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Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black) Camera works great, is great. Pictures are ok, are super high. Photos came out bright, are of stunning quality. Battery was completely defective, is totally dead. Shutter speed was awful, is slow. Screen is terrible, is colored black.
3.8 out of 5 stars
471 opinion
286 120 65
positive 286
great, good, great little, nice, best, very good, excellent, nice little, awesome, works great, ok, better, takes good pictures, is great, is ok, is good, very nice, good cheap, easy to use, is very compact, very happy, is very good, nice compact, perfect, perfect small, is easy to use, good little, really good, is great for its price, is perfect, powerful, can take amazing pics, is the best i, was nice, worth every penny, do well, very nice little, my favorite digital, works fine, fits easily into my pocket, takes better pictures, higher resolution, has been a good, takes super pics, has taken great pictures indoors, always in a safe manner, how amazing this, a good review, good simple, brilliant
neutral 120
little, small, cheap, decent, inexpensive, has auto focus, tries to auto focus too much, to snap shots in the classroom, will not store more than 10 images, takes a long time to focus, real estate appraisal, old, not very happy, high end, doesn't get it right all, not a terrible, well lit rooms, cheap used, has absolutely no quality at all, worked two days, will focus on the subject, has issues with low light situations, simple point and shoot, was out of my imagination, worry about the quality of, is horible, has over an iphone, she needs for a pocket, exceeds all expectations, seems to be going for simple ease, okay as a low, gotten one, heavy, handy, is extremely convenient to carry, had much lower specs, does the job, to my 8 year old granddaughter, eye for quick shots, doesn't really do, does not take good pictures, is tiny, have a lot of reviews, is a bit small, big heavy, takes really grainy photos, seems to be quite low quality, is very light weight plastic, is just the right size, very basic
negative 65
worst, terrible, stopped working, horrible, is useless, a 2-star rating, awful, is way too slow, is terrible, the worst, does not take quality pictures, is stuck with the lens out, is junk, does not stay charged as long, very disappointed, worse than my last camera, is slow, wouldn't power on, everything i expected, is already not working properly, is horrible, same kind of problems, is getting such glowing reviews, has no macro, has a very poor image quality, did not even meet the lowest possible standard, not a good, low price, no high end expensive, is very difficult to use, performed below even my low expectations, stopped working after one day, very disappointing, bad, was worst then my cannon 14 mega, was broken on arrival, did not provide sharp focus, is absolutely horrible, different, quit working, will not set up, has jitter control, doesn't adjust for it properly, shoot, did not work, not as simple to use, no, close at hand, was horrible, one third the cost of my previous
165 opinion
79 46 40
positive 79
works well, easy to use, takes good pictures, takes wonderful pictures, is so easy for him to use, was easy for here to learn, is user friendly, work great, delivers on being a high definition, takes very clear pictures, is easy for her to use, are good, worked perfectly, ’s still working good, makes decent pictures, stays charged well, doesn't want to stay in focus very well, won't stay on for more than two seconds, has been working great, is small and fits into her purse easily, takes beautiful pictures, great reviews, takes fine photos, is great for fitting in a pocket, is perfect, does take very good pictures, seemed fine, is a nice, is small and easy to carry around, is able to use, takes great photos, is way too easy to turn, wasn't as easy to set up, takes great pictures, can fit in my pocket, is just perfect, takes very nice still, works fine, was awesome, is well worth it as well, works great, works very well, is working very is good, did well, doesn't do great in low light conditions, easy mode, is nice and compact, does a great job, very affordable and performs wonderfully, seems very happy with
neutral 46
is small, takes ok photos, is compact, brings up shots, is just okay, is small and lightweight, won't turn on, is small enough to carry in your pocket, takes, is lightweight, runs ok just as advertised, doesn't look cheap and its simple, goes in and out of focus, works well enough, gets the job done, is built rather cheap, almost un, feels tinny, uses, definitely fits that job, won't replace a fancy point, gets the job done but sounds a bit amateur, worked out so well, is convenient to carry and snap pics, small and lightweight, has met all my expectations, is a small, seems very counter-intuitive, didn't work well for him, worked well in a pinch, you can't use, will crack or become dysfunctional, is very small and lightweight, has been a very convenient and trouble free, can't be beat, works, is very simple to use, makes, is lightweight and compact, exceeds, feels like a crutch, meets my needs, is very small and portable, is my first sony camera, goes out in a couple
negative 40
did not work, doesn't handle the outdoors well, ’s been 6 months, is difficult to navigate, doesn't end up losing, does not focus properly, is in my bag at all times, has never worked, did not take long for me to return, seems to be getting worse as time goes, takes several seconds after turning, is poorly made, is too late, takes forever to take a picture, stopped making, look washed out, served the purpose, doesn't come with an sd card, will focus on whatever is moving, can't actually focus on anything moving, does terrible without a good light, does not stay in focus, to not charge as well, is very poor and basic, doesn't seem to perform particularly well in poorly, was poorly lit and flash, takes a proprietary li, didn't work well, takes blurry pics, is really awful, turned off, accidentally fell, keeps on working even, does not work properly, is very slow to take, does not accept aa batteries, unable to return, is so frustrating, can take pictures even in the darkest place
115 opinion
92 12 11
positive 92
great, takes great, good, clear, takes good, takes very nice, are ok, take good, nice, very good, excellent, are super high, are great, are very good, good clear, takes way better quality, better, beautiful, easy to set up, takes decent, fine, few good, takes wonderful, only slightly better, turned out great, very nice, takes awesome, takes excellent, doing good takes good, takes very good quality, takes very good, are very clear, far superior, realy good, takes beautiful, not great for nature, especially good, best, is incredibly easy to use, takes great crystal clear, works good, perfect, tremble making clear, makes very nice, super, came out very nice, are amazing, are crystal clear
neutral 12
have turned out nicely, were all blurry, never reliable, few, not as clear, are slightly blurry, not very good, simple, very sharp, are not as clear, unbelievable, are sharp
negative 11
blurry, are ugly, are extremely blurry, terrible, are pretty poor, were grainy, are blurry, are always blurry, are terrible, don't come out well
35 opinion
26 4 5
positive 26
great, takes good, good, taking high quality, do other wise, produces great, came out bright, very high quality, shot registered beautiful, took some very nice, nice, takes nice, takes better, takes excellent, in natural day light, clear, are of stunning quality
neutral 4
are average quality, very small advantage, reasonably sharp, can easily transfer
negative 5
takes extremely grainy blurry, blurry, mediocre, few, very inconsistent
29 opinion
24 3 2
positive 24
great, good, excellent, very good, superior, feel happy, is easy to use, is great, very great, nice, solid, awesome
neutral 3
tested, does its job, excelent
negative 2
bad, worst
picture quality
27 opinion
18 2 7
positive 18
is good, is pretty good, is better, average at best, not very good, is great, good, nice, amazing, close ups, no better, not great, awfull
neutral 2
is not that good, is not very good
negative 7
poor, is terrible, worse than my phone, was poor, is poor, is mediocre
26 opinion
16 10
positive 16
good, great, is grainy, , ok, is great, perfect, is better, amazing, was quite grainy, decent, is good
negative 10
poor, is terrible, bad, horrible, terrible, is low
22 opinion
2 6 14
positive 2
great zoom, great
neutral 6
lasts a long time, lasts quite a long time, data transfer cable, stronger, performs bad in bright light
negative 14
won't charge, had been charging for 12 hours, was completely defective, doesn't last very long, does not last very long, is totally dead, doesn't seem to be inserting correctly, has never fully charged, is dead more, dead, doesn't come with a wall charger, being low, refused to take a charge
20 opinion
18 1 1
positive 18
great, takes great, very good, takes good, better, takes pretty good, turns out perfectly, works great, nice, takes out great, awesome, good, shoot clear, excellent
neutral 1
are mostly blurry
negative 1
16 opinion
10 6
positive 10
perfect, great, nice travel, nice, is quite nice, is perfect to put in your pocket
neutral 6
compact, small, light
15 opinion
7 2 6
positive 7
good, great, not the best, takes awesome, better
neutral 2
money very clear, is fuzzy somewhat
negative 6
very poor, delayed, worst, is blurred, not very good at all, blurry
14 opinion
8 4 2
positive 8
good, is ok, is a good distance, is clear, isn't the best, pretty decent, is good
neutral 4
decent, i took better pictures, is a bit limiting, works
negative 2
stays open, mega
shutter speed
13 opinion
7 6
neutral 7
is not too quick, slow, grainy photo, very sloow, iso maxes out
negative 6
slow, was awful, exasperatingly slow, sucks, painfully slow, is slow
13 opinion
12 1
positive 12
great, good, very reasonable, fantastic, amazing
negative 1
digital camera
10 opinion
7 3
positive 7
is my best first, easy to start using, pretty well, nice, is not so good as show, awesome beginner, takes pretty good quality photos
neutral 3
my first full, inexpensive, ran down very quickly
10 opinion
4 3 3
positive 4
is decent, better, were amazing, great
neutral 3
a bit grainy, go out of focus, goes in and out of focus
negative 3
is horrendous, totally defeat the purpose of taking, is horrible as well
battery life
9 opinion
5 2 2
positive 5
good, a great, excellent, seems to be pretty good, great
neutral 2
very long, is okay
negative 2
terrible, rated
shoot camera
9 opinion
3 6
positive 3
slightly better than my old camera, really good basic point, worked very well
neutral 6
fast point, simple point, is very easy to use, affordable point, is reasonable
8 opinion
3 5
neutral 3
large, is extremely small to begin
negative 5
is terrible, is colored black, did not work well, dark, didn't work
8 opinion
6 1 1
positive 6
a greater image, high, good, has very high, great i love, large
neutral 1
negative 1
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