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L'Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara, Carbon Black, 0.26 fl. oz.

We have analyzed 2790 reviews from Amazon and found:

53% of users say that: Product is my favorite mascara, is the best mascara, works great, is my go to mascara. Mascara is great, is amazing, was great, works well. Lashes are long, are actually visible, are my own, looks so long. Color is perfect, is great, is nice, is very nice. less than 1% of users noticed that: Tube is very dry, was not as big, is clumpy. Purchase is not my first, was a complete waste of money. Container was no damage. Arm hair is clumpy.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

2591 865
love, great, good, like, lasts all day, doesn't clump, is my favorite mascara, lengthens, is the best mascara, works great, loved, does not clump, is my go to mascara, amazing, doesn't flake, is the best, long, dark, thick, is the only mascara
833 121
favorite, best, great, good, voluminous, waterproof, is great, excellent, awesome, perfect, absolute favorite, is amazing, doesn't clump, love, smudges, nice, like, cheap, amazing, easy to apply
199 13
thick, full, long, look thicker, dark, look amazing, look longer, beautiful, compliments, lush, thin, look long, voluminous, great, look full, feel soft, thick long, look great, look so long, look super long
183 16
love, great, nice, is perfect, dark, good, is great, is nice, rich black, goes on smoothly, is very nice, is beautiful, beautiful, favorite, pretty, dark black, rich, is deep, is good, i like
this mascara
176 25
love, really like, like, absolutely love, loved, very pleased, highly recommend, goes on easily, always used, causes no irritation, look even better, is just as good, very pleasantly surprised, really loved, flakes off, doesn’t coat the eyelash very well, get, is so nice, does not flake, always choose
91 3
great, good, was right, is good, low, cheap, is nice, is great, makes my lashes look longer, darker, fuller without being clumpy, still better than maybelline, is right, is way below drug store, looks great, very good, is reasonable, excellent, is very good, is well worth
76 10
long, thick, fuller, gorgeous, beautiful, look longer, short, look amazing, pefect, lovely, never looked longer, look so much longer, look fuller, voluminous, doesn't flake, very long, dark, are too long, look bomb af, look thicker
this product
61 16
love, like, really like, recommend, absolutely love, very pleased, performs well, builds nicely, is a must have, will continue to buy, waterproof, long time user, no trouble, will definitely buy, little tentative, no issue, does smudge, fake eyelashes, high hopes, always steer friends to
59 11
great, is perfect, is nice, tapered, good, sticks together in clumps, has a lot of extra product, is your normal brush, is very easy to work with, prefer, takes out a lot, is sturdy, practical, is fluffy, works well, is also very big, clean, is long, nicely fluffy, is smooth
64 7
great, much, more, good, awesome, beautiful, extra, gives, nice, love, massive, providing, n’t be beat, expecting more, difference, helps add, gives length, with good, really appreciate, extended
42 7
very sensitive, sensitive, doesn't irritate my, smokey, great, don't rub, were swelling and itchy, are all gray, watering, smears, uncurls my lashes, look like, are pretty sensitive, natural, were black so fast, watery, black, had smudges, tend to water, look amazing
32 9
great, is really thick, good, is good, is washable, very dark rich, non-clumpy, feels dry, waterproof, is great, feels more wet, goes on incredible, makes lashes beautiful, never makes my eyes water, is not ultra wet, goes on strong, stings my eyes, beautiful, does not clump, is fragrence free
22 15
needs to be removed with remover, truly, enough, is better, kind, mascaras, is excellent, never ever smudges, inexpensive, love, nice, didn't notice, not smudge proof, not smudge, long days, smudge problem, l'oréal, would work better, stay a bit better, works amazinginly
28 4
great, good, positive, amazing, many, is seen by all who read these reviews, really good, strong, many good, few, can share my, is my own, i was already using this mascara, is completely unbiased, helped some one, i've read here and elsewhere
this stuff
28 2
love, is magical, is insane, is super easy to work with, doesnt get thicker, is pretty close, flakes leaving black specks, smears, is awesome, was getting all over my eyes an hour later, is way better, does not clump, works great, lasts for a long time in the tube, don't buy, was so thick, is waterproof, thickens, lengthens
26 3
voluminous, is always good mascara, no problems, makes a quality, smooth flowing, non-clumping, has a knack for making mascaras, recommend, voluminous mascaras, cruelty free company, thanks to, glad, voluminous convert, performs just as well, thanks, thank you, blue, nice job, makes some very good products, voluminous mascara free
22 7
good, great, love, excellent, wasn’t there, not that good, very good, is amazing, is good, is fantastic, much for, wasnt good, decent, very excited, better
20 8
is incredible, is quite good, decent, gives good coverage, is thick, is awesome, comes out of the tube, doesn't seem to help eliminate, evenly, seemed light, allows a good amount of separation, thin, perfect size, is ok, gets the product on every lash, was easy to work, is basic, no fuss, was fine, like
27 2
great, smooth, easy, kind of chunky, love, goes a long way, feather light, very pretty, is nice, light, is easy, does clump at end, look, long-lasting, like, ease, pretty quickly, thick, without clumping, nice
19 3
very comparable, nice, is good, long time, never disappoints, daily, 2x, going back for my old, great, formula, prefer, based on the positive reviews, fan, is well-known, better than $$, expensive, are really any different, would not stray to another, better than pricier
16 4
ok, okay, going to dry up fast, sort of chunky, still a good product, possible, eyeliner or the mascara, still a nice pop of color, usually difficult to separate them without getting clumps, one of the easiest mascaras
16 5
no, no problem, glides on smoothly, lasts forever, no itching, zero, fantastic, easy to apply, less, better separation
16 4
no, is no flaking, dark, very easily, like a mofo, dries out fairly quickly, is black, no clumps, black, seem to appear faster, below my eye, little to no, under my eyes
great, proper, not nearly as good, nice, beautiful, was not as heavy, really lovely, good, easy to apply, doesn't clump, thickens nicely
16 1
good, natural, clean, nice, does dry out fairly quickly, easy to apply, well priced, doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, comfortable natural, amazing, beautiful, great, very natural, full dramatic
10 5
very dark, smears, smudges, voluminous carbon, very, instantly full lashes, very nice, nice dark, stays •black•, is awesome
10 6
bright, beautiful, is very light, is very wearable, is a very vibrant, not cartoonish, is a beautiful, brilliant royal blue
drugstore mascara
14 1
best, favorite, always trying new, nice, waterproof, holy grail, are quite thin, good, fantastic
12 2
very oily, dry, good, is oily, extremely oily, pale, fair, with ease, super sensitive, combination, extremely sensitive
11 2
great, gives good, awesome, unbelievable, horrible clumpy, respectable, not much thickening, is fine for daytime use, without being too clumpy, without being clumpy
9 4
no, haven't noticed, never had any issues, did not have any problems
11 2
no, see, came out pretty easily, very long lasting , doesn't smudge
12 1
good, great, don't, only mascara, lasted all night great, nice, pretty good, ended up running, best
great, better, amazing, easy to put on, happy with, bit surprised, good, no spectacular
does not clump, really good, was plenty for the day, would be fine, lashes evenly, easy to build up, is enough, gives a bit of blue to your lashes, flexible enough, thickly, makes a big difference
carbon black
8 2
is really cool, great, is an excellent, super dark, still very natural, believable, is still better than most mascaras, is a fabulous
great, gooey and clump-prone, is ok, benefit's roller
10 1
are perfect, great, right, very impressed, is just right in my opinion, not too runny, not too goopy, thickens up, love, gets a bit better
9 2
wipes, work very well, removes waterproof makeup easilywill update, no, natural, switched to more expensive, better, possible, removed
8 13
doesn't dry out faster, is very dry, seems very old, dug out, weren't full, clumps right out, was not as big, seemed dried up, bad, seemed very dry, dried out, is clumpy, “black brown