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Moto G (5th Gen) G5 4G LTE Dual Sim XT1671 32GB Finger Print Reader Octa Core 2Gb Ram International Version Desbloqueado (Lunar Grey)

Phone is great, was working pretty good, is really satisfied, made in cayman islands. Screen are just about in the same league, is clear, is brighter, is great. This is an "international version, is such an improvement, is an awesome, is one of the best. Camera has an fm tuner, is almost very good, is good, has better autofocus. Battery drains, was giving signs of old age, is just barely enough, dies. It's got some serious problems. Wifi work, will not stay connected. Back cover is very flimsy, is not that high quality, has a number of copper pins.

3.8 out of 5 stars
216 opinion
123 6 87
positive 123
love, works great, works perfectly, is everything i expected, useful, has tethering, does everything you need well, was on and on in booting for mysterious reasons, works seamlessly, is slated for an update to oreo, was easy to transfer data, loving, works really nice, is the beginning of july, is surging, work perfect, ilove, does what i want, like, does not heat up like the samsung brand, no issue, got it right, has the quality, almost stock android, just cheap, do with being bounced around a bit in my waistband, good, thin, light, gold, fine, good bang, working correctly, worked very well, switches fast between apps, came packaged nicely, loads apps quickly, was delivered on time, shipped quickly, is the real deal, taken me this long to figure, has everything, so far, international version, very happy, light weight, functional, is user friendly, does have a very quick, nice to feel fingerprint reader
neutral 6
is international (dual sim, did auto-update, wasn't the plus version, g5, isn't so large, replaces a moto g4 standard version
negative 87
can't use, freezing over, would even cut out, reboots all too often, doesn't function properly, didn't work, would restart literally every 5 minutes, do not do any updates, no longer charge, could not guarantee, would charge then disconnect, started charging correctly, won't charge, wasn't compatible with sprint verizon, was a waste of my time, should not have risked, doesn’t have no english set up instructions, turned off, restarted again, kept restarting, do not recommend, poorly made, didn’t work with metropcs, just moving with my body, doesn't work, keeps restarting, might slip out of my hand, doesn't have a magnetometer, hard to sort out the trash, after 6 months of use, not recommend, didn't ask about the finger print sensor's configuration, tried to use, was not working, is not compatible with verizon or sprint, up, very very frustrating, got busy, don't do, headache, shut down, goes four or five days between charges, doesn't pester me with notifications, uses usb connectors, sheds water, will not work, not, just charges at a constant 1+minute/% charge, is way difficult to find cases for this phone, isn't a wifi hotspot
183 opinion
123 1 59
positive 123
great, good, very good, is great, very happy, excellent, nice, best, wonderful, decent, perfect, predecessor, was working pretty good, is really satisfied, made in cayman islands, great affordable, is decent, is okay, terrific little, ideal, you can easily remove it, is unlocked, was fine, works pretty well, arrived in working order, has been outstanding, absolutely in love, is nice, look to moto next time, is an international model, loves, is amazing, is a 1000 dollars cheaper, quality mid-range, earlier than expected, for a friend, just loving, long, highly recommend, is perfect, cool, has a removable battery, checks the sim for authority to work as a hotspot, is incredible, thrilled about using a new, owned previous version, reasonably fast, good thing, see the popularity, has the most bands
neutral 1
negative 59
stopped charging, not a bad, every darn hour, started having problems, suck, began acting weird, is not booting, try to boot and restarting in loop in the motorola logo, avoid problems, has some limitations, has become very choppy, took a long time to start, bad luck, can't put, do so like yesterday, had fingerprints all over, not comparable with the verizon network, feels slippery, doesn't have the ability to act as a compass, is way too much bezel, week, is not even supported, has lots of defects, would not buy, advised, shuts down, weak, slow, frustrating, is no bloatware, chafes a little, didnt make me happy, was stuck on a boot loop, looks like a bad joke, crashed, not enough, no one makes, problem, may have a solution, has a common issue, was not working properly, plastic, not just motorola, problem isolated, worst, sleeps out of the hand all the time, is partially broken, was very slow, is not compatible with verizon service, not yet explored
29 opinion
14 15
positive 14
removable, replaceable, lasts forever, easy to use, last all day, lasts more than a day, detachable, replace, remove, lasts, easy to replace, still great
negative 15
gets old, not, requires constant charging, does not last for an hour, drains, runs out very fast, was giving signs of old age, problems, werent, is just barely enough, friendly notifications fade, replaceable, dies, dies prematurely, is running out a little bit
28 opinion
19 9
positive 19
good, beautiful, specially battery life, usable, better, nice big, nice, full 1080, perfectly-sized, are just about in the same league, is clear, sharp, more, nice size, is brighter, is great, is clean
negative 9
would go blank, isnt showing, shattered by my children, gets scratched easily, timeout, feels not quite as sharply black, started shaking, quivering, will not happen
24 opinion
12 2 10
positive 12
upgraded, no way, is an international version, is such an improvement, is an awesome, lasted about half a year, is one of the best, is unbelievable, is perfect, made a big leap, two star, exceeds my needs
neutral 2
advertised is 2, is gonna be so obvious
negative 10
did not work, wears out, was not a new product, not really good, is one of the worst purchases, is annoying, happens every two or three days, does not appear to be due to my carrier, is kind of quirky and annoying, repeat
24 opinion
14 3 7
positive 14
has an fm tuner, is almost very good, is good, decent, has better autofocus, takes great photos, excels over my last one, excellent, in good light, is excellent, could be better, is great, good, happy
neutral 3
ok, fancy, isn't particularly bad
negative 7
👌“, is too slow, is so much less frustrating, doesn't always boot up reliably, takes a few seconds, will be degraded, neither great
battery life
20 opinion
16 1 3
positive 16
great, shake flashlight, is also great, was better, better, long, good, is stellar, is fantastic, is excellent, exceeded expectations, is good, is incredible, very decent
neutral 1
could be much better
negative 3
bad, short, longer
12 opinion
positive 12
good, responsive, well-built, right, feels sturdy, perfect, really like, is just right, small, is neither too big, is good
11 opinion
10 1
positive 10
very satisfied, is new, arrived in original sealed packaging, good, great, perfect, excelent, excellent, happy
negative 1
is defective
9 opinion
3 6
positive 3
a hybrid dual sim, worked great, still working great
negative 6
got some serious problems, taken a while to get used to, deactivated for some reason, buggy, slow, unresponsive
9 opinion
8 1
positive 8
great, excellent, is good, is acceptable, snappy, is great, is amazing
negative 1
isn't as good
8 opinion
6 2
positive 6
is right, was very attractive, inexpensive, is great, great
negative 2
not bad, is not the best
8 opinion
6 1 1
positive 6
is powerful, tough, holds a long charge, is faster, was perfect, has met my expectations
neutral 1
is somewhat smaller
negative 1
relatively non expensive replacement
8 opinion
positive 8
was perfect, is as described, ok, was quick, easy, was like expected, was ok
8 opinion
4 1 3
positive 4
has proved similar, always satisfied, were less than helpful, been my favorite brand
neutral 1
suggested i contact
negative 3
will not be a, does or doesn't include with their software, would not warrant the phone
8 opinion
5 3
positive 5
decent, neat, nice, slim, powerful
negative 3
horrible, ugly, interferes
6 opinion
1 5
positive 1
can be made free
negative 5
connectivity stuttering, work, won't connect, not much help, will not stay connected
5 opinion
positive 5
easy to use, is very light, unobtrusive, adds real functionality.-, is way different than android marshmallow
5 opinion
positive 5
are good, exceptional, takes really good, great, look good
5 opinion
4 1
positive 4
look great, best, fans of moto, do well
negative 1
didn't see
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