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Moto G (5th Gen) G5 4G LTE Dual Sim XT1671 32GB Finger Print Reader Octa Core 2Gb Ram International Version Desbloqueado (Lunar Grey)

We have analyzed 280 reviews and found:

29% of users say that: Product works great, works perfectly, is everything i expected, are fine. Phone is great, was working pretty good, is really satisfied, made in cayman islands. Screen are just about in the same league, is clear, is brighter, is great. Camera has an fm tuner, is almost very good, is good, has better autofocus. 2% of users noticed that: It's got some serious problems. Motorola will not be a. Wifi work, will not stay connected. Back cover is very flimsy, is not that high quality, has a number of copper pins.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

161 107
love β€’ works great β€’ very satisfied β€’ loving β€’ good β€’ works perfectly β€’ is everything i expected β€’ are fine β€’ useful β€’ has tethering β€’ does everything you need well β€’ was on and on in booting for mysterious reasons β€’ is new β€’ arrived in original sealed packaging β€’ works seamlessly β€’ is slated for an update to oreo β€’ was easy to transfer data β€’ works really nice β€’ is the beginning of july β€’ is surging
130 60
great β€’ good β€’ very good β€’ very happy β€’ is great β€’ best β€’ excellent β€’ nice β€’ wonderful β€’ decent β€’ perfect β€’ predecessor β€’ was working pretty good β€’ is really satisfied β€’ made in cayman islands β€’ great affordable β€’ is decent β€’ is okay β€’ look great β€’ terrific little
15 13
removable β€’ replaceable β€’ lasts forever β€’ easy to use β€’ last all day β€’ lasts more than a day β€’ detachable β€’ friendly notifications fade β€’ replace β€’ remove β€’ lasts β€’ easy to replace β€’ still great
19 10
good β€’ beautiful β€’ specially battery life β€’ usable β€’ better β€’ nice big β€’ nice β€’ full 1080 β€’ most obvious β€’ are just about in the same league β€’ is clear β€’ sharp β€’ more β€’ nice size β€’ is brighter β€’ is great β€’ is clean
19 5
πŸ‘Œ β€’ has an fm tuner β€’ open β€’ is almost very good β€’ is good β€’ decent β€’ has better autofocus β€’ takes great photos β€’ is quite decent β€’ excels over my last one β€’ excellent β€’ in good light β€’ is excellent β€’ could be better β€’ is great β€’ good β€’ are fine β€’ take much better pictures β€’ happy
battery life
16 3
great β€’ shake flashlight β€’ is also great β€’ was better β€’ better β€’ long β€’ good β€’ is stellar β€’ is fantastic β€’ is excellent β€’ exceeded expectations β€’ is good β€’ is incredible β€’ very decent
good β€’ responsive β€’ well-built β€’ right β€’ feels sturdy β€’ perfect β€’ really like β€’ is just right β€’ small β€’ is neither too big β€’ is good
8 1
is powerful β€’ tough β€’ holds a long charge β€’ is faster β€’ unlocked β€’ rugged β€’ was perfect β€’ has met my expectations
was perfect β€’ is as described β€’ ok β€’ was quick β€’ easy β€’ was like expected β€’ perfect β€’ was ok
8 1
great β€’ excellent β€’ is good β€’ is acceptable β€’ snappy β€’ is great β€’ is amazing
5 3
decent β€’ neat β€’ nice β€’ slim β€’ powerful
6 2
is right β€’ was very attractive β€’ inexpensive β€’ is great.-perfectly-sized screen β€’ great
are good β€’ exceptional β€’ takes really good β€’ great β€’ beautiful β€’ look good
4 1
rich β€’ is a bit richer β€’ more β€’ are richer
fingerprint reader
4 1
i like β€’ love β€’ works well β€’ love you he
dual sim
works well β€’ is essential β€’ is very convenient β€’ reasons:1 β€’ works perfectly
no β€’ works well β€’ zero
perfect β€’ good β€’ very good β€’ excellent
sim phone
triple β€’ i like β€’ really wanted a dual
2 1
power β€’ is good
are also alright β€’ is quite low
amazing β€’ packed with β€’ extremely light
moto g5
is very clean android β€’ i recommend β€’ is one of the best low cost android phones
2 1
excellent β€’ glad
budget phone
great β€’ very good β€’ king
2 1
good β€’ great
2 1
is ok β€’ is great
2 1
was wonderfull β€’ good
2 1
will get me back β€’ has better style and branding
5 7
slow β€’ got some serious problems β€’ taken a while to get used to β€’ becomes very laggy β€’ buggy β€’ unresponsive
sim card
3 3
got a suspended service for data β€’ does not fit β€’ able to connect to t-mobile towers
3 4
suggested i contact β€’ will not be a β€’ does or doesn't include with their software β€’ would not warrant the phone
1 5
connectivity stuttering β€’ work β€’ won't connect β€’ not much help β€’ will not stay connected
moto g
2 3
gets slow frozen stuck β€’ turns off on its own
2 2
you could potentially break β€’ not compatible with cdma
1 3
lack β€’ no usa
back cover
is very flimsy β€’ is not that high quality β€’ does not have the textured backing β€’ has a number of copper pins
2 2
are fake β€’ 5-star
1 2
will never go back β€’ crap
dropping β€’ good β€’ isn't prime