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Echo (2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric Sound is great, is amazing. Sound quality is great, is amazing. Product is amazing, is great. App is terrible, work. Wifi will not sync to, is spotty. Phone will be activated on thursday, don't use a cell.
4.5 out of 5 stars
3889 opinion
3552 260 77
positive 3552
great, is great, good, is amazing, better, excellent, improved, is good, amazing, nice, is very good, is awesome, very good, is excellent, awesome, is fantastic, is wonderful, much better, is incredible, love, is better, is pretty good, wonderful, is really good, clear, is much better, fantastic, rich, very nice, is clear, is ok, terrific, is terrific, big, is really great, is decent, beautiful, best, is outstanding, incredible, is perfect, is fabulous, is very clear, good quality, great quality, is way better, really good, was great, pretty good, is rich
neutral 260
decent, filling, fills, does, full, could be better, is unbelievable, is not great, incredible, fuller, loud, bigger, is very loud, is, echo, system, enough, deep, is muddy, little thing, has, same, more muffled, is tinny, tends to lower midrange, multi room, is way to bass sounding, is creating all this, truly fills, no option to change the timer, not the easiest to set up, supberb, not having the same, difference between driving ground traffic, does carry in open air, dot to get better, much deeper and clearer, was muddy, does the echo have room filling, stupidest, booming, that kind of, is sooooooooo bassy, fill, louder side, compatible, excellentyou, a full, is a bit more clearer, is brought in dynamic
negative 77
bad, is horrible, poor, is terrible, terrible, isn't bad, sucks, is not good, was terrible, is mediocre, worse than echo, annoying static, is not as full and base is not as deep, doesn't seem to pick up, crap, is not very even over the full spectrum, very very disappointed, worst, is not loud enough, is lousy, not bad great, is not 100% what, is not up to par, no goes dead no, is worse than my original brown, is worse than the 1st gen, doesn't make a, seemed lower, is still poor, not good at all, is beyond disappointing, very bad, becomes distorted, very poor, was bad, was horrible, is weak, is much worse, extremely poor quality, is inferior, is a bit worse, does not even compare to the 1st generation, a bit disappointing, extremely disappointed, is disappointing, is not stellar, is poor, not sounding up to par, is ludicrous, is much worse than my echo gen
2753 opinion
1606 646 501
positive 1606
works great, love, ’s great, is great, great, works well, was easy to set up, ’s amazing, ’s awesome, is awesome, loves, works fine, sounds great, works perfectly, i love, awesome, amazing, very happy with, loved, looks great, looks nice, ’s ok, is amazing, easy, great love, looks good, was very easy to set up, was great, is fun, ’s cool, works really well, ’s easy to use, easy to set up, ’s fun, is wonderful, works very well, is very easy to use, is easy to use, is fun to use, works like a charm, he loves, awesome love, ’s a lot of fun, easy to use, is perfect, wonderful, worked fine, is the best, works great love, works ok
neutral 646
works, works as advertised, does everything, has exceeded my expectations, not perfect, does so many things, works as expected, ’s okay, is so handy, is working well, does so much, gets used everyday, does so much more, makes my life easier, does, takes up very little space, ’s very convenient, doesn't work very well, met all my expectations, can do so much, exceeded my expectations, far, small, makes me sympathize with the luddites, should be bluetooth as well, really don't need, worked ok for a few weeks, feels too robotic and very linear in, meets expectations, feels my whole apartment, takes up minimal space, has met every expectation, is so simple to talk, ’s works well, does that job sufficiently well, get very loud too, goes off a lot, is extremely polite, always goes to, ’s a very handy tool, has to be plug in all time, never sees my daughter, is shorter than the first generation so fits inconspicuously anywhere, has some kinks for sure, is just too fast, is almost space, stays in my living room, should be much easier, controls my house but speaker needs, is heavy
negative 501
does not work, has to be plugged in at all times, ended up returning, worked for months, keeps shutting off, bad, ’s very frustrating, was terrible, has to be plugged in to work, doesn't work as well, doesn't work, stopped working, is really annoying, loses internet connection daily, has some shortcomings, all day every day, doesn't work in my country for making phone, was purchased through amazon prime, shouldnt be so difficult getting assistance, irritating, has the potential to be, be too hard for him to work, is several feet long, recognized our prime membership, doesn't always play well with the echo dot, is extremely frustrating and annoying, can be quite frustrating, would collect dust and play music occasionally, streams from my echo dot, ’s never worked, is going to be returned, is frustrating to have a feature, does not work well, ’s very spotty, doesn’t stay on my wifi, hardly ever answers questions right, freezes up and not responding, looks like i am not alone, is at least 15 feet away, does not light up my life, would hang when trying to enable a skill, keeps my schedule and wakes me up, is hard to command at time, can be connected and playing to a remote speaker, is not useful for complex tasks, doesn't understand things, plays distorted, tends to shut off on its own, randomly talks at night, been frustrating so far
sound quality
1309 opinion
1218 19 72
positive 1218
great, good, is great, is amazing, is very good, better, is excellent, excellent, is good, is awesome, amazing, very good, is fantastic, improved, is better, is superb, much better, is outstanding, is really good, best, nice, awesome, is pretty good, is good enough, is quite good, is way better, decent, incredible, is much better, fantastic, has, wonderful, really good, is not as good, is incredible, is decent, very nice, is better than expected, is fine, is impressive, is wonderful, is nice, exceptional, absolutely amazing, outstanding, very impressed, perfect, has improved, is, is perfect
neutral 19
same, echo, is second to none, lacks, flex pay plan, horrid, not lose, not noticeably improved, major problem, is terrible.2, not bother to hook up, poorer, falls way short on, is abysmal, at least equal, epic letdown, crappy
negative 72
poor, is poor, is horrible, is terrible, terrible, bad, is very poor, a loss of, is worse than the original echo, does seem worse, currently stinks, isn’t even that bad, is worse, is disappointing, is bad, sucks, is so poor, sadly putting out lousy, is still awful, is beyond horrible, absolutely horrible, very disappointed at, greatly disappointing, is just terrible, is extremely poor, not good, gets worse, isn't bad, not to bad , is awful, is just crap, is unfortunately worse, very disappointed, was bad, very poor, is a fail, poor initial, terribly disappointed, extremely disappointed, major fail, has become considerably worse
1274 opinion
1183 36 55
positive 1183
great, excellent, awesome, good, amazing, very good, nice, wonderful, fantastic, cool, fun, very happy, very cool, best, is amazing, terrific, very nice, is great, outstanding, works well, pretty good, fine, superior, is wonderful, absolutely great, works great, really fun, better, damn good, super, helpful, enjoyable, phenomenal, is awesome, so impressed with, super amazing, great resourceful, is nice, my favorite, was easy to set up, desirable, .good, very useful, is fine, very amazing, is excellent, very much enjoying the, truly a wonderful, incredible, is remarkably good or remarkably
neutral 36
met all my expectations, 5 out of 5 star, has such as music and weather, excelent, works, sells on its reputation, does well whatsoever, is our first echo, arrived very quickly, works as specified, has, similar, not necessarily a great quality, excellant, not a good, has enhanced my life, most necessary, very dissapointed, unbelievable, exceeded all my expectations every, works as advertised, grate, to turn light off, goid, expensive, is just a failure in so many ways, well thought out, exuded, had, is so versatile, is exactly how desribed, a five star, grest, stellar, works literally one night
negative 55
bad, very disappointed, terrible, very bad, does not work, failed, sucks, does not work at all, not being built to last, worst, is not working, is useless, not working properly, pretty scary, is a disaster, horrible, extremely disappointed, most disappointing, a lazy man, is my 4th echo, absolute trash, will not connect to the internet, known, feels beta all of the time, keeps coming up every, doesn't work, very very disappointed, to be lacking in knowledge, dependable, often unusable, does not disappoint, is so frustrating, poor, does not work in other, returned, quite disappointed, has next to nothing as far as bass, no way of turning down, will be returned, not a super reliable, is my third echo, disappointing, dreadful, unbelievable, is impossible, several hours of frustration
774 opinion
540 153 81
positive 540
great, is great, good, better, is amazing, nice, is awesome, awesome, is good, amazing, excellent, best, has great, is very good, much better, powerful, great little, good quality, works great, works well, is excellent, very good, improved, smart, wonderful, is fantastic, is nice, is really good, is fine, great quality, powerful little, is more than adequate, best smart, is pretty good, is much better, a very good, has great sound, really good, high quality, is powerful for its small size, love my echo smart, you need a smart, a powerful little, is not as clear and bright sounding, very good quality, is super loud with great, works amazing, not the best, could be a wonderful, is notably superior to the dot
neutral 153
small, little, decent, very loud, is loud, loud, is loud enough, compact, blue tooth, a small, is decent, is very loud my son, has incredible, appears to be a little louder, rivals, is too loud and tinny sounding, tiny little, does not sound nearly as good as the echo, normal old, goes all around, go big, cracks at a high volume, portable, deceptively heavy, could been a lil better, isn't very loud, is very loud i, crackles, used in a medium, wants to work, major space, is not as loud or clear, ie waterproof, does everything you would expect from a speaker, is not as good, is ok, is small, well as issues, n’t need my blue tooth, is exceptionally loud, my smaller ble, can do mostly, is just as loud/good, is really loud when listening to music, is louder than i thought, significant reverb, excelent, isn't clear enough, is much less quality, is quite powerfull
negative 81
bigger, expensive, such a small, is unbelievable, extra, is terrible, echo, does not work with apple music, only be used as a bluetooth, fills, simply a bluetooth, bad, is already giving out, really bad, killer, is weak, doesn’t pick up my voice, can be heard all through the house, enhanced, glorified voice controlled, absolutely miserable, doesn’t pick up our voices, sleek looking, can produce, is blown, distortion starts to begin @ volume 8, is pointless , very expensive, voice surprises, is sturdy, can fill the room, is muffled, descent, room filling, is not same quality, is difficult to understand, is hands, falls way short, separate, will hold up, giant, ’s use is limited, not a premium audio, blew me away, doesn’t compare to my bose, has to be plugged in to worki, did, basically a glorified, has, has too much bass
758 opinion
563 142 53
positive 563
great, awesome, amazing, excellent, fun, wonderful, cool, good, nice, fantastic, great little, very cool, best, is awesome, is great, incredible, interesting, very nice, very smart, is amazing, pretty cool, works great, works fine, very handy, amazing little, really great, really cool, easy to use, fun little, awesome little, very fun, perfect, is pretty cool, very useful, great looking, very happy, nice little, impressive, decent, is the best, very good, a very good, better looking, really nice, super useful, amazing electronic, very informative, much better, absolutely amazing, is perfect for my office
neutral 142
small, little, does, relatively small, exceeded my expectations, is my first echo, echo, coolest, will, very few feet, a whole different, never had an echo, fits our decor, will meet the needs, handy, rocks, has changed my life, is our 5th echo, is a little shorter, will still pick up on your request, is always dropping out our group, quickly changed our mind, larger, is my 3rd echo, has proven to be everything, not always obedient, affords him some independence, is very handy for all sorts, captures my voice well, sturdy, our third echo, ingenious, should be able to belong to multiple, neat, phenomenal, very much, is a hefty, is not always responsive to commands, far more than a music producing, compact, i am in palmerton, incredible, has some issues on searching, went way beyond my expectations, furbished, very highly, comes with step by step instructions, is literally invaluable to me personally, is currently an expensive gimmick, many complaints
negative 53
very disappointed, will intermittently disconnect from wifi, records your commands, doesn't deliver the same quality, does not connect to the wifi, get up every morning, fails to perform on that front, replaced our 1st generation echo, soooo disappointed, can be finicky, has difficulty playing music from international artist, it hears, doesn’t respond at all, stopped working, serious, is my 3rd echo, is totally usable for me as well, several problems, is not made for smaller spaces, does not have a way to equalize the, slow to respond, is my third echo, shuts down abruptly, stopped responding, answers, very limited, useless, turns off randomly, leaves a lot to be desired, often requires exact info, terrible, complicated, a pretty useless, another overrated electronic, suck a small, is not nearly intuitive enough, has been modified to not respond, is completely useless to, would make on my day to day life, incredibly disappointed, will not work your lights, some challenges keeping a connection, is not connected to wifi, can actually hear/respond, no instructions, lacks mid, close to useless, will not display, has literally changed my life, doesn't know the answer or request
382 opinion
363 13 6
positive 363
great, good, amazing, better, awesome, really good, fantastic, much better, nice, is great, excellent, works great, wonderful, are great, very good, clear, fine, terrific, so great, is very good, pretty good, is amazing, incredible, great easy, able to play rain, good for, are very nice, very nice, is good, beautiful at full, are awesome, has great, really great, better than my normal, ok, looks great, beautiful, soothing, is awesome, produces great, much better than the first, exceedingly great, is quite nice, great out, surprisingly good, with crisp loud
neutral 13
ok, exceptional, very, relaxing, big, rain, is not great, works awesomes, crackling, doesn’t escape rooms, everything, raspy
negative 6
terrible, sucks, echo, morw muffled, muffled
351 opinion
242 61 48
positive 242
is great, is amazing, is awesome, works great, very happy, works very well, works well, is fine, is wonderful, love, very happy with, is so easy to use, best, is fantastic, great, amazing, is extremely user friendly, easy to set up, very pleased, is excellent, nice, is cool, is very easy to set up, awesome, really enjoying our, really enjoying my, is a lot of fun, is fun, is easy to use, has been great, is perfect, is likely better than two stars, is totally awesome, is my new favorite, is very helpful, is easy to set up, really enjoying our alexa, very satisfied, good as the full size, very much enjoyed my, is ok, is mans new best, is so great, excellent, been great, is fun to use, is super exciting, works pretty well, is extremely useful, are very pleased
neutral 61
works, smaller, small, large, keeps going offline, is not bad at all, is my extra lifeline, much bass, big, my first regular size, less responsive than the 1st generation, little, is to sensitive to the word, is my second big, beat hands down, far the most convenient, can, kept very busy with her, amazingly up, is, worked well, is reasonably priced, does a lot of neat things, quits responding, doesnt know a lot things, makes, more expensive, does, can be more finicky, is not family friendly, still very app dependent, is simple to set up, shaped, is used in our home, is convenient for weather, doesn't do much, has met all expectations, only thing, does even more than we expected, expensive, has exceeded my expectations, compact, has trouble understanding questions, is a definite, is fast, compared to the full sized, exceeds, slowest, is getting smarter everyday, has grown in abilities by leaps
negative 48
taller, stopped, tall, broken, does not work without being plug in, bigger, doesn't seem to let you, does, doesn't work, quit working correctly, is slightly less frustrating, is pretty disappointing, does not respond, is very unresponsive, is unreliable, does not work well at all, gray, very hard to use, does not work with fire 10, fills, is sleek, keeps turning itself off, outshines, has given me hours of enjoyment, never sleeps, does not respond to voice commands well, the, doesn't understand some questions, does not respond to voice commands promptly, is not connected to, is kind of a butt, keeps kicking off my wifi, is terrible, does not seem to work on all, alarmingly bad about, is not working as well, is extremely beneficial in our household, has met my needs, does not interface with my amazon fire stick, is not as responsive to requests, has been part of our household, is, visually, says, bad, much worse the old
273 opinion
202 47 24
positive 202
great, is great, good, plays great, is fantastic, nice, is awesome, love, beautiful, is the best, amazing, plays good, best, is my favorite, is excellent, is good, wonderful, is wonderful, is clear, is nice, is truly amazing, wise, works flawless, provides great, very much enjoy, satisfactory for providing pleasant background, really enjoy playing, enjoyed great, does not sound good at all, clear, baritone excellent, ’s just fun to listen to, very good, husband loves being able to listen to, favorite, is pure enjoyment, to listen to our favorite, knows all my favorite, love loud, is perfectly crisp, amazing easy to play, is so clear, great to hear your, clear i, crisp clear, very clear, very easily, much fun playing, nice to have, is very clear
neutral 47
unlimited, endless, able to listen to, is endless, more music, quick, mostly to play, he needs, is decent, is never directed to basic amazon selection, most of all, quick way to play, does, daily jokes, is the most used, did not add to our household, multi room, boom, is always at my command, not always know really old, she plays, is almost always on in the kitchen, worked okay, plays loud, was primary need, she, daily in my office as background, get our weather, prime, difficult to find newest, is so difficult to link, isn't part of the routines, works well w/ prime, needs to allow scheduled, is way, very wide of, playing light, easiest access to all, big, flows thru my house, is out of sync, is not crisp, noticeably more well rounded
negative 24
no, stupid, somewhat limited on basic, is played off, is limited, most frustrating, little depressive, multiple, not able to hear some, limited, no way to turn off explicit, is unbelievable, is not my thing, not been able to hear, stops playing, shuts off, doesn't play as directed yet, can shuffle specific, constantly drops out, shut off, stopped playing, no longer, ’s not really designed for
203 opinion
96 74 33
positive 96
good, great, better, nice, decent, improved, nice deep, rich, increased, job done with decent registers on, was a bit better, deep and clean, they all produce better, doesn't sound as good or great, still amazing, very reasonable, is very nice for some songs, is perfect, crisp with decent, ok, pretty good, is well more defined, is very improved over previous, strong, is good, is superb, waaaay better sound, is very impressive, is not as good, is much better, is better than the echo 1st generation, good deep, superb, truly impressive, much better sound, rich deep, is so much on music, really good, impressive, is excellent, has very good, deep crisp, produces amazing, perfect, is more full, is very strong, has very nice, is pronounced with good mids, stronger, is noticeably improved
neutral 74
deep, more, much, no, smooth between low to mid, heavy that the speaker sounds like garbage, far too much, with occasional high notes sticking out, nonadjustable, not loud enough, is enough to make my desk, handles, decrease, is loud and deep, makes her a bit hard to understand, is unacceptably dominant, is overwhelming, deeper, can be felt in my desk chair, not able to adjust, were adjustable, larger echo, can adjust, has, can be overpowering on some music, resounding, needs more, full, pounding, boomy, boosted unpleasantly heavy, more full sounding, steady thumping, much treble, will seem weaker, the high ends are muddy, less, fuller, loaded, zero, is a little deeper, a little more, very little, was spinning, more pronounced, is almost non, is nearly non, doesn’t seem to kick
negative 33
no, too loud, little too much, is too heavy, does use a reachable battery, not enough mid, doesn't work all of the time, inability to adjust, is incredibly weak, bogus, drowns, is to loud , is terrible, is subpar, way too much, lower, little flat, is not good, low, alarmingly loud, is lacking, is distorted after, is off, weak, doesn’t sound any different, is not outstanding, very hollow, cut off at the low end
202 opinion
170 18 14
positive 170
easy, easy to, very easy to, was easy, very easy, super easy, was very easy, is easy, easy to use, works great, is very easy, pretty easy, fairly easy, works great easy to, extremely easy to, was fairly easy, work well, easy peezy, super simple, very easy too, pretty easy to, super easy to, pretty straightforward, was pretty straight forward
neutral 18
was a breeze, simple, was simple, fast, quite a bit more difficult, light, was a little complicated, went well, little tricky, simple to, is simple, was not easy as expected, fairly east to, is simple and fast, quick, was not smooth
negative 14
little difficult to, difficult to, a bit difficult using multiple, is very difficult, no big, is cumbersome, very hard to, was a bit tedious, small problem, stinks, is lousy, is a total frustration, stalled or crashed
201 opinion
164 21 16
positive 164
great, are great, good, are awesome, are amazing, better, are excellent, are very good, excellent, are better, nice, are fantastic, awesome, clear, impressive, are good, are really good, perfect, work well, are pretty good, amazing, have very good sound, works great with super, the best small, good as most bluetooth, works very well with surround, are far better than i expected, works well, incredibly powerful, are wonderful for music, good ones on its own, are fabulous, are surprisingly good, has one of the best, are decent enough, pretty powerful, are the best speakers, are good considering how small, really good, won't replace high quality, are really quite good, really good sound, nice loud, is good without having to connect to, very clear, aren't the absolute best you, are amazing for music, good quality, perfect for my room sizes, are way better more volume
neutral 21
small, are very loud, large, are loud, are definitely different, are a lot louder, are fab, are plenty for my small house, higher end, expensive, not bad for tiny, massive, nicer, are quite loud, big bulky, big, not high end, dinky
negative 16
are unbelievable, create, he, doesn't always listen to my commands, blown out, were low, kick ass, come blown, small cheap little, can be connected to an amplifier, are out of this world, problematic, not good, are working correctly, didn't ship
172 opinion
138 15 19
positive 138
best, is awesome, is amazing, good, great, is great, greatest, amazing, most amazing, is pretty awesome, awesome, is just way too much fun, is terrific, very fun, is the most incredible, works great, works so good, makes creating a shopping list as easy, neat, awesome little, seriously the best, is fantastic
neutral 15
little, small, is tight, echo, not a bad, coolest, nicest, largest, is a blast, works for everything
negative 19
worst, poor, bad, annoying, damned, damn, negative, worst most frustrating, sucks, same, mediocre, disappointing, missed, stupid, started playing some boys choir, is glorified spy/malware
157 opinion
positive 157
great, best, perfect, good, excellent, wonderful, awesome, nice, coolest, pretty cool, looks good, amazing, terrific, wonderful christmas, most amazing, very happy, fantastic, great holiday, fun, excellent best, very nice christmas, unexpected, very best, very nice, pretty good birthday, brilliant, cool
set up
155 opinion
138 9 8
positive 138
very easy to, easy, super easy to, super easy, works great, easy to use, was easy, is easy, very easy, incredibly easy to, is is kind of fun, very easy too, works better, how easy, is easy to operate, very very easy, easy & simple, been good, looks great, sooo easy to, most part easy, nice looking, soo easy, easy to manage, super easy general, is super easy, works works better, super simple, extremely easy to, incredibly easy, relatively easy to, works very well, very user friendly, very user friendly to, easy to connect, pretty easy to
neutral 9
quick, simple, very simple to, little rocky, is fairly simple, is effortless
negative 8
very hard to, no problem, incredibly difficult to, very difficult to, not too difficult, is frustrating, very frustrating to
134 opinion
125 2 7
positive 125
great, best, good, excellent, very happy with, very happy, very satisfied, very good, fantastic, awesome, perfect, are very satisfied with our, happy with out prime day, highly recommended, very enjoyable, very pleased, very satisified with, overall very happy, wonderful, absolutely the most enjoyable, is my favorite, are definitely enjoying our
neutral 2
not a good, my first echo
negative 7
bad, doubt my biggest mistake, horrible, valuable, a pretty useless, very disappointing, disappointing
132 opinion
71 41 20
positive 71
great, nice, great little, very nice, works fine, very happy, is pretty loud, is working fine, worked great, pretty helpful, has better sound, add much pleasure to our echo, terrific, looks clean, works great, good, helpful, great for such a small, is small and attractive, cool, very impressed, is a good buy, sounds better and clearer, nice looking, high quality, powerful, is great, pretty decent, impressive little, very responsive, delivers excellent, is very good, much fun, works nice, very pleased with, impressive, awesome, is entertaining i, as well, is very impressive, good looking, is responsive
neutral 41
small, little, compact, has a bit too much base, bigger, smaller, did what i intended, has a small footprint, unlimited, will occasionally join a conversation without being asked, neither, generally performs, responds well to commands, plays music , is a big let down, works extremely well, is shorter, has a much harder time understanding, gets loud, has the ability to play quite, managed to improve
negative 20
bad, does not stay responsive, up correctly, is a waste of space, continues to lose volume, doesn't have a search engine, refuses to accept skills, is stupid, is almost useless, will no work with a macbook pro, does not pick up voice commands, has failed multiple, could, usable, does not like close proximity to another, drops out, produces, 0 position starts, did receive
128 opinion
44 83 1
positive 44
great, nice, perfect, nice compact, good, is perfect, pretty loud, very good, very loud, very good considering, is amazing, very good for, is very good, are better with the 2nd generation, works well, is good, looks good, is nice, pretty darn good, pretty cool for its
neutral 83
smaller, compact, small, shorter, full, more compact, its, old full, disturbingly loud for its, wider, get the full, isn' big, obvious, is prefect, tiny, petite, with enough bass, is much more compact, is more manageable, reduced, larger
negative 1
doesn't stick out
121 opinion
112 4 5
positive 112
great, best, excellent, is awesome, awesome, very fun, wonderful, very cool, is great, pretty cool, is wonderful, nice, been a very useful, packaged very well, very nice, works well, is perfect, very useful, súper nice, fun household, always a great, good, fantastic, really useful, one fine, entertaining, fabulous, a very nice, well engineered, cool, great techy, super, is fantastic, is fun to interact, works perfectly in my room, a very high quality
neutral 4
could be useful, exceeded expectations, small, really neat
negative 5
is totally useless, most complicated, excellet, bad made, terrible
111 opinion
76 31 4
positive 76
great, cool, excellent, are great, amazing, awesome, works well, neat, good, nice, useful, many great, has so many useful, some fun, far so good, very useful, pretty awesome, better, funny little, many neat, are elegant, really nice, work great, many incredible, lot of cool, two favorite, lots of fun, many cool, other smart home, great good, work well, has some fun, seriously awesome, many nice, are a lot of fun, are pretty good, favorite, pretty, plenty of cool, very nice, are incredible, are cool, the most valuable, are good
neutral 31
many, more, few, are constantly added to the devices as well, many other, more complicated and/or extra, will become available over time, will extract all, makes this product versatile, enough, are slowly learning those, lots of neat, working beyond my expectations, explored most of her, different, been very handy to, endless, available, tried all, consistentlycon:- alarm clock, seem very basic
negative 4
limited, a lot of lacking, very disappointed in search, multiple
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