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Sony Xperia XA unlocked smartphone,16GB Black (US Warranty)

Product works great, works well, works fine, was ok. Phone is great, is awesome, was shiped fast, was in new condition. Screen is bright, are white lines, is really nice, will light up by itself. Camera is great, is good, is average at best, is decent. Battery is an absolute piece of crap, doesnt last all day,,barely half of day, will drain in less than one day, is junk. Battery life is awful, is horrible, is absolutely terrible, was never a problem. App will crash, works properly. Display is messed up.

3.5 out of 5 stars
333 reviews were analyzed
347 opinion
218 4 125
positive 218
love, great, returning, works great, works well, works fine, was ok, is fast, looks amazing, feels good in the hand, is the first week of using it, worked really well, will keep your battery charged for long periods of time, very important, still work better, is compatible on at&t, work fine, will be five (5) stars, back for warranty, is of quality, functional, does the job, no problems, hasn't overheated, feels really light, feels like an iphone in the hand, soft back, is by far one of the favorites, strongly recommend, is working without any inconvenience, looks almost new, really good, hasn't disappointed so far, off best, up no problem, was nice, would have lasted, is probably the best bang, through the day on normal use, claims to be fast, returned, receiving, is decently fast, spent more than a week, clean, was definitely unlocked, is really good, really enjoyed, enjoy, excellente
neutral 4
received an update to android main issue, same width, can run a little hot, small round
negative 125
sucks, became uncomfortably warm in my pocket, ony work connected to the charger, repaired under warranty, junk, 2 days, very bad, retains partial memory, was the postal worker, has some scratches on the back panel, took a month for sony to fix the issue, was a known issue during previous updates, doesn't come with file explorer, is pure trash, couldn't find, sit in rice for the rest of the day and night, took me 4 calls, is worse than cheapest noname chinese phone, worse than that, restarts, freezes after the 7.0 update, cant hold a charge, piece of crap, stopped functioning, has happened to several people(based on youtube videos, shut itself down, is slow, freezes a lot, lacks 4k, is so slow to shoot, started malfunctioning, doesn't vibrate, vibrate either like in a purse, was all scratched, can't send it back, never worked, looked repackaged, not because i'm hard on things, just a little grainy, cannot receive my carriers, is going to be a disappointment, happens multiple times a day, kept reverting to emergency calls, was pretty disapointing, does not enjoy direct hot sunlight, will shut down to prevent damage, gets a little hot, began turning off at random times, has only been 2 weeks, won't turn on for more than 5 minutes
293 opinion
181 6 106
positive 181
great, good, nice, amazing, beautiful, very good, is great, is awesome, very fast, like, solid, wonderful, unlocked, owned, favorite, was shiped fast, was in new condition, reliable, started off working great, is pretty aesthetically pleasing, could return, has all the features, is pretty standard, absolutely love, is absolutely amazing, still works, toughest, incredible, looks very nice, is unlocked is great, started downloading a new sony update, liked, was good, recommend, ok, is a piece of s, come with like 8 or 10 apps, chenge the whole function, best, was updated to android 7.0, protects, working, zippy, perfect, have recommended, is very slim, average, works very well, very happy, very cute
neutral 6
kitchen counter, unlocked, ok, only a 2, occasional, does have nfc
negative 106
does not work, defective, no, don't not get, will drop to umts/hspa+, has survived many 1 meter drops, is a piece of crap, don't ever buy, broke 2 months, would not recommend, worked for a week - shadow, damaged, model rather than quality issues, can't fault, worst, only about 4 months, has trouble connecting to wifi and bluetooth systems, will randomly connect and disconnect from wifi, has become nearly worthless, is extremely problematic, gets hot quickly, would not reliably ring or sound the alarm clock, slow, i lost, turns out, was soaked, started to turn off, came back with a note physical damage, didn't even last six months, has literally become a piece of junk, seems dead, loses, was never physically damaged, will not allow my phone, dont' worth the headache, runs hot, not my favorite, not for the, fell in some water, didn't work, turned up, is unlocked, breaking after being dropped several times, get so hot almost always during the normal usage, did not come with headphones, turns so hot, didn't have much luck, nervous to get, will not hold charge, is no good screen
49 opinion
31 18
positive 31
is bright, are white lines, is really nice, bright, good, will light up by itself, low quality, 1080p, same size, easy to use beautiful, is edge-to-edge horizontally, mirroring, small, is sharp bright, very sensitive, is bright enough, pros-, coating, borderless, works with most service providers, edge, is wonderful, is just a little out of my comfort zone, beautiful, is beautiful, better, looks pretty decent, is fairly unique, sharp, very big
negative 18
flashing nonstop, turns off suddenly, slowly went bad, started having a foggy like colour, remains black, already has burns, is just not that great, got all these wierd lines, began to flicker continuously, went mad, can not work again, dead, not a single crack, crack, is malfunctioning, does not let you access other functions, same size bezel, picks up smears
43 opinion
15 28
positive 15
seems good, is about average, can last me, goes fast, would run longer, good, last longer, are very good, full, higher capacity, is always warm, is pretty good, is fine, drain really fast, replaceable
negative 28
sucks, poor, is an absolute piece of crap, doesnt last all day,,barely half of day, doesn't last long, will drain in less than one day, wrost, is junk, will drain extremely quickly, went from 54% to 52%, is non-removable, does not last much, awful, don't last, doesnt last for two days, personally disappointed, can't support one-day work, glitches, was rapidly depleting, not a heavy user, defective, is so trash, biggest complaint, being bad, is not user-replaceable, lasts a day
38 opinion
29 9
positive 29
is great, is good, good, stylish, is average at best, 23mpx, is decent, excellent, was good, is nice, like everything: design, are decent, reliable, great, takes fantastic picture, are very good, is ok, is the only week point, most of the time, is not bad, worked great, has a dedicated light sensor, takes better photos, super, really like, is 13 mp
negative 9
isn't good, is awkwardly placed in the corner, are just abysmal, fits nicely into my's pretty touchy, can't focus on anything, low light, has trouble with the auto focus setting, vs performance, great
battery life
31 opinion
12 19
positive 12
is okay, is fantastic, is good, is also average, had improved, most of the time, is like, is definitely stretching, last longer, better, is also a bit less
negative 19
is awful, very poor, isn't totally amazing, is horrible, is absolutely terrible, complaint, was never a problem, iffy, is quite dissappointing, isn't the greatest, poor, is poor, relatively low, bad, important areas, is mediocre*., is horrendous
21 opinion
12 1 8
positive 12
gave me an estimate time of 1 month for warrenty repair, is only good for tvs & playstations, sent me the right stuff, cares, did well with this phone, has no clue, can't fix, has delivered consistent updates, is quick to update their software, is thicker, much heavier, updated the phone
neutral 1
tiny bit taller
negative 8
sorry, won't pull their heads out of their asses, extremely disappointed, should have stuck with walkmans, unacceptable, couldn't put a better sensor, not so, downside
15 opinion
7 8
positive 7
evrything back to normal, can have or no had, nothing massive, runs, minimal, great, much quicker
negative 8
will crash, works properly, completely locked up, frequent, do not run properly, not be able to find, inconvenient, very slow
12 opinion
8 4
positive 8
superior, is very goodi'm, mid-range phone, good, low-light, pros-, vs, is great
negative 4
isn't the worst thing, weakest, was never really up to the mark, warn about the battery
10 opinion
9 1
positive 9
newer, best, big, looks like after customizing itupdateso, will go with an, going through, is a little faster, is elegant, smooth
negative 1
is white
10 opinion
6 4
positive 6
are good easy to use, come out so clear, bright, good quality, great, look great
negative 4
are not so nice, i end up with my fingers, counter resets itself to dsc_0001, pixelated
9 opinion
6 3
positive 6
could have been better quality, takes beautiful, is bright and clear, already exists, good, wish i could take
negative 3
bad quality, are poor bad quality, cons- low-light
9 opinion
8 1
positive 8
great, good, is matched with the performance, attractive, very good
negative 1
8 opinion
6 2
positive 6
smaller, great, right, really like, nice manageable, perfect
negative 2
was just slightly longer, wrong
8 opinion
4 1 3
positive 4
excellent, best, good, i was able to enable all pertinent volte & ims flags
neutral 1
has the volte framework
negative 3
doesn't register working sim card, has a life on it's own, has volte
8 opinion
7 1
positive 7
love, great, is absolutely stunning, friendly, always fascinated, beautiful
negative 1
all that's there unfortunately
8 opinion
3 5
positive 3
decent for the price, is really clear, is good
negative 5
broke after 3 months, broke, is messed up, damaged, does not have any sort of oleophobic coating
7 opinion
positive 7
love, pretty lime green, is amazing, is great, really stand out, are fairly accurate
7 opinion
6 1
positive 6
holding up much better, relatively easy, function, still not bad, headed back to the mothership, ok
negative 1
already very slow
6 opinion
1 5
positive 1
sound great
negative 5
is still ongoing, no sound, have gotten me nowhere, will not work on that band, will simply fail
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