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Apple iPhone SE 32 GB Unlocked, Gold

We have analyzed 1220 reviews from Amazon and found:

34% of users say that: Product works great, works well, works perfectly, worked perfectly. Phone is great, was great, works great, is amazing. Iphone was exactly as advertised, works perfectly well, came perfect, looks brand new. Screen is smaller than later'smartphones, is so sharp to look, is 3.5 inches tall or 4 inches, is going on with the. 1% of users noticed that: Verizon was not even recognized, is not compatible, will not let me put this phone, will not work. Speaker is giving trouble, is starting to fail, is broken, is kinda weird. Apple product will never buy. Siri is verbose.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

622 248
great, love, excellent, like, good, works great, unlocked, loves, works well, fast, works perfectly, perfect, worked perfectly, no problems, is great, was as described, nice, working perfectly, works fine, came on time
437 173
great, good, excellent, nice, very good, perfect, unlocked, is great, was great, absolutely love, works great, awesome, small, is amazing, is fast, pretty good, really like, love, was in perfect condition, no scratches
55 16
great, best, unlocked, nice, reliant cellular, was exactly as advertised, se the seller entermediaplus, good, quite pleased, real, excellent, id the reason, better, prefer, very good, affordable , killer, super fast, very nice, cheapest
44 19
bigger, big, smaller, larger, bright, easily fits in my pants pocket, size, durable, is smaller than later'smartphones, improved, is so sharp to look, fit perfectly, is 3.5 inches tall or 4 inches, vibrant, is going on with the, is adequate, on the way up, better larger, maneuverable, inch
56 1
smaller, perfect, like, right, is perfect, nice, small, i like, great, loved, not heavy at all, doesn't do anything unexpected, excellent small, fast as lightening, fits better in my hand, best, same, beyond, really likes, you loved in your iphone 5
battery life
35 12
is great, great, good, was almost gone, enjoys it emensly, is excellent, is still pretty dang good, is a plus, decent, lasts a long time, seems to be pretty normal, seems way better, is amazing, amazing, is also ridiculously good, more, excellent, long, is amazing in terms of performance, like
36 9
great, is great, decent, is amazing, better, is far better, has become my best, good, is pretty good, is very nice, takes natural looking pictures, improved, takes great photos, takes wonderful pics, is much better, delivers sharp photos, much better, is generally very good, is excellent, 1.2 megapixels
great, good, low, is reasonable, excellent, decent, was right, very affordable, not matched, was amazing, recoup my purchase, cheaper, wasn't bad, thanks a lot, awesome, amazing, was significantly higher, nice, cheap, very good
iphone se
37 5
new, was totally new, was set up, good, is a good product, works perfectly, being everything, was great opportunity, unlocked silver phone, goes along very smooth, performs, is new and unlocked, unlocked, will go to landscape mode, not been disappointed, surpasses all my needs, 269.00, in excellent condition, is the best of both worlds, arrived
20 15
will show the purchase date in their system, understands advantage of this size/shape, stays on this path, continues to keep the smaller version phones, is excelent, is perfect, wont never leave, wish, got it right with the iphone, need to get along.2, has incorporated so many functions, fan, clear, very user friendly, are always really expensive, excellent product, $500 from, puts out a phone, has a lot of competition, best
17 16
lasts the whole day, super reactive, no longer a problem, holds up significantly better, full, marginally better, excellent, bonus, work great, lasts a little bit more than a day, fresh, are the main reasons to upgrade, very fresh, lasting, lasts very long, won't need replacement, is still new
24 9
great, good, is totally recommended, with the highest rating, was amazing, trusted, responded to me immediately, was great, excelent, was very nice, excellent, very responsive, definitely consider, like new, pretty close, exactly as described
was good, works fine, is great, is perfect, works correctly, else works, came brand new, no signs of refurbishing, works on it, worked out with mango wireless, works brilliantly, working, worked perfectly, went great, work fine, works, was great, works good, was as described, works perfect
perfect, excellent, good, very good, great, clean, was really good, brilliant, arrived in great, works great, was in excellent, excelent, perfect to almost new
14 5
is smaller for my tiny hands, has been great, is a hidden gem, new 64 gb unlocked, purchased from tracfone are silver, is cheaper, is good, feels even a bit quicker, is a solid choice, looks the same apart from the rose gold detail, has the exact same form factor as the 5/5s, is a half millimeter thicker, is much more comfortable, has enough power
15 4
perfect, came exactly as described, came as expected, looks good, is very good, received on time, was exactly as advertised, was new in packaging, met my expectations, great, was brand new, excellent, arrived on time, was in really great condition
13 6
i've loaded, craved, good, awesome, need at my fingertips, switch seamlessly, run fast, directed you to it, switch on the bottom of every phone, constantly rediscovering, run equally fast, without worrying, headspace
iphone 6
11 5
you can do with this phone, body of an iphone 5s, wrapped into the small package of the se, many of them owned, grasp, smaller, are large, nearly all the features, highly recommend, is faster, rose gold
17 1
fast, prompt,, excellent, quick, prime, faster
12 5
came new, worked great, no problem, good, awesome, excellent, very pleasantly surprised, great, average, flagship, solid
13 1
no, works great
13 1
good, great, is the best, is still here, high end, high, excellent, love, keep
9 4
excellent, good, great, fast, was prompt, happy
12 1
great, looks good, is slightly faster, best, excellent, nice, very great, much improved, is great
quick, excellent, nice, was fast, be on time nice, awesome, was right on time, perfect, was fantastic
great, best, was reasonable, good, excelent, unlocked prime, excellent
10 1
great, very great, nice, 6s, like, slickest, work as well, much improved, high end
9 1
easy to use, is naturally a lot smoother, less so, combines both functions into the desktop, still the more mature platform, is simple, straightforward, is very fluid, minimalist
8 2
ok, okey, still pretty nice, okay, taking a great photos, been working fine, still a real hassle
7 2
opened everything, was sealed appropriately, came with head phones, very quickly, has everything, open, feels extravagant
sim card
6 2
worked perfectly, worked right away, works, i personally changed, came with it says, works great
6 2
always wanted, shiny new se case, fan, loved, recived an iphone, much faster than
speak for themselves, passed right, are pretty good, look amazing, wonderful, takes bright clear, are clear, beautiful
5 3
going back to at least the iphone 5s, se 16 gb, is my 3rd se, improved the cheaper, great
7 1
very high quality, love, nice, small, last steve jobs, minimalist, imo bests the 6/6plus design
4 7
was not even recognized, is not compatible, will not let me put this phone, transfer from my android, doesn't work, will not work, locked
2 8
is giving trouble, is starting to fail, did not work properly, you can only talk through, cuts in and out, is broken, is kinda weird, is too quiet
apple product
4 5
will never buy, should never have any finger prints, dust under the screen protector, could afford, did not work right out of the box
this product
4 4
would not recommend, trouble, don't buy, do not buy
4 4
no, no valid, doesn't cover, is probably no good