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Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black - with Special Offers

We have analyzed 31547 reviews from Amazon and found:

35% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works well, was a gift. Tablet is great, works great, is awesome, is fine. Price was great, was right, is great, is right. Screen is clear, is bright, is very clear, is great. 2% of users noticed that: Battery is dead, will not charge, drains, dies quickly. Charging port is loose, will not charge, has become loose, is not working. Camera is awful, don't like, is pretty bad, is crap. Ad are annoying, don't like, keep popping up, are a pain.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

17744 8383
love, great, loves, like, works great, good, loved, easy to use, is great, works well, was a gift, awesome, gift, excellent, is perfect, fast, nice, perfect, really like, easy
4630 1269
great, good, nice, love, great little, is great, awesome, best, excellent, very nice, perfect, loves, cheap, works great, nice little, very good, amazing, decent, better, easy to use
1266 59
great, good, was great, excellent, was right, very good, amazing, low, is great, is right, decent, awesome, can't beat, cheap, perfect, was perfect, nice, is good, reasonable, was good
621 596
larger, bigger, clear, great, nice, bright, lock, is clear, is bright, is very clear, easy to read, is great, is smaller, is nice, good, large, better, large enough, nice clear, big
1020 28
perfect, right, great, like, love, nice, good, is perfect, i like, easy to use, is great, compact, smaller, small, is good, larger, really like, liked, works great, convenient
498 495
great, favorite, good, are great, many, plenty, lot, love, works great, more, unlimited, available, bunch, work, like, free, are tons, better, work great, download fast
601 369
thanks, love, thank you, great, like, was great, best, is amazing, contacted me, good, good job, come on, can be done, was kind enough, better, great job, kudos, replaced, will not fix, prime videos
581 345
great, good, nice, great little, awesome, excellent, amazing, very nice, very good, is great, works fine, works well, is good, inexpensive, wonderful, easy to use, portable, fantastic, very pleased, fine
458 273
love, great, is great, best, works great, like, absolutely love, good, was awesome, works fine, better, much better, inexpensive, improved, really like, runs great, seems fine, excellent, long, very happy
battery life
383 245
good, great, is great, long, is good, decent, is amazing, better, is excellent, is decent, is very good, longer, is better, is pretty good, like, excellent, amazing, is awesome, is impressive, seems good
this tablet
293 49
love, loves, recommend, absolutely love, highly recommend, like, loved, definitely recommend, really love, really like, absolutely loves, do like, enjoy, highly recommended, really loved, enjoying, good, really do like, would recommend, built strong
292 24
love, great, favorite, good, like, beautiful, is great, vibrant, easy to use, loved, are vibrant, nice, bright yellow, i like, bright, different, yellow, cool, is beautiful, vivid
193 123
is great, love, like, is nice, is awesome, works great, is amazing, is good, is cool, is fantastic, easy to set up, works fine, is wonderful, is helpful, is a wonderful addition, is ok, is so helpful, very helpful, well, is her favorite part
262 53
good, great, very good, excellent, better, amazing, high, love, nice, is great, is excellent, is awesome, decent, very low, very pleased, perfect, very nice, really good, has tanked in recent years, surprisingly decent
fire 7
241 70
love, is great, very happy, like, prime day, highly recommend, recommend, worked great, very pleased, enjoying, is a great, really like, does everything, really enjoying, good, really enjoy, is very responsive, last night, been happy, is easier to carry
204 96
ok, okay, working great, super easy to use, not a bad tablet, working well, worked great, used, thick, heavy, do its job great, safe to say, been difficult for me to load apps, been great, probablly triple the speed, holding up really well, working correctly, running a video, done charging, has more storage
157 102
love, is great, like, very pleased, absolutely love, was great, loving, is by far the best, was so reasonable, very good, has always been fine, going strong, not nearly as good, came already set up, is not heavy, i gotta say wow, expecting better, convenience, was everything i expected, was much better
213 33
is great, love, was great, works great, like, works fine, is good, was perfect, liked, was fine, was good, is ok, was smooth, else, easy to use, seems fine, takes so long to load, easy, seemed fine, is perfect
fire tablet
168 74
love, like, original, i like, really like, very impressed, really love, very pleased, is easy to set up, absolutely love, is great, really enjoy, are always great, is really a pretty good product, glad to purchase, keep getting better, multiple, was easy to set up, really likes, amazing
199 31
clear, great, nice, crisp, good, love, is great, easy to use, sharp, bright, is good, very clear, bigger, is very clear, large, like, is better, is nice, is awesome, is clear
186 44
great, clear, good, is clear, nice, is great, easy to use, is awesome, is good, bright, beautiful, excellent, is crystal clear, are great, great clear, takes good, very clear, is amazing, crisp, nice clear
172 53
great, good, awesome, is great, is awesome, works, nice, perfect, arrived on time, worked fine, excellent, was good, was working fine, replaced its under the 90 days, 4 months ago, currently in good working order, was a replacement, last christmas, totally gets the job done, was a big hit during summer camp tech time
200 24
great, good, best, favorite, love, like, are great, new, very nice, extra, simple, nice, advantage, has great, cool, better, are easy to use, all, has many, neat
199 9
great, good, best, excellent, very good, better, nice, perfect, fantastic, cheap, decent, amazing, don't, best bet, no my best, no longer, nice easy, exceptional, something more advanced, unbelievable
153 49
great, best, good, excellent, very happy, very pleased, pleased, wonderful, decent, very please, large, continues to earn my high praise, favorite, couldn't be happier, whopping 20% off, better, suited to my needs, was my fourth, long ago, would probably have to upgrade
183 3
great, good, really good, awesome, best, amazing, excellent, no big, easy to use, not a big, pretty good, super, help me save some money, better, black friday, very good, no bad, incredible, simple set up, nice
131 54
great, favorite, few, good, perfect, work well, love, can play, lot, tons, able to play, very few, safe, better, run smoothly, doesn't let her out, minus the money, can't play their favorite, like my son, she likes
98 83
more, expandable, expand, extra, enough, adequate, larger, bigger, expanded, overkill, can be easily added, improve, much more, right, is amazing, maxed out, recommend, highest, increase, sizable
174 5
light, lighter, very light, like, love, is good, good, nice, easy to use, perfect, very pleased, comfortable, has everything i need, makes holding it for longer periods more difficult, small light, easy to transport, is not burdensome, happy, works good, quick
97 78
more, better, cheap, easier to read, were compatible, is louder, without overloading, well as my reading, bring fire, do anything, everyday, is a better option, works fin, would work fine, express my ideas, start enjoying my fire, oldest grandkid, case, flip, is much faster
118 54
prime, great, watching, good, is good, is nice, fine, like to watch, look good, countless, popped up, watched, more geared to what i like, are default loaded to the sd card, are fine, without the need of wifi, are doable, looks really good, clear, watch her youtube
kindle fire
113 55
love, like, is great, just fine, really like, are great, original, very happy, experiencing, reasonable sale price, takes long to start up, is very fast, works great, daily deal sale, able to buy, lasted so much better, larger, is so handy, untouched, fulfills my needs for a tablet
199 530
died, is dead, doesn't last long, will not charge, drains, does not last long, sucks, doesn’t last long, dies quickly, bad, stopped charging, was dead, drain, does not last very long, faulty, low, doesn't last, drains fast, dies fast, does not last
charging port
18 304
stopped working, broke, went bad, loose, is loose, no longer works, problem, became loose, issue, bad, quit working, stop working, faulty, isn't working, will not charge, broken, has become loose, breaks, fails, problems
118 170
sucks, is awful, don't like, bad, isn't the best, poor, is pretty bad, is crap, is horrible, is poor, is also terrible, is not good, not a good, is so bad, worst, haven't used, leaves something to be desired, suddenly quit working, pretty grainy, is a pos
81 205
are annoying, annoying, hate, too many, don't like, many, do not like, dislike, unwanted, keep popping up, suck, did not like, are a pain, stupid, riddled with, pops up saying to “buy this” or “buy that”, can remove, darn, constantly pop up, are really intrusive
121 123
limited, is only 90 days, ran out, no, had expired, has expired, beware, 90 day, extended, was expired, do not buy without, want to risk it, is now expired, replaced 3 times, no longer, expired in 90 days, is only for 90 days, was only a few months, stopped working, 3 month
116 120
is very low, is awful, no, is too low, poor, is tinny, is terrible, is really bad, is low, is bad, is extremely low, is very poor, terrible, is not that great, is to low, disappointing, works back to video, isn’t very loud, is lousy, showed up
this product
107 114
very disappointed, not recommend, disappointed, do not buy, really disappointed, do not purchase, behind, don't recommend, not happy, hate, truly dislike, would not recommend, is very bad, not crazy, does not work, nt recommend, annoyed, don't recommend wasting money, definitely unhappy, would not buy
7 188
stopped, stop, quit, problem, not, problems, completely stopped, stops, issues, trouble, no longer, is useless, can cause tje micro port, was supposed to come with it, barely used quit, difficulty, incapable, can be a pain, completely quit, stoped