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Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager - Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf, Legs, Foot - Use at Home, Office, and Car, ZMA-13-BK (Black)

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48% of users say that: Product works great, works well, is amazing, is great. Massager is great, is amazing, works great, is awesome. Heat is nice, is great, is just right, is perfect. Massage is strong, is very strong, is great, is firm. 1% of users noticed that: Cord is too short, is short, is kind of short, is very short. Back pain has been unbearable, have gone on vacation, is mostly located in my shoulder blades, work. Power cord is a bit short, can become detatched when using it, is mildly defective, is a little short. Plug keeps failing out, is kind of doopy, keeps working itself loose, is a little flimsy.

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10227 2540
love, great, works great, good, amazing, like, loves, works well, is amazing, excellent, loved, awesome, highly recommend, is great, feels great, wonderful, works, recommend, very good, is awesome
715 76
great, best, is great, is amazing, good, works great, excellent, awesome, wonderful, amazing, is awesome, little, nice, great little, is wonderful, love, works well, strong, worked well, perfect
535 75
is nice, is great, feels great, is just right, is perfect, love, is an added bonus, is a nice touch, is wonderful, works well, is a bonus, is amazing, feels good, good, works great, is very nice, is fantastic, is a nice feature, not too hot, soothing
423 44
great, good, deep, professional, nice, strong, best, better, amazing, good deep, very good, comfortable, excellent, hard, is strong, gentle, is very strong, very firm, soothing, real
this product
301 21
love, highly recommend, recommend, definitely recommend, would recommend, absolutely love, like, really like, loves, loved, totally recommend, very pleased, really love, recommended, very happy, already recommended, absolutely recommend, strongly recommend, great, so pleased
this thing
240 12
is amazing, love, is great, is awesome, is fantastic, has changed my life, really works, is wonderful, works, works great, is incredible, is my new best friend, is perfect, is powerful, like, gets to working, works well, does wonders, absolutely blew my expectations, can get deep
171 76
lower, feels so much better, great, feels great, good, stiff, feels better, pain, better, hasn't felt this good, low, feel so much better, works great, works well, feels wonderful, perfect, gets really tight, feels tight, amazing, super tight
198 28
great, works great, is great, is amazing, wonderful, is well designed, better, amazing, good, is the best, has been absolutely amazing, sturdy, is powerful, is awesome, ever wear out, gave her the much needed relief, arrived on time, provides excellent massage, is seriously amazing, has relieved all of that
132 65
great, stiff, perfect, small, pain, able to move, problems, full, wide, massaging, good, was extremely tight, almost everywhere, are unbelievable, felt after sleeping on rocks, side, work out, did seem to benefit, tension, is challenging
massage pillow
181 16
great, best, is amazing, is great, is awesome, very happy, love, glad, has really helped loosen up my tight back, awesome, gift, very satisfied, exceeded my expectations, has greatly reduced the headache symptoms, has been amazing, little, works great, remarkable, has seen a lot of use, now for several days on my back
165 17
great, good, is great, reasonable, excellent, worth, decent, was right, very reasonable, very good, affordable, works very well, amazing, nice, is wonderful, is so reasonable, better, is very reasonable, low, right
113 62
arrived in good condition, is great, is wonderful, very well made, is made with quality materials, will be incredibly helpful, is already great, can operate fairly indefinitely, replacement, about a year ago, nice, will run for 20 minutes, is working just fine, worked well, well made, does a very nice job, very easy to place, is really going to help on those dragging days, has two way motion, is working good
this massager
150 5
love, highly recommend, absolutely love, really like, loves, recommend, strong, really works well, really enjoy, really gets in there, buy, exceeded my expectations, really love, recommended, like, helps me function, is very well designed, really enjoying, deep, is very nice
120 26
great, amazing, is awesome, wonderful, wonderful little, good, great little, love, favorite, will hold up over time, changed my life, easily adjust, does a phenomenal job of loosening the knotted muscles, performs wonderfully, is wonderful, helps me so much, important part of our lives, easily rotate, was the best thing, in a perfect shape
118 4
good, great, high, excellent, very good, better, very high, is great, is good, works very well, super impressed, completely vouch, supreme, amazing, pleased, awesome, arrived fast, is fantastic, nice, easy to use
81 41
strong, is strong, very strong, is powerful, powerful, is very strong, very powerful, good, is quiet, are very powerful, are pretty powerful, doesn't seem even a little stressed, will keep running, will die soon, are strong, went out all of a sudden, does not bog down under heavy weight, holds up to the strain well, useable all over body, work well
88 28
great, very good, good, best, nice, wonderful, gift, very good quality, pretty legit, arrived doa, well priced, about a year ago, from a friend, absolute best, was received on time, easy to use, lot of weight, high quality, should be tested, has a short cord
106 8
best, great, good, favorite, awesome, happy, excellent, very good, glad, very happy, is my 3rd, n’t be happier, for lower mid and lower back, extremely pleased, is very pleased, fantastic, best drunk, solid, you will not regret, worthy
92 21
tight, great, helps loosen, resolved tight, feeling good, super tight, modest, aches, relief, helps sore tired, overworked, extremely tight, no stranger to sore, very effective, helps with sore, get really stiff, relaxes, tired, powerful, severe
customer service
106 5
great, excellent, good, amazing, is outstanding, fantastic, is amazing, is excellent, is fantastic, exceptional, was awesome, very good, is great, was excellent, wonderful, was very pleased, best, really appreciate, is unrivaled, surpassed my expectation
100 5
perfect, compact, nice, right, good, like, great, is great, smaller, full body, is just right, is perfect, average, wonderful -, correct, massage more parts of the body, good compact, very comfortable, is really good, extremely portable
88 11
great, good, positive, glowing, took a chance, are correct, best, many, better, star, easy 5 star, were spot, were very positive, 5 star, thousands, updated, careful, no burns on clothed or bare skin, benefit, had great
this pillow
89 6
love, highly recommend, is great, really did the trick, really like, is a godsend, recommended, is fantastic, recommend, loving, is no joke, absolutely love, almost daily for 3 months, enjoying, bravo, works great, provides, works better, highly suggest, helps my lower and upper back
53 36
warm up nicely, easy on/off, started catching my shirt, domlight up, do get warm, give a great deep massage, move too fast, are sturdy, came an inch, light up, heat up nicely, emit a great ambient red light, are spread, can wear out, are very firm, seem to reach my neck more effectively, are in contact with my skin, give the muscles a different angle, get warm, not overly hot
76 12
best, good, great, is amazing, is awesome, will cover your back perfectly, is the best thing, is magical, really nice, very smart, does a better job, works as promised, is fan-tastic, is bringing relief, does, is org@$!(&., is so fantastic, will work correctly, will really rub out soreness, makes the drive more bearable
83 4
great, perfect, good, is just right, strong, is good, can control, is perfect, excellent, was a bit much at times, solid, is adequate, is just right to get at one's tight spots, you experience, was adjustable, firm, little, depends on how much you lean back on the product, a bit too intense, comfortable
76 8
ok, okay, been a life saver, worked out, actually a good feature, 20 min of meditation, going to jump up, still the best, going to do some real damage, about 3 thick, good thing, helped worked out knots, work very well, turned out to work well, already changed my life, works as expected, has plenty of power, already gotten a lot of use, considered personal hygiene item, doctor ordered
63 10
great, awesome, has great customer service, good, reply from zyllion offering to replace the unit, stands behind their product 100%, has excellent customer service, immediately responded, has proven, sent a replacement immediately, was awesome to work with, responded with concern, has very good customer treatment, sent an email with tips, can send a replacement asap, is amazing, ensuring, provides excellent customer service, trustworthy, top notch
47 13
little, awesome, great, is my favorite thing, similar, works hard, gets right into my back muscles, has helped me more than anything, fantastic little, has a short power cord, amazing, is incredible, could massage well, is an absolute necessity, made quality, is quiet as a mouse, good, has helped me with the circulation, relieved the pain, is relatively easy to use
36 21
relief, constant, drives me insane, has decreased, gone, reduced, has some neck, is gone, good, without severe, sharp, tremendous, without, are starting to subside, stiffness returned within an hour, did as well, don't feel sore, is easily addressed, was nearly gone, has reduced drastically
51 3
great, good, very good, best, better, fantastic, super great, will buy for friends, awesone, amazing, perfect, gold
heat feature
45 6
love, is great, is nice, is wonderful, is also excellent, is lovely, is amazing, loves, is a really nice touch, works nice, is better than expected, negligible, like, loved, nice, is really soothing, is a great, is by far the best part, is useful, feels amazing
46 3
fast, expedited, free, was fast, super fast prime, was amazing, no flaws, is on time, very timely, great, was pretty quick, has been both fast, was great, no issues, super fast, incredibly fast, paid, is super speedy, was excellent, very fast
this massage pillow
46 4
love, absolutely love, highly recommend, is sturdy, recommend, really liking, does the job, is excellent, well made, helps me tremendously, like, comfortable, well designed, delivers, nothing short of amazing, really like, loves, really love, completely entranced, really like
heat function
40 9
is wonderful, is great, is awesome, works well, works very well, feels wonderful, provide heat to the massaging balls, works really well, is a wonderful added bonus, doesn't get too hot, is better, is ok, nice, is very soothing, is soothing, works great, prefers to use, is working great, has helped tremendously, strong
32 16
useful, keep one, like, great, long, on my way home from work, so long, came with an adapter, is great, is ok, too thick, roomier, was wonderful, after work, keep, has cord for use, on my way home, helpful, is amazing, use
37 7
great, very nicely, is very responsive, has great customer service, are rare this days, sends a new product, was very good, fast shipped, received my replacement cover, was very quick, wants to ensure your complete satisfaction, seems very professional, got an immediate refund response, very impressed, contacted me to please advise of any problems, appearing very involved and assistive, would have readily responded to any dissatisfaction, quick tips, highly recommend, was very responsive
33 9
slim, sleek, simple, is sturdy, compact, beautiful, solid, i like, simplicity, lends itself to use on legs, were good, feels more comfortable, works great, portable, excellent, flat, is simple, is better, small compact, works perfectly
58 122
is too short, is short, is kind of short, is very short, stopped working, keeps on getting disconnected, pops into two pieces very easily, isn't super long, is not running across my room, didnt come with power, comes unplugged, comes apart in the middle, comes disconnects every time, detaches pretty regularly, misplaced, keeps unplugging not fun, pops out, would sometimes come out, is fairly short, is very flimsy
back pain
42 44
suffers, low, lower, has been unbearable, have gone on vacation, is mostly located in my shoulder blades, terrible, suffers from lower, worst, severe, plagued, experiencing disruptive, suffer, sometimes due to long-time sitting in front of computers, horrible, work, is unavoidable, will typically start after an hour of sitting, severe lower, bad