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Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo

Remote works great, is great, works well, works perfectly. This is great, works great, is nice, is perfect. Product works as advertised, is a necessity, works perfectly, work well. Alexa will respond, responds, can control, has to relearn it. Batteries were dead, keep on dying within days, are getting low, were low. Unit got replacement, is not necessary, work not by useing, is still completely unresponsive. Mic button is located close to the volume control, can give the command directly. Microphone is not worth the purchase.

3.9 out of 5 stars
1204 opinion
777 7 420
positive 777
love, works great, works well, works, like, works perfectly, great, nice, good, gift, says, loves, works good, works fine, no problems, fantastic, great remote, works just fine, worked great, was great, need, works flawlessly, works very well, worth, no longer works, more convenient, enjoy, up, keep, returning, ’s great, work, try, very happy, only works, fun, is easy to use, liked, works wonderfully, worked, does come in handy, does work, recommend, worked just fine, loved, control, wonderful, is very useful, awesome, works better
neutral 7
help for a little bit, was not dropped, came in white, necessary for a loud room, black, fairly small, is small
negative 420
stopped working, doesn't work, does not work, never worked, didn't work, back, out, is not working, doesn't come with the magnetic holder, too bad, not worth, has stopped working, quit working, won't work, didn't need, did not work, work, would not work, not necessary, don't have to be near her to use, i cannot connect more, sounds like i may have to return the extras, was not very useful, won't sync up with the firestick, is not likely to be defective, ’s not compatible, just stopped working, will go in the trash, was confusing for a while, works, doesn't improve, simply no longer works, skip, couldn't get, arrived dead, simply doesn't work at all, out with alexa, licencing issue, did not get it, is not intuitively obvious, ’s trash, starts to fail slowly, will occasionally not work, set up with some difficulty the first day, doesnt seem very user friendly, does not have a home button, could not connect, was so frustrating, drains juice, handy to tell the dot to turn on lights down stairs
467 opinion
308 3 156
positive 308
works great, great, is great, love, excellent, works well, nice, no problem, works perfectly, good, works fine, worked great, glad, works very well, like, echo, perfect, is handy, works good, is very handy, is reliable, able to use it, is again recognized, will adjust volume, cool, worked well, came with batteries, works perfect, is the amazon echo equivalent of a star wars lightsaber, goes perfectly, works just fine, echo in february of 2017, i tried the others i have with it, worked for 1 month, has strong magnet, raises, lowers sound, easily skip or repeat songs, keep, is very helpful, is pretty much identical to the firestick remote, is a simple click, worked wonderfully, is incredibly useful, all the time, has great range, is paired with, is at the top of the list, powered up again, received
neutral 3
small, is small, only included
negative 156
stopped working, doesn't work, quit working, wrong, started giving me problem, never paired properly, are useless, does not seem to work through walls, just stopped working, has failed, didn't work, does not operate the paired echo device, pretty much useless, cannot print the return labels, sat radio channel changing during the night, is dead despite fresh batteries, does not cancel the call, is the 2nd remote, was difficult to connect, spontaneously fails, disconnects, without, don't sleep, going dead, really low, broke within a day, previous, seems to glitch quite a bit, i've gone through in like 2 years, is too loud, becomes useless, just doesn't work in this case, does not control my echo, can't go wrong, solves that problem, gets very little use, doesn't work very well, can't, lasted only 2 months, was as bad, stoped working, you have to buy them separate, is even sitting in the same room, isn't true for me, doesn't go through walls very well, failed a few days, was not as easy, all problems, defective, looks similar to my fire stick remote
244 opinion
192 3 49
positive 192
love, is great, works great, highly recommend, is nice, on prime day, is perfect, like, awesome, great, keep, accomplish, was 50% off the normal price, is a fixible issue, is the best $20, neither lasted much longer, everyday, is a must have item, rarely works correctly, have something to do with the coating, is the smartest accessory, should come with alexa like any other device, is a must have if you want to put your alexa in another room, helps others with the dead remote issue, is for you, can't hear us without, come in handy, has been a life saver, is fine, doesn’t work as effective, much easier to use echo dot, will work for one of my dots, is an excellent solution, will be my 4th, one works, is much broader than that, is a must if you own an alexa, is a necessary option, feels nice, smooth in your hands, is the second one we ordered, to assist with verbal commands, is a must have for evening, works extremely well, gift for my dad, would be an understatement, worked wonderfully, dec 2016, was the solution, is a wonderful addition to the echo
neutral 3
isn't necessarily, is an ok remote, can be activated w a whisper
negative 49
piece of junk, problem, solves that problem, was my last ditch chance to amazon, did not revive it, does not work, will almost certainly fail in another 6 months, feels rude, is considered controlling multiple devices, isn't as great a device, is poorly engineered, skip, hasn't worked for me, not for remote voice, isn't successful, isn't always functioning properly, is a isolated issue, not recommend, fix the problems, is not fair, one quit working today, is a total waste of money, is not even useful, does not get posted, was a complete waste of my money, really hate, never paired, lit up, doesn't help, didn't need, does not work at all, is really a disappointment, is soooo useless.1, trouble, was not 100% effective, could be replaced with a phone app, not necessary, was unknown to me before purchasing it, wasn't so bad, has solved the problem, tiny little remote, offered me a refund or replacement, should not cost $30, is not uncommon as a problem
109 opinion
92 17
positive 92
great, good, excellent, very good, nice, cheap, doesn't have the technology to work smoothly, works as advertised, return, is a necessity, really great, extremely happy, feels like a quality, terrific, works perfectly, work well, outstanding, superb, vety good, arrived on time, works great, would recommend itto friends, stats thoroughly, is awesome overall, awesome, solid, worked for less than a year, nicely designed, cool, much stronger, very cool, same, five star
negative 17
crappy, terrible, very bad, is often a challenge, doesn’t work, dosen't work with echo dot, bad, defective, is extremely bad, do not stand behind, useless, somewhat useless, don't really, does not worki, wrong
99 opinion
65 1 33
positive 65
great, will respond, responds, can control, so much easier, nice addition, said searching, hears me better, allows me to control, near, has to relearn it, much easier, does whatever i have asked, has been well worth, talking to them, extends the range to use, is very easy without the remote, is inside!we, soooooo much easier, hears everything, convenient, awesome, lots of questions answered by, will repeat anything you say, too loud, able to obey demands, was working on whatever, delivers all three, picks up everything, responds better to remote, picks up everything really well, works perfectly, is very helpful, immediately reacts to my voice, is responsive, easy to use, is responding well, showed up, boosts music from the bedroom, works better, has exceeded my expectations, without, amazing, good, freaking out, handy, nice, very useful, can still hear me, pretty much needs
neutral 1
has some enunciation
negative 33
don't have to yell, no more yelling, spies, is “watching, is listening ‘, don't even use, let me down, can not fast forward, could hear me, stop yelling, does not play back to the remote, no more shouting, is to stupid, is playing to high a volume, heard me, can be called up without pointing the remote, often stutters, say something without me asking, doesn't work, same problem, really tired, is not available in nicaragua, phrasing problems, hears me from most of my home, doesn't hear us, starts talking, cannot speak to, doesn't know everything, hasn't woken all the way, won't hear your whole command
75 opinion
46 1 28
positive 46
is too far, nice, is pretty good, still works, will light up, works fine, easy to control, easy to pair, works as described, is still working, was right, almost whisper to alexa, is great, were active, very easily, can hear you, reset, hears me pretty good, best, is fun helpful, works great, never be lonely, just fine, much easier, is in the family room, great, full, very well to manually work, is in one room, is good, is placed right below my tv, is playing or saying, giving the silver toned, nice to use, can control, is awesome, understands me really good, made through my, indespensible, more useful, is complete, works well, you have finished with your command, correctly the majority of the time, can hear me from downstairs with the control, is in our kitchen
neutral 1
came with a remote
negative 28
most expensive, isn't always listening, was as bad, became more expensive to produce, stopped working, freeze for a few seconds, is sometimes unresponsive, is unresponsive, cannot communicate with it, don't hear the commands, didn''t work, don't need to yell, did not, has a hard time connecting, did not even respond, never did as well, is often used for timing in the kitchen, does not response, only one remote per, is a waste of good money, was not good, makes me need one, has allowed her to enjoy music, is plugged in, can't hear commands, has no equal, can not imagin, responds to me
71 opinion
42 29
positive 42
echo all the time, makes products, gives you 30 days, before without problems, authorized the return, is very good service, received a replacement, did the right thing, has sold millions of these, is a 90 day warranty, wants us to use the products, like your products, echo, works, sends me ideas, i expected more, is great, good job, working great, no problems, was nice, no way affiliated, should be better than that, due tomorrow, just add voice control, worked for two weeks, did an exceptional job resolving the issue, hears you, sells all echo devices, same size, could keep them in stock, should help cox out, is listening and update the product, adds special touches to their products, really needs to improve, is a great company, will be restored in an update, is scaling back on the accessories, thanks, is the best, for support
negative 29
is aware of this issue, does not provide an avenue, will find a fix, didn't like my very forthright review, i don't see the point, replaced it under warranty, has no link for support, hiss, shame, could work, sent a replacement, dropped the ball, replaced, very disappointed, takes heed, won't work, should replace defective units, is selling these for the echo, not sure, passes, feel deceived, isn't going to include the mount, should clearly describe the product, start been cheap?third, makes no sense, didn't like my first review, forgot to mention in the description, no good, is no longer shipping the magnetic
63 opinion
23 1 39
positive 23
new, fresh, good, save, check, lasted longer, tried 3 different set of triple, put new, have gone through all the pairing instructions over and over, restarted/rebooted the echo, are in correctly, were good, are giving it power, easy to put, works great, changed out, better approach for distribution of the echo remote accessory, need to be entered ahead of time, like a stoner at star wars
neutral 1
negative 39
replaced, tried new, were dead, keep on dying within days, hasn’t worked, numerous times, changed, checked to original, doesn’t work, doesn't work, are getting low, very difficult, did change, unable to open, units to no avail, do nothing to change, no change, out of the remote, were low, did nothing, have lasted about 10 months, still not workimg, does not come in-, were sent with duracell, nothing worked, were a little difficult getting in the unit, is a nightmare, eats, tried multiple
47 opinion
31 3 13
positive 31
great, useful, incredible quality, simple, is useful, very handy, very responsive, is unable to hear me just by my screaming across the room.this, quality, is fine, you have to reset, is setup inside, pretty useful, echo needs, great little, discreet, get commands correct, full-featured, handy little, absolutely needed, works very well, very convenient to control volume or pause, echo, brilliant, is much more useful, speak into the remote, great range, worked fine
neutral 3
does what it's supposed to do, little, has a tiny microphone
negative 13
no, has been in a drawer, is easily the worst echo, failed after very limited use, is slippery, did not work, never worked, synced, cannot find, is really the little brother version, echo, came with no instructions
voice remote
41 opinion
30 11
positive 30
love, works perfectly, echo dot, becomes a necessity, almost a year ago, is the bomb, works beautiful, has become part of my every day, echo dot from distant rooms, works fine, enjoyed the alexa, makes the echo, simple, extend the ability to talk hands free, is a helpful gadget, met my expectations, communicate with alexa, very much liking, included the alexa, recommend, is working fantastically, set up easily, works great, echo, is far less likely to do so, really effective
negative 11
stopped functioning, stopped working, no, gets used a lot, does not work, bad, can't go wrong, was a compromise, quit working, doesn't work as effectively, effortlessly
38 opinion
27 1 10
positive 27
can adjust, works great, adjust, nice, is up high, with the remote, no problem, must to control, is priceless, great innovation, without trying to yell loud, real good, great, loud, 10, is much easier, with ease, is high, change the, fantastic, directly without a verbal command, lower, up
neutral 1
only controls
negative 10
skip, turned up on the tv and stereo, is at 100%, up to 10, delay, up/down, does not work, start stop, won't change for several seconds, up or down
36 opinion
25 11
positive 25
is loud, very useful, is playing loud, clear, is the best, favorite, can hear, up too loud, much better, much easier to navigate, is just amazing, works good, is up loud, indispensable, helpful, loud, convenient, little to loud, can turn, ever have alexa playing
negative 11
shut off, no more screaming over loud, up too loud, no more shouting, is turned up loud, is to loud alexa, is blaring, too loud, is at high volumes, is too loud, is on too loud
35 opinion
26 9
positive 26
great, ok, super convenient, great for controlling the music, works great, very handy, very convenient, useful, wonderful thing, cool, excellent more than imagined, great in concept, great range, a very good alternative, was good, nice, so pretty, great for the echo, really works well, purpose quite well, currently setup, great extra for alexa, nice to just grab my control
negative 9
made to be voice activated, shotty, started working very intermittently, connection sometimes, not complicated or hard to figure out, kind of fun to mess, been lost for a while, not really necessary, ability to handle the distance
33 opinion
23 10
positive 23
great, nice, convenient, is so great, gave as a gift to my husband, works , returned, has great ratings, must have with alexa, was sent to me in its original packaging, seemed in like new condition, good, was back ordered, coolest, perfect, works great
negative 10
stopped working, not needed returned, is a waste of money, defective, just stop working, needed to be set up, did not work with the echo, not as a separate, is slip shod with poor coating
echo dot
27 opinion
16 11
positive 16
was easy, avid fan, much easier to use, echo, is co-located with the input sources, is two rooms away, is worth every penny, is located in our bedroom, better off, is far enough away it, nice, is in another room, listens great, like, works great, i just received yesterday
negative 11
stops you from hollering, often asks for clarification, not very far away, is a little slow responding, gets overloaded sometimes, won't respond to voice without major lag, hard time, dont use, worthless, does not always respond to this, only two rooms away
26 opinion
17 9
positive 17
soft, works, works every time, was the big reason, without having to raise my, can lower, carries better, very soft, above everything, works even when i shut, responds to his, working with computers, is not picked up over music playing from the echo well, appreciates very much, do without
negative 9
no, trying to yell, remote, broke, is nasally, very low, don't need to rush, commands all failed
23 opinion
18 2 3
positive 18
great, good, might be better to get a dot, you can just buy another dot, unusually low, bumped up, reasonable, fair, delivered as promised, is low, really who cares
neutral 2
is a little high, is a little steep
negative 3
not necessary, not for that, points dinged
22 opinion
15 1 6
positive 15
great, is awesome, good, is good, is fantastic, pretty good, surprised, better, is great
neutral 1
is a bit short
negative 6
haven't tried, was not quite long, not certain about, doesn't make it there in the basement, is a bit limited, bad
22 opinion
11 1 10
positive 11
great, can talk into the remote, far off, beats, nice, echo, great to use, is great to keep, is loud, keep alexa
neutral 1
fairly small
negative 10
no more yelling across, dont have to speak loud, hide, no more yelling, does not work, do not need to shout, don't have to yell across, sitting down to eat, don't have to scream
this remote
20 opinion
15 5
positive 15
love, loved, want, highly recommend, like, keep, really like, need
negative 5
without, can't use alexa without, does not
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