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Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager - Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf, Legs, Foot - Use at Home, Office, and Car, ZMA-13-BK (Black) Product is amazing, is great. Massager works great, is great. Heat is nice, is great. Back is always tight and stiff, keep moving down my. Cord is too short, is very short. Back pain is gone.
4.5 out of 5 stars
2102 opinion
1157 531 414
positive 1157
works great, feels great, is amazing, works well, great, amazing, feels so good, works very well, love, is wonderful, feels amazing, is awesome, loved, is great, works really well, works fine, works wonderfully, really works, feels wonderful, good, feels good, feels really good, is very powerful, ’s amazing, is perfect, works perfectly, i love, very happy with, fantastic, she loves, worked great, loves, hurts so good, felt great, feels awesome, is good, felt so good, awesome, wonderful, easy to use, ’s awesome, was great, does a great job, works pretty good, is very strong, is fantastic, well, absolutely loves, is excellent, was wonderful
neutral 531
works, does the job, works wonders, works so well, is well made, is so relaxing, helped my back pain, uses, works as advertised, holds up, takes a while to heat up, is quiet, heats up quickly, gets the job done, job, is sturdy, seems to work well, gets a lot of use, stays put, works out the knots, works just as well, is quiet enough, no longer works at all, feels like human elbows, applies so much pressure, sticks out a lot, comes with heated / non, used, does wonders for me, helped his tendion headaches too, won't even turn on, don’t fight over, delivers a surprisingly deep massage, meets and exceeds my expectations, works exactly as described, ’s heated and soothes muscle pain, soothes her leg pain, has helped me with back pain, left my neck raw, makes sleeping through the night much easier, gets rid of all the knots quickly, without heat as well, changes rotations every, ’s small and convenient, feels very relaxing on my knots, came in by ups just on time, works as described, massages your muscles deep, holds up out weight, really gets my knots out
negative 414
shuts off, heats up, stopped working, doesn't get too hot, heats up too, did not disappoint, stopped spinning, doesn't work, is rather thick, is a work horse, doesn't slow down, shuts itself off, stopped working for absolutely no, is too wide, does offer some relief from stiffness, long term results, is a staple of every vacation, showed up on my doorstep, stopped working in july, ’s not turning on, starts to work out a muscle, ’s not working, stopped working all together, has to be plugged in to use, turns off, has heated or non-headed mode, makes the unit close to unusable, has never overheated, reminds me of the massage chair, brutally erased all of the stress tension, is a serious therapeutic tool, does not work for neck at all, is hard but relaxing at the same time, is a balanced combination of pressure, ’s too rough in her, does not fall off, is a little stiff, keeps me going and is relaxing, never turned on, can really dig into a sore low back, stopped working after a few hours of use, will rub your back raw, can't massage the neck, is my second pillow massager ordered, broke after 4 months, isn't a useless, is hard on my bones and hurts, does really relieve my aches and pain, gives deep pressure to sore, anywhere on his back
1007 opinion
906 69 32
positive 906
great, good, excellent, amazing, awesome, very good, wonderful, nice, is amazing, very happy, fantastic, is great, works well, very nice, works great, outstanding, best, is awesome, perfect, fabulous, really great, decent, is wonderful, is excellent, better, really good, is absolutely amazing, a well made, terrific, quality, solid, is fantastic, incredible, superb, is outstanding, pretty good, really nice, is simply amazing, high quality, super fast, is worth every penny, made very well, very useful, is more useful and convenient, good quality, how great this, exceptional, has been amazing, cool, major downside
neutral 69
works as advertised, is well made, rocks, works, eased up my muscles, meets our absolute need, similar, unbelievable, mostly for my neck and shoulders, resolved all of my back pains, affordable, updatedexcellent, overrated, does not even worth 1 star rating, is thick, poorly made, a very handy, is built well, magically, is tough, came very quickly, arrived, incredible, excelente, is exactly as described, was satisfactory, very reasonably priced, was very unsatisfactory, works exactly as described, met all my expectations, is getting this many stars, zyllion backs their, similiar, little, well made, is a described, has been helpful, can definitely release some stress, gone deep in my tissue, really works, does its job well, reasonably priced, can be positioned in different spots depending, seems well made, my honest opinion of this, massages out any knots, fab, works so well, works extremely well, a very sturdy
negative 32
useless, is suck, does not hit the spine properly, helps relief my back pain, defective, poorly made, gives him relief for 3 to 4 hours, no longer works, is terrible, does not work, is hard to use, poor quality, is bulky, did not work well for my husband, unbelievable, very very disappointed, seriously delivers, not a bad, leaves them all in the dust, is junk, has lasted me two years, awful, extremely disappointed, does just as well for far less money, will shuts off in about20 minutes, is half then broostone messagers, horrible, not a chronic flaw of, no, had not been shipped, headache gone
239 opinion
223 13 3
positive 223
great, best, good, excellent, great little, nice, amazing, awesome, wonderful, works great, is great, powerful, is amazing, fantastic, perfect, very good, very powerful, very effective, strong, very solid, fantastic little, superior, great affordable, surprisingly effective and hard working, really digs into you well, a high quality, great simple, is pretty easy to use, works extremely well to relieve sore spots, really great spot, is awesome, works good, kneads out perfectly, incredible, works great for relieving those tight, really great, is quite slim and comfortable, is very powerful, is perfect to rely, small powerful, freaking awesome, is really light, is absolutely amazing, is powerful, far the best home, very strong, nice heated, very nice, is strong, very flexible
neutral 13
little, inexpensive, any kind of small portable, versatile, very reasonably priced, is affordable, wondeful, is very functional, decent, goes deep into my back, shoulder
negative 3
very rough, helps my tired, thick
206 opinion
160 36 10
positive 160
is nice, is great, is perfect, works well, is wonderful, feels great, is amazing, is fantastic, feels good, good, is very nice, nice, is good, is very soothing, works great, feels nice, great, perfect, is a nice addition, is awesome as well, works very well, is a nice feature, is a great bonus, added pleasure, is an added benefit, is just enough to feel better.not overwhelming, definitely helps ease, is so nice, is relaxing without being too intense, is a very nice addition, is wonderfully soothing, is a nice bonus, is wonderful addition, doesn’t get as warm, is barely warm, very nice, really helps relax those muscles, gentle, is very very good, is a good feature, just right as well, is really pleasant, works really well, takes only 2min to warm up, is a real plus, provides noticeable, is just perfect, is very lovely, better, works awesome
neutral 36
is just right, noticeable, makes, is just enough, works, is very appropriate for releasing pain, is way too hot, isn't too hot, is wonderul, is grey, isn't hot, is sufficient, is very mild, is not functioning at first, mild, you relax, gets really hot, is just about right, is really soothing too, is not too hot, is not too intense, is noticeable, is mild, abundant, scortching hot, kinks is extremely soothing, soothing, not nearly too hot
negative 10
doesn't get too much, works rather slowly, is not very noticeable unfortunately, does, is not overbearing, is bad, does not get too hotcons:1, sore neck muscles, is not too much, were low
131 opinion
114 11 6
positive 114
best, is amazing, good, is awesome, is great, next best, is fantastic, works great, most amazing, feels really good, very smart, does heat up really well, is just great, wonderful magical, most impressive, terrific, doesn't go easy on you, is absolutely fantastic, perfect, greatest, works fantastic, powerful, fits perfectly on any point, is exceptional, is simply amazing, great, works that spot just right, is beyond awesome, far the best, is powerful
neutral 11
little, small, is a bit bulky, has worked wonders on my unforgiving knots, aggressive little, can withstand some pressure, is way more handy, works deep into your tight muscles
negative 6
bad, is way too hard, has saved my back from going out, working on his back
91 opinion
positive 91
great, good, high, excellent, very good, is great, very high, amazing, awesome, is fantastic, nice, is perfect, is amazing, seemed good, fantastic, solid, looked high, best choice, seems good, very nice, is good, is top notch, seems great, is excellent, seems nice, cheap great, better, is real good
90 opinion
48 33 9
positive 48
great, amazing, wonderful, wonderful little, good, great little, performs wonderfully, helps me so much, is awesome to your back, amazing massaging, does get warm as it massages, works very well to help, surprisingly effective massage, does just fine, has really helped to alleviate the pain, awesome massage, really shining, best thing, really good quality, very comfortable handy, nice little, excellent, very good, is much more affordable, best, amazing little, best massage, is helping wonderfully, well designed, really enjoy this little, is exactly as promised and described, is the best massage, awesome, great therapeutic
neutral 33
little, small, compact, how well, changed my life, can easily adjust, has two discs that spin clockwise, has been handy for sore necks, very basic, works grear, gets overheated, is not in anyway useful, appears well designed, appears to be well made, works, conveniently sized, gets, goes through a cycle, works wonders, hottest, little thick, simple pillow, comes closest of most in the market, works properly, well constructed firm, overheat protection, is very quiet, has been a godsend, acted as a boon to us
negative 9
pain, will automatically turn off, too small, turns itself off automatically, really not a flexible message, does have automatic shut off, affords heated massage, is going to work different on different people, bulky
82 opinion
77 2 3
positive 77
great, good, is great, excellent, very good, better, is perfect, reasonable, very reasonable, is pretty great, nice, very fair, decent, very attractive, awesome, amazing, unbelievable, best, were right
neutral 2
cheaper, i expected at a reasonable
negative 3
bad, is really low, low
82 opinion
47 34 1
positive 47
perfect, nice, good, is perfect, great, good compact, is great, suprising powerful for its, is good, excellent, are awesome, is perfect for getting difficult to reach muscles, works well, mediocre at best, is just perfect, great smaller, comfortable, perfect compact, ok, quite strong
neutral 34
compact, small, smaller, makes, full body, body, correct, mid, works, very handy, not too big or not too small, larger than i thought, very convenient, is very convenient, decent, same, is quite small for the back, right, average
negative 1
does not make any noticable noise
81 opinion
positive 81
best, great, good, awesome, excellent, very pleased, very happy with, greatest, hands down the best, fantastic, far my best drunk, very happy to, solid, is one such worthy, very good, very happy, very satisfied, my best, absolute best, far an amazing, is the best impulse
76 opinion
36 24 16
positive 36
is great, is made with quality materials, will be incredibly helpful, is already great, nice, is working just fine, far the best, well made, is really going to help, is working good, is good for lower back, very nice, seems fine, many positive ratings, is wonderful, works very well to relieve pain, can contour around the neck area better, nice enough, powerful, excellent massage, is powerful, nice massaging, surprisingly powerful, nice relaxing little, awesome, good, best automatic, great, more great purchase, works as advertised and functions very well, nice little, very well made, looks well made from quality materials, very reliable, is truly amazing
neutral 24
no longer functions, can operate fairly indefinitely, rotates every minute, has, is well made, came neatly packaged, gets overheated, compact, i, is the way to go, durable, has changed my life, works wonders in unravelling the knots, is thick, does switch on, is used daily, little, takes a lot of force without slowing down, is narrower, alternates the direction of the rotor, small compact, is well built, delivers a 20 minute massage, expensive looking
negative 16
bad, is a lawsuit waiting to happen, has two way motion, is too flat, is too thick, stopped, rigid, doesn't frustrate my son, can still be turned on, runs in 20 minute cycles, had been returned, stops, not turning off, doesn't have any problem at all, is not only stylish
customer service
74 opinion
71 2 1
positive 71
great, excellent, good, amazing, is outstanding, is fantastic, awesome, is amazing, is great, wonderful, was fantastic, exceptional, very good, fantastic, very impressed, super, provide excellent, was outstanding, outstanding, is just amazing, is exceptional, fantastic as the product, has been both fast and great, is good, awesome as well, i super love, very happy, was excellent, has been fabulous
neutral 2
quick, more professional
negative 1
72 opinion
57 14 1
positive 57
great, good, amazing, very good, powerful, good deep, is very strong, is strong, good solid, nice warm, fantastic, do a good, very effective for deep, very nice foot, excellent, great great, very strong deep, terrific, nice strong, best
neutral 14
deep, very firm, pretty hard, not very strong of, quick deep, is too intense to be therapeutic, unbelievable, is a bit forceful, soft relaxing subtle
negative 1
is very rough
68 opinion
12 5 51
positive 12
best, great, very helpful to sore lower, high enough, good at least for the low, works very good on lower, a full solid, hands down the best portable, is feeling better, feels great, great on lower
neutral 5
lots of pain in her, lifesaver for my neck and upper, fix you right up, very sore upper, works well in rubbing sore
negative 51
lower, low, bad, upper, bad bad, is always tight and stiff, keep moving down my, knotted, stiff, my really bad, tight sore, extremely tight, very sore lower, cold lower, hurts my neck, remain tight, work as well, relieve low, gets stiff during, strained, stiff/sore, his very low, tight, very bad lower, sore, sooooo painful and tight, often sore lower
massage pillow
57 opinion
50 5 2
positive 50
great, best, great little, is great, very happy, excellent, remarkable, pretty decent little, great compact, awesome, works surprisingly well, good, works perfectly, quite durable, is amazing, fantastic little, terrific, strong, powerful little, works very well
neutral 5
small, wonderfull, handy, does wonders
negative 2
hardest most uncomfortable, way to hard to use
55 opinion
33 7 15
positive 33
strong, is strong, is powerful, powerful, very strong, is very strong, very powerful, good, is pretty strong, is strong enough, is pretty solid, seems to be strong, is strong giving a good firm massage, works well, is remarkably strong, is still going strong, runs great, is definitely strong enough
neutral 7
is quiet, holds up to the strain well, little, holds up, amazingly quiet, seems sturdy
negative 15
doesn't seem even a little stressed out, stopped working at 50 days, will slow down, would not always start, does not have enough power to rotate with moderate pressure, is making a horrible grinding noise, is dying, does not slow down, does slow down, very weak, did groan a little and slow, overheating, is struggling, is weak, didn't slow a bit
52 opinion
50 2
positive 50
great, good, very good, best, fantastic, super great, awesome, very comfortable, amazing, perfect, nice
negative 2
awesone, bad
52 opinion
46 6
positive 46
works great, is amazing, great, works well, works very well, feels amazing, feels great, is great for back, works out the kinks nicely, works really well on my lower back, works amazingly well to loosen them, is great for pain and sore muscles, is the best massager, works good, works fairly well, is wonderful, is a very effective and tension relieving, thin is great, works great for my chronic back problems, works wonderfully for my lower back, very much enjoy, is very well made, feels great on trouble areas, works best on memory foam, feels wonderful, works so great, feels sooooo good on sore neck, powerful, massager meets that expectation perfectly
neutral 6
does wonders for my neck, little, worked amazingly for my headaches, works for all sore muscles, deep, really heats up
49 opinion
40 3 6
positive 40
great, good, very good, nice, awesome, very good quality, pretty legit, well priced, absolute best, perfect, securely packaged, far wonderful, is one of my favorite amazon purchases, is really great, does the job perfectly, is one of my best purchases, actually feels good, good quality, amazing, terrific, is very good, wonderful, most amazing, delivered super fast
neutral 3
sometimes works, is hard as a rock, was fine
negative 6
is not eligible for return, does not heat, is trash, was too heavy and bulky, hard ball, is too heavy
46 opinion
25 13 8
positive 25
is my favorite thing, gets right into my back muscles, fantastic little, amazing, is incredible, good, excellent massage, has really helped relieve my suffering, great feeling, best thumb, pretty decent massage, wonderful, does even better, works great, works really well, great, is good for working the lower lumbars, lovely little, built interesting, great little, awesome, very powerful, is the best shiatsu, does fine on the lower back, is great for my traps
neutral 13
little, works hard, small, stands up to the test, magic, squeaks very loudly, is quiet as a mouse, is somewhat painful
negative 8
is not working for me, can be use upper neck, can handle hard pressure to work, takes the knots out, longest time, will work hard, is a little worn, shuts itself off automatically
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