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Apple iPhone SE 32 GB Unlocked, Gold

Phone is great, was great, works great, is amazing. Product working perfectly, is good, worked fine, was exactly what i wanted. Iphone was exactly as advertised, works perfectly well, came perfect, looks brand new. This was a great find, is a birthday present for the 12th of this month, is better, is a very successful transaction. They are no longer available to complete the process, don't seem to be put in place. Verizon was not even recognized, is not compatible, will not let me put this phone, will not work. Speaker is giving trouble, is starting to fail, is broken, is kinda weird. Siri is verbose.

4.0 out of 5 stars
697 opinion
479 12 206
positive 479
love, like, works great, loves, works well, fast, works perfectly, unlocked, good, worked perfectly, perfect, was as described, works fine, arrived on time, no problems, was good, worked beautifully, works perfect, really like, was ok, powerful, fits in my pocket, highly recommend, came on time, awesome, was unlocked, is great, faster, is perfect for my usage, without a touch, returned, was functional without problems, has not scratches, came exactly as described, came fully charged, in an excelent condition, arrive two days early, no worth, works just fine, nice to once, was in fact unlocked, was refurbished, in april 2018 as new, very much, keeps working flawlessly, delivered a week earlier, does everything i need, helps me to stay in touch, took a couple of days, is fast
neutral 12
designated a space gray 32 gb iphone se unlocked to verizon, is a model # for use in mexico or canada, is very small, were in chinese, said minor scratches, has a slightly yellow tint, can be text, a little hot-rod, is not small, is much smaller, small, was the outlet location
negative 206
was locked, was locked to sprint, didn't come with the earpods, had zero usage, made calls by itself, opened apps, was not charged, did not work fine, died in 9 months, never materialized, out, having problems, couldn’t put my chip, could not unlock, couldn't use, at night while sleeping, been dropped numerous times, didn’t have all the accessories (air pods, several months, may or may not be unlocked, applies to almost every, ’s bad, came in ‘like-new’ condition, happened more than three times, only gets charged, did not, frequently problems, not compatible with any providers, will not read a sim card, turned on, froze, upsets me, wouldn't recommend, frequently bent at a sharp angle, made no sense to pay, was not unlocked, working a little spotty right, doesn’t have face time, nothing to do about, says is locked to a tracfone wireless operator, is locked, died after two months, took me minutes, even worked on my wifi, irritates me, does not come with anything, work arounds to fix, never gets hot, just died all of the sudden, is impossible to find this information
598 opinion
424 12 162
positive 424
great, good, excellent, nice, very good, perfect, is great, unlocked, was great, absolutely love, works great, awesome, small, is amazing, is fast, really like, love, was in perfect condition, no scratches, is unlocked, wonderful, works beautifully, i like, loves, was in great condition, new, best, is perfect, worked perfectly, great little, very happy, was brand new, very nice, beautiful, good quality, smaller, pretty good, is ok, works well, loving, fantastic little, works like new, appeared fine, met all of my expectations, is brand new, arrived in perfect condition, newer, is a big improvement, meets all expectations, is very nice looking
neutral 12
main, expensive, small size, mere, hard to call, lock, sprint, big, straight talk said it was a verizon, fits-all philosophy, no decent 4-inch, shorter and 1/4 wider
negative 162
was not unlocked, is locked, was locked to t-mobile, locked, is not unlocked, was restricted, is not compatible with verizon, was working, glitches, was not new, was already in some one else, can sometimes not hear me, stammers, didn’t work properly, moved from a flip, worked for 11 months, did not come sealed, doesn't get charged with the adapter, has not worked, suddenly goes blank on 4/23/18, were bad, would not work, very scared to get, died - logicboard failure, locked to a specific carrier, unlocked, was locked to at&t., had problems, can not use, not new, was missing the unlock sim key, can't compare, isn't a iphone, got very hot, came locked, came with its oroginal box opened, gets a little warmer when using.5, lag, glitch, freezing, nt lean, is terrible, problem, would not unlock, is not the case, should not be happening, not purchasing, shouldn't have even been sold, gets really hot when charging, don't trust
85 opinion
76 9
positive 76
great, excellent, good, nice, excelent, working perfectly, is good, worked fine, very good, exact, was exactly what i wanted, arrived ahead of shipping schedule, par, arrived uncharged, performance, is well made, well packaged, has had no problems or defects, arrived quickly, came on time, upgraded the os, wonderful, deal, was clearly new, perfect, good looking, ok, right, expected and advertised, no problems, is great, grat
negative 9
didn't work with verizon, was faulty, very much disappointed, absolutely not as listed, from the start, very disappointed, not so happy, looks refurbished or something phishy, developed a fault
66 opinion
50 1 15
positive 50
great, best, unlocked, nice, reliant cellular, was exactly as advertised, se the seller entermediaplus, good, quite pleased, real, excellent, id the reason, better, very good, affordable , killer, super fast, very nice, cheapest, works perfectly well, came perfect, looks brand new, came quickly, was easier to use, excelent, i've returned to, works, absolutely love, was everything, looking very nice, durable, is significantly faster, ’s best looking design overall, is the better, small, is good, is a iphone 5s, ever, fairly easy to use, perfectly-sized, is more cheaper 💰, favorite, has such a magic
neutral 1
replaced my iphone 7
negative 15
is not unlocked, low cost, won't activate with my sim card, locked, nothing, is unusable, started locking up, couldn't be happier, wasn't enough, never had a problem, has a little issue, stopped workingi, gives me nostalgia, long time not use
65 opinion
45 20
positive 45
like, love, little guy, was a great find, in excellent condition, is a birthday present for the 12th of this month, is better, is a very successful transaction, is normal, for my mom, is an old model, loved, for my father, is a new, unlocked, is advertised, process with att took hours, is so great, is a used product, delivers exactly how i like it, pretty sure, made financial sese, fits perfect, is a very important point, meet my expectations, will be returning, is what i wanted, matters to selfie fiends, can very much tell, is exactly what i need, happens nearly every time, has all the bells, was bought with out my knowledge, is great, creates sharper images, is the one to purchase, is as accurate, is just my opinion, would help you, is a compact, easy-to-handle, no gold, no rose gold
negative 20
very careful, is not new, is falsely advertised, usually the other way around, have trouble putting it, happens to be junk, is a scam, was not as advertised, is useless to me, was very confusing, is very disappointing, doesn't happen to others, is unacceptable, is only a problem, many problems, is bull-crap, isn't iphone se, problem, is being portrayed at a new phone, was at 3pm.i left work at 6 with 38 percent
64 opinion
56 7 1
positive 56
smaller, perfect, like, right, is perfect, nice, small, i like, great, loved, not heavy at all, doesn't do anything unexpected, excellent small, fast as lightening, fits better in my hand, best, same, beyond, really likes, you loved in your iphone 5, performs like my husband's 6, great small, handy small, smaller compact, blessing and curse, full-, bulky, sharper edges, is very nice, love
neutral 7
small, smaller, small tablet, same
negative 1
never did
63 opinion
41 3 19
positive 41
bigger, smaller, big, bright, easily fits in my pants pocket, size, durable, is smaller than later'smartphones, improved, is so sharp to look, fit perfectly, is 3.5 inches tall or 4 inches, vibrant, is going on with the, is adequate, on the way up, better larger, maneuverable, inch, very visible, distracting black border, more eye strain, gets the job done, good, no better, with one thumb, looking for where i should tap, larger, has great virus protection, great, very fast, is perfect, is beautiful, crisp, did look better, appeared brighter to me
neutral 3
is definitely small, is a little small, small
negative 19
failed, not great, would not properly turn on, is always discolored/off, went black, stopped working, not needing the larger, is not working properly, smaller, has dead spots, is a scratch, will not lock, has zero scratches, on literally all day, glitches, looks like, messed up, is not as nice, pushing down harder
battery life
47 opinion
35 12
positive 35
is great, great, good, was almost gone, enjoys it emensly, is excellent, is still pretty dang good, is a plus, decent, lasts a long time, seems to be pretty normal, seems way better, is amazing, amazing, is also ridiculously good, more, excellent, long, is amazing in terms of performance, like, 100%, is around 65 to 70%, doesn't slow down for anything, has been amazing, has great speed, is way more useful, is really great, very impressed, is much more better
negative 12
terrible, is meh, short, hours video playback, extra, is exaggerated, suffered, reduce, bad, 5 hour, drain
45 opinion
36 1 8
positive 36
great, is great, decent, is amazing, better, is far better, has become my best, good, is pretty good, is very nice, takes natural looking pictures, improved, takes great photos, takes wonderful pics, is much better, delivers sharp photos, much better, is generally very good, is excellent, 1.2 megapixels, are look great, is fantastic, is of stellar quality, is wonderful, got apple care, is also excellent, takes great pics, is 4k, is awesome, wise
neutral 1
doesn't protrude
negative 8
doesn’t focus at times, is a bit disappointing, takes crisp, does not fit the iphone se, records a small amount of video footage, substandard, is sucks, isn't better than the older version of the iphone
44 opinion
positive 44
great, good, low, is reasonable, excellent, decent, was right, very affordable, not matched, was amazing, recoup my purchase, cheaper, wasn't bad, thanks a lot, awesome, amazing, was significantly higher, nice, cheap, very good, paid full
iphone se
43 opinion
37 1 5
positive 37
new, was totally new, was set up, good, is a good product, works perfectly, being everything, was great opportunity, unlocked silver phone, goes along very smooth, performs, is new and unlocked, unlocked, will go to landscape mode, not been disappointed, surpasses all my needs, 269.00, in excellent condition, is the best of both worlds, arrived, is a handsome phone, cool, performs well, nice value, absolutely love, very pleased, rose gold color, would take cues, absolutely wanted, is a wonderfully built phone, is welcome relief, best phones, is the best, in great condition, is great, touched my heart
neutral 1
has a 1642 mah battery
negative 5
has issue of touchscreen, were no scratches, hit me - the, do not like, is locked version
37 opinion
20 2 15
positive 20
will show the purchase date in their system, understands advantage of this size/shape, stays on this path, continues to keep the smaller version phones, is excelent, is perfect, wont never leave, wish, got it right with the iphone, need to get along.2, has incorporated so many functions, fan, clear, very user friendly, are always really expensive, excellent product, $500 from, puts out a phone, has a lot of competition, best
neutral 2
has changed the storage to 32 and 164 gb, cares about (e.g., maps
negative 15
broken, is weird, not messed up this model, stop letting, often overlaps features in their products, never buy anything made, did not abandon the small size, doesn't provide assistance to products in argentina, only lasts, just did ir, has saved to keep the price low:1, would not admit this one is a failure, reluctant to even consider switching, policies and thoughts, wanted me to think different
33 opinion
17 16
positive 17
lasts the whole day, super reactive, no longer a problem, holds up significantly better, full, marginally better, excellent, bonus, work great, lasts a little bit more than a day, fresh, are the main reasons to upgrade, very fresh, lasting, lasts very long, won't need replacement, is still new
negative 16
drains fast, won’t charge or speaker won’t work, was 50% at 17hs yesterday, n’t using it, runs out in hours, ran out within hours, lasts 24+ hours, started to die, lasts 2 days, without low power mode, consuming less, can shrink down pretty rapidly, is no where near the curve quality, is starting to run out, becomes a problem, %
32 opinion
positive 32
was good, works fine, is great, is perfect, works correctly, else works, came brand new, no signs of refurbishing, works on it, worked out with mango wireless, works brilliantly, working, worked perfectly, went great, work fine, works, was great, works good, was as described, works perfect, was in package as expected, was okay, was perfect, perfect, was like i espected, was fantastic, was in great shape, was ok, good, was perfectly
32 opinion
24 8
positive 24
great, good, is totally recommended, with the highest rating, was amazing, trusted, responded to me immediately, was great, excelent, was very nice, excellent, very responsive, definitely consider, like new, pretty close, exactly as described
negative 8
cant contact, would not connect to service, bad antenna, is behaving unethically by failing to state this information clearly in the product description, declined any support, doesnt send me, no way to contact, tells me: the return period expired on those items
25 opinion
13 1 11
positive 13
great, love small, good, were clearly reshrinked wrapped by hand, pretty good, ton, are under full apple warranty.i, upgraded, big, struggling, unlocked, bigger
neutral 1
partial to small
negative 11
came with scratches, are out of warranty, cant have the shutter off, cumbersome, are not unlocked, not a lover, were damaged, did not work up to par, can't be worked with one hand, less slippery, will never waste
24 opinion
positive 24
perfect, excellent, good, great, clean, was really good, brilliant, arrived in great, works great, was in excellent, very good, perfect to almost new
19 opinion
15 4
positive 15
perfect, came exactly as described, came as expected, looks good, is very good, received on time, was exactly as advertised, was new in packaging, met my expectations, great, was brand new, excellent, arrived on time, was in really great condition
negative 4
was advertised, came in literally mint condition, was defective upon arrival, was not as discriped
19 opinion
13 1 5
positive 13
is smaller for my tiny hands, has been great, is a hidden gem, new 64 gb unlocked, is cheaper, is good, feels even a bit quicker, is a solid choice, looks the same apart from the rose gold detail, has the exact same form factor as the 5/5s, is a half millimeter thicker, is much more comfortable, has enough power
neutral 1
isn't the newest
negative 5
doesn't support lte-advanced, breaks no new ground, do not miss, not me, does not support 3d touch
18 opinion
17 1
positive 17
fast, prompt,, excellent, quick, prime, faster
negative 1
was a bit off
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