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Samsung Electronics UN55MU6500 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Tv is great, is amazing, is beautiful, is brand new. Picture is great, is amazing, is awesome, is so clear. Sound is good, is ok, arrived perfect condition, was perfect. This is deffenitly a step up, is the ultimate thing, was going to be the solution, is true 4k.. Screen is broken, has gone out, has a internal crack. Samsung was having issues, was not helpful, was very nasty. Customer service has gotten steadily worse. Receiver is no way to manually, get sound.

4.2 out of 5 stars
236 opinion
155 3 78
positive 155
love, great, loved, is a smart tv, works great, worth, does, works very well, looks great in my living room, does however make a buzzing sound, almost understandable, keeps power, is the best tv, was quite a bargain, was a good deal, more, is a great deal, is great, is everything i expected, is a great item, super easy to use, for my parents, had good sound, got here, can hold up to streaming netflix in 4k.bottom line, was easy to get up, is relatively easy to setup, is like when you first used voice command dialing, have to do, was worth the price, very good, ’s everything i expected, scenic shots, delivers a solid sound experience, would rate, working good picture, takes the sd to a higher definition, came perfect, would go togather better, arrived in perfect condition, makes movies look great, ’s an amazing, feel like i stole it, like, was great, only measures out to be 44 inches wide, was a better price, now for roughly a month, is just gorgeous.2, is just captivating
neutral 3
is advertised as bluetooth, equivalent or better, is adorned with a rather large
negative 78
less than a year, still had a white haze, keeps telling us to shut, getting rid, does so even when it's turned off, doesn't have sound on my amazon movies, was a bit dirty, really not a big deal, has to do with the type of programming, does not go away, freezes all the time, get it running, was cracked, would not turn on, cant see, easy fix, would have to return, ’s not my router set up, was a fluke, keeps happening, has stopped working, have not had time to search, back for a refund, broke in less than a month, kept dropping internet access, doesn't read the firestick of fios all the time, simply turned off at the 3 month mark, took 4 different amazon representative, seemingly programmed itself to work with the amazon firetv, controls the amp, comes broken, wobbles really bad, won’t turn, ’s not top of the line, not to love, supposed to control many devices, came with small scratches, feels wobbly, on keep clicking next, doesn’t work, not full hdr, deep scratches, gets stuck in terms and conditions, is a disaster, won't sync with my sound bar, does have a glare, won't do, staying turned on, shuts itself off, freezes
160 opinion
131 29
positive 131
great, nice, excellent, beautiful, good, love, awesome, is great, amazing, is amazing, best, fantastic, curved, is beautiful, is brand new, work great, loved, has plenty of ventilation, looks great, alright, is a nice tv, power code, smart led, favorite, smart, quality, shouldn't be shoving, was up and running, witin 36 hours after purchase, is excellent, absolute best, glad, perfect, weighs half as much as this 65 inch, would be much higher priced, is everything, better, would be the best, built right, is has a very responsive, very smooth, no hiccups!., new, are considerable less money, yesterday, is gorgeous, very please, worked fine, has totally enhanced our viewing experience, literally set itself up
negative 29
is already going bad, is not worth the money or aggravation, for a couple of days, would never buy, is terrible, only 7 months, was defective, has a place to hook up to headphones with wire, shuts of turns on power, had a bad digital tuner, shuts off, worst tv, lacks a very important feature, was the hardest part of the set up, was broke right down the center, is damaged, shuts off by itself, has no true power button, completely off, freezes so much, picks up a lot of reflection, couldn't wait, stand, factor reset, will not respond to certain remote buttons, came broken, saw smoke, has many inputs, came damage two hole
99 opinion
96 3
positive 96
great, beautiful, is great, excellent, amazing, is amazing, good, is awesome, is so clear, is fantastic, wonderful, perfect, clear, had a horizontal line, is as good, nice, awesome, is crisp, great 4k, super fast, easy to set up, clearest, is sweet, curved, is beautiful, is simply amazing, dynamic, is wonderful, is fantastic easy to set up, better, is clear, crisp, is incredible, is phenominal, becomes sharper, useful as a monitor, fantastic, is stunning, is brilliant, is very clear, tweaked now perfect, is unbelievable, close to a 3d, sharp, is perfect, stunning, is ok, is just average
negative 3
notice, never went on, just sucks
31 opinion
13 3 15
positive 13
curved, looks good, flat, really subtle, is beautiful, full, should be very minimal, reflects light, is more glossy
neutral 3
curved, flat
negative 15
broke, flat, damaged, goes purple, not sure if curved, is broken, has gone out, has a internal crack, problem, pixelated lines, completely replace, broken, shorted to metal shield
29 opinion
24 1 4
positive 24
great, is good, good, is ok, awesome, arrived perfect condition, beautiful, wonderful, was perfect, is coming from the bottom, low, is very good, very impressive, native, is incredible, outstanding, is amazing, excellent
neutral 1
is a little weak
negative 4
goes out occasionally, will not play, no, do miss
29 opinion
23 6
positive 23
one for my son, is deffenitly a step up, is the ultimate thing, gift, was going to be the solution, is true 4k., clear, concise, almost 3 months, is a big issue, is the treatment one will receive after a purchase, not real optimistic, end of october last year, for my dil and gd, exactly fits the bill, up, is a gift for my nephew, is equal to my $$$$ one, attractive, matter of choice, was to replace, is by far the best tv, highly recommend
negative 6
is very frustrating, just a little bit, has been an absolute nightmare, is very annoying, has been an issue across samsung tvs, is horrible
23 opinion
16 2 5
positive 16
is the best, was fully programmed, is elegant, is awesome, is slick, easiest, is super easy, easy to use, works as stated, good, works with the firetv, works fine, is simple, simple, works well, is ergonomic
neutral 2
operates the tv, has very few buttons
negative 5
does not work, does not have to dial, “universal”, will turn off the tv, can be a little wonky
22 opinion
8 1 13
positive 8
sent a technical team, i had to contact, always like, n’t expect any help, makes the best tvs, easy ordering, is expending no little effort, is pretty much all i buy
neutral 1
isn't curved
negative 13
thinks a smart should have advertising baked into the tv's interface, was having issues, useless, was not helpful, adds “sponsored” ads onto the menu, was very nasty, did not want to help, does not operate correctly with netflix nor hulu, too bad, pushed this tv, discontinuing the curved screens, could remedy the matter through a simple visit by a technician, remote
this tv
22 opinion
18 4
positive 18
love, really enjoy, inexpensive, all like, would order, absolutely love, highly recommend, really like
negative 4
never recommend, hesitant to buy, did not buy, do not recommend
picture quality
22 opinion
16 6
positive 16
is amazing, excellent, very pleased, very easy to use, is awesome, beautiful, is astounding, is outstanding, is so good, outstanding, good, exceptional, is stunning
negative 6
do not like, very disappointed, is so dull, has a delay initially, didn't need to do any manual adjustments, is terrible
19 opinion
17 2
positive 17
great, good, is good, reasonable, fair, did drop less than a week, low, was great, couldn't be happier
negative 2
is rediculous should buy 3, not a bad
14 opinion
13 1
positive 13
was fast, great, fast, very fast, was great, prime free, were punctual, knowledgeable, were polite, helpful, flawless
negative 1
had a hard time putting the screws
14 opinion
12 1 1
positive 12
is minimal, unobtrusive, does not distract, adds just enough, stretches, prime viewing, super expensive look, is great, adds heaps of dimension, more depth, adds a bit of depth perception, is perfect
neutral 1
can be a little odd
negative 1
does not distort the image whatsoever
13 opinion
10 3
positive 10
good, outstanding, excellent, easy to set up, top notch, higher, blown away, beautiful, is amazing, great
negative 3
not blown away, is so divergent, poor
13 opinion
9 4
positive 9
no, significant, should be very minimal, lots, no issue, worry, no problem
negative 4
little, has become a non issue, is very distracting, is not as distracting
12 opinion
positive 12
nice, great, love, wizbang, works well, was very unexpected, i expected more, interesting
10 opinion
8 1 1
positive 8
excellent, are gorgeous, very vibrant, brings the movies/tv, are great, are amazing, look good, are beautiful
neutral 1
negative 1
hard time
10 opinion
5 5
positive 5
can place the new one, were all fantastic, were made last week, were not able to help me with my concerns, are truly wonderful
negative 5
were not very helpful, had a problem, took care of the issue, have been very rude, had it fixed
8 opinion
5 3
positive 5
like to get the 5 extra inches, 4k uhd, almost like watching a 3d movie, very user friendly, light weight
negative 3
like lifting a truck, not to curved, even curved like the tv
8 opinion
7 1
positive 7
great, seems to be new, came working, excellent, nice, amazed
negative 1
is junk
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