. 3% of users noticed that: Screen is non-responsive, looks bleeded out, is freezing some times, is changed to black. Samsung will not honor the warranty, will not provide any service, is samnsung, came up with a piece of trash. Language was in vietnamese, was not hard to set, was in not in english. Touch screen keeps freezing, were some issues, is completely unresponsive, has stopped working.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

277 160
love, works great, works perfectly, excellent, good, very fast, unlocked, fast, really good, works very well, great, was good, highly recommend, is fast, is very sleek, does do tethering, is working fantastically, just worked, was shipped fast, packaged well
298 100
great, good, best, beautiful, nice, is great, excellent, fast, perfect, awesome, really like, arrived on time, loving, love, very nice, very good, is perfect, is good, is awesome, cool
29 2
is great, good, nice, great, are superb, i need, didnt seem to have the quick choice, really likes, takes really nice pictures, is nice picture, far better, awesome, is decent, very good, works well, is so clear, is also cool, is amazing, excellent, beautiful
battery life
is great, long, awesome, is amazing, lasts a long time, outstanding, is extraordinary, is the best, is as desired, is great.don't, also great, great, better, coolness---
13 8
lasts forever, expecting removable, last all day, great, works long, has enough power, big, long lasting, nice, beautifully built, last longer, relatively large
11 4
should provide a package insert, don't had any problems, very satisfied, only three stars, did a great job, bundle!great, a negative five star rating?, recommend, could help me out with this, same pone, was very informative
beautiful pink, rose gold, beautiful rose gold, is just a major bonus, should be aware, pink, love, love the pink, beautiful, gold, is more like silver, rocks, is a very, very light rose gold
9 3
pretty, stay far away, more into, very well made, excellent, great, holds up to 256 gb, over again, answer all questions
8 3
hard, reliable, finding, rugged, good, look into wallet, is extremely pretty, correct
6 4
is wonderful, nice clear, is clean, is very, very clear, colors vivid
9 1
good, great, decent, was excellent, look good
works, performs great, is fine, seemed great, was awesome, okay, arrived as expected, worked well, is working fine
high, can't beat, great, is great, very good, excellent, good
7 2
great, comes out very clean, amazing, are very clear, excellent
7 2
see, are great, beautiful, easy to use, takes decent, good
7 1
love, special, are great, very happy, good, great, nice
4 3
great, very pleased, best
samsung phone
5 1
is excellent, i thought all, ever, almost no experience, expensive
4 2
no, without
4 2
is really loud, clear, not bad at all, are ok
5 1
how to change the languages, was doing, amazing, are very clear, came out well.10
5 1
mostly positive, in few months, mixed, update, reflects my personal opinions
3 2
seems cheap, regular, fast
this phone
5 1
love, fast, responsive, recommend
4 1
ok, working great, one of the best phones, body to avoid frequent fall
picture quality
is great, is awesome, great, loves, perfect
was very fast, timely, fast, was super fast, quick
special, massive, is great, enough, lots
j7 pro
hoping, buy, met my expectations, did alright, is better
3 1
no, works perfect
3 1
good, running well
28 41
tripping out, is non-responsive, does not work, kept freezing, scratches easily, tiny scratch, running ink, became clouded with ink, looks bleeded out, started spreading over entire screens phone, started to turn black, spot, cracked, replaced, didn't work, breaks easily unexpectedly, is freezing some times, flashes on, is changed to black, black
3 6
will not honor the warranty, will not provide any service, does not allow anyone to work, is samnsung, turns out, came up with a piece of trash
2 6
strange, had was with setting, was in vietnamese, was not hard to set, was in not in english
1 5
touch screen
keeps freezing, wasn’t touching properly, were some issues, is completely unresponsive, not working, has stopped working
1 3
won't show up in the call log, have issues, not receiving
1 3
is sealed, never get, does not come off to change the battery
1 3
spontaneously ceased to function completely, wasn't working, don't like
1 3
is half in thai, dont work, disclaimers