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Sony Xperia XA unlocked smartphone,16GB Black (US Warranty)

We have analyzed 333 reviews from Amazon and found:

31% of users say that: Product works great, works well, works fine, was ok. Phone is great, is awesome, was shiped fast, was in new condition. Screen is bright, are white lines, is really nice, will light up by itself. Camera is great, is good, is average at best, is decent. 4% of users noticed that: Battery is an absolute piece of crap, doesnt last all day,,barely half of day, will drain in less than one day, is junk. Battery life is awful, is horrible, is absolutely terrible, was never a problem. App will crash, works properly. Display is messed up.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

218 125
love, great, returning, works great, works well, works fine, was ok, is fast, looks amazing, feels good in the hand, is the first week of using it, worked really well, will keep your battery charged for long periods of time, very important, still work better, is compatible on at&t, work fine, will be five (5) stars, back for warranty, is of quality
181 106
great, good, nice, amazing, beautiful, very good, is great, is awesome, very fast, like, solid, wonderful, unlocked, owned, favorite, was shiped fast, was in new condition, reliable, started off working great, is pretty aesthetically pleasing
31 18
is bright, are white lines, is really nice, bright, good, will light up by itself, low quality, 1080p, same size, easy to use beautiful, is edge-to-edge horizontally, mirroring, small, is sharp bright, very sensitive, is bright enough, pros-, coating, borderless, works with most service providers
29 9
is great, is good, good, stylish, is average at best, 23mpx, is decent, excellent, was good, is nice, like everything: design, are decent, reliable, great, takes fantastic picture, are very good, is ok, is the only week point, most of the time, is not bad
12 8
gave me an estimate time of 1 month for warrenty repair, is only good for tvs & playstations, sent me the right stuff, cares, did well with this phone, has no clue, can't fix, has delivered consistent updates, is quick to update their software, is thicker, much heavier, updated the phone
8 4
superior, is very goodi'm, mid-range phone, good, low-light, pros-, vs, is great
9 1
newer, best, big, looks like after customizing itupdateso, will go with an, going through, is a little faster, is elegant, smooth
6 4
are good easy to use, come out so clear, bright, good quality, great, look great
6 3
could have been better quality, takes beautiful, is bright and clear, already exists, good, wish i could take
8 1
great, good, is matched with the performance, attractive, very good
6 2
smaller, great, right, really like, nice manageable, perfect
4 3
excellent, best, good, i was able to enable all pertinent volte & ims flags
7 1
love, great, is absolutely stunning, friendly, always fascinated, beautiful
love, pretty lime green, is amazing, is great, really stand out, are fairly accurate
6 1
holding up much better, relatively easy, function, still not bad, headed back to the mothership, ok
camera quality
very much, fantastic for a budget phone, are all significantly below average, is excellent
cell phone
good, excellent, good quality, spectacular
really good, is good, high, superior
3 1
very happy, is obviously much cheaper, was a bit better
very unique, friendly, are setup great, easy to use
2 1
great, expandable
is ok, worked fine, is fine
2 1
much, great
sound quality
2 1
is so clear, is specially good
2 1
ample, exciting.'with
15 28
sucks, poor, is an absolute piece of crap, doesnt last all day,,barely half of day, doesn't last long, will drain in less than one day, wrost, is junk, will drain extremely quickly, went from 54% to 52%, is non-removable, does not last much, awful, don't last, doesnt last for two days, personally disappointed, can't support one-day work, glitches, was rapidly depleting, not a heavy user
battery life
12 19
is awful, very poor, isn't totally amazing, is horrible, is absolutely terrible, complaint, was never a problem, iffy, is quite dissappointing, isn't the greatest, poor, is poor, relatively low, bad, important areas, is mediocre*., is horrendous
7 8
will crash, works properly, completely locked up, frequent, do not run properly, not be able to find, inconvenient, very slow
3 5
broke after 3 months, broke, is messed up, damaged, does not have any sort of oleophobic coating
1 5
is still ongoing, no sound, have gotten me nowhere, will not work on that band, will simply fail
touch screen
1 4
has started to get wonky, was unresponsive, serious, would randomly not work
1 4
doesn't work, just gave out today, suck, small
2 3
is horrible, is not always engaging a sync in my car, is nothing wrong
1 4
is unresponsive a lot, glitches, stop working, doesn't work in certain zones
2 2
very little, is so low
wasn't probably sealed everything, was not sealed, didnt buy, was open
sony phone
2 2
will never buy, never ever buy
sony xperia xa
2 2
commits the holy trinity of smartphone badness, sucks
1 3
malfunction, takes up about 7gb, problems
1 3
is faulty, drops calls constantly, is intermittent