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Samsung Electronics UN55MU6500 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

We have analyzed 375 reviews from Amazon and found:

32% of users say that: Product is a smart tv, works great, works very well, can place the new one. Tv is great, is amazing, is beautiful, is brand new. Picture is great, is amazing, is awesome, is so clear. Sound is good, is ok, arrived perfect condition, was perfect. 3% of users noticed that: Screen is broken, has gone out, has a internal crack. Samsung was having issues, was not helpful, was very nasty. Customer service has gotten steadily worse. Receiver is no way to manually, get sound.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

195 94
love, great, loved, is a smart tv, works great, clear, worth, up, does, attractive, works very well, can place the new one, looks great in my living room, does however make a buzzing sound, almost understandable, keeps power, one for my son, is the best tv, was quite a bargain, was a good deal
132 29
great, nice, excellent, beautiful, good, love, awesome, is great, amazing, is amazing, best, fantastic, curved, is beautiful, is brand new, work great, loved, has plenty of ventilation, looks great, alright
96 3
great, beautiful, is great, excellent, amazing, is amazing, good, is awesome, is so clear, is fantastic, wonderful, perfect, clear, had a horizontal line, is as good, nice, awesome, is crisp, great 4k, super fast
24 4
great, is good, good, is ok, awesome, arrived perfect condition, beautiful, wonderful, was perfect, is coming from the bottom, low, is very good, very impressive, native, is incredible, outstanding, is amazing, excellent
16 5
is the best, was fully programmed, is elegant, is awesome, is slick, easiest, is super easy, easy to use, works as stated, good, works with the firetv, works fine, is simple, simple, works well, is ergonomic
this tv
18 4
love, really enjoy, inexpensive, all like, would order, absolutely love, highly recommend, really like
picture quality
16 6
is amazing, excellent, very pleased, very easy to use, is awesome, beautiful, is astounding, is outstanding, is so good, outstanding, good, exceptional, is stunning
17 2
great, good, is good, reasonable, fair, did drop less than a week, low, was great, couldn't be happier
15 2
excellent, are gorgeous, is unbelieveable, very vibrant, is impeccable, definition, brings the movies/tv, are great, beautiful, are amazing, look good, very good, are beautiful, nice, is awesome
8 6
is super easy, works perfectly, you want, are already loaded, easy, came in with, work great, bunch
12 1
is minimal, unobtrusive, does not distract, adds just enough, stretches, prime viewing, super expensive look, is great, adds heaps of dimension, more depth, adds a bit of depth perception, is perfect
13 1
was fast, great, fast, very fast, was great, prime free, were punctual, knowledgeable, were polite, helpful, flawless
10 3
good, outstanding, excellent, easy to set up, top notch, higher, blown away, beautiful, is amazing, great
9 4
no, significant, should be very minimal, lots, no issue, worry, no problem
nice, great, love, wizbang, works well, was very unexpected, i expected more, interesting
was very easy, easy to, was a breeze, was extremely simple, is easy, was excellent
set up
were difficult to get right, intuitive, easy, is a breeze, was perfect, very easy, quick
6 1
does the delivery, technical support, is the best, had the best price, could not be more pleased, has sone morals
sound quality
5 2
excellent, dynamic, are quite nice, fantastic
5 1
rivals any in terms of resolution, vibrant, easy to set up, amazing, enhanced
4 1
was professional, good, was easy to wall mount, very good
4 1
perfect, great, definition
is great, was working, was great, else for a couple of months, like
this television
love, very easy to get up and running, is very possibly my best
awesome, is clear, great
full, intuitive, easy to operate, are easy
beautiful, very high quality, awesome, fantastic
3 1
very pleased, very nice, super pleased
perfect, very pleased, excellent
great, wow!great, best
13 15
broke, flat, damaged, goes purple, not sure if curved, is broken, has gone out, has a internal crack, problem, pixelated lines, completely replace, broken, shorted to metal shield
8 13
thinks a smart should have advertising baked into the tv's interface, was having issues, useless, was not helpful, adds “sponsored” ads onto the menu, was very nasty, did not want to help, does not operate correctly with netflix nor hulu, too bad, pushed this tv, discontinuing the curved screens, could remedy the matter through a simple visit by a technician, remote
customer service
1 4
horrible, has gotten steadily worse, worst, poor
2 2
can't access, do not work
1 3
is no way to manually, whole other issue, get sound
2 2
is no longer available at costco, does not have 3d
sound bar
1 2
do not need, can fix this problem
1 2
defective, damaged right out
tv remote
2 2
sync up correctly, takes some getting used to
curved tv
1 3
will not buy, is overrated!!, does not support their curved soundbar