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L'Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara, Carbon Black, 0.26 fl. oz. Mascara is amazing, is beautiful. Product is good, is nice. Color is perfect, is great. Waterproof is difficult to get off. Waterproof version is more difficult to remove, is not my cup of tea. Smell is horrible.
4.0 out of 5 stars
666 opinion
211 242 213
positive 211
great, works great, looks great, goes on great, works really well, is amazing, good, stays on great, goes on easily, amazing, love, works perfectly, works well, works fine, goes on smoothly, ’s decent, is inexpensive and goes on great, holds up very well during my entire work day, works wonderfully, was great, smudges easily, ’s very good, ’s a nice mascara, gets better, adds volume to my lashes like, cleans off nicely, loves, goes on beautifully, ’s so reasonable on amazon, works just as great back, does look nice on, comes off easy, a good, goes on with ease, works better than some high priced mascara, is always very goopy, works very well to give, looked best over my thin dark, works really well on my eyelashes, i love, works great and last long, goes on very smooth, is definitely not the best, how easy, stays fresh and dark for an entire day, incredible, feel very nourishing, falls easily, does the best job compared, ’s great
neutral 242
lasts all day, stays on all day, ’s clumpy, stays put all day, washes off easily, does the job, makes my eyes pop, dries fast, is waterproof, does, was running down my face all day, does not go on smooth, does its job in a pinch, separates the lashes, is very buildable, goes on quickly, leaches on my undereye, makes my lashes look thicker, goes on smoothly with one coat, is creamy, not much of a difference, looks blue and other times, makes lashes thick and dark, suits my complexion, makes my long and invisible eyelashes visible, doesn't give much volume, is very quick to apply, does have more color, adds volume to my lashes without clumping, clumps and smears, does dry out faster, is voluminous, runs like crazy, goes on nice.not clumpy, doesn't flake as long as you gently sweep up, won't come off face, leaves my lashes feeling flexible, does not make them look full or long, makes my lashes full and thick, dries out too much, tends to dry out fairly quickly, wears off quickly, burns my eyes.m, is my go to mascara, works per my wife, not terrible, goes on smoothly without clumping, did come fast in the mail, lasts all day with no smudging, had plenty of mascara
negative 213
doesn't clump, is not waterproof, is dry, does not clump, takes forever to dry, doesn't flake, caused itchy, does not smear or give raccoon eyes, applied the product too thickly, is not waterproof and comes off very easily, doesn't show any blue on black eye lashes, is supposed to be regular, does give me raccoon eyes by afternoon, is very hard to wash off, is awful, does not go on evenly, doesn’t come off, ’s kinda hard to remove, ’s never too much, doesn’t clump, didn't come off, gets too clumpy, did not fail me, adds volume to my whimpy lashes, won't smug at all, doesn’t easily smear, does not come off easily, is long lasting, never clumped, comes off the brush, will go on too thick, dried out, is less expensive than sold in stores, smudges under my eyes after, doesn't come off well with soap, doesnt clump up, leaves nasty clumps, doesn’t clump or flake off, makes your eyes pop, would run without me sweating or crying, makes under my eyes black, was very dry, flakes off within hours, does the very same thing, does not irritate the eye or fog up, flaked off my eyelashes, doesn't apply well, does not irritate my sensitive eyes, does not irritate my eyes, ran under my eyes pretty bad
365 opinion
280 54 31
positive 280
best, great, good, excellent, favorite, awesome, is amazing, fantastic, very nice, perfect, amazing, nice, best drugstore, really good, all time favorite, my absolute favorite, wonderful, really great, decent, pretty good, very good, beats most high end, is beautiful, blue great lash, is so cool and unique, fine for a low cost, perfect lengthening, nice looking, is my all time favorite, least clumpy best, solid waterproof, best every day, surprisingly great, far the best, good expensive, is nice, is so gorgeous, is simply awesome, hands down my favorite, my favorite waterproof, goes on pretty clumpy, really nice, reliable, great inexpensive, far the very best, absolute most favorite, most amazing, great daily, works very well, always loved colored
neutral 54
voluminous, holy grail, inexpensive, clumpy, paris voluminous, decent, more dramatic black, smudgiest of smudgy, long ware, burgundy, decent cheap, very little, never lasts all day, stays put all day, priced, loreal voluminous primer, my holy grail, fabtastic, my least desirable, basic, affordable, is clumpy, fab, original voluminous, loreal voluminous, paris voluminous original, washable, goes on smooth, never clumps or runs, loreal paris voluminous, cheap, did not agree with my eyes, the most clumpy, smooth, high priced, expensive, brown, does nothing to keep my lashes curled
negative 31
waterproof, worst, seems somewhat old and dried out, causes dark, seriously the worst, no, horrible, is going in the trash, applied alright, doesn’t irritate my eyes, bad, is dry and clumpy, used very expensive, thick, worse, boring black, leaves, doesn't clump, terrible, bad quality, no clumps, is not smudge proof, longest lasting, pretty bad, does not smear on my lower lids
162 opinion
121 22 19
positive 121
great, good, excellent, very good, nice, best, awesome, is good, amazing, okay, is nice, very happy, builds nicely, real l'oreal, lovely, always loved, wonderful, is amazing, is important to, terrific, very fast great, beautiful, super easy to apply, nothing good, great every day, very nice, is delivered perfectly, lays nicely, only cheap beauty, works very well, is good at not irritating them, was terrific, slightly clumpy but overall a good, ok, still good, is exceptional, good drugstore
neutral 22
is water proof, is just okay, feels maybe old and drying out, is very light, performs well, is very runny, is very concentrated, is okay, is exactly as described, is satisfactory in every way, was very thick and clumped, stays on my lashes, was far from being voluminous, looks, reasonably priced , does smudge on, an overall ok, waterproof, last all day, thicker side, much, much excess
negative 19
horrible, will not smudge, has a foul odor, awful, does apply well over the l'oreal voluminous primer, fake, is clearly fake, was dry, terrible, is positively horrendous, is very difficult to work, never disappointed, is not the same, hangs, is truly a worthless, truly an awful, lasts me about 2 months
140 opinion
75 44 21
positive 75
great, nice, is perfect, good, is great, is fine, beautiful, is nice, very pretty, a rich black, natural, gorgeous, especially under bright lights, goes great, clumps easily, pretty, my favorite, pretty vocal blue, is nice over all, is lovely, is very vibrant and fun, gorgeous blue, stays intense all day, is phenomenal, is a nice rich black, can be bold, is beautiful, very dark rich, nice mascara, really cool, nice black, was fine, nice dark black, a nice pop of, really fun, can be super fun, really nice blue, is very nice, is rich, love, a nice dark black, lovely, nice rich black pigmented, rich black, is good, rich in, true black
neutral 44
dark, is deep, is dark, blue, is not very strong, little to heavy in, goes on, is not rich enough, consist, is, purple, magical, it looks like brown, leans brownish, is quite subtle, is very subtle, cobalt, lighter, eyelashes look thick, is well pigmented, is very blue, brings out my eye, very very blue, gray, is so dark, enhances any eye, darker, makes my lashes look, brings out my light blue eyes, an everyday mascara, is lighter than expected, is very dark, lasted all day, softer, extremely pigmented, goes on smoothly, goes on black as i expected, is 90% as expected
negative 21
black, dark black, seems a deep black, crazy, does not cause eye irritation, doesn't transfer to lashes, not waterproof, does not suit any style
44 opinion
42 2
positive 42
great, good, is really good, best lower end, been my favorite and at a great, is great, very good, best, is excellent, is super
neutral 2
paid very expensive, makes
31 opinion
23 1 7
positive 23
great, good, nice, bold beautiful, adds nice, beautiful, awesome, does deliver great, lashes great, do a good job of adding, greater
neutral 1
negative 7
no, massive, crazy, is disappointing, doesn't damage my lashes
26 opinion
13 10 3
positive 13
great, is perfect, is nice, is very easy to work, works well, very nicely, is wonderful, is excellent
neutral 10
is your normal brush, is clumped with mascara, is sturdy and practical, curved, is small, is smooth but thick, wide, is not great, separates lashes well, bigger side
negative 3
is not meeting my needs, is too wet with, is way too small
22 opinion
8 14
positive 8
amazing, natural, clean, nice, more natural, attractive
neutral 14
eyelashes, lashes, desired, dramatic, dramatic evening, semi clumpy, full dramatic, average
20 opinion
8 7 5
positive 8
great, very pretty after, is nice, is easy, easy, goes on easily and looks great on, nice
neutral 7
smooth, heavy, quick
negative 5
chunky, very little, a messy, only needs one, thick
20 opinion
10 7 3
positive 10
beautiful, great, decent number of fairly long, amazing, natural, lovely, you beautiful, are long and gorgeous
neutral 7
thick long, voluminous, long thick, thick, luscious, lengthens
negative 3
cleanly to my thin, creates thick looking, long thin
19 opinion
14 1 4
positive 14
great, good, excellent, very good, is amazing, is good, suuuper good, very oily skin, better
neutral 1
negative 4
very bad, very poor, bad
16 opinion
11 3 2
positive 11
is one of the best non, formula out pretty fast, is decent, makes my baby fine, is one of my favorite drugstore mascaras, works better, is totally gorgeous, washes off very easily, goes on beautifully, is one of my favorite mascaras, has been my favorite go
neutral 3
mascara, lasts about five hours, is very thick mascara
negative 2
fills, does not work nearly as well
14 opinion
4 1 9
positive 4
best, great, is excellent
neutral 1
negative 9
truly, ” formula bleeds, not smudge proof, is difficult to get off, trying, would dry, so taking it off was difficult at first, no, does clump
13 opinion
11 1 1
positive 11
great, nice, beautiful, really lovely, good
neutral 1
not nearly as good as cover girl
negative 1
was not as heavy as i anticipated
11 opinion
8 2 1
positive 8
ok not the best, really nice, not the best out, really just an okay mascara, amazing, amazingly bright, a great, super dark
neutral 2
clumpy, runs under the eye a lot
negative 1
10 opinion
6 1 3
positive 6
is incredible, is quite good, decent, is awesome, is ok, was easy to work
neutral 1
is basic
negative 3
plastic, empty, is to dry
9 opinion
4 3 2
positive 4
sensitive, fair, super sensitive, very sensitive
neutral 3
very oily, oily, is oily
negative 2
extremely oily, pale
7 opinion
positive 7
great, good, pretty good
7 opinion
positive 7
7 opinion
positive 7
great, amazing, good
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