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Huawei Mate 10 Pro Unlocked Phone, 6" 6GB/128GB, AI Processor, Dual Leica Camera, Water Resistant IP67, GSM Only - Mocha Brown (US Warranty)

Product are better than my xbox one, came with a crack in the back corner, looks very elegant, working in the us. Phone is amazing, is awesome, is fast, is great. Camera is amazing, is fantastic, is the best, is very good. Battery life is amazing, is incredible, is terrific, is its greatest strength. Bluetooth is not stable, can be temperamental. Speaker work better. Huawei phone will never buy, will never again purchase, is unable to handle this. Headphone jack don't miss.

4.4 out of 5 stars
315 reviews were analyzed
376 opinion
261 3 112
positive 261
love, good, fast, great, highly recommend, amazing, wish, smooth, are better than my xbox one, came with a crack in the back corner, pretty fast, feels and does so well, detectors different kinds of object, looks very elegant, beautiful, easy as i expected, working in the us, has been two weeks, is a good buy, stable, comfortable in my hand, sports night modes, magnificent, holds up to everything, every time someone sees me using it, is worth it, is worth raving, was very easy to change to english, comes with a soft protector case, pleasant experience, great experience, with my smart watch, best phone, works great, more proprietary, like, just stays open like a wallpaper, really appreciate, definitely worth it, will will do for a year, is a lot better than iphone, continually drawn, feels amazing, will find out, upgraded, is super amazing, began to do the same, ease $200 less than a s9, charges fast, works perfectly
neutral 3
amongst the top 2-3, is a thing, like someone took a s9
negative 112
is totally wrong, is sad that huawei decided to release mate 20, has some issues with bluetooth, doesn't pair as quick, nothing cumbersome, sitting on the table or mounted in the car, no convenient, freezes, won't respond, won't give you access to type address, was pretty expensive, started to heat up easily, makes me have buyer's remorse, just too difficult to work the bugs out, registers as a regular unautheticated phone call, missing, smaller than mate 9, not like about, not real dof control, arrived intact no dmg to the packaging, doesn't play well with the airpods, saddens me, did not have all the lte bands, does not function as well, reminds me of hawaii, once a day, doesn't have an always on display, don't think about, is absolutely annoying, no, out of the water, does have a major issue, is not true, is an emui issue, still kills my app in the background, is unacceptable, is been about a month, don't install, only took me like 5 seconds, wouldn't be available with the mate 10 pro, back on, does not, has many a few issues, factory reset, didnt, wont connect, speaks broken english, wouldn't save pictures, didn't break into the us market, should not be this way
332 opinion
274 7 51
positive 274
great, best, amazing, good, beautiful, love, awesome, nice, better, is amazing, is awesome, is fast, fast, great looking, recommend, solid, is great, fantastic, gorgeous, is beautiful, really like, like, favorite, has been great, good looking, reliable, comes with headphones, is much better than huawei mate 9, short while, alternative, excellent, very fast, nice looking, is rock solid, improve, 2nd largest, loving, greatest, is superb, easy to set up, runs smooth and fast, is blazing fast, has massive storage, arrived intact, very timelythough, is a flagship performer, gift to his friend, thin, light, is faster
neutral 7
comes with a screen protector pre-installed, change, business-class, was brought to china, first time to have a huawei, slightly larger, still runs on 3g.
negative 51
can't beat, crashes a lot, don't have words to express, even comes with screen protection glass pre-installed, defeats most auto call features from apps, not enough to return, has not received rom update with face recognition feature, too old, are not extremely negative, is “water-resistant” rated, 1 day, not to like, do not play games much, able to mess, advise not buying, did not die from the heavy usage, went glitchy, horrible, replace, has stopped selling, defective, is allowed to spy, doesn't connect to my computer, less than a month, just like apple does, couldn't operate correctly, is made in china, after three weeks, painful, took forever, stopped receiving phone calls, wouldn't even register that a phone call has been made to me, refuses to accept calls, not already an expert at setup, uses the single bottom firing speaker, never had a crack, just crushes it to pieces, easily knocks them out of the park, for several days, tries to save battery, get down to 30%, will never have to leave on the charger all night, blows the pixel away, is a beast on battery life, would have had to put, great, is going back, could not get, got reboot multiple times, will not work with the old plan
95 opinion
89 6
positive 89
great, is amazing, better, is fantastic, is the best, awesome, is very good, amazing, is simply amazing, is good, is unreal, adjusts for best lighting, is way better, exceptional, works superbly, is just as advertized, takes crisp pictures, were great, best, excellent, takes such high resolution photos, takes amazing photos, goes great, is stunning, with very moderate price, really good, pro, is very versatile, is better 5han iphone x, good, are of the very best, prestigious, most impressive, is able to resolve the details clearly, shoots excellent photos, is really good, is pretty good, has shadows, takes amazing close ups, are excellent, is awesome, very satisfied, is beyond comparison, gave up, badass, beautiful, is awsome, is a major improvement, running amazing fast, was done right
negative 6
better, blows her friends iphone away, is not enough to keep me, was terrible, not a big, semi slightly defective
battery life
63 opinion
57 1 5
positive 57
amazing, great, fantastic, long, excellent, is amazing, is incredible, lasts me a full day, last forever, maximized, is terrific, is its greatest strength, is too good, is pretty good, is a astounding, is insane, insane, much better, magnificent, are no doubt top class, went smooth as butterperformance, enough, fast, is 4x better, puts apple to shame, impressed, very satisfied, is remarkable, is excellent, is outstanding, is awesome, will last a full day, very fast, is phenomenal, is unbelievably long, crazy, is as amazing, is pretty amazing, is great, 55%, is much better, hungry apps, is the best
neutral 1
is about the same
negative 5
does not drain, reduced, was kinda meh, had 20%, forgot to mention
48 opinion
42 6
positive 42
great, big, is bright, beautiful, is beautiful, excellent, bright, wonderful, vibrant, 6.9, large-ish, run full, awesome amoled, bright colorful, is so much better, is awesome, is big, is sharp, easily, will automatically dim, was stunning, never dimmed, was off, are all great, light weight big, looks much better, is pretty and vibramt, time to give, is large, super fast!high resolution, looks amazing, will take a unique screen protector, has a deep crack, is a must, looks just great
negative 6
casting to the smart tv, seems kind of washed out, does seem washed out at low brightness, on time, dims on any given website, least 8 hours
44 opinion
30 14
positive 30
did a great job, have much better signal strength, should i pay more, thank you, makes best digital products, is coming for both of you in a big way, need an upgrade, consider wireless calling for tmobile, can consider left-handed people in its future release, wonderfully done, can deliver on bi-monthly updates, i will contact, announced some new features, released a us update, has by far the best packaging, you rock, makes the best phones, stay out of the u.s., difference, beats anytime anyday in my opinion, always the best, looks great, works well, my compliments, is better than iphone in terms of operating system, provide timely os updates, has their own voice unlock on board, pro, could help me resolve eventually.============================day1
negative 14
is yet to release a patch or fix, has refused to do in the q & a section, not on, keeps a full radio silence, glaring, refuses to update their phones, least 1 major os update, is ignoring the security updates, sucks!disappointed, never go wrong, has no repair link of any kind on their support page, slow, was able to fix the problem, do such self-harming thing
40 opinion
26 1 13
positive 26
great, is easily the most beautiful, better, is beautifully crafted, high quality, is very thing, work flawless, is an excellent all around camera, great portable pc, is quite fast, responds quickly, very impressive, supports upcoming cat16/cat 18 standards, wonderful, you might brick, excellent, last huawei, amazing, blazing fast, beautiful, unlock, keeps running, quick charge abilities, is so sexy
neutral 1
creates a jpg file
negative 13
expensive, does not provide any way to switch the left, space wasting, is getting heated, back, is in warranty, is not ready for deployment, made up my mind to switch to android, doesn't support vowifi, lays before you on the desk, unfinished feeling, is not for me
39 opinion
33 6
positive 33
lasts all day, is amazing, big selling point, charge super fast, is also good, wow, is excellent, held up really really well, amazing, last a whole day of 805 work with moderate use, is fantastic, is among its highest-rated attributes, lasts me two days, love it, is below 60% around midnight, 4000 mah, is awesome, nice large, lasts all day easily, lasts super long, last 2 days with moderate used, great, lasts for 2 days, is better, is just insane, is an absolute beast, last for long long time, fast charging, less, has exceeded my expectations
negative 6
in less than an hour, lasts 2 to 3 days, left, is now gimmick, will deplete quickly, never drains within a day
20 opinion
18 2
positive 18
are amazing, good, great, are vivid, colorful, amazing, takes are fast, look great better, lots of compliments, quick, clear and natural, is very sharp, look healthy and natural, great from my perspective
negative 2
look distorted, were just terrible
20 opinion
17 3
positive 17
great, good, reasonable, seems great, is better, is amazing, dropped to $550 on sunday, came down, low, ridiculously low, just barely, last thing, fair
negative 3
you cannot beat a is equal to samsung or iphone, premium knock-off, dropped to $650
18 opinion
9 9
positive 9
are snappy upon loading, refresh, work well, are fast and fluid, mainly, works just fine.-, runs all, you want alerts from to manual, working
negative 9
fix, have trouble working, started crashing, just stop working, tries, can't find, doesn't exactly work right, frequent, tried reinstalling
16 opinion
8 8
positive 8
has been incredibly enjoyable gui, took this feature out, is quirky, isn't as bad, love, didn't bother me much, like, is amazing
negative 8
is not the greatest os skin, is a tad bid dated, doesn't really impress, enough faulted, does not support smart lock, not a huge fan, does not use the android smart lock feature, is still a mess
12 opinion
11 1
positive 11
takes fantastic, best, are spectacular, great, so fast, are stunning, superb, amazing, perfect, is easy to take beautiful, look better than iphone
negative 1
temporarily the wrong
12 opinion
9 3
positive 9
is bright and crisp, is flawless, amazing, very beautiful, is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, extremely bright, gorgeous, is a really good oled panel
negative 3
very disappointed, my main gripe, empty subject lines
12 opinion
11 1
positive 11
better, great, is superb, gigantic, amazing, are no doubt top class, not noticed, best, super responsive, is stunning
negative 1
does not downgrade over time
12 opinion
5 7
positive 5
was the dagger in the heart, aren't a major concern, connecting, are very fast, 3.5mm
negative 7
spotty, had major issues, does not work, is not stable, drops connection/functionality, can be temperamental, connects in milli seconds
11 opinion
9 1 1
positive 9
many useful, two most important, have long been launched across asia, without too much bloatware, enjoying all, surprising, helps my sensitive eyes, nice, is exclusively to the at&t network
neutral 1
does not exist in emui
negative 1
minimally different
11 opinion
4 7
positive 4
better, work alright, are loud, are stereo
negative 7
work better, issue, worst, lots of noise, lone, not as nice, lower
10 opinion
9 1
positive 9
fast, is amazing, has quick, is insanely fast, no, easily, is not a problem
negative 1
doesn't bother me
build quality
9 opinion
positive 9
is amazing, exceptional, is very solid, very nice, are superb, lower screen resolution, is good, is top notch
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