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Apple iPhone SE 32 GB Unlocked, Gold Phone works great, is amazing. Product is good, worked fine. Size is perfect. Speaker is giving trouble, is starting to fail. Buttons were a little tighter. Phone case are incredibly fragile compared.
4.0 out of 5 stars
305 opinion
195 58 52
positive 195
great, good, nice, excellent, very good, perfect, awesome, works great, is amazing, wonderful, works beautifully, very happy, i love this, is great, works well, fantastic little, works like new, appeared fine, great quality, is very nice looking and clean, wonderful entry, awesome shape, works perfectly, is fast and responsive, has worked great, works good, has worked perfectly so far, really good for a refurbished, fantastic small, arrived looking good, does work perfectly, in excellent condition, good condition, performs like a charm, is way more comfortable to use, is absolutely good, good unlocked, best, is perfect, worked perfectly, is very good, a great little, great neat, good budget, very powerful smart, very nice, very small for a smart, is fine, very pleased, was great
neutral 58
little, big, is fast, small, meets all expectations, my main, is just okay, returned, expensive, small size, no smart, worked for a short amount, is pink, unbelievable, is unlocked to any carrier, does look new as advertised, got very hot, is my first apple, gets a little warmer, gets really hot when, operates quickly, locked, was taken from best buy through incorrect, awsome, won't charge at all, worked out as expected, doesn’t work right on verizon, satisfy my needs for a sleek, compact, looks, is working as described, excelent condition, came well packaged, working okay, locked by sprint, works as any other phone, has been working flawlessly, smaller, has all the bells and whistles, is ok, uses, feeling of a lower quality, fullfiled my expectations, can withstand the falls just as well, few days, is lightweight, shipped right, did not meet my expectations, met all my expectations, works according our expectations
negative 52
locked to t, is not compatible with verizon, looked, is in constant use, small form factor, didn’t work properly, has not worked, suddenly goes blank on, is on its way back today, died, was not unlocked as stated, locked to, locked, can not use this, isn't a iphone, is terrible, guaranteed to work, bad cosmetic conditions, does not work with sprint, has been a giant hassle, is curved, indefinitely suspended on, locked on sprint, not fully compatible with my carrier, would cut off at 30%, unlocked, was not unlocked as advertised, switched on to voiceover, has, isn't unlocked, often unresponsive to our touch commands, doesn't have it, comes, not really an unlocked, is locked to t, will not work on, is locked, would not work on verizon, is fully functional, is dead, locked to tracphone, cannot work, tough, wasn't working at all, seems alright, very disappointed, cannot do, is clearly defective, set up
108 opinion
63 29 16
positive 63
works great, works well, works perfectly, worked perfectly, works perfect, he loves, works just fine, good about, worked beautifully, ’s just absolutely amazing, came looking fresh, worked perfectly with her at&t sim card, was beautiful, went great, more fair to ship, completely met my expectations, is so far , so good, works fabulous, is good for directions and weather, works real good with air pods, is so so fast, ’s in great condition, has gotten progressively better, looks great, is smart and good, worked well, very satisfied of, taking a great photos as well, working really good, awesome, looks good, works fine on straight talk, got fixed on its own, super easy, works like the day, well worth, was good, worked fine, works totally fine, works amazing, worked great, is just perfect, works excellent, very much liked, pretty happy with, is perfect, small and light, works fine, great, feels elegant
neutral 29
fits in my pocket, came exactly as described, came fully charged, arrive two days early, does everything i need, goes to sleep so quickly, only works with sprint, is physically undamaged, won't work, works correctly, ’s small, has been working smoothly, many, is smaller, works well with my t, lags a little bit, stellar, gets my mind in the problem solving, will be supported until at least ios 11, is exactly as was described and shipped quickly, compact, gives the impression of only begrudging support, packs in tech such as touch id, is much smaller though so be careful, won't let me update my ios, runs well hold, leaves a near, works just as well
negative 16
has worked on and off, turned on, never gets hot, will not work on our network, i can work with, did not work as advertised, is not unlocked as advertised, does not have 3d touch, did not work on, does not work very well, was delibered on time and closed, is already glitching out, took just under 49 hours to die, doesn't work on verizon network, fell so many times, lasted for 36 hours
57 opinion
51 4 2
positive 51
great, excellent, good, nice, is good, worked fine, very good, perfect, good looking, ok
neutral 4
excelent, looks, grat
negative 2
defective, bad quality
38 opinion
14 24
positive 14
perfect, nice, great, excellent small, best, is perfect, love
neutral 24
smaller, small, especially the small, same, 4.7, smaller compact, is both its blessing, right
battery life
36 opinion
20 7 9
positive 20
is great, great, good, is excellent, pretty dang good, seems to be pretty normal, amazing, ridiculously good, is great as well, excellent all day, super cheap, has been amazing, great speed, is really great too, very impressed
neutral 7
it lasts, decent, lasts a long time, seems way better, long, reduce, drain
negative 9
is meh, terrible with, short, hours extra, is exaggerated, idle, line hardware, had bad, terrible
35 opinion
11 13 11
positive 11
bright, more durable, is your best bet, improved, is the vibrant, is adequate, better larger, is not as nice as my 6, great, is beautiful and crisp, did look better
neutral 13
smaller, big, more than three times, larger, large, is very low resolution, small, is so sharp to look, is a little small, is designed for the larger
negative 11
is always discolored/off, too small of a, is not working properly, the bottom of the portrait mode, will not lock and i often hang up, small, has zero scratches, maneuverable, is loose, not big with 4 inch, messed up
31 opinion
25 2 4
positive 25
great, is amazing, good, is great, is pretty good, is very nice, improved, takes great photos, takes wonderful pics, is much better than the 5s, a much better, is generally very good, is excellent at day, is fantastic, is of stellar quality, is wonderful, excellent, better, takes great pics, takes bright clear pictures, is awesome, wise
neutral 2
delivers sharp photos, substandard
negative 4
is a bit disappointing, is the same as the iphone 6, is sucks, doesn't protrude
27 opinion
25 1 1
positive 25
great, good, amazing, decent, awesome, very good
neutral 1
negative 1
26 opinion
16 6 4
positive 16
great, best, nice, better, very good, works perfectly well, came perfect, se in excellent condition, good, takes very clear pics
neutral 6
small, made, excelent used, sized
negative 4
fully functional, locked, not be able to activate your, stopped
25 opinion
24 1
positive 24
excellent, great, good, perfect, good in relatively clean, brilliant, very good, really great
neutral 1
14 opinion
3 4 7
positive 3
excellent, seems to work great, can shrink down pretty rapidly
neutral 4
drains fast, full, lasts, lasts a little
negative 7
runs out in hours, ran out within hours, no longer a problem, consumed for 10k+ hrs, lasts 24+ hours, started to die, lasting
14 opinion
neutral 14
fast, quick
13 opinion
5 4 4
positive 5
great, still love small, were clearly reshrinked wrapped by hand, pretty good
neutral 4
small, big, high end, bigger
negative 4
cumbersome, locked, did not work up to par, less slippery than plastic
12 opinion
10 1 1
positive 10
is great, is perfect, worked perfectly, went great, work fine, very good, works perfect, perfect, was fantastic, was good
neutral 1
works correctly
negative 1
10 opinion
8 2
positive 8
great, pretty fast.happy with, nice, very great, is great
neutral 2
is slightly faster, a+
iphone se
9 opinion
6 1 2
positive 6
works perfectly, is the best of both worlds, i absolutely love, is welcome relief, is the best, is great
neutral 1
supposed to be new condition
negative 2
will go to landscape mode, performs well
9 opinion
7 1 1
positive 7
worked great, good, awesome, excellent, very pleasantly surprised, great, solid
neutral 1
negative 1
started heating
8 opinion
1 7
positive 1
negative 7
is giving trouble, is starting to fail, did not work properly, cuts, is broken, is kinda weird too, is too quiet
8 opinion
6 1 1
positive 6
excellent, good, great
neutral 1
negative 1
8 opinion
4 1 3
positive 4
excellent, quite happy, great, been very happy
neutral 1
very necessary
negative 3
terrible, awful, bad
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