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Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo Remote is great, works perfectly. Device is much more useful. Range is good, is fantastic. Speaker is located in the front of our home, is not as sensitive. Batteries are getting low, has stopped working. Battery are hard for me to put.
3.9 out of 5 stars
259 opinion
123 61 75
positive 123
works great, works well, works perfectly, love, works just fine, works good, works perfect, was great, awesome, works very well, works flawlessly, is sketchy at best, paired fine, has made my dad happy, doesnt seem very user friendly, is wonderful.. works as advertised, worked great, pairs with my echo dots successfully, works great kids can play, well worth, works fine, worked fine, is easy to use, allows for extremely clear commands, is working just fine, works fine connected to my echo, hope, was very easy to set up, make life easy, is always nearby and easy to use.4, definitely has come in handy, is picked up perfectly, is great, seems works fine, works best, responds perfect, looks good , very happy with, works very sporadically, not hands free, easy to do, paired easily, does all kinds of useful thingsthe kids, does a good job, works really good, is very useful, will be great, works great from anywhere in the house, works ok, worked just fine
neutral 61
works, paired with white dot, does the job requests, drains juice, works so well, worked, never works, won't accept my comment without any star, will work for quite a few questions, hasnt been dropped, works occasionally after several commands, works 90% of the time, works wonders, breaks quickly, found out, synced up, works well with eco, meets all expectations, gets dropped in the pool, does come in handy, works as described, works verry well, makes this much easier especially, will last a short time as well, lasts a long time, ergonomically well designed, responds quickly, seemed to work fine for the first few days, works fantastically for alexa voice commands, had mixed results, works in conjunction with, enhances the echo experience, won't stay connected to my echo, takes all the effort out, echo, is small and easily misplaced, far, does exactly what it's suppose to do, responds without a problem, rein, fairly small, works threw blue tooth, will light up, is small, works well for this one, has a soft, does everything that your echo can, only works, works wonderfull, works quite well
negative 75
doesn't work, quit working, did not work, does not work, arrived dead, simply doesn't work at all, is not intuitively obvious, starts to fail slowly, will occasionally not work, stopped working, didn't work. , didn't work, beats yelling at stupid alexa over, totally dead, is magnetized so the remote cradle can sit, work, doesn't work as well with echo show, doesn't do anything, doesn't seem to work as well, is far less easier and time saving, does not work to cancel drop, goes bad in a matter of months, is absolutely infuriating, quit working after 30 days, gets frustrating after awhile, doesn't turn on, stopped working one month, sits on the coffee table, doesn't work any longer, turns things on or off, is not working, has becom slow, does not turn on, did not last long, doesn't even show on my alexa app, shouldn't stop working so prematurely, too cute😃, does work, doesn't seem to work, works only 3 out of 10 times, would not work for me!!!!!!it was returned, serves no purpose, doesn't work. , didn't help, can sit on the window sill, stopped using, doesn't respond to a wake word, inability to work with multiple echoes, didn't seem to work, docent work
122 opinion
72 23 27
positive 72
great, is great, excellent, nice, works perfectly, works great, good, worked great, works very well, works well, is reliable, cool, works just fine, worked wonderfully, is incredibly useful, is exceptionally helpful, very nice, greatest, very easy to set up, lovely little, is very easy without, solid little, very happy, perfect, is very convenient, best, nice small, is a nice compact, great excellent, works good, great time, works much better, very useful, work very well, easy to use, works fine, is perfect, fine, is easy to use, is a great addition, was such a fantastic feature, is fine, is amazing, great little
neutral 23
little, is handy, is small, worked well, works, worked for 1 month, raises, is paired with, solves, similar to my fire stick, not happy with, small, has helped her a lot, so expensive, works everywhere, makes using the echo private, tiny little, works well enough, so revolutionary, works just dandy
negative 27
never paired properly, are useless, does not operate the paired echo, stopped working, is dead despite fresh, really low into, becomes useless, doesn't work if the alex device, will work with the echo plus, gets very little use, is imperative for the amazon echo, is supposed to work, is even sitting in the same room, is just not working, doesn't work, is working again, is unreliable, did not sync with echo, is a little wonky, loses, is not needed, does not work with the tap, will not turn on, cant fault, solved the problem, becomes extremely handy, is really useless
88 opinion
74 2 12
positive 74
great, good, excellent, very good, nice, really great, decent, extremely happy, terrific, outstanding, superb, vety good, awesome, solid, nicely designed, cool, very cool
neutral 2
handi, worked for less than a year
negative 12
crappy, bad, terrible, very bad, dosen't work with echo dot, defective, rediculous the developers and, useless, does not worki would like a replacement remote
22 opinion
11 5 6
positive 11
great, incredible quality, goes perfectly with your amazon echo, very handy, as great a, pretty useful, useful, great little, is much more useful
neutral 5
little, is slippery, echo needs, really the little brother
negative 6
is easily the worst echo, failed, did not work, never worked, get commands correct, you to control a single echo
16 opinion
13 1 2
positive 13
great, good, is good, is fantastic, pretty good
neutral 1
is out of vocal
negative 2
is a bit limited, bad
this remote
16 opinion
9 3 4
positive 9
works great, is great, is really nice, is a great addiiton, is the best
neutral 3
gets the job done, doesn't go through walls very well, is a must have for echo
negative 4
does not control my echo, has stopped functioning, did not work, is horrible and inadequate
16 opinion
15 1
positive 15
great, nice, very good, perfect, very useful, was ok, helpful, highly recommended
neutral 1
15 opinion
13 2
positive 13
great, is so great, fantastic, good, perfect
negative 2
did not work with the echo, coolest
voice remote
14 opinion
4 7 3
positive 4
works beautiful, works fine, awesome gadget, is an excellent accessory
neutral 7
had trouble, has become part of my every day, makes the echo, simple, extend the ability to talk, is a helpful gadget, doesn't work as effectively
negative 3
is the bomb, quit working, is working fantastically
13 opinion
11 2
positive 11
great, good, normal, nice, reasonable, perfect
negative 2
unusually low, same
12 opinion
positive 12
great, perfect, good, nice
11 opinion
8 2 1
positive 8
works great, feels nice, great, is working great, works really well, works out perfectly, is fabulous
neutral 2
works extremely well, works so well with my echo dot
negative 1
one worked yesterday
10 opinion
7 2 1
positive 7
great, best, wonderful, good, nice little
neutral 2
simple, very
negative 1
9 opinion
2 4 3
positive 2
is ok at best, amazing
neutral 4
small, carry
negative 3
is located in the front of our home, is not as sensitive, no
9 opinion
2 7
positive 2
good, works great
negative 7
are getting low, has stopped working, doesn’t work, changed out, were low, were dead, black and takes two
8 opinion
3 3 2
positive 3
is great, is fun helpful, is amazing
neutral 3
most expensive, remote does, silver toned
negative 2
is unresponsive or slow to respond, small round
set up
8 opinion
7 1
positive 7
very easy to, works good, super easy to, works great, was easy
neutral 1
7 opinion
6 1
neutral 6
flaw, more unique, sleek, is simple and functional, small sleek, is small
negative 1
7 opinion
1 6
positive 1
neutral 6
fast, quick
7 opinion
positive 7
good, great, better, is surprisingly good, very high
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