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Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black - with Special Offers

Product works great, is great, works well, was a gift. Tablet is great, works great, is awesome, is fine. Price was great, was right, is great, is right. Screen is clear, is bright, is very clear, is great. Battery is dead, will not charge, drains, dies quickly. Charging port is loose, will not charge, has become loose, is not working. Camera is awful, don't like, is pretty bad, is crap. Ad are annoying, don't like, keep popping up, are a pain.

3.9 out of 5 stars
31547 reviews were analyzed
26292 opinion
17744 165 8383
positive 17744
love, great, loves, like, works great, good, loved, easy to use, is great, works well, was a gift, awesome, gift, excellent, is perfect, fast, nice, perfect, really like, easy, is easy to use, ’s great, recommend, does everything, works, works fine, ok, amazing, better, was great, fine, very good, my son loves, are great, light, cheap, highly recommend, enjoy, enjoying, loving, all the time, is amazing, very happy, absolutely love, lightweight, works perfectly, likes, my granddaughter loves, is good, worked fine
neutral 165
small, is small, a little smaller, runs on android, a little heavier, ok, is a little small, ’s not very big, would start, is my 3rd kindle, have been a 4, isn't one of the those gadgets, ’s small, gets a little warm, is in the room with my slightly older, 4th tablet, up on a table, was a bit pricey, would be the same, charging, doesn't like some sideloaded apps, charge a little longer, small enough to slide in my purse, was a bit smaller, ’s basic, is not the most powerful, is identical to my other fire, is my 4th fire, personal billboard, was time for a replacement, is too big, not very user friendly, is sorta ok, just a pocket billboard, is a lightly used device, isn't really difficult, little small, was small, lemon, yellow, little smaller, is not fair, is not even a year old, may be an app, little dlie, a very even seam, was yellow, was visible, doesn't come with a case, spying device
negative 8383
stopped charging, slow, stopped working, is slow, will not charge, is very slow, won't charge, hate, very slow, sucks, out, replaced, don't like, will no longer charge, died, ’s slow, freezes, off, fix, didn't work, dead, very disappointed, problem, down, quit charging, broke, a little slow, does not work, so slow, is so slow, doesn't work, back, junk, freezes up, runs slow, was a waste of money, bad, not worth, is useless, is ridiculous, no longer charges, wouldn't charge, not recommend, wont charge, garbage, quit working, lags, is extremely slow, a bit slow, annoying
5961 opinion
4630 62 1269
positive 4630
great, good, nice, love, great little, is great, awesome, best, excellent, very nice, perfect, loves, cheap, works great, nice little, very good, amazing, decent, better, easy to use, really like, inexpensive, very happy, is awesome, like, little, very pleased, is fine, wonderful, i like, affordable, good little, really good, is good, is perfect, quality, pretty good, works fine, really nice, real, is easy to use, small, really enjoying, worked great, really enjoy, simple, was great, loved, is amazing, does everything
neutral 62
ok, little, tiny, cheap, not bad, small, red, yellow, basic, dirt cheap, very basic, by plugging in other tablets and phones, small pocket sized, is fire, 3rd fire, can only play basic, 2nd fire, my 2nd fire, large, bad little, refurbished, does what is meant, into a paper weight, ok little, is a mere gimmick, do anything any other, is primarily used to browse, is my first, little basic, not a high-end, very first fire, only $50 for a, turned into an advertisement, bit large, is not at all worth the cost, replace my older non-amazon, has a camera, okay small, third fire, cheap little, is only useful, is the 3rd, had one other
negative 1269
worst, is slow, is very slow, stopped working, will not charge, stopped charging, slowest, useless, is so slow, stop working, horrible, very disappointed, terrible, broken, slow, very slow, crappy, stops working, not a good, is awful, does not charge, is horrible, replaced, sucks, will not charge at all, broke, bad, not a bad, no longer charges, mediocre, can't use, garbage, never owned, no longer, no, stop charging, was broken, defective, extremely slow, restart, freezes, extremely disappointed, not bad, unresponsive, worthless, freezes often, stopped charging completely, same problem, lags, not really
1326 opinion
1266 1 59
positive 1266
great, good, was great, excellent, was right, very good, amazing, low, is great, is right, decent, awesome, can't beat, cheap, perfect, was perfect, nice, is good, reasonable, was good, very nice, was amazing, is amazing, works great, fantastic, wonderful, ok, affordable, was excellent, easy to use, is unbeatable, was so good, unbelievable, was too good, better, worth, beat, best, is perfect, love, can't go wrong, was very good, is very reasonable, like, reduced, terrific, was awesome, was fantastic, very happy, lower
neutral 1
was so low
negative 59
not bad, low, was so low, really really slow, can't beat, can't believe, little slow, not much storage, not very customizable, isn't much you could complain, i can’t complain, is no reason not to get one of these, not worth the low, really slow, shouldnt have expected much, not an arm, bring down, bad, never consider one, disappointed, point down so low, had been reduced to $39, cancelled it out, was nothing, not to like, was the bait, leaves a bad taste, was only $40, could not be happier, not even for the, not really worth, you not have oneat, not bad for games, wasn't surprised, could not beat, slow and frustrating, can charge them a bit more often, is only $50, i couldn't pass it up, back!!!!bad, would not pay full, could not pass it up, cant beat, isn't worth the difference in games and apps, i don't expect more, very slow, are very sluggish, could test it out, clunky
1266 opinion
621 49 596
positive 621
larger, bigger, clear, great, nice, bright, lock, is clear, is bright, is very clear, easy to read, is great, is smaller, is nice, good, large, better, large enough, nice clear, big, easy to use, crisp, sharp, is brighter, brighter, beautiful, smaller, is big enough, crystal clear, nice size, clarity, is bigger, is good, is a good size, like, protection, very good, is very reflective, excellent, really like, slightly bigger, low res, nice bright, is narrower, is pretty good, much larger, is easy to read, lighted, very nice, easy
neutral 49
black, main, lock, small, is small, would be bigger, no dim black, smashed, slightly small, white, is white, is much too dim, plain gray, could be larger, shield protector, striped, is just a tiny, non-glare, bit larger, sized, much smaller, is a bit too small, blue, isn't as sensitive, is really too small, is a little small, tiny, was a little bigger, larger, smaller, is smaller / narrower, was bigger, came with a very small scratch on the screen
negative 596
cracked, lock, shattered, broke, went black, goes black, broken, is small, main, is black, flickers, bad, is cracked, froze, locked, black, was destroyed, damaged, problems, busted, freezes, smashed, blank, is too small, goes dark, was broken, fragile, was messed up, is blurry, hard to see, was cracked, blacks out, recovery, pops up saying, on one broke, kept switching from horizontal to vertical, didn't work properly, is already scratched, just went black, adds constantly, get hung up, comes on and off repeatedly, cracked about 2 weeks, isn't hd, can't organize, only shattered, went haywire, is gone, does not react well to water, working
1069 opinion
1020 21 28
positive 1020
perfect, right, great, like, love, nice, good, is perfect, i like, easy to use, is great, compact, smaller, small, is good, larger, really like, liked, works great, convenient, ease of use, is nice, do like, bigger, comfortable, different, very convenient, is just right, really liked, decent, handy, easy to carry, color, easy to hold, is fine, powerful, same, are great, easy to handle, ideal, nice compact, not too big, very much, easy to operate, enjoy, very nice, is perfect for reading, easy to read, small handy, lightweight
neutral 21
small, smaller, different, not large, is a little to small, is a little small, is too small, minuscule, being too small, storage, can't pinch to change font, small book, might seem small, is slightly smaller, is so different from the 8
negative 28
didn't like, wrong, is not as flexible, not just, is too small, is disapointing, is so laggy, seems awkward, is not a regular, got rid of that, don't matter to me, would be smaller, was to small, how slow, hate, don't find, doesn't fit the page, do not like, disliked, slow small, is odd, difficult to use, do miss, don't let, is not to small, is a bit disappointing
1005 opinion
498 12 495
positive 498
great, favorite, good, are great, many, plenty, lot, love, works great, more, unlimited, available, bunch, work, like, free, are tons, better, work great, download fast, are wonderful, few, easy to set up, decent, likes, simple, work fine, very few, friendly, well, works good, work properly, working, easy to use, popular, easily, full, most favorite, are limited, are very limited, open, wants me to buy, que quisiera tener, supported, stay active, are plenty, are so quick to respond to, is great, kept showing up, work on your device
neutral 12
common, is being retired, permissible, very few, strictly for three, are too basic, main, can't be played on the children's profile, few, very little, many, are very limited
negative 495
limited, no, very limited, are limited, crash, useless, are horrible, is annoying, lack, don't work, do not work, work, crappy, not working, constantly crash, run slow, downside, don't want, not enough, freezes, run very slow, not all, sucks, can't find, won't load, cant get, accidentally, i wanted are not supported, take longer to open, not everyone will use, restricted, slows everything, aren't even available in the amazon store, were annoying, occasionally, took up the remaining 3g of storage space, off the homepage, really is annoying, running at the time, keep crashing, shut down, bunch of useless, can't get most, don't work include musescore, compromises the available memory, no more finding out he downloaded games, not available on this device, i want are not available, just crash, will be stored to the sd card
973 opinion
601 3 369
positive 601
thanks, love, thank you, great, like, was great, best, is amazing, contacted me, good, good job, come on, can be done, was kind enough, better, great job, kudos, replaced, will not fix, prime videos, is awesome, happy, amazing, prime day, great customer service, wont even replace any of them, prime day for christmas presents, offered $5.00, would not fix, good e-readers, no puedo poder, did away with the mayday feature, will swindle you if you purchase this, does not stand behind their product, was quick to refund, was usually helpful, no longer offers a year warranty, is sending replacement, again, will not replace, gave me know hassle, honored my warranty, requires you to use all its proprietary apps and app store, should take better care, covers workmanship defects, has a great return policy, bueno, best customer service, contacted me directly, different division
neutral 3
only, requires the apps, sent us an e-message
negative 369
shame, very disappointed, sorry, replaced, not, should be ashamed, did replace it, should be up front, disappointing, refuses to fix it, sucks, not happy, wouldn't replace it, won't replace it, tired, bad, junk, horrible, is very inconvenient, is a stickler on the warranty, doesn't have parental control options, is no longer for the customers, does not allow that, would fix, should have contacted, you should be ashamed of yourselves, hasn't logged in their receipt of the fire 7, difficult, knows the problems with this product, worse money, selling bad equipment, makes crap products, built to break, sends me ads for apps, thinks i should buy, resolved problems quickly, is trying to force people into using only their store content, will not honor the warranty, must be editing, puts a ridiculous amount of restrictions, does not care, pop up every second, will refuse to stand by its products, doesn't allow you to load your own videos, doesn't have the same variety, should require that an account password, deactivates them, uses to prevent, disappointed, is not compatible
940 opinion
581 14 345
positive 581
great, good, nice, great little, awesome, excellent, amazing, very nice, very good, is great, works fine, works well, is good, inexpensive, wonderful, easy to use, portable, fantastic, very pleased, fine, perfect, handy, replacement, favorite, like, faster, solid, simple, really good, perfect little, okay, loving, extra, affordable, decent, fun, last amazon, terrific, cool, dedicated, really nice, runs smoothly, pretty good, love, cute, enjoying, just to read from lending library promised with prime account, always have an ad, handy little, kept in both
neutral 14
small, ok, 5th, is a bit cheap, heavily amazon-centric, refurbed, second fire, most invasive, is a pos, devective, was 'ok, is too small
negative 345
slowest, will not charge, stopped charging, stopped working, terrible, worst, dead, is slow, slow, will no longer charge, unusable, won't charge, is very slow, very disappointed, disappointed, is sluggish, gets constant use, is registered amazon can't replace or trouble shoot, stuck, due to the card not, non-functioning, is slow to load apps, not just one anomaly, plugged in to the charger for at least 30 minutes, poorly, would prefer not to talk, is useless, is faulty, prevented me, faulty, high schooler lacking, cannot charge to use, keep crashing, is not very fast, wouldn't require her parents, works so poorly, still had space, really slow, takes forever to charge, was used to primarily play music, was not replaceable, hard to figure out how to use, several major problems, downgraded over the fire hd, have had issues, little on the slow side, performs slow itself, is slower, would not seem to either take or hold a charge, is clogged
736 opinion
458 5 273
positive 458
love, great, is great, best, works great, like, absolutely love, good, was awesome, works fine, better, much better, inexpensive, improved, really like, runs great, seems fine, excellent, long, very happy, new, is perfect, unlimited, huge fan, white, basic, is fine, is easy to use, awesome, is nice, smaller, is awesome, enjoy, work great, loves, wonderful, favorite, several, really love, had books written in chinese on it, great great, is much easier, is a great little ereader, will not be disappointed, prime day, did the same thing, was very helpful, is a terrific source for books, still working, 7 perfectly
neutral 5
has one feature, replaced with a new refurbished, had an old, is a tiny bit bigger, created by my
negative 273
very disappointed, worst, died, is so slow, will not charge, stopped charging, will no longer charge, was dead, lost, will never buy, highly disappointed, downside, will not buy, not even close, is less then a year old, will not charge any more, not working, can't do, was still under warranty, will not buy my children, stopped working yesterday, same exact issue, recently exploded, last legs, has a defect, will revert to the home screen, will never get another, would not charge, has zero issues, blew up, doesn't work, slow, has nothing to actually manage or access any of the files, been awful, doesn't just love, wouldn't boot up, isn't even a yr old, sitting on my bed, got stepped on, does not consistently charge, frustrated, would no longer charge, no, wrong, useless, are not working, stopped holding a charge, won't power on, couldn't handle much in the way of apps, is not a quality product
730 opinion
199 1 530
positive 199
lasts longer, lasts, great, lasts a long time, good, last a long time, better, lasts forever, lasts long, is shot, is long lasting, is great, long lasting, is good, drains fast, faster, last for a long time, lasts all day, lasts so much longer, lasted longer, last longer, lasting, lasts a decent amount of time, easy to use, has short life, lasts as long, gets warmer, is totally shot, has held up way better, is much better, day)needs recharging, last long, heats up really fast, was concerned, is full, died quickly, charges up quickly, seems good, lasts a very long time, dies really fast, is pretty good, decently long time, saves longevity, pretty much, lasts for hours, last very long, last much longer, much stronger, especially, holds a charge well
neutral 1
comes up with a tiny bit of red
negative 530
died, is dead, doesn't last long, will not charge, drains, does not last long, sucks, doesn’t last long, dies quickly, bad, stopped charging, was dead, drain, does not last very long, faulty, low, doesn't last, drains fast, dies fast, does not last, is awful, drains so fast, doesn’t last as long, goes dead, doesn't last too long, problem, stays charged, drains pretty quickly, not holding a charge, runs out quickly, went dead, could be better, won't charge, dies extremely fast, does not stay charged, runs down fast, dead, dies very very quickly, doesn't last very long, dies so fast, doesn't last nearly as long, ran out, doesn't hold a charge, issue, is completely drained, doesn’t hold a charge, drained quickly, dies very fast, dies to quickly, very quickly
battery life
635 opinion
383 7 245
positive 383
good, great, is great, long, is good, decent, is amazing, better, is excellent, is decent, is very good, longer, is better, is pretty good, like, excellent, amazing, is awesome, is impressive, seems good, seems shorter, awesome, adequate, is also good, pretty good, has good, impressed, is much longer, is really good, much better, very long, happy, was longer, is the best, love, was fantastic, is perfect, no different, is one day, appears to be the same, went from being decent, lasts for 2 days, seems to be much better, is much better, is shorter than advertised, depends on usage, is definitely better, extend, shorter, improve
neutral 7
could be a little better, is just ok, should be better, stretch, seems a little short.(i, could be better, is practically non-existent
negative 245
is terrible, short, is horrible, sucks, is poor, poor, is awful, is short, disappointed, horrible, mediocre, low, no, is not great, terrible, is not the best, very short, is pretty poor, is not good, is so bad, is extremely short, is so short, is really short, is absolutely awful, isn't as good, could be better, is very poor, isn't great, is very short, seems short, bad, is not that great, could be improved, wasn't so great, thing sucks, worried, horrific, biggest complaint, quickly loses, biggest downside, crappie, really disappointing, can't speak, is laughable, was horrible, is only about 40 mins, had major lag issues, isn't even half of what is advertised, is a pain, real complaint
this tablet
342 opinion
293 49
positive 293
love, loves, recommend, absolutely love, highly recommend, like, loved, definitely recommend, really love, really like, absolutely loves, do like, enjoy, highly recommended, really loved, enjoying, good, really do like, would recommend, built strong, works fast, recommended, sucks, no problems, really loves, would like, ’m returning, many family, return, tossing, amazingly love, absolutely enjoys, my granddaughter loves, liking, returning, totally recommended, don’t like, try to use, n’t recommend, loving, old loves, has way more features than expected, can't get what i had on, grand daughter loves, does almost everything, n’t like, i gifted, came out, can't beat, safe concerned
negative 49
not recommend, do not buy, do not recommend, hate, would not recommend, did not like, cannot beat, would not buy, cant use, unable to use, not been able to use, relatively slow and lacking, isn't anything you can't do, will not purchase, downgraded, ridiculous how little memory, can't recommend, really dissapointed, terrible, did not desire, doesn't like, never recommend, no reason not to buy, don't recommend, not recomend, doesnt even want to use, limited, hated, didn't like, i seldom ever use, don't use, wouldn't have bought, do not purchase, can't beat, dislike
charging port
323 opinion
18 1 304
positive 18
really to be expected, will not fix, is needed up within 6 months, doesn't go bad, robust, seems to go quickly, was made better, are soooo cheaply made, are from 2016 or newer, is to big for cord, better, is nice, is fine, lasted, durability, is a little sturdier, nice, dependable
neutral 1
is on top
negative 304
stopped working, broke, went bad, loose, is loose, no longer works, problem, became loose, issue, bad, quit working, stop working, faulty, isn't working, will not charge, broken, has become loose, breaks, fails, problems, stopped charging, is not working, comes loose, poorly designed, needs to be replaced, defect, has consistently quit working, are loose, will not last, gets loose, are very flimsy, prone to breaking, fault, became very wiggly, rattles, has a micro usb port, hard to use, is sucks, constantly disconnect, started not working properly, are horrible, a little puff, doesn’t hold up, is bent, always breaks within a few months, is extremely weak, have come loose, is terrible, needs to be re-soldered, went out
319 opinion
292 3 24
positive 292
love, great, favorite, good, like, beautiful, is great, vibrant, easy to use, loved, are vibrant, nice, bright yellow, i like, bright, different, yellow, cool, is beautiful, vivid, is amazing, sharp, fun, red, beautiful red, distinct, is fantastic, blue, is awesome, is good, is nice, is vibrant, easy to find, beautiful yellow, got a orangy shade, are clear, is just great, is very clear, sleek design, very nice, nice new addition, will come off, perfect, you are selecting, invert, like the red, goes well with my case, great vibrant, have larger fonts, are washed and faded looking
neutral 3
is a small thing, was a little different, muted blue
negative 24
wrong, wasn't as vivid, is a bit off, was expecting red, are rather dull, aren't too big of a deal, was wrong, are quite dull, are limited, red, could not get the app, is not as indicated, dark, not just black, black, nothing i dislike, too slow, is shown gets scratched up easily, no, was not red, very dissatisfied, but,,,disappointed
317 opinion
193 1 123
positive 193
is great, love, like, is nice, is awesome, works great, is amazing, is good, is cool, is fantastic, easy to set up, works fine, is wonderful, is helpful, is a wonderful addition, is ok, is so helpful, very helpful, well, is her favorite part, really nice, is fun, built in - and active, has a reputation, is fun for a five year old, would be better, is pleased, is great for oven timers, quick math calculations, mine may be the fire 7, don't use, works extremely well, is a plus, is definitely a learning curve experience, would start talking, work well, works on the tablet, like a cool feature, keeps telling me to set up my contacts, is extremely intrusive, is my new buddy, is a useful app, don’t enable, actually works, has r worked, is coming along, is easy to use, disable, is pretty helpful, part of my whatever
neutral 1
can't even answer things as simple
negative 123
doesn't work, does not work, not used, haven't figured out, sucks, is useless, is not hands free, not tried, means nothing to me, has a tendency to ignore me, very much, can't remove, keeps turning, is poor, is not all that responsive, doesn't make up for the loss in sound quality, haven't tried, quit working, helps sometimes she doesn’t, kept popping up, will not display the list, without, doesn't work with parental controls turned, is nearly useless, could be used, does not work down, doesn't work for her, isn't helping, doesn't work on its own, is slow, has too limited knowledge, does not wwork, don't use, doesnt work, not responding, cannot access, doesn't function well, is a joke, is turned off, doesn't care for, turns that off, won't work at all , huge delay, haven't found use, can't enable, is annoying, interrupts, test out, did not purchase, work
315 opinion
262 53
positive 262
good, great, very good, excellent, better, amazing, high, love, nice, is great, is excellent, is awesome, decent, very low, very pleased, perfect, very nice, really good, has tanked in recent years, surprisingly decent, you support your customers, is not bad, equals out to less stress, isn’t all that, was surprised, shines, putting into their hardware, is wonderful, junk, is good enough, is amazing, good solid, highly, really impressed, ok, is a bit above, is as expected, inexpensive price, has declined, difference, is declining as the price declines, pleasantly surprised, i love watching my movies, high of overall, built retro system, really great, feels very sturdy, awesome, half, fair price
negative 53
poor, very poor, disappointed, bad, is terrible, very disappointed, is horrible, are not that great, don't mind paying more, lack, not great, very disappointing, very bad, has gone down, not the best, lousy, has gone way down, rather disappointed, not the greatest, great, not very good, not cheap, really poor, has decreased so much, not an indicator, defective, is poor, horrible, can't beat, really lousy, worried, is antiquate
fire 7
312 opinion
241 1 70
positive 241
love, is great, very happy, like, prime day, highly recommend, recommend, worked great, very pleased, enjoying, is a great, really like, does everything, really enjoying, good, really enjoy, is very responsive, last night, been happy, is easier to carry, bunch, last christmas, isn't anything super special, got a 1.3 ghz, close to 4 months, extremely happy, ordered, most pleased, is a great tablet, was made for people, is running the apps well, is much slower, still learning about it, is a great little tool, is an awesome, shines is in basic applications, is better than previous models, is a nice tablet, comes in at 3 grams, best buy, is a very, very nice, friendly upgrade, almost a year ago during prime day, change, is behaving, is easy to use, compact, has changed my mind, really do like
neutral 1
negative 70
very disappointed, dislike, not happy, don't get the 2017, gets 8 hours of battery life, came with no directions, slowing down, not my first, sucks, several shortcomings, is in the e garbage, gave out, advantages, is very touchy, does not have, is garbage, does not have text to voice, isn't worth the money, only stays charged for eight hours, will not show last page, is a common issue, is only 90 days, so disappointed, will not allow me to buy a wifi, is definitely the worst tab, was running too slow, is just not cutting it, never ordered, do not like, unusable, not sure i like, loads slower, stopped, would not charge, is impossible to program, wont even turn on as of 01/22/18, is far too laden with ads, disappointed, is much slower, exact same problem, is terrible, was a disappointment, is wrong, restart, not really happy, stopped charging, hugely disappointed, died, could not get, does not support google play
304 opinion
204 4 96
positive 204
ok, okay, working great, super easy to use, not a bad tablet, working well, worked great, used, thick, heavy, do its job great, safe to say, been difficult for me to load apps, been great, probablly triple the speed, holding up really well, working correctly, running a video, done charging, has more storage, still working, still going strong, work good, heads-n-shoulders better, primarily for reading, been working fine, okay for basic use, decent, been a mixed experience, mixed bag, just a great tablet, been used by an adult, never mistreated, 2018 an electrons are in short supply, still going good, working fine, ok for a beginner, still working perfectly, been okay, was way better than i expected, working as expected, been refurbished, already attached through a social media, worked wonderfully, alright, durability out of five, still much faster to retrieve titles, 16gb, worked pretty well, basically a knockoff version
neutral 4
plastic backed, an ok piece, small, orange
negative 96
super slow, so slow, already broken, really slow, already malfunctioning, a little slow, to slow, already messed up, cluttered with bloatware, very disappointing, finished loading, not a good choice, completely useless, a little slow to respond, basically a launcher/app drawer, so slow sending, going to turn on or work, charging issues, already freezing continuously, located on the bottom presents a series of issues, just turning off the app, problem with the red, cheap, won't last long, control issue, very poor quality, been giving me problems, absolutely terrible quality, only gotten worse, doesn't support much else, not a workstation replacement, extremely slow, laggy, hard to complain, did not down load my books, just a tad user unfriendly, not working, does not always work, not a bad tablet, just as crappy, already getting slow, no, not a good tablet, just a terrible product, useless, not a high resolution gaming monster, going to stop working, shuts, a slow piece, already stopped charging
294 opinion
118 6 170
positive 118
better, great, could be better, good, isn’t the greatest, isn’t that good, is good, takes great pics, is great, really like, takes great pictures, is just okay, is much better than previous versions, i haven't opened, don't bother, handy, is so-sonot fully compatible with android apps, works great, has great, plenty good, good enough to take pictures of the whiteboards, is fun to have, very durable, is fair, ok, so much more, blue tooth, could improve thou, decent, alexa, very clear, ’s good, is clear as well, very compact, are better, are low resolution, i like, like everything, love, favorite feature, is extremely close view, was easy to view, excellent, is usable, good quality, doesn’t take good pictures, has made it even better, takes amazing photos, doesn’t take good photos, looks lower resolution
neutral 6
is sub par, is not the best, is pretty fuzzy, isn't bad, is a potato, not bad
negative 170
sucks, is awful, don't like, bad, isn't the best, poor, is pretty bad, is crap, is horrible, is poor, is also terrible, is not good, not a good, is so bad, worst, haven't used, leaves something to be desired, suddenly quit working, pretty grainy, is a pos, is horrible quality, is junk, is garbage town, often end up, is a joke, is very crappy, not very sophisticated, is very poor quality, is very lacking, is not so good, off to use, rather low-quality, not a great camera, don't use, doesn't work get well, is also a potato, is bad, is not that clear, isn't really great, has no flash, are inadequate, is not that good, doesn't take that clear of a picture, would have is about, is so terrible, is poor quality, is basically garbage, can be difficult to find, no shortcut on their tablets, is really not usable
288 opinion
81 2 205
positive 81
many, no, without, don't bother me, will drive you crazy, keep popping up, rid, too many, came with, you see, 3-star review, id still an, are overwhelming, were a little more g rated, go away, inundated, not get, mountains of mordor, seem to be everywhere, are not intrusive, endless, are just at startup, lots of, popping up for amazon, like, are not bad, needs to show all sizes, n’t like, have videos, comes loaded with, able to get rid, close, will pop up every minute, bombarded with, turned off, really wish, ok, have not been an issue, galore, was expected, lots and lots of, works fine, are obnoxious, overwhelming, are easy to bypass, favor, are no problem, least favorite, greeted, are normally inserted in free technology
neutral 2
aren't even an issue, not a single
negative 205
are annoying, annoying, hate, too many, don't like, many, do not like, dislike, unwanted, keep popping up, suck, did not like, are a pain, stupid, riddled with, pops up saying to “buy this” or “buy that”, can remove, darn, constantly pop up, are really intrusive, dumb, irritating, isn't a ton, cant, confusing, are very distracting, haven't been able to stop, might be irritatingly intrusive, highly annoying, dislike seeing, toooooooo many, are lame, 100% annoyed, don't bother me a bit, don't interrupt reading, make it unusable, hates, is worse than i expected, isn't worth the money, are ruining youtube, full, ridiculously slow, dumb stupid, is so annoying, freaking, easily ignored, can't show up, forced on me, can be a pain, pooping up
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