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Echo (2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric

Sound is great, is amazing, is good, is awesome. Alexa is great, is awesome, is amazing, is fun. This was a gift, is great, is my second echo, is awesome. Sound quality is great, is amazing, is very good, is excellent. App is terrible, is no help, is getting slower, is not so great. Wifi was part of deal, will not sync to, is spotty, keeps disconnecting. Instructions are sorely lacking, were not intuitive, are a little lacking, are not user friendly. Spotify will randomly just stop playing music, is shaky, worked without having to pay, was not yet enabled.

4.5 out of 5 stars
18225 opinion
14000 92 4133
positive 14000
love, like, loves, works great, great, loved, can do, is great, sounds great, fun, ’s great, easy, works, everyday, was a gift, works well, enjoy, really like, was easy to set up, enjoying, all the time, loving, good, awesome, liked, every day, absolutely love, amazing, easy to use, is awesome, does, wish, gift, highly recommend, nice, does everything, up, ’s amazing, is fun, ’s awesome, was great, works perfectly, works fine, lot of fun, fun with, enjoyed, really enjoying, ’s fun, cool, happy with
neutral 92
a little smaller, isn't perfect, says to select the echo on my phone, would have been compatible, does have a little smudge, isn't as smart as google, very similar, ’s a southern thing, requires an android or iphone, is smaller, was smaller, is just a machine, doesn't do everything, a little bit louder, was a refurbished, looked a bit small, for a month, isn't the only reason, hasn't a clue, does around 10 songs, from weather, struggles with my southern accent, a bit too much bass, little gimiky, is not like the echo, not a necessity, hears the name alex or alexa from a commercial, took me a little, little pricey, linked with my spotify acct, toy, a little overwhelming, identifies as a girl, ’s being used as a paperweight, has to be 20' from with wifi, was a little tricky, is a bit pricey, ’s invasive, will likely have more uses as learning, small issue, does very little, not big and bulky, takes a little while to get use to the type of commands, refurb or something, could have been a little bit louder, doesn't mind the buttons, a little heavy, would be a novelty, sits in my office, has run through as the puns
negative 4133
out, doesn't work, work, back, up, stopped working, does not work, hate, don't like, to work, doesn’t work, not worth, off, not wireless, not using, could not get, is not, disappointing, trouble, has to be plugged in, can't get, didn't work, fix, stopped, doesn't know, reset, is annoying, not as good, don't use, is very annoying, ’s not, returned, replaced, is not portable, sounds tinny, is really annoying, never works, has to be plugged in at all times, shuts off, does not, can't live without, is not working, down, going back, working, ’s not wireless, doesn't understand me, stops, annoying, haven't used
5186 opinion
4800 18 368
positive 4800
great, is great, good, is amazing, better, love, improved, excellent, is good, is awesome, is very good, nice, amazing, very good, clear, is excellent, awesome, much better, is fantastic, is better, like, is incredible, is wonderful, is really good, is much better, decent, is pretty good, wonderful, quality, easy to use, very nice, rich, is clear, best, fantastic, really good, terrific, is terrific, is ok, is so much better, big, is outstanding, great quality, is really great, pretty good, incredible, crisp, is crisp, full, is decent
neutral 18
could be better, small unit, small speaker, not that great, is ok, is any better, is too rich, not amazing, is flat, could be a bit better, little thing, is only a little better, is comparable to my bose mini soundlink, was advertised, tinny, slightly smaller footprint
negative 368
is not as good, not as good, bad, is horrible, poor, terrible, was not as good, is not great, isn't as good, is terrible, was horrible, is not as loud, muffled, not happy, very disappointed, is much worse, sucks, is not as full, is not very good, is not nearly as good, not great, crap, is muddy, is muffled, is worse, not impressed, problem, is awful, not good, complaints, is not good, extremely disappointed, isn't nearly as good, was bad, was muffled, underwhelming, was terrible, was disappointing, is tinny, flat, was not as great, isnt as crisp, didn't care, is not quite awesome, is mediocre, isn't that good for music, was much worse, not quiet, kept cutting out, is like the difference between driving ground traffic
2426 opinion
1878 8 540
positive 1878
love, is great, is awesome, is amazing, like, is fun, is the best, can do, works well, fun, works great, loves, does everything, is cool, is very helpful, is wonderful, great, helpful, is ok, is easy to use, is pretty smart, is my new best friend, enjoying, best friend, is responsive, amazing, is a lot of fun, is very responsive, is very smart, is fantastic, enjoy, loving, good, lot of fun, is very good, is fun to use, has all the answers, is the best thing, works perfectly, is nice, really enjoying, very helpful, is very entertaining, is smart, is my new friend, really love, works very well, knows everything, is so much fun, responds quickly
neutral 8
can do some of these, doesn't haveall of the answers, is my boo, can be a little dense, bit quitely, had a slight edge, can't answer, is my 3rd child
negative 540
hate, doesn't understand, is stupid, poor, doesn't know everything, doesn't know anything, is an idiot, is pretty dumb, doesn't understand commands, does not know much, wrong, is not as smart, doesn't speak spanish, doesn't love, doesn't know very much, turning off, is terrible, has a hard time understanding, don't like, doesn't know much, gets confused, does not know, stupidest, can't stop, is garbage, hears me, is dumb, is not very smart, is not perfect, does not listen properly, doesn't understand requests, not at all intuitive, does not respond correctly to my inquiry, is not reliable, does not seem to understand everytime, doesn't seem as smart as google home, is mostly useless, is overhyped, is extremely annoying, has no real purpose, can't understand some song titles, doesn't work, does not respond well, doesn't have all the answers to questions, has moments where she's not so smart, can be a very frustrating experience, goes offline, does not hear what was asked, isn't perfect, will not understand
2225 opinion
1849 11 365
positive 1849
love, was a gift, gift, is great, is my second echo, like, recommend, christmas gift, is awesome, is my first echo, was a christmas gift, loves, is amazing, fun, loving, is the best thing, is the best, is our second echo, works great, is fantastic, highly recommend, is so cool, glad, easy, absolutely love, enjoying, gift for my husband, is for you, is fun, is my second one, is so much fun, great, good, really like, was given to me as a gift, is my 2nd one, was easy to set up, is perfect, really enjoying, is one of the best purchases, is a gift, long to get one, is my third echo, long, really love, is my third one, loved, is our third echo, is a great value, for my parents
neutral 11
was my 3rd, has limited practicality, took a bit of doing, is a non-issue, is the smaller one, isn't a placebo effect, little units pack a punch, is my 3rd echo, is a small quibble, will link with my dot, was too complex
negative 365
fix, problem, hate, is disappointing, was happening, is annoying, is blind, disappointing, is not good, is extremely disappointing, bad, like, is not for you, is unacceptable, is a problem, sucks, has to be plugged in, is not the one for you, is the worst customer support, hasnt been the case, piece of trash, you can tell her to stop, didn’t work, fixes the problem, is very inconvenient, is fixable, was a frustrating experience, one mostly outside by the pool, more annoying, totally killed the vibe, is only a temporary issue, is could not be installed, is premature, is a big issue, causes problems, has been my only issue, might seem complicated, can not believe, tiny problem, made me lose ground, is likely my fault, might not be sufficient, could connect to my 🔥 stick, can be fixed by cycling power, could also be fixed with a power cycle, is bad business, is happening quite often, haven't reviewed, didn't do, is too frustrating
sound quality
1849 opinion
1631 7 211
positive 1631
great, is great, good, is amazing, love, is very good, excellent, is excellent, better, is good, is awesome, improved, amazing, very good, is fantastic, is better, is much better, impressed, like, is outstanding, is superb, much better, best, is really good, is pretty good, was better, awesome, very impressed, pleasantly surprised, is quite good, is wonderful, clear, very pleased, is fine, very happy, decent, really like, really impressed, wonderful, is so much better, is decent, could be better, superior, is surprisingly good, nice, is way better, fantastic, pleased, incredible, perfect
neutral 7
isn't the best, could be improved, could be better, isn’t quite the same, doesn't compare, is not the best, is just average
negative 211
poor, is not as good, is horrible, is poor, very disappointed, is terrible, disappointed, terrible, bad, is worse, is so poor, is not nearly as good, is very poor, was not as good, good, worried, is not that great, is not very good, would be bad, short, is awful, loss, downgraded, not noticeably better, doesn't seem to have, seems like its worse, does seem worse, really didn't feel i needed, currently stinks, is so muffled, is mediocre, was poor, isn’t even that bad, didn't have full alexa capability, lacks at full volume, wasn't right, not so great, wasn't expecting, is disappointing, doesn't understand what i am saying, is not better than the first generation, wasn't up to much, is oversold, drawback, don't, is bad, is meh, little speaker puts out, not promoted, cannot believe
1647 opinion
1547 1 99
positive 1547
great, excellent, awesome, good, amazing, very good, love, wonderful, nice, fantastic, very happy, fun, cool, like, is amazing, very cool, is great, terrific, quality, really good, enjoy, echo, works well, best, very satisfied, very nice, easy to use, really great, works great, outstanding, very useful, happy, easy to set up, lot of fun, useful, fine, very pleased, is wonderful, was portable, is nice, favorite, easy to install, perfect, enjoying, absolutely great, really fun, pretty good, works as expected, looks great, is excellent
neutral 1
is an obvious money
negative 99
does not work, terrible, stupid, worst, bad, very bad, horrible, disappointing, useless, didn't work properly, must be plugged into ac, frustrating, turned off, not being built to last, didn't already approve, some downsides, is trash, not so good, is not working, habit, is bad, is useless, totally unless, not working properly, won’t reconnect, beyond ‘reset to factory defaults, are unable to support, not because, if worthless, would not work, is not as smart, most amusing, not satisfied, lazy man, is scary, not worth the hassle, will not connect to the internet, is obviously not ready to provide the service, has way too many bugs, is not ready for primetime, is not worth it, doesn't work, taking a nose dive, is limited, not a good, to be lacking in knowledge, was not out, not impressed, is so frustrating, is not
1629 opinion
1276 14 339
positive 1276
love, is great, absolutely love, works great, is awesome, is amazing, like, very pleased, really like, really enjoying, was a gift, better, can do, great, new, has been great, really enjoyed, works well, enjoy, best, original, is fine, recommend, works very well, is wonderful, glad, is perfect, is everything, was easy to set up, highly recommend, very much, is easy to use, very happy, amazing, is ok, smaller, convenient, long, really love, impressed, loving, easy, is excellent, is responsive, is cool, excellent, works as advertised, really enjoy, lot of fun, full size
neutral 14
small, was just a fancy piece of equipment, is constructed of 2.5, does the basics, is used in our home, was a novelty, is too large, is mostly a curiosity, was undergoing an update, is kind of a butt, full-size, plays music in a background mode, is taller than the dot
negative 339
stopped working, problem, don't like, very disappointed, does not respond, will not connect, stops playing music, did not work, not to love, not buy, rushing to work one day, did not order, goes red, has a hard time trying to figure out, useless, fails spectacularly, breaks up, is silent for 12 seconds, no smart appliances, was unable to locate classical music requested, operates completely independently from my roommate, can not get, goes off line, left off, doesn't have this capability, just stopped responding, worked out of the box, stopped worker, has slightly more programming, hears the television, lags behind my dot, not to like about, inoperable, completely useless, spends all its time off line, isnt destroyed, has only + and - volume buttons, not usde, is not sure, made me laugh a couple times, doesn’t come with a built in battery, will not add an event to the calendar, is holding up its end of the deal, doesn’t confirm my last command, can't find, does not work without being plug in, does not need to be plug, not my, no need to buy, no more stumbling around in the dark
1399 opinion
1215 184
positive 1215
favorite, love, great, unlimited, good, is great, sounds great, enjoy, like, nice, enjoying, prime, variety, can play, able to listen, is fantastic, best, is awesome, plays, really enjoy, news, loves, lot, sounds good, everywhere, enjoyed, kind, clear, is wonderful, beautiful, perfect, loud, very good, amazing, lots, can listen to, can play any, more, is clear, able to play, useful, ease, really love, clean, works great, awesome, can listen, can stream, soft, soothing
negative 184
no, limited, stop, mostly to play, is limited, shuts off, does not play, not like her choice, cuts in and out, starts playing, too loud, hideous, is not available, stupid, is vastly overrated, wants to listen, does not sound good, does not include as much, is when we sleep, not able to received unlimited, haven't figured out, will stop playing, ridiculous, not only, mostly to listen, most frustrating, doesn't have blue tooth option, is playing on the louder side, always hear, is never directed to basic amazon selection, not unless you want to pay $25/month, expensive, would be heard in every room, obnoxious, doesn’t come from my itunes library, has been playing for a few hours, is horrible, keeps defaulting to, is not free, doesn't have it, not enjoying, does not always have, losing, no more shouting, terrible, may impede her ability to hear my voice, could not get, did not add to our household, can't find, tells me jokes
1186 opinion
978 13 195
positive 978
great, awesome, amazing, excellent, fun, echo, cool, wonderful, fantastic, small, great little, good, is amazing, best, nice, very cool, love, is great, is awesome, little, very happy, pretty cool, neat, very nice, easy to use, useful, helpful, incredible, interesting, perfect, loving, really great, very handy, impressive, very good, works great, smart, works fine, handy, compact, better, very useful, very fun, very smart, really like, amazing little, really cool, enjoy, is perfect, very pleased
neutral 13
little, echo, small, larger, is a 4, 4th, not a fact based, need to have at least the possibility to set a radio as an alarm, fancy
negative 195
stopped working, very disappointed, useless, faulty, is not user friendly, will intermittently disconnect from wifi, used, will stop responding, needed to be reset, not certified refurbished, never dies, will pick up incorrect audio, only hears within a very few feet, not a suitable, never had an echo, doesn't deliver the same quality, does not connect to the wifi, without touching, did not go quite as smoothly, doesn’t support, couldn't pass up the prime day price, fails to perform on that front, refund, was always in the “on” mode, is not worthy of a $100 product.1, disconnects from wifi, rules out some skills, cracked up to be, was more difficult, replaced our 1st generation echo, soooo disappointed, lot of trouble, can't even get it back on my list of known devices, in for repairs, wants to call it, can be finicky, has difficulty playing music from international artist, operates horribly, is always dropping out our group, does think it hears alexa more often, has a recurring issue, was wireless, doesn’t respond at all, ’s not always obedient, out to the garbage, continues to malfunction, keeps activating to radio ads and tv, amusing, didn't have, several problems
1050 opinion
911 32 107
positive 911
great, is great, good, sounds great, better, nice, is amazing, love, small, decent, amazing, is awesome, awesome, is good, best, powerful, works great, clear, very good, very loud, is loud, blue tooth, smart, loud, excellent, quality, is so much better, is very good, works well, is nice, is excellent, great little, good quality, is really good, has great sound, sounds good, is decent, is very loud, wonderful, much better, is better, improved, is loud enough, is so powerful, really like, powerful little, bigger, very nice, great quality, is great quality
neutral 32
little, small, little louder, is too loud, loud, blue tooth, blue-tooth, was used in a medium-size room, smaller, could be better, has some significant reverb, isn't clear enough, giant, louder, non portable, echo, glorified, could be a bit better, tiny, expencive
negative 107
expensive, little, is terrible, tiny, tinny, is not as clear, just turning, not the best, would be louder, only one, switched outputs on the phone manually, severely lacking, bad, tiny little, can't hear me from close distances, is already blown, normal old, something wrong, really bad, not to like, is weak, cracks at a high volume, doesn’t pick up my voice, sounds like garbage, not impressed, pick another, deceptively heavy, isn't very loud, start talking out of no where!i was watching a show, miserable, nothing would come through, was muted, with a cable, crackles, small house, is hardly ever used, don't want to bust, occupying a major space, is not as loud, is pointless, very expensive, came with- meh, i couldn't best the thought of exchanging it, is not as good, is scarce, is annoying, worthy of continued disappointment, is absolute garbage, still doesn't work, is muffled
676 opinion
505 2 169
positive 505
thanks, love, echo, great, unlimited, good, good job, like, well done, great job, thank you, amazing, really, prime music, is great, prime, ran a sale, appreciate, is simply amazing, better, support, really needs, dear, show for my kids for christmas, has a deal, easy to use, echoes, huge fan, can bridge the gaps, quick troubleshooting guide, can link up the bedrooms, sure, does my age, contacted me immediately, continues to lead the way, is working to improve, thanx, real person at, is constantly refining, echo for my father, is awesome, unlimited music, place my orders, ever order anything, pretty solid, beats them, big wigs needs to address, prime to connect, did not warn, changes their offerings
neutral 2
has gotten too big, at least add russian or ukrainian languages!anyway
negative 169
sorry, shame, very disappointed, disappointed, reached out to me, needs to fix this bug, fix that promptly, fixes problem, didn't, when, garbage playlist, not private to, is not compatible with, has no fees for technical support, upset, will accept the return, just refuses to make in the app, would not let me exchange it, no reply, did not tell me, seriously, reached out to me about my issue, isn't recording/sharing your personal conversations, should be ashamed of their customer non-support, has not made these things cordless, dont shop, horrible, makes it impossible, trying to get my accounts straightened out, messed up big time, i wasn't satisfied with when received, will do nothing to help, worse, will try to contact, wrong, cheapes out on the item, could at least make basic politeness, doesn't have their own search engine, choose to remove from their music app, replaced, doesn't care, should try to extend at least other apps, doesn't know this, lost over usd 130 on echo, problems, disliked, got the problem, stop spamming, fix, would live up to the hype, appears not to have any easily accessed customer service
546 opinion
521 1 24
positive 521
great, good, amazing, awesome, better, really good, much better, looks great, fantastic, nice, excellent, clear, fine, very good, works well, works great, better than i expected, is very good, is great, very nice, wonderful, soothing, are great, ok, like, is good, terrific, works perfectly, so much better, pretty good, relaxing, is amazing, full, incredible, great easy to use, so much nicer, gets very loud, better than the dot, echo, greatbetter, very easy to operate, responds consistently, does everything, easy set up, able to play rain, sleek, improved, provides, no problems, very clear
neutral 1
doesn't know very much
negative 24
sucks, bad, robotic at times, own without a request, stressed out, slightly muffled, like amazon needs to fix, a little bit bad, doesn't always understand, like mud, is not great, tinny, like i have to pay to get music soi, doesn't have, not comparable to boseneed to improve, muffled, is not as good, awful, almost identical to my first generation echo, strangled, like someone stuffed a blanket into the speaker, terrible, like crap, significantly worse
406 opinion
340 2 64
positive 340
great, awesome, ok, good, amazing, nice, fun, compact, awsome, ease of use, uses, convenient, been great, very loud, pretty cool, perfect, easy to use, really good, versatility, alright, still cool, job well, okay, lot of fun, best gift, not bad, incredible, even more then i hoped, fine, so cool, saves me a lot of time, helps with home work questions, loud, like having a personnel assistant, louder, more compact, like a gift, unmatched, decent, reliable, looks and how well it plays, been perfect for that, works now to play with it, very nice to move around, amazingly helpful, handy, just great, answers me when i call, handy tool, value great to purchase two
neutral 2
little sibling dot, not the best
negative 64
not wireless, not even close, not like its using a sim card, supposed to be working, just a dust collector, always trying to talk to me, still too loud, running on data, called, still hot or miss, 2018 not 1968, jut creepy, not without its flaws, usually off on the weather, not easy at all, not universal, not the best sounding, not quite as user friendly, not synced, unwatchable and lame, connection to the tab, not black, small, does not take up much space, incredibly frustrating, very lame, takes a while to get use to, almost like talking to a human, was hard to set up, really difficult to get set up i guess, time to leave for work, hard to get her to understand what music, quite the disappointment, not really useful, costly to do, creepy, hard to get it, not personal, nice not to have to search out my phone, not fully functioning, up ans running, heavy, a bit difficult remembering the exact terminology, not portable, always tethered almost kills the whole idea, up there but on lower end side, only been one day, unconvenient, charged not so much with echo, just not worth it
set up
359 opinion
314 45
positive 314
easy, very easy, was easy, easy to, easy to use, super easy, simple, was a breeze, ease, was very easy, is easy, was super easy, was quick, super simple, quick, very user friendly, pretty easy, was simple, was a snap, looks great, very simple, fast, was a cinch, incredibly easy, works great, was pretty easy, simple to use, extremely easy to use, works well, was long, works better, with ease, is really quick in responses, easy and minimum, easy & simple, quickly, no problem, was so easy, somewhat non-intuitive, equally easy to use, is fairly simple, is so easy, is easy peasy, easy an intuitive, performs better than i expected, was soo easy, little off, is not bad, vacuum, is super easy
negative 45
difficult, wasn't as easy, hard, was confusing, hard to, was a huge headache, was a little confusing, echo four stars, was a little rocky, confusing, not at home, impossible, not too difficult, too expensive, anoying, was not easy, very hard, not seamless, was not difficult with downloaded application, complicated, incredibly difficult, was kinda a pain, downside, not as easy, very difficult, is vague, was very difficult, didn't like, endless loop without activation, not of an issue, was not a easy as expected, was horrible, is not possible as posted, was told to give them more time, difficulty, is not as intuitive, addressed.—, turned out to be a three hour ordeal, doesn't always work
315 opinion
236 1 78
positive 236
are great, work great, are very pleased, work very well, look great, work well, are all great, awesome, great, are fantastic, are amazed, work better, were thoroughly impressed, are a great help, have different needs, are convenient for playing music, have fun asking for riddles, are not behaving, are worth the money, pose as technicians, will make support services, responded within hours, adding stuff all the time, were great, have thanked me through, are very helpful, do so much more, are great use, will transfer you to the appropriate department, are easy to set up, so good, won't issue refunds, totally communicate with each other plus my wife, weren't kidding, cool, work that well, are amazing, are all synced together to play the same music, worked and played well with each other, would get back to me soon, getting one of their own, are the best band, will start off great, will continue to improve her, are grouped together in our alexa app, cordless, were extremely popular, can have their own to use, were easy to understand, intuitive
neutral 1
negative 78
are not prime members, didn’t work, were already asleep, are very commonly used as simple timers, always seemed limited, ask too many question at one time, won't sync, playing dumb, cannot speak english, bad, really bad, had no idea, didn't., could not help me, dealbreakers, can turn lamps off, were somewhat gimmicky, can't be networked, failed as well, little creepy, cant handle it normally, didn't take as long, still not work, can't figure out why, were born, cut out randomly, don't have the answers, still don't work, don't work weekends, aren't getting any younger, don't work that good, just surface, didn't tell me, didn't, did not, are not communication devices, are nowhere near as advanced, can only be used one at a time, do not have a echo in their homes, not just trial questions, can not be linked to another dot or echo, didn't call me, are aware of the problem, would get back to me within a few days, are knock knock jokes, don't always get it right, are very hard to buy, shut off, had worked out the bugs, were still on sale
314 opinion
274 7 33
positive 274
great, are great, good, are amazing, better, excellent, are awesome, clear, are excellent, are very good, are better, improved, are good, echo, very good, are fantastic, love, awesome, are very loud, amazing sound, impressive, are loud, smart, are really good, perfect, work well, best, are pretty good, really good, are unbelievable, nice, few, amazing, able to listen to music, i like, are large enough, nice full, uses to play music, best small, bigger, are far better, will allow me to do what i want and need, works well, incredibly powerful, hooked up to my tv, good quality, go loud, are wonderful for music, are decent in solo mode, easy to use
neutral 7
echo dot, aren't the absolute best, own, smaller diameter, big bulky, would be larger, aren't as powerful
negative 33
expensive, non-voice, like crap, are not the high quality, has intermittently started to not respond when given voice commands, blown out, were low, annoying, kick ass, got it, not to be compared to higher end, would have to buy, aren't as great, are now problematic, go bad, are not as good, not being good, lack, do not like, not the other way around, disappear from spotify, dinky, not done, are not as great, don't have high standards, didn't ship with this version of the software, hasn't been used much, have a bit of a burn-in period, fix, won't play with it, not just the one your closest to, just can't cut it
313 opinion
253 5 55
positive 253
easy, easy to, was easy, very easy, ease, was a breeze, very easy to, works great, super easy, easy to use, was very easy, is easy, is simple, simple, fast, was pretty simple, is very easy, simple to, does everything i expected, is super helpful, pretty easy, was simple, was a snap, fairly easy, took longer than expected, is pretty easy, was seamless, worked immediately, works flawlessly, is still light, is really fast, followed the steps for, went well, ease to, is a pain.- alexa, extremely easy to, was fairly easy, i need the app, ease of use, drawn out, was easy with the app, was a challenge for a phone, needs to detect more detailed information, bit of any issue, was super easy, easy peezy, much easier for the general public, was very straight forward, was a royal pain, was up
neutral 5
was kind of a pain, was a little awkward, least: , is not hard, was a piece of cake
negative 55
was a pain, difficult to, was pretty cumbersome, cannot complete, was quite a bit more difficult, was a bit of a pain, process a bit frustrating, didn't work the first time, a bit difficult, is very difficult, was a little complicated, was a little confusing, was a bit wonky, complaint, have a glitch in the system, little difficult, is cumbersome, was a bit confusing, could be user error, very hard to, was a bit tedious, not easy to, was a small problem, worked it out, was a headache, wasn't the easiest-programming for music listening didn't seem intuitive, little bit hard, stinks, was not easy as expected, was difficult, little confusing, kept say ing, is lousy, is a total frustration, finish, bear to, is too complex, difficult, was slow, was working, stalled or crashed, was pretty terrible, was not smooth, was dead simplea couple weeks, un-boxed, was confusing, took merely a few minutes, is impossible, disappointment, was also problematic
this product
303 opinion
254 49
positive 254
love, highly recommend, like, recommend, absolutely love, really like, enjoy, definitely recommend, really enjoy, would recommend, very pleased, loves, really love, really enjoying, very happy, enjoying, do like, loved, nothing negative, definatley reccomend, sucks, loli recommend, improve, generally like, pushes, impressed, long to get, luv, would need, learn, is now unplugged, dont buy, realy like, absolutely in love, like to return, any dislikes, recommended, keep improving, finally invest, great, useful, versatile, especially, most use, does everything, still learning about, thoroughly enjoy, absolutely pleased, enjoyed, replacing
negative 49
very disappointed, disappointed, not disappointed, not recommend, do not buy, not happy, very dissapointed, avoid, don't like, dont get, definitely disappointed, is not what we expected, not like, unless u have money, very frustrated, not too happy, hate, do not like, is a disaster, do not recommend, extremely disappointed, do not advertise, do nor buy, pretty disappointed, very very disappointed, problems, dislike, not pleased, don't recommend, nothing negative, has limited use, does not work in other countries, quite disappointed, highly disappointed, trouble, don't ever buy, cant return, mad, slightly embarrassed
301 opinion
222 3 76
positive 222
is great, great, good, adjust, high, better, full, love, is amazing, decent, is excellent, nice, surprised, like, excellent, impressed, lower, liked, keep, is outstanding, not loud enough, provides excellent, very high, pretty amazing, would be great, notable, perfect, keep raising, is turned all the way up, from half to full, very pleased, will be just as loud, higher, level much louder, up so high, more clear, up, is louder on the music, can be adjusted to be very, very loud, gets plenty loud, without losing quality, bass and treble adjustable with voice commands, is great outdoors, isn’t the same as the first generation, difficulty, amazed me, gets pretty loud, is adequate, is much better
neutral 3
opposed to the buttons, reduce, is not as rich
negative 76
down, low, is turned up, is too low, up, is not as loud, nor would, doesn't stay up high, down button, would not increase, going up, up too high, down or to pause, is an issue, can get tricky, wasn't nearly loud enough, can be tinny, higher than 2, up on this unit, no luck, way up, constantly change, goes up, is almost inaudible, almost goes to nothing, too quiet, doesn't quite get loud enough to hear throughout the house, stopped working, is mad crazy, is maxed out, high, is low or high, higher, level cut off, difference, wouldn't play loud enough, is nothing compared to the 1st gen, lack, up/down, minimize, goes up and down depending on the song, was out of whack, is not near loud, issue, keeps reverting back to 1, difficulty, most disappointed, is up, turns out to be too loud, is gone
295 opinion
144 4 147
positive 144
work, is easy to use, echo, goes with it, right, works great to control devices, was more user friendly, very convenient, works half the time, is very helpful, could be more user friendly, literally change your lifestyle, is controllable, normal, very simple, doesn’t work all that great, i had no problems, works perfectly fine, will let you know, follow the instructions, tells you how to make her learn more, well as my echo, becomes much smarter, was correct, got it working, is more interested in up-selling products, is user-friendly, give feedback, needs a major tune up, add a equalizer, for everything, has been helpful for the morning traffic, is over the top, to work, tells you you're linked, more customizability, been applied to this account, sort of works, more fun i find, is on my phone so plug and play in the car, you can give amazon feedback, could be, needs better instructions, is connected, sucks, opened, everywhere/sync with the 2 units, can't without a $$$, change it, is so easy to set up
neutral 4
is a p.o.s, no volume, raised, fairly east to setup
negative 147
is terrible, does not work, freezes, clunky, problem, a bit complicated, is no help, is getting slower, slower to respond, can't load, would allow multiple groups for music, very unreliable, few glitches, may be linked to other people's apps, aren't even in the room, bad, should be able to download to a pc without installing invasive drivers, is not so great, wouldn’t work right, is super slow, difficult to install, was slow, is incredibly slow moving, control the lights, helped itself to syncing the numbers on my phone's entire list, fixes the issue, will not work, not having to open, is horrible, is just so difficult to use, erase the list, won't work, not have a fire device, continualy crashes, won't work most of the time, separate device, off of the other phone, over a thousand times, hate, set up on my phone, does not let you schedule the on/off lights, was sent-, to be unstable to log into, logged, sits there with 3 blinking dots, constantly crashes lots of bugs, is not very good, takes alexa a minute or two with 2 or 3 requests, changed source to cable from antenna, is poor
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