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LG Stylo 4 - 32 GB - Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) - Aurora Black - Prime Exclusive Phone

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34% of users say that: Product works great, works well, is much easier to see fine, is now my tablets choice. Phone is great, is amazing, works great, is really used as a pocket digital assistant. Screen looks great, is nice, is beautiful, is incredibly large. Camera is ok, are fine, is relatively low resolution, is not awful6. 1% of users noticed that: Lg was hasty, has hit one out of the park. Speaker is not great, is weak, is mediocre, is on the tinny. Nfc is a pain. Software is a little sloppy.

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319 143
love, like, excellent, very fast, works great, great deal, lightweight, works well, can't beat, ordered, much better, is much easier to see fine, is now my tablets choice, has two aspect ratios, tells me my sd card, has become my go to pocket digital assistant, is a great deal, would have the 5 stars, liked, feels premium
334 81
great, good, love, nice, best, absolutely love, awesome, very nice, high end, unlocked, is great, amazing, like, affordable, is amazing, works great, excellent, beautiful, good inexpensive, loves
99 21
big, large, great, looks great, bigger, larger, huge, is nice, very big, clear, nice big, is beautiful, beutiful, beautiful, decent enough, thin, much bigger, very very pleased, comes up automatically, resolutionsoundscreen sizereally sleekwill
45 26
great, good, is ok, decent, love, seems above average, very good, professional photographer, better, are fine, totally loving, takes decent photographs, produced good photos, is relatively low resolution, is not awful6, noticeably less sharp and colorful, is way better, are great, is average shooter, has nice bells and whistles
29 18
works great, is a nice feature, works well, love, in all 3, is good, can be set up, working excellent, has similar features to the note stylus, slender and precise, is a easy enough to remove, works perfectly, is a bonus, good, comes with, nice, can use for drawing apps, is great, is neat, is really a great
battery life
30 3
great, good, is really good, is pretty good, long, is amazing, has been stellar, is fantastic, is great, par, is solid, is phenomenal, is simply awesome, excellent, is very good, is much smoother, full day with heavy use, is awesome, is good, very good
27 4
great, is good, last longer, had over 49%, good, more features to explore, are great, has 4000mah, lasts a solid two days, performs well, is extremely good, reliable, seems to be good, last a long time, are excellent, stays up, is average, large, is barely drained, is amazing
great, useful, were enhanced, impressive, finding new, wonderful, easy to use, excellent, works proper, simple, amazing, love, best, are all easily-customizeable, are ok, good, nice, packed full of fun, decent
15 1
large, great, is good, is excellent, perfect, is decent, is great, bigger, i like, get a pop-it, very handy, spectacular, nice, eraser, love
11 9
doesn’t support their location, run smooth, is very easy to use, work fine7, i liked for my basic functions, outlook, are pre-loaded, the easiest, with ease, work, seem to function quickly
stylo 4
18 1
is has less ram, has been great, has 3300 mah, is waterproof, about two weeks, is $700 less, is the best phone, comes packing useful, requires a nano sim card, works great, just right, perfect edge, enter lg, better quality, with very little lag, is well equipped, was right up my alley, is hard to beat
16 2
great, cheap, is excellent, can vary ported over from boost, was very cheap, affordable, is great, small, went up to $250.00 from $180.00, wasn't expecting much, super, good, delivered fast
9 6
great, is excellent, is good quality, is acceptable, is not loud, is great, is very good
great, big, large, allows for you to view two apps, is beautiful, look great, are great, is a nice size, huge nice, quality, crisp, is truly amazing
10 2
makes it where we now own 3 lg stylus devices, very satisfying, really like, four, nice little, good little, is ok for light usage, amazing, excellent, functional
wise, snappy, pleasantly surprised, great, cheap phone, very happy, is ok, is better, good
8 3
great, look like it, are decent quality, are ok, lot, are lowest quality, good
lg stylo 4
10 1
started to be considered, prime exclusive, loving, is truly a fine, for a few weeks, is every bit as good, motorola g6 for my wife, is a decent phone, very happy, came back around to android
9 1
decent, great, go for $1000, affordable, best, good, owned eight, after using this
5 4
prime perks, account to use it, thanks you, prime, will dominate this
fingerprint sensor
works well, works every time, is a lot of fun, is very quick, is super responsive, i like, works flawlessly, is great
greater, if very acceptable, lower, you can't change, is great, gorgeous, lightweight
excellent, amazing, cheap, very good, you get, good, is a big down grade
amazon app
4 3
was preliaded, are useful, is a nice plus, would function the best
this phone
5 2
love, good
screen size
5 2
great, is great, wonderful, really love
5 2
4 3
is very useful, accurate, is a plus for us big-fingered individuals, separate
4 1
is patterned after those smartphones, ends up being the same size, feels way heavier, better built
poetic, good, feel cheap, scratches easily, fits perfectly
5 1
update, is based on metropcs version of stylo 4, wanted to try, were great
fingerprint reader
5 1
perfect, reasonably fast, is on the back of the phone, works well8, works great
fast, has fast, is fast, quick, is great
i was looking, works perfectly, works, looks the same, is working as expected, love
great, best, pretty good
7 12
sorry, stick to the fridges, doesn't allow adoptable storage, wanted me to send in both phones for a repair, truly messed up, disappointing, wanted me to factory reset the device, was hasty, can't wrap their minds, fixes the bugs.2018-10-25, i bought a rebel, has hit one out of the park
4 9
is not great, is weak, isn't that lout, isn't very good, is mediocre, is on the tinny, complains, avoid the thumb problem, are terrible
5 5
bad, are terrible, are bad, no, bummer
1 6
lack, no, is a pain
2 3
decision not a hardware one, attacked, is a little sloppy