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Apple 13" MacBook Pro, Retina Display, 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 Dual Core, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Silver, MPXR2LL/A (Newest Version)

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25% of users say that: Product has it all, is honestly worth get it, is best value for specs operating system, was totally fine. Laptop is small, has been working fine, is heavily reliable, is good for everyday use. Macbook is working well, is how super light weight, is the beast. Macbook pro is a gem of a laptop, is awesome, is amazing the sound, are simply the best. 6% of users noticed that: Computer has no usb ports, has let me down, is using adobe creative cloud, is having so many problems. Keyboard don't have an issue, don't have anywhere to plug them in without sacrificing the monitor, are stiff, was beyond terrible. Apple is losing the plot, has ruined something perfect.2, is making trash. Battery drains astonishingly fast, is god-awful.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

157 62
love, great, excellent, amazing, just works, almost speaks for itself, has it all, opens and runs applications incredibly, is honestly worth get it, is best value for specs operating system, liked, built into, overall worth it, does seems like after os x 10.8 mountain lion, was totally fine, is fast enough, for repairs again, back to me sooner, was like brand new, is easy to use
38 7
great, excellent, best, real, well, fully equipped hp, is small, powerful, easy to use, very very efficient, amazing, has been working fine, is heavily reliable, is good for everyday use, is well built, for high school, looks stylish, is compact, light, far
19 5
pro, pro 13-inch, 2015, is working well, pros, airs, great, family, is how super light weight, merging, pro retina, pro quickly, is the beast, gets warm under use
macbook pro
11 7
is a gem of a laptop, is awesome, is amazing the sound, are simply the best, seems less than spectacular, are many advantages, love, broke his older, perfect candidate, still runs, had little to no issues
11 7
is gorgeous, big, nice, is amazing, much better, bottom right, is beautiful, is mostly bright, lower res
battery life
11 6
impressive, is so good, less, is phenomenal, is really good, could be better, with heavy to moderate use, gives me maximum 5 hours, long, seems decent, thoroughly
7 3
best part, is intuitive, responsive, doesn't require hauling a mouse, is big, super comfortable, is a big step back
is ok, i needed to do however, like, is awesome, feels fluid and connected, right with the laptop, went as described
6 2
great, is more than enough, offer stable, reliable, consisten, is definitely something to experience
great, flare, convenience, absolutely love, marginal, is awsome
5 2
great, excellent, has come to the point, are important
5 1
are amazing, good, are so quiet, are hands down the best
this thing
4 1
is beyond amazing for video editors, is way lighter, smaller, is pretty
2 1
outstanding, feels cheap
3 2
is of high quality, pros suck, is of far better quality
4 1
best buy, got amazed, great, best
build quality
3 1
great, is typical apple, is beyond amazing
3 1
is amazing, is great, better
power of this laptop, absolutely love, reliable average, is amazing
was sufficient enough, was great, fully functional, was perfect
this computer
2 1
really recommend, love
2 1
2 1
was up.(wow, extended
was beautiful, was better
apple product
2 1
are always one of the best designs, most durable brands
2 1
best, was blown away enough
2 1
more familiar, makes them better to use
2 1
usable, good
9 18
crashes, makes typing almost strenuous at times, completely freezes requiring a hard restart, for 10 days, would lock up, doesn’t work with adobe programs, has no usb ports, has let me down, so bad, is using adobe creative cloud, would shut down, didn't crash all the time, did absolutely nothing, is having so many problems, isn't even half a year old, is slow, not go wrong
5 14
hate, worst, left disappointed, acting funny, sticky, don't have an issue, don't have anywhere to plug them in without sacrificing the monitor, not a bad, are stiff, was beyond terrible, simply ruins my arms, is a love/hate
6 12
forcing buyers to purchase adapters for usb, really messed up with this design, you automatically think expensive, is losing the plot, ’s designers didn’t foresee, no longer produces macbook pro, shame, has ruined something perfect.2, hasn't made a better keyboard, is making trash, requires less internal processing power to run, doesn't want to dilute its own dying tablets
3 6
gets low, doesn't hold us as well, drains astonishingly fast, still drains way too fast, is god-awful, started to get swollen
2 7
do not like, makes the normal functions a little more difficult to get used to, are not very convenient, no, worked only intermittently, are limited, lack
touch bar
1 6
can be annoying, randomly stops working, is a joke, are not worth the extra money, is nothing like advertised, was beyond terrible
3 3
does.. extremely frustrating, complain was closed, can't manage moving
3 3
diehard, gets really hot and burning.3, heavy
2 2
not make an expensive, don't regret
1 2
have not been able to accomplish, power a mouse
touch pad
1 2
is stiff, have very low sensitivity
power button
no, quite heavy, is no