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L'Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara, Carbon Black, 0.26 fl. oz.

Mascara is great, is amazing, was great, works well. This is my favorite mascara, is the best mascara, is my go to mascara, is the only mascara. Product is good, is water proof, keeps a little more air, is just okay. Lashes are long, are actually visible, are my own, looks so long. Tube is very dry, was not as big, is clumpy. Purchase is not my first, was a complete waste of money. Container was no damage. Mine is overfull of the goop, was dry.

4.0 out of 5 stars
2521 opinion
1800 47 674
positive 1800
love, like, lasts all day, doesn't clump, lengthens, loved, great, doesn't flake, does not clump, works great, good, long, amazing, is easy to apply, dark, thick, goes on smoothly, stays on all day, no clumping, goes on easily, does not flake, is waterproof, looks great, waterproof, easy to apply, volumizes, does the job, goes on great, good mascara, works really well, doesn't flake off, is amazing, works well, great mascara, does not smudge, flakes, goes on, is easy to wash off, loves, not clumpy, was great, was waterproof, adds volume to my lashes, smudges very easily, dries fast, runs easily, smudges, went on smoothly, removes easily, thickens
neutral 47
gets a little dry, is supposed to be waterproof, a little messier, is not waterproof, is supposed to be regular, dry, was different, definitely closer to a maroon-brown, does have it's maroon tinge, might make my eyes look red, didn't make an even smudge, looks a bit spidery, not water proof, watery, had a little clumping, dollar, heavy mascara, blackest black, doesn't look gray, is not as wet, just as dramatic as black, does burn a little, isn't, very black, pinch, is kind of expensive, is a little too sticky, has flaked, is very black, would be clumpy, darker brown, isn't navy blue, had a little smudging, was only $5.99, does not clump, not expensive, was a black/brown, thick, so thick, is a little chunky, clumpy-, is very very dark, comes off (sweat, doesn't go on too heavy, brown/black, not too much like some volume mascaras, is difficult to find a color
negative 674
clumps, flakes, smudges, hate, clumpy, is not waterproof, not waterproof, away, did not like, stopped, off, smears, was dry, is a little clumpy, is dry, trash, dried out, ’s clumpy, tried, was discontinued, didn't come off, difficult to apply, was clumpy, takes forever to dry, wasn't waterproof, was very dry, impossible to use, is clumpy, thick, don't like, went on clumpy, just smears, is extremely clumpy, not, ends up under my eyes, was dried out, doesn't work for me, does not flake off during the day, can get clumpy, in the trash, terrible, goes, out, can't use, doesn't clump, don't get, smearing, pretty terrible, was dried up, doesnt make them look longer
927 opinion
804 8 115
positive 804
favorite, best, great, good, voluminous, waterproof, is great, excellent, awesome, perfect, absolute favorite, is amazing, doesn't clump, love, smudges, nice, like, cheap, amazing, easy to apply, really good, blue, holy grail, fantastic, was great, very nice, works well, pretty good, voluminous original, is pretty good, not the best, is just ok, is beautiful, fav, works great, bright blue, doesn’t irritate my eyes, dark, all the time, no clumping, is perfect, darkens my lashes, inexpensive, affordable, ok, snob, wonderful, not clumpy, really great, is the best
neutral 8
smudgiest of smudgy, is black, really black, fabulous expensive, very little, does flake a little, non-waterproof, dark or medium brown
negative 115
worst, is clumpy, is not waterproof, was not waterproof, was discontinued, clumpy, clumpiest, do not have much product, smudged halfway down my face, is the worst, already clumps up, comes out clumped on the brush, bad, very first time, was not for me, is a booger to get off, is something of a misnomer, has smudged down, was old, couldn't find, is horrible, never lasts all day, hate, is awful, horrible, did not hold up to a light sweat, will never use, seems a little flimsy, is going in the trash - money wasted, misplaced, wiping underneath my eyes, stuck on the brush, is how flaky, is clumpy to apply, always smears, runs after 8 hours of wear, is underwhelming, smells terrible, will glop, is messy, smelled like glue, does not make your eyelashes, very clumpy, has a strange odor, doesn't last long, clumped badly, goes on pretty clumpy, is dry and clumpy, can clump on the wand, is a divisive cosmetic
599 opinion
490 3 106
positive 490
love, is my favorite mascara, is the best mascara, is my go to mascara, is the only mascara, is the best, like, is my go-to mascara, good, is the best drugstore mascara, has been my favorite, recommend, is my favorite, is great, has been my go to mascara, was my first mascara, is one of the best, has always been my favorite mascara, is decent, is fine, is perfect, did the trick, always come back to, lengthens, has been my go-to mascara, works great, is great mascara, come back to, dark, works better, works really well, helps, doesn't smudge, is my go to mascara, is one of my favorites, look, favor, is super waterproof, best mascara, has been my favorite mascara, cult favorite, is just my opinion, constantly have makeup, based on's recommendation, makes me question my decision, formula smudges, isn't the best mascara, n’t be ordering, is a go-to mascara, on and off for a while now
neutral 3
is the only mascara, is defintely brown, is not navy blue
negative 106
is the worst mascara, is not the same, will not buy, is clumpy, will not be buying, isn't for you, is a waste of money, was horrible, doesn't do much for lengthening or volumizing, one-time mistake, smeary and messy, is my first time trying something other than black and brown, do not buy, must have those crushed beetle bugs, is not a wild and crazy color, appears nearly brown, will not be ordering, had an allergic reaction, look weird, gave me irritated, itchy eyes, don't buy, masacara smudges, is not a joke, smears a bit, do not recommend, is not it, wipe clumps off brush, flakes, wasn't just by the end of the day, very problem, really* bad, extremely disappointed, does not do this, will not show at all, clumps up, does not give a very full look, was a fail, looks messy, not loving, isnt a get up, is the reason for trying waterproof, not happy, very irritating, away, just be caused by my skin type, seemed 6 months old, was super-clumpy, smudged over, not an option
284 opinion
223 3 58
positive 223
great, good, excellent, nice, best, very good, classic, awesome, is good, happy with, amazing, is water proof, rubbed my eye, many times over the years, keeps a little more air, is just okay, is nice, is very light, was fine, combined with the primer will lengthen, solid, arrived rather quickly, does apply well over the l'oreal voluminous primer, old, for long thick lashes, paying for a luxury brand, is very concentrated, iconic, not only clumps, is okay, did not appear old, is by far the best, lovely, no issues, not enough, is exactly as described, long time, is amazing, eye, permanently, is so difficult to apply in a smooth, consistent manner, would be good, budget-friendly, for more than 2 decades, is satisfactory, will definitely be fresher, par, was a great dupe, was very thick
neutral 3
not upto the loreal standards, little too much, goes on way to heavy
negative 58
horrible, awful, was dry, is not waterproof, too clumpy, has a foul odor, smears, very disappointed, comes out on the brush, feels maybe old, drying out, is very runny, starts to smudge around my eyes, no, not an everyday, fake, no returns, is clearly fake, was fake, terrible, is positively horrendous, wasn't as much, was garbage, is disappointing, is very difficult to work with, super clumpy, clumped-up, was not old, takes a longer time to dry, was dry from the inside, was otherwise very good, was less, was nearly dry, was a tad hesitant, expired, was not what i expected, did not last on lashes, ran, not sure, came clumpy, thick, i don't want to keep using this, still, dup, hangs on the brush, clumppy stuff, congeals around the wand, was clumpy during application, may have been old, isn't much
212 opinion
199 13
positive 199
thick, full, long, look thicker, dark, look amazing, look longer, beautiful, compliments, lush, thin, look long, voluminous, great, look full, feel soft, thick long, look great, look so long, look super long, are long, short, look fuller, feathery, super long, fairly long, amplified times a bazillion, real, look pretty longer, fuller, are actually visible, are my own, unreal, eye, look and feel great, doesn’t clump, still look fine, looks so long, are pretty dark, fake, are popping for going out, ginger, easy to remove, long thick, amazing, are so voluminous, like, going near flat, in beautifully, makes them look long
negative 13
feel so heavy, sparse, feeling gummy, messing up my liner, don't have long, no amount of rose hip, don't mimic the wand, would not obtain the same as the black, are fake, fake looking lash, not as full, will get clumpy, is so unflattering
204 opinion
176 13 15
positive 176
love, great, nice, is perfect, dark, good, is great, is nice, rich black, goes on smoothly, is very nice, is beautiful, beautiful, pretty, dark black, rich, is deep, is good, i like, nice dark black, very pretty, carbon black, extends & fills in lashes nicely, true blue, is not rich enough, is subtle, may show up more clearly, deep black, subtle hint, stays on all day long, purple, natural, gorgeous, is quite subtle, bright lights, is fine, smears, is very subtle, just showed up, without appearing at all reddish, does not cause eye irritation, is gorgeous, clumps easily, is as expected, lengthening, washes off, favorite, find the lighter, always notice, barely any
neutral 13
is dark, carbon black, is burgundy, is blue, is very blue, almost charcoal-gray, can be bold, dark black, is a paler blue, is very dark, goes on black
negative 15
is not very strong, little to heavy, very faint, upsets my eyes, leans brownish, not the, couldn’t even put, doesn't transfer to lashes, was not a natural eyebrow color, somewhat disappointed, is so dark, slightly different, not an everyday mascara, does not suit any style, is either dark or startlingly blue
this mascara
201 opinion
176 25
positive 176
love, really like, like, absolutely love, loved, very pleased, highly recommend, goes on easily, always used, causes no irritation, look even better, is just as good, very pleasantly surprised, really loved, flakes off, doesn’t coat the eyelash very well, get, is so nice, does not flake, always choose, long looking, luv, stays on, washes off easily, keep coming back, rubs off on eyelids, leaving traces, loooooove, sticking, applied alright, didn’t clump, need, always come back, looks good, stays on all day, very little clumping, does what it says, recommended, will continue, always loved, is okay, couldn't be happier, is buildable, impressed, builds up volume, provides so much definition, less issue, always use, absolutely buy, not love
negative 25
did not like, hated, would not recommed, seems somewhat old, dried out, do not like, smeared, dont like, not at all a fan, underwhelmed, really disappointed, will not buy, done was switch, causes coon eyes, torn, not very happy, wasn't a fan, was near impossible, nothing beats, don't recommend, horrible, would not buy, will only use
94 opinion
91 3
positive 91
great, good, was right, is good, low, cheap, is nice, is great, makes my lashes look longer, darker, fuller without being clumpy, still better than maybelline, is right, is way below drug store, looks great, very good, is reasonable, excellent, is very good, is well worth, was great, best, makes it a good value, better, worked for me, impressed, cant be beat, gives me full lashes, is right for such a good mascara, very nice, is cheaper on amazon, comparable to department store mascaras, shocked me, affordable, is a lot cheaper, is excellent, reasonable, is just perfect, can't be beat, is so much better, fuller-looking, is so reasonable, is super
negative 3
couldn't pass up, could not believe, broke graduated
88 opinion
76 2 10
positive 76
long, thick, fuller, gorgeous, beautiful, look longer, short, look amazing, pefect, lovely, never looked longer, look so much longer, look fuller, voluminous, doesn't flake, very long, dark, are too long, look bomb af, look thicker, are fine, fell off, are already long, very thick, look very long, look good, gets clumpy, smears, have there individual life, got a beautiful length to it, touch my glasses, look very nice, look, dramatizes your, red, look super pretty, dramatic, natural looking, are black, pronounced, very blonde, look beautiful, longer, easy to take off, are mostly straight, very thin, look long, really long, holy moly, look huge
neutral 2
are very pale orange, stubby little
negative 10
are fake, not ideal, does nothing, looking worse, don't see, were very thick, lack of a better word, sparse, doesn't eve make, causes globs
this product
77 opinion
61 16
positive 61
love, like, really like, recommend, absolutely love, very pleased, performs well, builds nicely, is a must have, will continue to buy, waterproof, long time user, no trouble, will definitely buy, little tentative, no issue, does smudge, fake eyelashes, high hopes, always steer friends to, always recommend, chance, is good, always come back to, voluminous lashes, still loving, smudges, leaves residue under my eye, not a fan, will buy
negative 16
not recommend, disappointed, will not be buying, never stop, never buy, hate, never disappointed, trolling, hard time, very disappointed, never left, won't be buying, only use
73 opinion
59 3 11
positive 59
great, is perfect, is nice, tapered, good, sticks together in clumps, has a lot of extra product, is your normal brush, is very easy to work with, prefer, takes out a lot, is sturdy, practical, is fluffy, works well, is also very big, clean, is long, nicely fluffy, is smooth, thick, is thinner, helps you do that, wide, separates your lashes, keeps the product from clumping, doesn't spread my eye lashes, is wonderful, is kind of big, is just right, is great, doesn't get clumpy, is a really good shape, separates the lashes, rarely clumps, easy to build on, perfect, is one of the best, doesn't hold much mascara, separates lashes well, don't come out clumpy, is excellent, is on the bigger side, is very soft, is large enough to create volume, thin, doesn't make your lashes, keeps lashes soft, full, prevent clumping
neutral 3
is a little large, is small, little bit smaller
negative 11
is covered in clumps, doesn't allow for as much volume, is clumped with mascara, did not have much on it, is flimsy, is too wet with product, not very precise, is not great, is way too small, cumbersome, terrible
71 opinion
64 7
positive 64
great, much, more, good, awesome, beautiful, extra, gives, nice, love, massive, providing, n’t be beat, expecting more, difference, helps add, gives length, with good, really appreciate, extended, runs very easily, gives crazy, adds nice, builds, doesn't damage my lashes, is easier to wash off, plenty, noticeable, really has some, gave me good, perfect, super length, doesn't clump, does give extra, gives me are much more impressive, lots, loved the brush, most, without fakeness, added, lot, gives my lashes, greater, is stellar
negative 7
no, like no other mascara, has no , is disappointing, not much, clumped together
45 opinion
32 4 9
positive 32
great, is really thick, good, is good, is washable, very dark rich, non-clumpy, feels dry, waterproof, is great, feels more wet, goes on incredible, makes lashes beautiful, never makes my eyes water, is not ultra wet, goes on strong, stings my eyes, beautiful, does not clump, is fragrence free, dark black, without changing, works well, can smudge, is nice, is perfect, is the best, best
neutral 4
is slightly wetter, is a little thick, seemed a little thick, is a little clumpy
negative 9
slightly wet, not waterproof, clumps on the brush, is a little heavy, is a bit hard to work, had changed after several years, horrible, is really clumpy, was too dry
43 opinion
36 7
positive 36
very sensitive, sensitive, doesn't irritate my, great, don't rub, were swelling and itchy, are all gray, watering, smears, uncurls my lashes, look like, are pretty sensitive, were black so fast, watery, had smudges, tend to water, look amazing, smudges, are clean, were red afterwards, dark blue, really highlights, would burn and ache, are dying to get my make up off, lasted a lot longer with this mascara, didn't irritate my contact-wearing, allergy-prone, looked enhanced, end up, look as nice, no irritation or infections, start itching
negative 7
wiping up, were almost swelled shut, would burn all day, do not have blue, were very irritated, uncomfortable, bothered my
41 opinion
34 7
positive 34
great, fantastic, time for me to wash my face, literally 'just right', what i use, ok, staying power, must have, really nice, really just an okay mascara, amazing, runs under the eye a lot, classic, works great, inexpensive, does a great job, amazingly bright, good mascara, works better, all i wear, mascara, great mascara, decent mascara, bold, easy to apply, lasts all day, super dark, easily, hard to get good definition, thick, not too thick, glides on smoothly, so fierce
negative 7
clumpy or goopy, ok not the best, clumpy, more trouble, not the best out, also clumpy, very flaky
39 opinion
22 2 15
positive 22
needs to be removed with remover, truly, enough, is better, kind, mascaras, is excellent, never ever smudges, inexpensive, love, nice, didn't notice, not smudge proof, not smudge, long days, smudge problem, l'oréal, would work better, stay a bit better, works amazinginly, still great, shot
neutral 2
black brown, no
negative 15
not, doesn't make my lashes, not at all, smudges under eyes, switching back, is difficult to get off, doesn't equate to smudge proof, would dry, not very, didn't seem to be, not so, not exactly, does clump
35 opinion
29 6
positive 29
best, favorite, high end, plenty of, have caused bumps, red rashes, are similar price, have irritated my eyes, good, best blue, nicer, not a big fan, doesn't flake, better, low end, lots, much better, extremely picky, thick, many, are different for everyone
negative 6
labelled brown, can build rather than dump all over at the beginning, tried, always fell short, didn't work very well, can be extremely smelly
35 opinion
21 14
positive 21
're real, changed the formula, were old, are bold, were always thin, seem to be growing, are long, appear thicker, very straight, are short, hard to grow out, were identical, are once again lush and full, were loooong, looked awesome, pull out my real lashes, are comparable to any expensive brand, last all day, look so great, work no better, have the best brushes
negative 14
felt dry, got gunky, mess with perfection, not worth the money, do not lose the curl, didn't hold their curl, were not primed, were all bad, did not pop with this mascara, were separated, seem a little tacky, couldn't apply two coats, do not measure up, can't tell
this stuff
30 opinion
28 2
positive 28
love, is magical, is insane, is super easy to work with, doesnt get thicker, is pretty close, flakes leaving black specks, smears, is awesome, was getting all over my eyes an hour later, is way better, does not clump, works great, lasts for a long time in the tube, don't buy, was so thick, is waterproof, thickens, lengthens
negative 2
nothing compares, swear
29 opinion
20 1 8
positive 20
is incredible, is quite good, decent, gives good coverage, is thick, is awesome, comes out of the tube, doesn't seem to help eliminate, evenly, seemed light, allows a good amount of separation, thin, perfect size, is ok, gets the product on every lash, was easy to work, is basic, no fuss, was fine, like
neutral 1
curved a little
negative 8
was bent, breaking, bad, looks very dry, wiping all the excess, not so straight, is stiff, is to dry
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