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Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)

Product is small, works well, is perfect, works great. Camera is great, works great, is ok, works better. Picture are ok, are better, are sharp, are super high res. Photo are average quality, come out better, came out bright, come out quite nice. Battery was completely defective, is totally dead, has never fully charged, is dead more often. Video don't even get me started, is horrendous, will go out of focus, was shot. Flash is to compensate for low light. Screen is extremely small, is so lousy, is terrible, is not as clear.

3.8 out of 5 stars
1280 reviews were analyzed
881 opinion
589 16 276
positive 589
love, great, like, loves, good, is small, easy to use, lightweight, works well, small, light, takes great pictures, compact, excellent, easy to carry, is perfect, perfect, works great, gift, works, okay, is easy to use, very good, convenient, ’s okay, ok, very small, easy to use point, really likes, works fine, is a replacement, is good, does a good job, pretty good, recommend, cheap, does a great job, is lightweight, loved, is great, awesome, takes nice pictures, takes good pictures, gets the job done, was ok, takes great photos, aesthetic, really good, good for travel, is well worth
neutral 16
small, doesn't look cheap, tiny, won't replace a fancy point, blurry, had trouble delivering a sharp, not the best, was too tiny, are very small, used to be a cigarette lighter, isn't a high-end camera, has a very small frame, is a little smaller, has a flash, isn't any different
negative 276
is junk, broke, did not work, forget, not worth, blurry, was a waste of money, not difficult to carry around, small, not bad quality, broke or was lost, doesn't handle the outdoors well, did not fit the port, not worth the money, caused disappointment, was a total fail, is a bad choice, is definitely not one of them, ’s been 6 months, deeply disappointed, is not worth $80, taking up huge amount of space, doesn't do the same, is difficult to navigate, would not record, has a plethora of its own problems, no longer use, not happy, didn't do the job, unhappy, doesn't end up losing, takes forever to take the photo, enough to form an opinion, terrible, seemingly without reason attempts to refocus in times, not great, off the charger, out for myself, must be shipped to a physical address rather than a post office box, should allow for maybe two shots, won't turn on, broke after a year, not dropped, is extremely disappointing, took 15 frustrating minutes, is a problem, has never worked, doesn't matter what one is taking a video of, doesn't want to stay in focus, been about a month at this time
779 opinion
559 29 191
positive 559
great, good, great little, nice, best, very good, excellent, love, cheap, easy to use, is great, better, works great, loves, nice little, inexpensive, awesome, perfect, recommend, small, is ok, very happy, takes better pictures, takes good pictures, very nice, compact, old granddaughter, works better, good cheap, really nice, is very compact, is fine, work, is very good, nice compact, decent, perfect small, i like, is easy to use, amazing, met my expectation, really like, good little, really good, simple, right, felt cheap, is good, fast point, is perfect
neutral 29
little, small, ok, has auto focus, shoot, has over an iphone, had much lower specs, is a bit small, was intended to replace an olympus camera, was ok, okay, was about one third the cost of my previous camera, not a strong bodied, takes 5m-20m pics, none of the 100+ photos, less expensive, needs charged inside the camera
negative 191
worst, stopped working, terrible, horrible, is junk, cheap, is horrible, is useless, expensive, great, wore out, tiny, defective, didn't have a usb charging cord, loud crunching, hard to hear, awful, focuses and shoots the subjects, is way too slow, felt flimsy, is terrible, not your, into your computer, tries to auto focus, does not take quality pictures, will not store more than 10 images, need a replacement in a hurry, broke while using, replace a 6 year old camera with 12 mp, not very happy, does not stay charged, i never really like, very disappointed, is *worse, repaired for the second time, doesn't show the details of the photos, doesn't get it right all the time, is slow, wouldn't power on, couldn't load, has absolutely no quality, is already not working properly, not to accidentally slide it open.2, will register, same kind of problems, is slow as molasses to take pictures, are awful, has issues with low light situations, could not get, is horible
247 opinion
185 3 59
positive 185
great, good, takes great, takes good, clear, very nice, better quality, excellent, easy to use, takes very nice, decent, takes decent, beautiful, are ok, very good, awesome, are better, are sharp, amazing, are super high res, are great, are very good, works very well, good clear, takes to take, are too bright, is small, easy to carry, close up, rises, is perfect, look good, easy to set up, have turned out nicely, much higher quality, came out fine, looked fine, low-light, taking, i'm anxious to see, fine, rapid, works good, come out great, are incredible, few good, without losing clarity and focus, wonderful, ok, no blurring
neutral 3
aren't either, takes average, took 3
negative 59
blurry, came out blurry, are not as clear, tended to come out dark, are blurry, are not clear, are horrible, are useless, not the best, are very blurry, was taken, didn't come out well, very poor, are ugly, frustratingly complicated, downright impossible, were all blurry, very dissatisfied, are never reliable, are often washed out, too blurry, worst, are extremely blurry, important to be taken with a camera phone, needed, terrible, come out blurry, hard to beat, is blurred, very difficult, no blur definitely worth the money, not really to take, tended to come out blurry, was not very good, with different exposure levels, are pretty poor quality, were grainy, poor quality, cannot get, are blurry on random spots, are slightly blurry, didn't improve, turned out, are always blurry, are terrible, really slow, not great, are not very good, don't come out well, were prone to blurring
110 opinion
79 1 30
positive 79
great, good, high quality, takes good, clear, are average quality, produces great, with very high noise, superior, takes quick, easy to carry, small, easy to store away, come out better, simple, great quality, best, aren't any better, takes really great, almost half, takes, mp, purchased for employee, vivid, came out bright, nice keeper, gives me better, beautiful, took 20mp, very nice, perfect, nice, seems super clean, come out quite nice, are much more variable, long time, takes nice, looked like photos, to turn out well, haven't been very well defined, sharp, sharper, handy, high definition, takes quality, easy to use, excellent, very clear, is good, were reasonably sharp
neutral 1
isn't blurry
negative 30
come out blurry, is not crystal clear, rarely enlarge, would not do other wise, were blurry, looked poor quality, auto option, grainy, without it being blurry, grainy blurry, are blurry, blurry, are grainy, are terrible, are washed out, horrible glare, happy not cropping, comes out dark, mediocre, dark, is too long, is to slow to take, not for serious, attached a few photos, very inconsistent, varied in quality, blurred, takes are kind of lackluster, were looking a bit blurry
49 opinion
44 5
positive 44
great, good, very good, is right, was right, was fantastic, is fair, was good, simple to use, was great, went way down, is super cheap, perfect for my needs, was very affordable, fantastic, amazing, is reasonable, was the best
negative 5
not worth, was so low, don't like paying full, not bad, couldn't match
49 opinion
32 17
positive 32
good, is good, great, low, has pretty good, tested product, ok, very good, is great, easy to handle, happy with, to great, cheap, has gone downhill, perfect, is very good, pretty decent, is better than i expected, better, amazing, able to match, decent, was okay, sucked!do you hear me sony
negative 17
poor, is terrible, is grainy, horrible, has taken a nosedive, bad, terrible, is a bit grainy, is low, crappy, not measure up, was quite grainy, is not good
picture quality
42 opinion
24 18
positive 24
is good, is pretty good, good, not perfect or hd, good enough for posting on fb and such, is better, delay between pictures is long, comfortable to carry, lots of adjustments, was average at best, is great, ease of use, nice, amazing, is acceptable for close ups, is really no better, great, not great
negative 18
was worse, is poor, poor, is terrible, is not that good, was poor, is not very good, was very low, doesn't matter as much as getting a shot, was not very good, is mediocre, awfull, was too light, disappointed, main complaint
42 opinion
18 1 23
positive 18
uses a different, prefer to remove, is great, like, lasts quite a long time, lasted through the entire hike, stronger, lasts a long time, fades, lasts a long time between charges, rechargeable, lithium, last a lot, great, was much cheaper, impressed, is semi charged, own
neutral 1
negative 23
won't charge, had been charging for 12 hours, was completely defective, removed, doesn't last very long, didn't help, about 3 months, does not last very long, could not hold a charge, is totally dead, bother, doesn't seem to be inserting correctly, has never fully charged, is dead more often, dead, must be recharged, doesn't come with a wall charger, being low, hassle, came with it refused to take a charge, wasn't the case, hidden secret
36 opinion
18 18
positive 18
was the way to go, cant beat, buying, exceeded my expatiations, making things cheap, is always top quality, might be better on image quality, fit the bill, nice job, better reliability, produces quality products, is of absolutely no help, is consistent with its quality, is well known, prefer anything, is great, is a good, makes great
negative 18
got lazy, no bologna, extremely disappointed, does not change or offer to repair the camera, never heard, broke, is sitting the bench, not up to the quality expected, very unhappy, didn't make it a micro usb, never disappoints me on quality of design, deeply disappointed, piece of crap, with bad qc, should recall them, should enclose a complete paper manual, didn't do that to this camera, rip my
34 opinion
28 6
positive 28
great, easy to use, better, nice, good, very good, takes good, pretty good, turns out perfectly, come out, awesome, right one to carry, aren't what i was hoping for that price, was easy to use, clear, excellent
negative 6
not made many, hazy, ugly, being blurry, doesn't take very clear, are mostly blurry
30 opinion
24 1 5
positive 24
good, is ok, is awesome, is barely noticeable, real, stays open, decent, could be a little better, maxed, compromise, great, is a good distance, was okay, is clear, easy, mega, pretty decent, is essential, 15x, 12x, goodthe, is good
neutral 1
is a bit limiting
negative 5
is inoperable, is not that great, is basically useless, isn't the best, don't need
27 opinion
11 16
positive 11
great, more, does, better, lot more, playing in his room, decent, joy, were amazing, are really good quality
negative 16
a bit grainy, editing tool, constantly goes in and out of focus, don't even get me started, is horrendous, would go out of focus, will go out of focus, go out of focus, every few seconds, was shot, blurry, looked at, is terrible, is horrible, is limited to 1280x720, goes in and out of focus
21 opinion
19 2
positive 19
good, takes great, professional, are great, light, miss, pretty good, great, beautiful, real simple, very good, awesome, are white balanced incorrectly
negative 2
look a little crumby, are blurred
20 opinion
19 1
positive 19
perfect, nice, compact, great, decent, light, good, small, is quite nice, maximum quality photos, loved, high pixel, is perfect to put in your pocket
neutral 1
19 opinion
7 1 11
positive 7
is crazy bright, washes out photos, takes a while, is pretty bright, is positioned right below the trigger, works, is a little overpowering
neutral 1
is not all that powerful
negative 11
turns on the recording rather than flash, does not produce a hot enough light, blinding, seems to overwhelm the image, not use, wants to overcompensate, is to compensate for low light, makes taking natural, went off, does not work, didnt work
19 opinion
6 1 12
positive 6
large, is right, easy to snap for continuous views, is good, much larger
neutral 1
is colored black
negative 12
is extremely small, totally my fault, wasn’t the 3” screen, would turn on, is so lousy, is terrible, is not as clear, does not change, did not work well, must be held, was hard to view, didn't work
this camera
18 opinion
5 13
positive 5
love, buy
negative 13
do not buy, would not recommend, hate, wouldnt want, don't recommend, never ever buy, did not like
17 opinion
16 1
positive 16
high, good, greater image, lowest, was less than my present casio, increase, higher, was much better, very low, reduced from the maximum, highest, has very high, love, large
negative 1
17 opinion
9 1 7
positive 9
will come into clear focus, are decent, are crystal clear, are very nice, decent enough, captures are very good, good, better quality, beautiful
neutral 1
aren't that good
negative 7
incredibly blurry, has terrible noise, would become blurry, grainy, are not clear, are not sharp, are fish-eye distorted
16 opinion
12 4
positive 12
takes better pictures, comes up the winner, easier to use, takes better, are cheap, ease of use, takes better quality pics, clear, better off, took better picture, gets a better picture
negative 4
not the same one you would use, are of mediocre quality, takes awful pictures, damaged
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