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Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager - Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf, Legs, Foot - Use at Home, Office, and Car, ZMA-13-BK (Black)

This is amazing, works great, is great, is the best massager. Product is amazing, is great, works well, works great. Massager is great, is amazing, works great, is awesome. Heat is nice, is great, is just right, is perfect. Cord is too short, is short, is kind of short, is very short. Power cord is a bit short, can become detatched when using it, is mildly defective, is a little short. Plug keeps failing out, is kind of doopy, keeps working itself loose, is a little flimsy. Box is defective, can even easily bring it back.

4.5 out of 5 stars
9290 opinion
7016 86 2188
positive 7016
love, works great, loves, loved, like, works well, great, feels great, highly recommend, works, amazing, good, heats up, feels so good, every day, recommend, works very well, buy, is amazing, liked, was great, really works, portable, is great, feels good, awesome, feels amazing, everyday, does a great job, easy to use, powerful, works perfectly, absolutely love, perfect, wonderful, is awesome, daily, keep, worked great, effective, comes with a car adapter, is wonderful, does the job, really like, likes, feels wonderful, lasts, well made, all the time, compact
neutral 86
a little loud, is small, small, heavy, takes a little practice, had 2 settings, would be loud, ’s small, could be a little hotter, a little hard, isn't that comfortable, is a bit too small, has taken a condition, is very hard, gets a little warmer, is a little too bulky, was a bit stuff, would be ok, a bit too long, advertised as thin, does some minor good, doesn't take much space, is on my couch, a little unit, is small enough to store in a small drawer, just a little too big, just 4 knobs, was a little thinner, did feel a little harsh, was 1/2 off, very flat, only got one speed, hard to use, took a little bit, isn't flexible, a little large, way too big, doesn't get too hot, a little bulky, doesn't just feel good, operates on two voltages, a little big, was too pounding, does make a little noise, may sting a little, has a single button, is wimpy, little out of hand, is a lil thick, little thinner
negative 2188
stopped working, out, hurts, off, quit working, tried, doesn't work, can't return, back, turns off, hurt, uncomfortable, too hard, can't live without, sitting on the couch, did not work, awkward, was painful, up, shuts off, won't even turn on, will hurt, haven't tried, breaks, was a little awkward, do not use, hide, hurts so good, not recommend, fell asleep, very uncomfortable, not strong enough, didn't like, once, annoying, can't use, is too hard, can't stop, down, weird, has an automatic shut off, too thick, reverses direction, shuts off after 20 minutes, very hard, work, broke, doesn't get too hot, can't get, shuts off after 20 min
1840 opinion
1625 11 204
positive 1625
love, is amazing, works great, like, is great, recommend, is the best massager, is awesome, highly recommend, is the best, gift, is perfect, is the best thing, loves, recommended, was a gift, is wonderful, great, is by far the best, does the trick, is the next best thing, works well, works very well, does the job, good, definitely recommend, been all my life, for my neck, feels amazing, is so much better, is a great massage pillow, is a lifesaver, is a good massager, best, really helps, is a great little massage pillow, is one of the best products, feels wonderful, feels great, is an amazing massager, is a wonderful product, sooner, is so great, glad, is the best purchase, really works, is better, is a godsend, is a great massager, is for you
neutral 11
little bugger, is not a relaxing massage, low, little puppy for christmas, doesn't come close to an actual masseuse's touch, in very bony are'a, looks small, has added heat, is not the thing, about a month, is not a thick
negative 204
not recommend, wears out, problem, can't wait, garbage, doesn't have to work my aches, didn't buy, immediately upon arrival, decides to give up, is a design flaw, happened about a month after the warranty expired, has caused me to purchase a second unit, is not for you, is only $30, skip, is not pleasant for me, needs to be plugged into the wall, seemed counterproductive, not great, is so annoying, arrived broken, is not something you can use sitting up, almost 2 months, gone a day without, turned out to be too much of a hassle to try, stiff, bad boy, doesn't just vibrate intensely, breaks, bruised them, just hurts, is too aggressive causing a muscle tear, really gets deep down, just loosens, would probably not purchase, is just another item to take up space, didn't do anything for me, doesn't seem to fit around my neck/shoulders area, haven't reviewed, might not be for you, might be painful to you, is a scam, finally fails, once a week for a couple months, is way too hard, is not worth the money, very hesitant, is rediculous, thing hurt my neck and shoulders, was hard
1349 opinion
1275 2 72
positive 1275
great, good, excellent, amazing, awesome, very good, wonderful, very happy, is amazing, nice, is great, fantastic, works well, happy, works great, quality, very pleased, very nice, works as advertised, really great, best, is awesome, outstanding, is wonderful, better, works, fabulous, was great, is excellent, high quality, like, perfect, glad, is well made, sturdy, incredible, is outstanding, very satisfied, easy to use, decent, pleased, pretty good, love, is absolutely amazing, similar, terrific, unbelievable, delivers, loves, good quality
neutral 2
comes with a 12v dc, is the shiatsu (pun intended
negative 72
useless, overrated, very disappointed, was not a comfortable pillow, is suck, do not recomm9this, defective, poorly made, was released to send out a corrective action, does not even worth 1 star rating, is malfunctioning so quickly, no reflection, is terrible, does not work, only 1 speed, awkward, would not turn back on, two issues, i would think twice, magically fixes the main problem, having problems functioning, was discontinued, out better, not happy, nowhere stated, unhappy, is bulky, not abuse, still becomes undone rather easily, did not work well, was very unsatisfactory, was lost in transit, malfunction, not a great, to be very stiff, is not strong, relieve back problems, without this flaw, has gone deep in my tissue, has none of that, is junk, due to occassional neck pain, does not have to be limited to the neck, broke two months, awful, extremely disappointed, will shuts off in about20 minutes, did not receive, once, got worse results
758 opinion
689 5 64
positive 689
great, best, is great, is amazing, good, works great, excellent, awesome, wonderful, is awesome, little, nice, amazing, great little, is wonderful, love, works well, strong, worked well, perfect, powerful, is fantastic, works wonders, versatile, feels great, exceeded my expectations, is a life saver, has done a great job, really great, comfortable, very good, arrived in perfect condition, very powerful, inexpensive, gift, does a great job, better, is absolutely amazing, very effective, back pain, very happy, lower back, same time, touched their back, has done miracles, very solid, fantastic little, was amazing, feels absolutely amazing, was used
neutral 5
left me a little bruised, is a little hard, is a few pounds, large, is a bit too bulky
negative 64
no longer turns on, is just too thick, totally my fault, cords not in packing, did not work, doesn't make them *poof, did not have any other material, stop working, will not stop when pressing the on off button, is not tender, does not heat up, beat me up, broken, just stopped working, cause, little hard, just stopped, will cut off after 30 seconds of use, tried, does not hold it, hesitant to buy, stopped working, shuts off, less than 24 hours, lying down, automatically turns off after alotted time, isn't living up to the hype, was still working, not hot enough to burn ya, must be plugged, only vibrates, made me feel bruised, sciatic nerve pain, doesn't even have a car, sometimes for my back, does not work well, completely stopped working, was in plastic, takes a little understanding, has helped that problem, dont suggest, stopping time, infrequently to loosen the knots, was malfunctioning, isn't flexible, after not being able to stand my back pain, is not rotating, failed, a little while back, couldn't try
607 opinion
531 2 74
positive 531
is nice, is great, feels great, is just right, is perfect, love, is an added bonus, is a nice touch, is wonderful, works well, is a bonus, is amazing, feels good, good, works great, is very nice, is fantastic, is a nice feature, not too hot, soothing, is very soothing, is an added benefit, feels nice, is a nice bonus, right amount, feels so good, perfect, nice, is just enough, gentle, is awesome, is good, is noticeable, option, is just the right temperature, no heat, is a great addition, like, really helps, works really well, are perfect, great, no, mild, feel wonderful, noticeable, was a nice touch, warm, work well, is a nice addition
neutral 2
isn't hot, isn't very strong
negative 74
will turn on, is not too hot, off, is way too hot, is triggered by a simple push of the on-off switch in the front corner, went on, still working, ripping, did not feel, doesn't get too warm, stays on for about 20 minutes, is pretty weak, have just stopped, stays on, adds to the effectiveness of the machine, is grey, are flickering on and off, isn't an issue, should be variable, takes only 2min to warm up, was not strong, is not functioning, can be on or off, can be a little much after 15 min, doesn't get too much, not a gimmick, is not good, works rather slowly, doesn't get as high, gets a little warm, can be turned on or off, is a bit inconsistent, gets really hot, was not sufficient, kick, dissipates, is bad, takes a little while to kick in, could stay on for longer then 20 minutes, did not work well, can be used, comes on first, didn't work as advertised, mode off, takes just a few cycles, is not hot enough, disable, off manually, doesn't have adjustable temperatures, has an on/off button
430 opinion
393 1 36
positive 393
great, good, deep, professional, strong, nice, better, amazing, best, good deep, very good, comfortable, excellent, is strong, is very strong, very firm, soothing, real, is great, fantastic, gives a great, is firm, hard, heat, deeper, powerful, very relaxing, nice firm, stronger, decent, is pretty strong, really good, feels good, was amazing, like, gentle, intense, perfect, very deep, is a great deep kneeding, in january of 2016, like a professional, is effective, freaking, useful, not harsh, fantastic deep, without exhausting his hands, true deep, can enjoy your
neutral 1
is a bit forceful
negative 36
does not return, heads reverse direction every few minutes, doesn't want, are way to hard, much too bulky, was too deep, cannot afford, feels a bit too painful, shallow, does not feel aggressive at first, don't have to pay 100 dollars, balls start slipping, is not hard enough, not very strong, not immediately clear, stopped working, is pressed against it, pretty sore, balls stopped rotating, not hard, nubs or balls are too hard, was desperate, is not very relaxing, not saying never pay, careful not to over, don't even focus, can be a bit jarring, not a gentle, is not going to switch position, is very rough, was too rough, don't expect some fantabulous, no other kind, hurts everyone hands, too long , doesn't get very hot
this product
322 opinion
301 21
positive 301
love, highly recommend, recommend, definitely recommend, would recommend, absolutely love, like, really like, loves, loved, totally recommend, very pleased, really love, recommended, very happy, already recommended, absolutely recommend, strongly recommend, great, so pleased, no problems, no complaints, buy, excited, fully recommend, think of buying, loving, really enjoying, is as advertised, should be in everyone's home, absolutely loved, really liked, enjoyed, cost, not go wrong, amazing, awesome, review, received, would definitely buy, extremely pleased, replace, prefer, no issues, thrilled, issues, works for now, skeptic, thank you for making, recommendation
negative 21
not recommend, would not suggest, is not ideal, very disappointed, broke, not buy, do not buy, hesitated, major downside, is not the case, disappointed, can't say enough about, very very disappointed, wouldn't hesitate, not receive, not reason enough to rate, not say enough, didn't actually use, can't relax, will not be anywhere
this thing
252 opinion
239 1 12
positive 239
is amazing, love, is great, is awesome, is fantastic, has changed my life, really works, is wonderful, works, works great, is incredible, is my new best friend, is perfect, is powerful, like, gets to working, works well, does wonders, absolutely blew my expectations, can get deep, has heat built, massaged them away in a matter of minutes, almost everyday, feels really good, just working on my back, is worth the money, loosened things up all the way up through the shoulders and neck, is so great, does heat up really well, hits deep in the muscles, is small enough, is just great, is definitely not weak, does everything, is so good, is more powerful, is life changing, literally rubbed the skin off of my wife’s shoulders, is nice, is a lifesaver, is a powerhouse, has been great for my neck, can, will bruise your skin, is pretty awesome, is heaven, is truly heaven sent, is so amazing, looooooove, has been helping me over the past day
neutral 1
is a beast
negative 12
hurt so bad, is way too hard, is junk, stopped working, non stop, doesn't go easy on you, literally changed my life, turns off right in the middle of massaging your back, locks up, is not very good, rotates one way for about ten rounds, gets used a lot
246 opinion
170 1 75
positive 170
lower, feels so much better, great, feels great, good, stiff, feels better, pain, better, hasn't felt this good, low, feel so much better, works great, works well, feels wonderful, perfect, gets really tight, feels tight, amazing, super tight, feels go to heaven after use it, doing fantastic, ended up with knots, are very delghted, pain relief, pain/discomfort, feel goood, shoulder aches, middle, lots of pain, hits my bones, felt great the day, upper, doesn't feel so stiff, feel great, will feel better, thanks, is constantly taking abuse, killing me, worked the kinks, no longer, can't lay, is always tight, was beautiful, helpful, will thank me later, kills me, neck, feet, is really tight, relieve my tension headaches
neutral 1
is a little more difficult
negative 75
bad, problems, hard, is so tense, lower, was killing me, feel worse, has gone through years of torture from the gym, lot of problems, really bad, have been hurting for months, sore, was quite sore, hurts my, was so bad, is usually red, careful, broken, suffer, gets stiff or painful, wasnt as sore, is completely screwed up, did not work, hurts really bad, hurts club, was so knotted, negatively affects my posture, is impenetrable, hurt worse, hurt, took a toll, hurting, hurts, very sore, is always killing me, is sore most of the time from lifting and exercising, constantly hurts me, often hurts, is often in pain from struggling to lift my legs, problem, requires lifting heavy, has been hurting for so long, had been bothering me, was hurting so badly, lean, was more sore, gets stiff during the night, low, suffers, pain
236 opinion
196 12 28
positive 196
great, works great, is great, is amazing, wonderful, is well designed, better, amazing, good, is the best, has been absolutely amazing, sturdy, is powerful, is awesome, ever wear out, gave her the much needed relief, arrived on time, provides excellent massage, is seriously amazing, has relieved all of that, run with the heat on for 20 minutes, was amazing, likes, small, does not replace therapeutic, nicely made, gives a thorough massage, works fine, pooped out after 2 years, has dramatically helped, surprised, did function, sides of my neck, for work, is a god send, is so well built, help relax my muscles during recovery, is the bomb, far outweigh any discomfort problems, were a bit softer, will cause you pain, stiff enough, is too soft, is so versatile, soft, nice against skin, looks adorable, was awesome, is also very firm, will be going with me everywhere
neutral 12
little, is small, gives a very hard massage, isn't the most comfortable, does not have that issue, looks small, small, is so thick, is not soft
negative 28
turns off, is small enough to move around w/o lot of rearranging, did not have that feature, part detaches, was still under warranty, can be used anywhere - chair, defective, emits heat, is also very hard, doesn't feel comfortable, must be plugged into an outlet, is not as good, tried, is heavy, is almost completely silent, is not bendable, does not wrap around the neck, has stopped to work within 2 months, to be entirely satisfactory, i have never felt better, not only for my neck, doesn't have the power, annoying, doesn't take the place of a massage therapist, warms up, behind my lower back, will automatically turn off after 20 minutes
196 opinion
130 2 64
positive 130
great, stiff, perfect, small, pain, able to move, problems, full, wide, massaging, good, was extremely tight, almost everywhere, are unbelievable, felt after sleeping on rocks, side, work out, did seem to benefit, tension, is challenging, no more, back, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, legs, hard to use, especially upper, isn't in pain, pretty big, comfortable position, will fit better, best, shorter, resonate, sore, feels a 100 times better, tense, i tolerate less pressure, finally feels normal, feels amazing, loosened up, tension melted away, many newer, is bruised, getting all knotted up, are constantly in pain, regular basis, fantastic, very sore, very stiff, low, lot
neutral 2
was a little trickier, don't get
negative 64
stiff, bad, problems, not as good, is too small, worst, doesn't work, painful, hurts, really hurts, plagued, has problems, had been sore, harder into the pillow/rollers, has not been so loose, has cracked in places, was completely pain-free, doesn't really help, not great, hurt so bad, not the best thing, was sore for days, gets pulled every once, mess of knots, not my actual, sore, was in so much pain, not only, complaining, severe, is not as good, terrible, complain, hard to use, has been painful, tight muscles, incredibly stiff, broken, has pain, bit painful, debilitating, failed, serious pain, few issues, very bad, is too thin, gets really tired and sore, problem, are very tired, oh
massage pillow
194 opinion
177 1 16
positive 177
great, best, is amazing, is great, is awesome, very happy, love, glad, has really helped loosen up my tight back, gift, very satisfied, exceeded my expectations, has greatly reduced the headache symptoms, has been amazing, little, works great, remarkable, has seen a lot of use, now for several days on my back, feels great, took just two days, can be used on so many different parts of your body, great compact, packed up, is incredibly nice, is the one, awesome, wonderfull, is exactly what i needed, is the best thing, really works, can go with me, is definitely a god send, works surprisingly well, good, lovely little, has helped immensely with the tightness, works so well, is a game changer, could make, enjoys, works perfectly, absolutely loves, quite durable, couple days ago, is rather strong, convenient, placed the zyllion, has decently strong massaging action, light heat
neutral 1
is a bit deceiving
negative 16
disappointed, hardest most uncomfortable, is no where near, out of desperation, go without having the heat on, fixes it right up, would have the same problems, a few times, extremely uncomfortable, don't over do it, can't live without, give it a try, hard on his neck, is too hard, doesn't have an amazon account
181 opinion
164 17
positive 164
great, good, is great, reasonable, excellent, worth, decent, was right, very reasonable, very good, affordable, works very well, amazing, nice, is wonderful, is so reasonable, better, is very reasonable, low, right, is perfect, i was going to get, really works, works well, is very affordable, is pretty great, was the main reason, is an excellent deal, you get a little bit of therapeutic value, effective, is absolutely reasonable, is a great value, convenient to use, higher, is exceptionally worth, is low enough, went up, works as advertised, not a bad, really amazing, was affordable, makes it that much better, was reasonable, was very reasonable, is right, cheaper, can't beat, full, cannot be beat, was wonderful
negative 17
not bad, doesn't do justice, weren't for this drawback, is prohibitive, cannot beat, do not like, were weak, cheap, is no longer the same, was so low, mediocre, really can't find a better one, you cant go wrong, not seen better, cannot beat this, did not last long
181 opinion
58 2 121
positive 58
was longer, were longer, is long enough, was a bit longer, long, comes out easily, was a little longer, was fine, is a bit shorter, is a good length, seemed to come unattached with any slight movement, does come apart if too much pressure, seems cheap, with a male end, is super short, could be longer, come unplugged easy, was stronger, does stay in place, no issues, does unsnap easily, works perfectly, is about six inches long, needs to be longer, is super long, un latched, is great, did the trick, for ease of use, more flexibility, is snapped, is being bent with a slight tension, longer, is easy to lose, right away, is quite long, came with the car power, shortens up, unplugs from the massager a bit too easy, keeps coming off, could be a little longer, become unplugged easily, is about six feet long, has a release mechanism, plenty lengthy, easy enough to reattach, pretty good, can be bit more longer
neutral 2
was a little short, could be a little longer
negative 121
is too short, is short, is kind of short, is very short, stopped working, keeps on getting disconnected, pops into two pieces very easily, isn't super long, is not running across my room, didnt come with power, comes unplugged, comes apart in the middle, comes disconnects every time, detaches pretty regularly, misplaced, keeps unplugging not fun, pops out, would sometimes come out, is fairly short, is very flimsy, not be so easily detachable, connects to it, easily becomes disconnected, could be a bit longer, seems to be malfunctioning, is sort of short, come loose, isn't that long, could be longer, was too short, keeps getting disconnected every time, is far too short, is a tad too short, disconnects, got caught in my swivel mechanism, broke off, falls out almost every time, isnt long enough, is somewhat loose, comes unplugged from the device a little to easily, becoming undone many times, is connected and snapped tightly with no daylight, isn't long enough to stretch, has a random spot that disconnects, comes apart, was extremely temperamental, coming off, does not plug in securely, snap closed, disconnects pretty easily from the unit
173 opinion
109 3 61
positive 109
arrived in good condition, is great, is wonderful, very well made, is made with quality materials, will be incredibly helpful, is already great, can operate fairly indefinitely, replacement, about a year ago, nice, will run for 20 minutes, is working just fine, worked well, well made, does a very nice job, very easy to place, is really going to help on those dragging days, has two way motion, is working good, are new, is good for lower back, has brought immense relief, seems fine, no longer turns, was at my doorstep, was in tact, will work for all 3 parts of my back, has so many positive ratings, is well made, uses quality materials, much padding, arrived on day promised, does a great job relaxing those muscles, came neatly packaged, raliable, could be perfect, works very well, right away, could be more snug, is softer, love, can contour around the neck area better, impressed, massaged, nice enough, compact, enough power, powerful, works well
neutral 3
2nd, is a shiatsu one - my mother, is not only stylish
negative 61
stopped working, bad, little, would stop massaging, was still under the one year warranty, no longer functions, can run for 3-4 consecutive cycles, close to unusable, not a bad, severely burned, is a lawsuit waiting to happen, stinks, seized up, no longer move, had problems, hardwired onto, rotates every minute, spots beware of the ribcage or spine, can be replaced, is too flat, against the wire, bear down on the traps, is totally inflexible, is too thick, in our lower back, was not brand new, gets overheated, isn't loud, plugged it in, out and inspected it, doesn't frustrate my son, yesterday and wasted no time in trying it out, over heats, i had wouldn't turn off, can still be turned on, comes unplugged kinda easily, does switch on and off for a second at regular intervals, advertised heat mode, will not damage your nice furniture, can dig in too much, alway's runs in 20 minute cycles, breaks up those tension knots, defective, shuts off after 20 minutes, is ridiculous, did not have the same power, broke after less, discovered hair, knew was defective, stays on for about 15 minutes
156 opinion
131 1 24
positive 131
great, strong, fine, amazing, not comfortable, small, compact, awesome, nice, strong enough, too strong, very strong, put up with us pretty well, the best thing, not to noisy, discreet, shape, its profile, miracle worker, not super sturdy, really confortable to use, easy enough fix, good investment, really well made, only fair, great for my neck and shoulders, tenacious at getting rid of any tension, is pretty addictive, just ok, simply worth it, powerful, giving me a hard time staying on, perfect for my shoulders, working good, thick massager, okay, a very light massage, really helping, easy to use, super helpful, great for long trips, just wonderful, so portable, very good, still going strong, very relaxing, sturdy, good for the price, helping me to relieve some back pain, plugged in, really just a couple of wheels
neutral 1
a bit too shallow to massage
negative 24
ripped, not comfortable to use it, designed, not daily anymore, not as comfortable, useless, false, too bulky, making odd noises, hard sometimes to position into, just sitting in my car in the box, just too bulky, a bit too rough tender areas, meant to be leaned into, cigarette lighter connection, not fair, a little more expensive, very hard, almost too uncomfortable to use, pressure to be almost excessive, too rough, a little annoying, been few months, not a low power toy
this massager
155 opinion
150 5
positive 150
love, highly recommend, absolutely love, really like, loves, recommend, strong, really works well, really enjoy, really gets in there, buy, exceeded my expectations, really love, recommended, like, helps me function, is very well designed, really enjoying, deep, is very nice, has really helped my stiff muscles, helps to loosen the knots, can really dig, absolutely loooove, very happy, helps my tired and sore feet a lot, happily surprised, gifted, get, kneeds them out, does wonders, delivers heat, friction to ease the tension, is surprisingly strong, great, sick, sat for hours, pleasantly surprised, glad to have, try to use, works great, very sturdy, well made of quality materials, offers relief, is great, definately recommend, relieves muscle tightness, pain, is still going strong, works very well
negative 5
not recommend, would not advise, causes me pain to use, bad, very disappointed
148 opinion
118 4 26
positive 118
great, amazing, is awesome, wonderful, wonderful little, good, great little, love, favorite, will hold up over time, changed my life, easily adjust, does a phenomenal job of loosening the knotted muscles, performs wonderfully, is wonderful, helps me so much, easily rotate, was the best thing, in a perfect shape, provided the perfect heated pressure, has been handy for sore necks, very basic, is my 911, comfortable, does get warm, works very well, works grear, is compact, small, appears well designed, able to sleep better, new-found, has decreased a lot, works just as well, well made, does just fine, has really helped to alleviate the pain, added more passing, works your spine, provides tremendous relief, miracle, helps, is taking some practice, really shining, is best thing, magical, conveniently sized, is definately worth, thrilled, really good quality
neutral 4
little, small, is a little thick
negative 26
once if not more a day, proper to the wall outlet during a hectic move, has two discs, stopping continuously in mid session, will automatically turn off within 20 to 30 minutes, amazing, gets overheated, caused more pain, is not in anyway useful, in a vertical position, nor control the height, back at times, little strain, is useless, away the pain, stops, turns itself off automatically after about 20 minutes, goes through a cycle, alternates automatically every 30 seconds, does have automatic shut off, strained or pulled back muscle, automatically turns itself off after 20 minutes of use, will turn off completely after 20 min, emits a squeaking sound, tried every procedure, unintended
127 opinion
101 26
positive 101
quickly, are awesome, responded right away, work fantastic, went above, have helped for a little while in the past, ensure your satisfaction, took care of me, shipped a new replacement, are great as gifts, not that much more expensive, sent me two for free, enjoyed, used constantly, sent another right away, stand behind their workmanship, were very responsive, were on sale, were very courteous, eager to help, will be just as eager to help, were super nice, were fast, very courteous, took care of me better, didn’t have to do that, included a custom thank, fit together nicely, are especially tight right under my skull, responded the next business day, had a little give, help relieve tension headaches, help relax her muscles, replied quickly, are seriously effective, deliver, are almost identical and power supplies, sent me a new one, need to be softer, do not miss a beat, work like the day, replaced a new one, definitely go over the top for the products, sent me pink, sent me a brand new one, are too far apart, resolved my issues quickly, were selling them for $100.00, were very popular, were very sincere
negative 26
worked, can get to be expensive, were to bulky, did not give me one free, don't do replacement parts, slipped a lot, don't measure up to this one, were painful, were always slightly painful, too rough, tried mine, don't hit my back bones, are hard, went down to $75, aren't 2 feet away from an outlet, have not all followed through, didn't make them like his old one, have not seen in ten years, did not fit me, don't get quite as warm, didn't allow for the user to control this, weren't good, will slip apart, had a notice up advising, could not stop watching the balls, can be unbearably hot
123 opinion
118 1 4
positive 118
good, great, high, excellent, very good, better, very high, is great, is good, works very well, super impressed, completely vouch, supreme, amazing, pleased, awesome, arrived fast, is fantastic, nice, easy to use, is perfect, top, is amazing, seemed good, fantastic, simple, works awesome, sturdy, isn't going to be quite as good, are consistent, solid, seems good, very nice, is been steadily decreasing, is top notch, exceeded my expectations, really impressed, matches the effectiveness, far surpasses any of the homedics massage, seems great, is excellent, seems nice, surprised, is the best, is real good
neutral 1
just isn't there
negative 4
poor, extremely disappointed, can't believe, disappointed
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