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Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black - with Special Offers Tablet is great, works great. Product is great, is good. Size is perfect, is great. Screen was messed up, is slow sometimes. Battery drains, will not charge. Apps are limited, are horrible.
3.9 out of 5 stars
3436 opinion
1535 849 1052
positive 1535
works great, is great, works well, ’s great, is easy to use, love, works fine, great, loved, i love, works perfectly, is perfect, works good, is very easy to use, loves, is amazing, was easy to set up, very happy with, awesome, easy to use, was great, worked fine, easy, works just fine, ’s ok, works very well, ’s easy to use, works really well, he loves, is wonderful, worked great, was perfect, works perfect, perfect, is very nice, she loves, works wonderfully, great love, works beautifully, is awesome, far i love, works ok, works pretty good, ’s awesome, absolutely loves, works better, was fine, is easy to navigate, well worth, is good
neutral 849
gets the job done, is fast, works, ’s okay, fast, met my expectations, does the job, is light weight, ’s light weight, ’s fast, works as advertised, met all my expectations, does, worked, is small, does so much, does everything, won't charge, far, charges fast, can't be beat, exceeded my expectations, ’s light, is small and compact, fits in my purse, won't turn on, works well for reading, works just like i expected, goes everywhere, works as expected, holds its charge well, is not as user friendly, made, does that well, still works, won’t charge, does everything that i need, ’s just ok, won't work, meets all my expectations, is sturdy, not slow, keeps them quiet, compact, is lightweight, is not user friendly, has met my expectations, durable, is very sturdy, ’s compact
negative 1052
is slow, is very slow, ’s slow, slow, stopped working, stopped charging, freezes, sucks, runs slow, is so slow, doesn't work, is extremely slow, is too slow, shut down, runs a little slow, will not charge at all, is pretty slow, does not work, is a bit slow, can be slow, ’s a little slow, will not take a charge, freezes up, runs really slow, ’s very slow, messed up, does work, ’s extremely slow, breaks down, keeps shutting down, very slow, freezes constantly, didn't work, doesn't work well, bad, shut off, gets stuck, work, no longer charge, too late to return, shuts down, was slow, lags, keeps freezing, doesn't charge, is a little slow, ’s really slow, will not turn on, freezes alot, is useless
3284 opinion
2340 516 428
positive 2340
great, good, nice, great little, awesome, best, is great, excellent, perfect, very nice, nice little, very good, works great, amazing, is awesome, good little, wonderful, decent, very happy, is fine, really nice, ok, is good, love my fire, better, awesome little, is easy to use, really good, cool, easy to use, is very nice, is nice, pretty good, is amazing, works fine, great inexpensive, very pleased, is perfect, solid, worked great, amazing little, perfect little, great small, very nice little, okay, looks great, was fine, reliable, cute, a very nice
neutral 516
little, small, inexpensive, cheap, affordable, decent, inch, simple, basic, is okay, is my third fire, large, is our 3rd fire, stops working, different, not a good, versatile, functional, sturdy, handy little, job done, does, very basic, awsome, exceeded my expectations, generic, more expensive, alright, decent little, is inexpensive, is my 2nd fire, working, expensive, excelent, my very first, works, cheap little, slowest, smaller, very versatile, is small, is made for parental guidiance, has to many games, can play games, is not very durable, has some technical issues, has gone above, extremly well put together, decent priced, will not hold a charge for more than 20 minutes
negative 428
worst, stopped, is very slow, is slow, horrible, is so slow, bad, will not charge, terrible, sucks, slow, is awful, is horrible, useless, very disappointed, very slow, crappy, stop working, mediocre, will not charge at all, will not charge anymore, extremely disappointed, is a bit slow, is terrible, unresponsive, broken, will not hold a charge, is a little slow, runs very slow, far the worst, no longer works, will no longer charge, defective, does not charge, is way too small, seems a bit clunky, has not met my expectations, does not provide the search or, will take several attempts to turn, has a charging problem, has no use without internet connection, no complaints, difficult time, very slow and bloated, is the worse, is incredibly disappointing, is slower than my samsung, keeps on going to the home page, is faulty, very slow running
991 opinion
849 50 92
positive 849
great, good, excellent, nice, awesome, amazing, very good, wonderful, very happy, fantastic, is great, very nice, very great, outstanding, is good, solid, very satisfied, really nice, super, is amazing, is awesome, worked fine, better, works well, fine, was fine, very satisfied with, love, a very good, is excellent, lovely, perfect, great team!excellent, beautiful, is real nice, has been very helpful, very very pleased, is satisfactory, is pretty much their flagship, is worth the very affordable, reacts quickly good, would be great, great fun, far the best computer, a well built, only good for short term, reliable, is nice, very happy with, is better for a child
neutral 50
cheap, not a good, exellent, decent, excelent, not a quality, arrived very fast, is a far inferior, is trash, came, only a hand full of time, ruining your own, met my expectations, works as described, preat, a, stopped working, is not easy to navigate, large protective, will work just fine for a young child, decent little, holds up well, meets my needs, average, is at 49.99, cheaply made, ececellent, worked well, wonder, is exactly as stated and performs, not very satisfied, not impressed with your, execellent, is pretty slow processing, versatile, was very user, would malfunction so quickly, engineered, not impressed with fire, garbage, really glitchy, deficient, is working well, worked for 48 hrs
negative 92
very disappointed, terrible, bad, poor, defective, inferior, awful, disappointing, crappy, horrible, stopped, lousy, could not charge anymore, failed, worse, will not charge, does not last long, low quality, is a little glitchy, is very bad, is very hard to customize, worst, keeps freezing, worst worst worst, does not work, clearly poorly manufactured, worst quality, not standing behind this, is lost in return, stopped working, is as slow, stop working, is garbage, extremely slow, unreliable, no longer works, is terrible, they haven't bothered to respond in five days, will not charge at all, is not backed up, limiting, not the highest quality, stopped working less, very bad, no problems, not a very versatile, gimmicky, runs very slow, is a piece of crap, sad
583 opinion
446 132 5
positive 446
perfect, great, nice, good, is perfect, is great, is good, comfortable, is nice, love, is fine, easy to use, ideal, nice compact, is just right, fits better in my hands, increase, is great for travel and simple, is just right for carrying, fits easily in a jacket pocket, easy to set up, is perfect for carrying around, is just perfect for little hands, my favorite, is perfect for traveling, perfect , easy to handle, one hand comfortably, decent enough, is great for going places, nice comfortable portable, make it easy to use, makes this perfectly portable, its great, are easy to hold, ideal hand, is perfect for little hands, is perfect to throw, small perfect, is prefect to fit into, is very good, is perfect for one hand reading, is good for comfortable holding, good deal, better, is great in my hand, compact enough to fit my jacket pocket, hand cramps easy, nice easy to carry, powerful
neutral 132
right, small, compact, smaller, convenient, larger, very convenient, bigger, handy, decent, small handy, correct, relatively small, small compact, well priced, little smaller in, slimmer, is a little to small, fits well in my purse, standard, is a little small, compacked, is disapointing, is so laggy, not loud enough, is just right for reading, full, minuscule, don't matter to me anymore, easier to carry than a tablet, is purfect to slip into a purse, so much easier to carry, is convenient to carry in purse, excelente, do everything, price point, is very convenient, exelent, is convient for sticking in purse, the right physical, not to heavy to put, portable, smaller compact, thinner, convient, same, almost matches the pages in the books
negative 5
is too small, seems awkward, just wrong, wrong, its slow
561 opinion
197 164 200
positive 197
clear, great, bright, nice, is very clear, is clear, is bright, nice clear, is great, beautiful, is bright and clear, better, is nice, is good, is nice and bright, are perfect, very good, is pretty good, is easy to read, nice big, very colorful, is a good size, very crisp, is clear and easy to use, easy accessible, looks great, clean, is completly clear, good, decent sized, great clear, safe to say, is nice a clear, excellent, is surprisingly sharp and clear, lovely, is amazing, went straight to my personal lists, has great color, was good, really nice resolution, is exceptionally clear, is bright easy to see, so high def, is crispy and good, is great for reading, is the perfect size, was nice, very nice, is surprisingly responsive
neutral 164
bigger, larger, big, large, smaller, is smaller, is small, is brighter, large enough, small, sharp, is very reflective, big enough, tiny, inch, crisp, had glare lines, is large, in sharp, is a bit smaller, is smaller than my old tablet, will go out, was larger than i expected, was popping off the older model, is tough, is long, is getting dark, glares alot from light, is narrower than our other two, is white and flickers, is too touch sensitive, went black would light back up, is hit an miss, still tough, it completely shattered the, brighter, made the7 inch, a tiny, able to dim, replaced our tablet, sized, my, durable, is chipping on the edges, right, seems larger, cracked about first week, seems small, cheap, is a little small
negative 200
lock, larger, goes black, black, white, cracked, lighted, bad, went black, broken, froze, was messed up, smaller, the bottom my photos, no dim black, didn't work properly, behold, does not react well to water, blank, became scratched too easily, stopped charging on his kids fire tablet, more difficult, is slow sometimes, doesn't hold the charge, damaged, cheap plastic, suck on optimizing storage, shattered, went to a reboots, not work for 24 hours, is laggy, freezing, is too shut my kindle down, busted, you lock, lit, will not stay on, no, is showing double, opening, is much too dim, developing problems with its touch, is hideous, smashed, bigger, goes crazy, readable, going black, turns onto ads all the time, is narrower
537 opinion
508 3 26
positive 508
great, good, excellent, very good, amazing, awesome, perfect, best, wonderful, affordable, reasonable, is good, was great, decent, terrific, is great, very reasonable, fantastic, nice, better, outstanding, very fair, gets 3/5 stars because of excellent, is too good to be true, priced at very affordable, super, very elevated, is amazing, attractive, great reduced, great sale, is great for, very affordable, pretty decent, very much worth, is outstanding, is really good, is right, black friday so great, splendid, is fantastic, incredible, solid, is incredible
neutral 3
inexpensive, excelent, cheap
negative 26
low, very low, ridiculously low, lowest, very very low, reduced
battery life
486 opinion
245 78 163
positive 245
good, great, is great, is good, decent, is amazing, is excellent, better, is decent, is very good, is pretty good, amazing, is awesome, excellent, is impressive, seems good, awesome, is better, is not the best, has great, is perfect, seems to be much better, is much better than my old fire, adequate, is also good, is better than previous kindles, could be a little better, without adequate memory, should be better, is better as well, have a good, seems fine, the best, has been good, easy browsing, gets pretty good, isn't as good, got great, was good, isn't good, durable with a good, chagred fast nice, nice long, isn’t the greatest takes long to charge, has good, little bit better, was better, nice, not as a good, is really good i
neutral 78
long, could be better, is not great, longer, very long, could be improved, seems shorter, biggest complaint, biggest downside, is shorter than advertised, depends on usage, is just ok, isn't what i expected, could be a little longer, longer than i expected, iffy, is nil, drains fast, cut off with a screen full, seems shorter than my old fire, fine, long lasting, compact, was a bit less than expected, lasts for awhile, decent, little longer, is not as good, keeps getting shorter, is extra long, was a bit longer, holds longer, is drained, much longer, needs to last longer, abvertisoa longer, is near non, needs to be recharged often, is ok, needs to be longer, a long, exceeds my expectations, as long a, main complaint, is about a 2 days, % left wish, fully charged, seems ok, seems reasonable, has a long
negative 163
is terrible, short, long, sucks, is horrible, is poor, is short, no, horrible, low, is awful, poor, is pretty poor, is not good, terrible, is really short, mediocre, is absolutely awful, bad, is very short, seems short, no different, horrific, quickly loses, crappie, is one day, very short, appears to be the same, went from being decent to downright terrible, really disappointing, was horrible, so bad, is extremely short, too well, should be prolonged, kills, is really bad, is terrible 😕, is very poor, does take a long time to charge, thinner, is quite limited, is horrible compared to the fire hd, is a little short, is marginal, is lousy, sucks ass, is not holding up, isn’t very long, is not what i would expect
446 opinion
248 94 104
positive 248
great, good, nice, great little, awesome, amazing, excellent, very good, a very nice, fantastic, is great, perfect little, perfect, works fine, fine, terrific, cool, wonderful, has a lot of great features, is fair, fun little, pretty amazing, far superior, is super slow, absolutely maddening, really good, best, is right good quality, decent, operates smoothly, is fine, runs pretty slow, has been a joy to own, nowhere near a favored, user friendly, is easy for kids to use, is good for looking things up, very nice, is easy to use, will be perfect, the best little, is awesome second one, marvelous little, a very smooth process.the, is generally durable, doesn't perform any better, outstanding little, pretty inexpensive, a good kindle reading, is so very easy to navigate
neutral 94
small, handy, works, portable, can't replace or trouble shoot, handy little, poorly made, used to primarily play music, hard to figure out, inch, his previous fire, lags a tiny bit, getting freeze over, doesn't have those specifications anyway, is affordable, darn, bitchin, ’s an okay, on well, gets used many times a day, very handy, is hard to hold, merely an ad delivery, affordable, comparable, affordable and usable, inexpensive, a 5 year old, is not a tablet with amazon benefits, has a lifetime of four months, puts the world at my finger tips, okay, runs a lot slower, worked fine for six months, trash, be full, little easier to adjust, very little, not a child friendly, would react like a regular tablet, transformed my life, worked, has met my expectations, doesn’t have the ability of screen mirroring, kept cutting office the tablet, basic, very careful, little, convenient, froze
negative 104
will not charge, terrible, awful, is sluggish, not just one anomaly, is useless, is not very fast, not easy to praise a, really slow, poorly constructed, lower, does the same thing, several major problems, performs slow itself, been a struggle, is slower, is clogged with useless, extremely disappointed, should last longer than 6 months, never dropped or wet, disposable, is slow and cumbersome, is not useful for me, been turned into, horrible, my slow, is twice as thick, impossible to root this, worthless, is built to only last for 3 months, is not coming on, dead, no longer charged, is utter trash, is a problem, quite in six months, useless, much trouble, is not worth your 50 dollars, stop being able to charge, do not understand the, so slow, could no longer charge, refuses to sync with my other devices, has been such an inconvenience, does cot charge, kept sending the download to a different, is not able to be returned, worst, an amazon proprietary
381 opinion
41 99 241
positive 41
great, good, better, is great, is much better, needs a better, drains pretty quickly, is full, super long lasting, seems good, works very well, lasts pretty long, die insanely fast, lasts a decent amount of time, best part, drains easily, holds up good, seems to wear down pretty quickly, easy to read, lasts for a good, very happy, is no good, is good, lasts a good, drains super quickly, dies super, drains incredibly fast, gets very warm, isn’t great, doesn’t seem any better, is good enough to read, good as my old fire, isn't as good
neutral 99
drains fast, lasts a long time, runs out quickly, dies very very quickly, lasts, very quickly, lasts long, last a long time, lasts longer, is completely drained, dies very fast, drains quickly, stays charged for awhile, drain, does not drain fast, holds, normal usage of 1, last long, could be better, is long lasting and charges up quickly, lasts longer than my 6 month old, last much longer than my son, lasts so much longer, runs down fast, holds a charge well, seems to die super quickly, don’t last much is most of the time, last longer than any tablet, seems to drain quickly, goes down very quickly, last a really long time, dependable, does last longer on this one, saver, runs out quick, drained very quickly, wears out easily, dies extremely fast, dies fast, doesnt last to long either, lasts for long periods, goes die very quick, drain too fast, drains to fast, does not last more than an hr, lasts a substantial amount of time, dies to fast, runs out very fast, lasts longer than my cellphone, last a very long time
negative 241
doesn't last long, drains, does not last long, sucks, does not last very long, faulty, bad, doesn’t last long, problem, runs down, died, doesn't last too long, lasted longer, went dead, doesn’t hold a charge, does not last, lasts forever, dead, doesn't last very long, doesn’t last as long, goes dead, will not charge, doesn't hold a charge, runs out, dies to quickly, is dead, has short life, is shot, is squishy, lasts too, drained completely, no, is totally shot, only goes down to 90, will not charge at all, stopped charging fully, was empty, gave out, is shit, is gone, would not charge properly, doesn’t last very long, does not charge, drained, low, doesn’t last too long, doesn't last as long, has to constantly be charged, will be half drained several hours later, is only drained a few percentage point
233 opinion
232 1
positive 232
great, good, excellent, amazing, fantastic, best, exceptional, very good, outstanding, extraordinary, tremendous, unbelievably good, awesome, crazy good, astonishing great, hard to beat, incredible, wonderful, high, decent, reliable
neutral 1
208 opinion
180 1 27
positive 180
good, great, very good, excellent, better, amazing, high, nice, decent, is great, is excellent, perfect, is awesome, very nice, love, very affordable good, is nice, is good enough, is amazing, good solid, little better, highly, seems ok, is a bit above, best, awesome, are very good, really great, usual good, expecting great, not very good, very good exceptional, works great good, really good, is far and beyond expectations, is good, operates flawlessly, superior, bright, pretty good, not great, is surprisingly extremely clear, such good reviews, not play very loud, cheap
neutral 1
negative 27
poor, very poor, is terrible, bad, very low, is horrible, very bad, lousy, are poor, low, is poor, horrible, really lousy
201 opinion
69 44 88
positive 69
great, good, are great, only access kid friendly, pretty basic, dont get many important, free of kids zone, nice piece, run smoothly, many good, really work great, not let you add certain, very good, work wonderfully, vast free, work fine, chose great age appropriate, are best to download, enjoys the kid friendly, are easy to use, aren't easy to use, open smoothly, easy for them to navigate, get many free, decent, are easy to find, other very popular, not a lot of good, works great with limited, doesn't have alot of free, seems like many, easy for her to navigate, better, wide range of free, very few good, no good, are easy to down load, many fun, is super easy to use, are wonderful, my favorite, wonderful, plenty of great, no useful, amazing a little slow to load, well known, run well
neutral 44
many, few, small, very few, are so quick to respond to, you can choose, were all large, non removable, many pre loaded, download fast, rarely work, don't care all, had some problems stalling on certain, cant handle many, tends to take long, not compatible with some of my favorite, seem to work well, enertaining, are available for kids are too basic, aren't as abundant, feel restricted on certain, toooooo many, not very many, much lag for most, more workable, open up quickly, runs most, done work right, were already down, not too many, alright, many more, can download quite a few, loaded, were running without any problems, she may put on
negative 88
are limited, limited, very limited, useless, are horrible, are useless, a bit slow, shut down, takes minutes to load, are extremely limited, little slower than my phone in loading, been difficult for me to load, suck, were not loading, do not work at all anymore, only work half the time, aren't that bad either, are subpar compared, are inferior, are limited- fingerprints are horrendous, unusable, very slow, hardly ever work, would not work, barely run, very difficult to organize your, glitchy and barely opened any, stupid, take forever to open, no, doesn't have, will just disappear, will slow, are all third party, showed up, run way way too slow, dreadfully slow with game, work properly, are very limited, quite slow to open up, often arbitrarily closes, are complete garage, are unusable, are awful, painfully slow to open any, often freeze, dose not support the google playstore, are waiting annoying, crappy, are always closing
171 opinion
59 37 75
positive 59
great, better, isn’t the greatest, good, takes great pics, isn't the best, pretty grainy, isn’t that good, very sophisticated, works great, is fair and ok, really great, doesn't take that clear of a picture, is good in my opinion.1, is not the best, is great, so easy to use, is not the best out there, excellent, doesn’t take good pictures, has made it even better, is not so great, isn't the best either, isnt great, doesn’t take good photos, looks lower resolution for modern tablets, is pretty fuzzy in low light, is not as good, isn't good, isn't very good bat, is good video ok, is nice, great my daughter loves, is decent, is pretty minimal, isn't that good, is of good quality, could be a lot better pictures, really isn't that great either, isn’t the best quality, is not that great, is very nice, will take quality pictures, not the best, takes great pictures
neutral 37
could be better, handy, is a joke, is very lacking, is sub par, blue tooth, could improve thou, decent, has both directions, is extremely close view, no good really grainy, is not very good quality, needs some work, very crappy, takes really grainy pictures, especially the front facing, is very low quality, blows, is very grainy, isn't the highest quality, is seems low quality, is very subpar, not a good, is kind of grainy, takes very grainy pictures, does not work great, desent, not very impressed, the face cam, is low quality, could be a little sharper, is far from what i require, is very pixelated, works for video chat, not a good one
negative 75
sucks, is awful, terrible, poor, is pretty bad, is horrible, bad, is not good, leaves something to be desired, is horrible quality, is junk, is garbage town, sonot fully compatible, is very crappy like, is very poor quality, is crap, doesn't work get well, is bad, only thing that sucks, is poor quality, is basically garbage, can be difficult to find, is really not usable, is of poor quality, is poor, is worthless, no, has such poor quality, is usable, is so horrible, works very poorly, crappy, poor quality , is garbage, low with megapixels, disapointutakes poor pictures, is quite blurry, is not good quality, is terrible, is pretty crappy, is subpar, is very poor in any type, sucks ass, isn't bad, is beyond bad, is real bad, really sucks, is laughable, basically worthless, lacks the quality in this day
160 opinion
156 2 2
positive 156
great, good, excellent, best, very good, perfect, fantastic, awesome, nice, great prime day, really great, amazing, no my best, is nice thanks amazon nice easy, truly exceptional
neutral 2
not a good, unbelievable
negative 2
avgreat, bad
157 opinion
89 35 33
positive 89
great, easy to use, amazing, perfect, good, awesome, so awesome, nice, really nice, still going strong, so cute, super fast, just ok, a great, pretty convenient, very nice, user friendly, not like normal tablets, just not that great, fun, works perfectly, easy to set up, incredible, pretty, very versatile and easy to use, pretty dope, excellent, really just okay, easy to manage, fabulous, easy to keep up, small enough to fit, working well, easy to run, easy, fine for basic, beyond great, pretty fast, absolutely perfect, perfect for my kiddos, nice to use, easy to work, really great
neutral 35
fast, light, small, ok, lightweight, really fast, faster, small and lightweight, fairly fast, matte, no very fast, very fast, realy tough, cheap looking, toxic, small compact, not bad, si!ple, getting used quite a bit, versatile, prefect, affordable, a bit slow, amazingly, light weight, very light
negative 33
so slow, very slow, very annoying, no, the, really slow, a waste of money, already useless, been 40 minutes, quite slow, sucks asssss, takes about 20 seconds to respond to your touch, not loud at all, not good on, small and slow, terrible slow, just too slow to, already broken, kind of slow, just mediocre, not vibrant, gets slower, slow, confusing, irritating, got way, very slow to load
137 opinion
108 20 9
positive 108
great, good, is great, beautiful, favorite, bright yellow, is amazing, is beautiful, beautiful red, bright, is awesome, is nice, is vibrant, vibrant, very nice, beautiful yellow, fun, absolutely loves the bright yellow, is just great, is fantastic, loves the yellow, perfect, bright red, is a great vibrant, is a great feature, love, works great great, the pretty blue, is excellent on the fire 7, beautiful royal blue, cool, his favorite, is good, a very lovely yellow, loved, looks excellent, a bit bright, is very pretty, vibrant yellow, awesome, i love, lightweight awesome, is super slow, easy to operate, my favorite, is her favorite, fast amazing, super great, looks great, is fun
neutral 20
yellow, is a bit off, offersblack, dark grey, very light, small thing, little different, true to picture, got their own, blue, looks more orange than red, built in light, the right size, is shown gets scratched up easily, wasn't as vivid as i imagined, pros , change, distinct, sharp
negative 9
different, wrong, red, is a little too slow, no, muted blue
135 opinion
106 22 7
positive 106
great, nice, clear, good, is great, is good, very clear, is very clear, is better, is awesome, bright, very vivid, is very good, crisp, beautiful, is lovely and sharp, very nice, was sharp and crisp, is nice, is excellent, is clear and crisp, much much better re, clear and crisp, light feature, is decent for $50, are great, very easy to add to my collection, a high quality, outstanding, excellent, is bright and vivid, attractive, super sharp, is easy to change, has a clear, bright colorful, respectable amount of time, improved, is perfect size, crystal clear, has a clean, a very clear, brilliant, more friendly, is bright, is crystal clear, looks great, is beautiful, a very good, a nice picture
neutral 22
larger, bigger, inch, is a tad smaller, goes out, is sharp, was dark with some flickering lights, is not very bright, most off, has a large, is not as sharp and clear, dense, is a bit grainy, could have been better, sharp, slide, will appear more grainy, crisp
negative 7
is pretty bad, is rather underwhelming, no matter, has problem, poor, is obviously coarse, is low
133 opinion
58 42 33
positive 58
good, great, better, is great, is good, seems fine, amazing, is ok, isn’t the best, very good, fantastic, is pretty decent, is clear, is decent/fine, was fine, isn't as good, is pretty good, is not that great, isn't the best, is more than adequate, impressive, is cute, easy to use, isn't so great, are great, clear, has amazing graphics, a big issue, easy to navigate, is much better than previous kindle, was great, is not the best, needs better, is pretty loud and clear, is at best ok, is very good, is impressive
neutral 42
is a little low, is very low, is tinny, is, is too low, is to low, is soft, should be made to be louder, isn’t very loud, not bad, is kinda low, ok not a enough, is not that clear, is gone, does not meet my expectations, is low doesn't get loud enough, isn't loud enough, is lacking to, is lacking a little, would make a screeching static, is very tinny, is passable, is a bit low, could be louder, decent, headphone, is mono, performs all tasks, is very low from one tiny, is loud on most things, is really not great, weired, vanish, really loud enough
negative 33
is awful, no, is bad, is extremely low, terrible, is terrible, low, is really bad too, is too low, poor, very poor, is very poor compared to my cell, awful screeching, low at max volume, is very weak, is horrible, bad, very bad, impossibly low, is poor, is low, is really bad, is very poor, is low no, awful
127 opinion
123 3 1
positive 123
great, good, amazing, awesome, excellent, very good, greatest, huge, pretty good, really sweet, absolutely great, extremely great, fantastic, awesome great, best
neutral 3
big of a, n’t really a big, amazon prime day
negative 1
no big
charging port
119 opinion
3 10 106
positive 3
is nice, is fine, amazing
neutral 10
developed major, stopped working completely, is not loose, made better, is to big for cord, is an issue, gets a bit flakey, not working right, breaks easily, experienced a loose
negative 106
stopped working, is loose, went bad, messed up, is not working, isn't working, no longer works, will not charge, will not last, gets loose, became very wiggly, has a micro usb port, is sucks breaks very easy, a little puff of smoke, doesn’t hold up too well, the fire’s, is bent, always breaks within a few months, is extremely weak, is terrible, defective, is utter garbage, no, shoddy, became loose, has failed, quit working, is not functioning anymore, its weakness, has become loose, had fallen, going bad, is so weak, is inferior in quality, will mess up, does, is already bad, became flimsy, is extremely flimsy, no longer charge, quit, is needed up, problem, stop working, was damaged in two months, failed unexpectedly, wo, is a common problem, faulty, has broken
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