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Apple iPhone 6S, AT&T, 64GB - Rose Gold (Certified Refurbished)

Phone works great, looked great, is good, arrived on time. Product is great, works perfectly fine, arrived in very good condition, worked great. This was worth, is exactly what we needed to make using our cell service, was the best bang, is a requirement in japan for privacy laws. Price works perfect, was very competitive. Battery was charged, can only charge to 87% capacity, was at 80% health, is a bit zapped. Screen is not the original one, are easily cracked, is dark. Camera works only off. Shutter sound can not mute.

3.7 out of 5 stars
175 opinion
108 3 64
positive 108
great, works great, looked great, is good, arrived on time, is in perfect condition, works well, is in excellent condition, very happy, looks new, perfect, in good condition, is so amazing, upgrade, is in good condition, is worth it, is perfect in all aspects, better, was fantastic, in perfect condition, thanks japan, showed up a day early, really like, performed exactly as if it were a brand new phone, is enjoying, does everything i need it, was in good working order, for himself, best new, is nice, looked like new, decent, works fine, came when expected, is in great condition, was in great condition, was manufactured for japan, works just fine, is basically brand new, in excellent operating conditions, really enjoying, been amazing, pay in full right, looks like new, came with a new third party charger, has been thrilled, will be returned for a refund, i asked at&t to unlock it, replacement, tested
neutral 3
came in a white box, comes in a small box, refurbished
negative 64
locked, turning off, end up returning, doesn't work in the us, t-mobile prepaid, had small scratches, wasn’t locked to at&t, couldn't use, does not come with a sim card, was getting slow, began turning off, would replace, will not take, 2 months ago, never felt or broke, back to the seller, work so badly, never worked correctly, quit working right, was stolen, is not at&t mine, quit working the first 2 months, broke, didn’t work, issues, dont buy, not an at&t, i wouldn’t be able to unlock it, i was able to get a refund, was from japan, will not work in the usa, came in 2 days, set itself up from the current phone, broken, was locked, was previously a consumer cellular phone, will not work on any other carrier, still owed one month on the previous contract, lost, do not get, without having to call apple, is a little past the 90 day warranty, was junk, dented on every corner, arrived with a major problem, completely died, for almost 3 months, diagnose the problem, came with not a scratch on it, won't even get the voicemails
135 opinion
78 4 53
positive 78
works great, love, works perfectly, looks brand new, was time to get a new phone, right, right up with the charger, ’s a cheap, perfect option, was gsm unlocked, was ridiculously simple, working perfectly, came on time with everything, have had good luck, worked for about a week, was clean, looked very nice, nice night light, 6s., came in very good condition, ’s been several weeks, really likes, very pleased, ’s ok, would be better to buy, unlocked, was easy, doesn’t look like new, goes from 80% to, takes great pictures, glad, is so much better, is needed, cheaper option, choose, can listen to, is in your best interest to purchase a protective screen, sounds great, working fine, looked brand new, came with charger, very quick, was great, looked and worked like new, arrived on time, came good, has worked wonderfully, good condition, will cost $89 more to unlock, probably fine
neutral 4
was unlocked for t-mobile, was wrapped in apple plastic, worked with my at&t sim card, was a third party charger
negative 53
was getting really slow, only came half charged, couldn't play, not an at&t phone, brick, is definetly not gsm unlocked, doesn't come in the traditional apple box, for a day, not have, not worth, makes a noise every time, was however missing a sim card, was extremely inconvenient, ’s indistinguishable from brand new, literally started falling apart, progressively got worse, back for a return, has issues sending text messages, not be able to do anything about, constantly, didn’t work properly, back right away, is partially stolen, stopped working completely, still didn't work, doesn't hold a charge, is a peice of crap, goes from 80% to 30%, shouldn't be legal for a company, does *not* come with earbuds, still would have left me, started to rapidly decline in performance, was actually locked to a japanese company, locked was not true, immediately instead of helping me with the problem, ships with a generic lightning power cable, does not have it, stuck, would randomly shut off, freezes, was not configured for at&t as advertised, started dropping calls, so annoying, goes straight to voicemail, kept looping back to the hello page, aren't able to use, was never fixed, took 3 calls to customer service, didn't work with my carrier, didn't
23 opinion
6 17
positive 6
has lasted, must have not been replaced, replacement, runs out really fast, lasts forever, lasts 8hrs with minimal use
negative 17
did get really hot, was charged, issue, can only charge to 87% capacity, was at 80% health, drain rather quickly, did not hold a charge, very bad, don’t stay charged very long, is a bit zapped, extremely weak, problems included, rapidly drops 10-30%, bad, doesn't last very long, is not as good, didn't last more than 4 months
19 opinion
17 2
positive 17
very happy, is great, works perfectly fine, perfectly satisfied, like, fast, arrived in very good condition, very pleased, worked great, was advertised, was as stated, excellent, was exactly as advertised, great, arrived on time, works well
negative 2
is not unlocked, worry free
16 opinion
9 7
positive 9
was worth, dont buy i will return, is exactly what we needed to make using our cell service, was the best bang, is a requirement in japan for privacy laws, is for my grandson, was a great experience, for my daughter, is not normal
negative 7
will not continue to be an issue, is simply not true, garbage peice of crap, is the worse, is a massive bother to me, is terribly inconvenient, must have not been refurbished
14 opinion
13 1
positive 13
great, fair, good, very good, works perfect, was very competitive, higher, best, worth
negative 1
did not want to pay full
14 opinion
3 11
positive 3
is perfect, beautiful, have easy solutions
negative 11
progressively got worse, is not the original one, repair, another issue, are easily cracked, cracked, faulty, broken, is dark, glitches, water in
11 opinion
7 4
positive 7
best value, is like new, is a personal organizer, good, is in better cosmetic condition, was as promised, first time buying refurbished
negative 4
doesn't support lte network, is not unlocked, got stolen a few months, not a 6
11 opinion
positive 11
perfect, extremely good, very good, good, in excellent, excellent, has operated flawlessly
iphone 6s
10 opinion
8 2
positive 8
rose gold, works perfectly, close to a brand new phone, has a couple of cons, does do was it is intended, 4.5 out of 5 star rating, looked brand new, very happy
negative 2
locked, can not unlock it
8 opinion
positive 8
came on great with a charger, works perfectly, working, working perfectly, worked correctly, still working well, works fine, arrived on time
battery life
7 opinion
5 2
positive 5
good, is good, isn't what i would have expected, has been great, is great
negative 2
not horrible, is not so good
7 opinion
positive 7
fast, fast free, quick, works excellently, looks new, good!fast
5 opinion
1 4
positive 1
was so positive
negative 4
turns black with no image at times, turned off, works only off, disappointed
shutter sound
5 opinion
negative 5
can't mute, wouldn't go silent, cannot be turned off, can not mute, can't turn off
5 opinion
4 1
positive 4
answered very quickly, was trying to be helpful, waiting for an answer, great
negative 1
screwed up
5 opinion
4 1
positive 4
started great, are functioning, better, look great
negative 1
turned awful
5 opinion
4 1
positive 4
pristine, works perfectly, looks, works as good
negative 1
piece of garbage
5 opinion
positive 5
good, great, very happy, awesome
4 opinion
positive 4
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