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Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo

We have analyzed 2240 reviews from Amazon and found:

35% of users say that: Product works great, works well, works, works perfectly. Remote works great, is great, works well, works perfectly. Alexa will respond, responds, can control, has to relearn it. Echo is too far, is pretty good, will light up, works fine. 2% of users noticed that: Batteries were dead, keep on dying within days, are getting low, were low. Button work, get pushed. Unit got replacement, is not necessary, work not by useing, is still completely unresponsive. Mic button is located close to the volume control, can give the command directly.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1116 505
love, great, works great, works well, works, good, like, works perfectly, excellent, nice, is great, awesome, gift, work great, is nice, says, keep, loves, works good, works fine
317 164
works great, great, is great, love, excellent, works well, nice, no problem, works perfectly, good, works fine, worked great, glad, works very well, like, echo, perfect, is handy, works good, is very handy
65 33
great, will respond, responds, can control, so much easier, nice addition, said searching, hears me better, allows me to control, near, has to relearn it, much easier, does whatever i have asked, has been well worth, talking to them, extends the range to use, is very easy without the remote, is inside!we, soooooo much easier, hears everything
47 28
is too far, nice, is pretty good, still works, will light up, works fine, easy to control, easy to pair, works as described, is still working, was right, almost whisper to alexa, many, is great, were active, very easily, can hear you, reset, hears me pretty good, best
42 29
echo all the time, makes products, gives you 30 days, before without problems, authorized the return, is very good service, received a replacement, did the right thing, has sold millions of these, is a 90 day warranty, wants us to use the products, like your products, echo, works, sends me ideas, i expected more, is great, good job, working great, no problems
33 14
great, useful, incredible quality, simple, is useful, very handy, very responsive, is unable to hear me just by my screaming across the room.this, quality, is fine, you have to reset, is setup inside, pretty useful, echo needs, great little, discreet, smart, get commands correct, full-featured, handy little
voice remote
31 14
love, works perfectly, echo dot, becomes a necessity, almost a year ago, is the bomb, works beautiful, has become part of my every day, echo dot from distant rooms, works fine, enjoyed the alexa, makes the echo, entertaining, simple, extend the ability to talk hands free, is a helpful gadget, met my expectations, communicate with alexa, very much liking, included the alexa
27 10
can adjust, works great, adjust, nice, is up high, with the remote, no problem, must to control, is priceless, great innovation, without trying to yell loud, real good, great, loud, 10, is much easier, with ease, is high, change the, fantastic
25 11
is loud, very useful, is playing loud, clear, is the best, favorite, can hear, up too loud, much better, much easier to navigate, is just amazing, works good, is up loud, indispensable, helpful, loud, convenient, little to loud, can turn, ever have alexa playing
23 10
great, nice, convenient, is so great, gave as a gift to my husband, works , returned, has great ratings, must have with alexa, was sent to me in its original packaging, seemed in like new condition, good, was back ordered, coolest, perfect, works great
echo dot
18 11
was easy, avid fan, came with instructions, much easier to use, echo, is co-located with the input sources, is two rooms away, is worth every penny, is located in our bedroom, better off, is far enough away it, nice, is in another room, listens great, like, job correctly, works great, i just received yesterday
13 12
great, can talk into the remote, far off, beats, away, nice, echo, great to use, is great to keep, is loud, nice to use, keep alexa
17 9
soft, works, works every time, was the big reason, without having to raise my, can lower, carries better, very soft, above everything, works even when i shut, responds to his, working with computers, is not picked up over music playing from the echo well, appreciates very much, do without
18 4
great, good, might be better to get a dot, you can just buy another dot, unusually low, bumped up, reasonable, fair, delivered as promised, is low, really who cares
15 6
great, is awesome, good, is good, is fantastic, pretty good, surprised, better, is great
this remote
15 5
love, loved, want, highly recommend, like, keep, really like, need
18 1
great, nice, useful, best alexa, very good, very useful, was ok, essential, helpful, works really well, highly recommended
great, good, nice, perfect, wonderful, welcome, fabulous
13 3
needs, hooked up to the dot, hooked up to alexa dot, is located in the front of our home, very handy, all cozy, built into it, carry, outdoors a lot, is ok, already take up enough real estate, amazing, on the floor above and speakers on my patio
9 7
could easily, easy to pair, are useess, charge 5.00, make, echo, good, enable this remote, is awesome
13 2
good, great, better, is surprisingly good, weight, is high, pretty average, less, very high, is being stripped down, high
amazon echo
12 2
great, you, will reply back, is lots of fun, responds amazingly clearly, quickly, is amazing, awesome, perfect, best thing, has very little vision, just in bluetooth range
9 4
great, worked perfect, good, best, was great, works, is great, nice little
6 5
helpful, nice little, works ok, is very nice, quickly went into the recycle can, open
set up
10 1
very easy, easy, easy to use, works good, was easy, no problems, quick
7 4
well with the voice remote, sudden she was answering their wuestions, blasting, can turn, comes cable box comes on living room light, great, much better
9 2
slightly more unique, very impressed, sleek, is simple, functional, small sleek, is small, comfortable, very easy to use
volume control
9 2
faster response, great, easy to use, easy, like, provides, are handy, easier to use, are an added plus
6 4
works for controlling echo, responded by lighting up, good, do what i needed from anywhere in the house, un-pair, echo
best, very valuable, love, dark, glow, all, like, great, echo's, without getting out all the kinks of compatibility
6 3
total, ease of use, excellent, little, love, greater
voice control
6 3
good, allows, absolutely love, like the alexa herself, like, is great
voice command
5 4
is great, always, do something, is fully featured, does work
23 39
replaced, tried new, were dead, keep on dying within days, hasn’t worked, numerous times, changed, checked to original, doesn’t work, doesn't work, are getting low, very difficult, did change, unable to open, units to no avail, do nothing to change, no change, out of the remote, were low, did nothing
6 16
would elicit no response, hit, still work, work, would not respond, you do not need to say alexa to trigger, stop the music, too small, doesn't light up, doesn't work for my elderly mom, needed, pointed at ceiling, get pushed, can't push, depressed, needed are missing
8 11
defective, assumed defective, got replacement, little, should last more than 4 months, is not necessary, work not by useing, bad, requires a separate remote, is still completely unresponsive
mic button
3 11
down does nothing, say something, drop-in on kitchen, is located close to the volume control, down the entire time, can give the command directly, down, lag, eliminates the need to say alexa, wouldn’t work at all, would not work
3 11
doesn’t work, neither, up close to my echo show, does nothing, no longer works, doesn't really listen to anyone, can't use, no longer functions, seemed to stop working--, not as sensitive, is not worth the purchase
5 8
no, does not include pairing with echo show, nothing happens, were difficult to understand, really don't give you enough information about range, poor, disappointed
remote control
4 5
without, are defective, fix, going bad, negates that problem