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Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training

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42% of users say that: Product works great, is my first drone, is great, is very durable. Drone is awesome, is great, is amazing, works great. Customer service is great, is excellent, was excellent, was great. Battery is great, is pretty good, is fine, works fine. 1% of users noticed that: Propeller came off, don't sync up, are not spinning, were broke. Motor were just free floating in the box, was dislodged, is being sent, can have trouble getting home. Charger is usb, is a usb, is small/awkward, is already very finicky. Prop will fall off, are small, is not tight, keep popping off.

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5773 1819
great, love, loves, good, recommend, durable, loved, fly, fast, awesome, flying, highly recommend, works great, excellent, fun, easy to fly, is my first drone, very durable, is great, is very durable
1763 332
great, great little, great beginner, awesome, is awesome, awesome little, good, fun little, excellent, best, is great, little, fun, amazing, perfect, nice little, inexpensive, easy to fly, flying, is amazing
customer service
482 30
great, excellent, is great, awesome, is excellent, was excellent, was great, is awesome, best, amazing, holy stone, is top notch, fantastic, good, has been great, very responsive, was awesome, outstanding, very good, is outstanding
201 200
extra, lasted longer, free, lasts longer, would last longer, is great, lasted a little longer, is pretty good, honest review, lasts a long time, longer lasting, is fine, fresh, full, recommend, good, larger, easy to fly, lots of fun, lasts surpringly long
188 38
easy to, good, are easy to use, easy, responsive, are intuitive, are very sensitive, are very responsive, work well, work very well, easy to learn, pretty good, very responsive, smooth, are responsive, are sensitive, maneuverability, great, very easy to, well
battery life
96 64
good, is good, is decent, longer, was longer, great, decent, has good, is shorter, is as advertised, is great, is pretty good, easy to fly, is ok, is about 5 minutes of solid flight, extended, a lot to be desired, was more, is minimal, is nice
112 44
extra, recommend, more, get extra, recommend getting extra, need extra, install 6 aa, would be great, purchased additional, 6, aa, are fairly cheap, should last more, can charge multiple, are super-affordable, keep, lasted long, there reasonably priced, spare, recommend a 400-500mah
this thing
136 11
is awesome, is great, is amazing, love, is a beast, is very durable, is so much fun, can take a beating, is fast, is a blast to fly, durable, very sensitive, is quick, loves, is a lot of fun, is fairly quick, is so fun, is tougher than i expected, is as good, works great
125 19
great, great little, awesome, fun, fun little, little, best, good, excellent, blades, can really take a licking, very nice, is great, not very expensive, my favorite, opened up, continued to climb by itself, amazing little, flies exactly as how i wanted it, is a joy to fly
120 15
great, holy stone, is great, contacted me, awesome, best, helpful, has outstanding customer service, amazing, seems very professional, good with customer service, refreshing, solid, holy stone directly, replied within the next day, was kind enough, is super responsive, helpful!i, is great to work with, will buy
118 9
great, great little, awesome, fun, amazing, awesome little, very nice, excellent, fantastic, best, worked as well, is practically indestructible, was everything, small, impressive, is fun flying, super easy to fly, fun little, neat looking, killer
64 51
feels good, is easy to use, easy to use, is sturdy, feels cheap, is comfortable, is massive, is very well constructed, good, is well-organized, is a little difficult to use, is well designed, was configurable, simple to understand, was stable, paired easily, works good, makes the sound, bigger than drone, are very solidly constructed
this drone
107 8
recommend, highly recommend, love, loves, definitely recommend, like, loved, absolutely love, really love, flying, buy, not go wrong, highly enjoyed, grab, absolutely recommend, able to fly, chose, no regrets, ds2)really love, enjoyed flying
95 16
good, great, high, very good, very impressed, best, is great, nice, pretty good, impressed, exceptional, durable, same, hard to beat, very high, very happy, decent, are excellent, carries through, seems very high
104 4
great, good, low, is great, excellent, very, awesome, is reasonable, was right, reasonable, best, very reasonable, fantastic, was reasonable, can't beat, discounted, forgiving for those occasional crashes, went up, pretty good, is perfect
83 16
good, positive, great, original, updated, excellent, 5 star, update, are so good, few expert, are really good, send me, many positive, follow, ever writing, no more five star, read, lot, is 3 stars, were contacted by the cs team
65 19
great, flies great, durable, great little, are great, is perfect, are very solidly constructed, is very responsive, leapt into the sky with a quickness, cool, was our best bet, good, outperformed my expectations, fairly resilient, received right out of the box, work great, worked fine, landing struts, came with the, favorite
79 7
great, fun, great little, better, awesome little, best, fun little, cool little, cool, very cool, tough little, happy with his new, grade to professional, cheap, very happy, really fun, delivers as promised, kool, decent little, nice simple
55 31
clear, good, were easy to follow, are easy to follow, carefully, were clear, are like a foreign language, were more clear, more detailed, easy to play, were easy to understand, is well made, straightforward, are well written, were quite clear, reread, are easy to understand, easy flying tips, read, works
66 16
good, is a blast, is tough, is awesome, is well built, pretty good clip into objects, best, great, take one heck of a beating, lasted a couple of days, is sweet, is even more fun, right, work, pretty much mastered, is so cool, fun to play, i would have liked, works like a charm, was smaller than i expected
67 7
perfect, small, smaller, right, full, is great, love, really like, like, great, tiny, lot of drones, have some quality control issues, slightly larger, is very easy to fly, ease of use and controller, is perfect for a beginner, very good, is just right to fly indoors, nice
46 30
do come off, extra, white, should start rotating, are protected nicely, bent right away, quickly, been careful, easy to break, really liked, can break pretty easily, do break easily, fragility, are pulling much harder, are fine, fly off frequently, is nice, pop off rather easy, pop off, are very sensitive
72 5
holy, was great, has been very good, was very helpful, great, was fantastic, was the absolute best, cares about their customers, is about as close, contacted me directly, buying, is also very responsive, helpful, was generous enough, hahahgreat, kudos to holy, is a step up, highly recommend, was very quick, is hands down better
63 9
holy stone, is my favorite, responsive, works great, is an amazing indoor, is impressive, is much nicer, achieves, maintains altitude smoother, is a quiet, is stable, pretty durable, quite impressed, really like, was really fun to play with, enjoying my new fancy, is quite durable, bounces right back, able to learn quickly, is very easy to control
65 4
holy stone, is great, is priced just right given the simplistic design, plenty fast, is very fun to fly, are 3 speeds, is the perfect drone, lightning deal, is a good indoor training drone, takes a bit getting use to, gift from grandpa, very happy, is easy to use, very addictive, is a good choice, lived up, praises, is quite good, is now forever, is easier to handle
starter drone
great, good, great little, very good, excellent, awesome, greater, best, inexpensive, nice little, decent, pretty durable, very nice, really great, fun, super durable, nice, easy to fly, fast, easy to control
this product
56 14
highly recommend, recommend, love, would recommend, definitely recommend, loves, i would buy, loved, like, really loved, is very portable, really enjoyed, does it pretty well, strongly recommend, change my review, are returning, absolutely love, sucks, would rec, heartily recommend
43 22
is very durable, nice little, great, good, was exactly as described, little, responsive, is the right size, perfect for beginners, looks real good, works great, ongoing adjustment, shipped to me at no cost, is also quite durable, was purchased for an 8 year old, keep on reserve, good training, worked great, work very well, offered to replace
51 9
high, great, low, fast, increase, impressed, more, true quality product, is nice, very helpful, very fast, is awesome, adjustable, little more, controls with 3d flips, is amazing, moderate, is unmatched, full, multiple
30 25
very reactive, are great, is leaning on the bigger side, keep my hands, was easy, has plenty of range, is fantastic, needs some beauty work, feels a little on the cheap side, gives you 2 options, comes with a larger, far better than other drones, is large, not expensive feels good, works well, easy to control, is really big, is comfortable, is easy to use, easy to pair with the drone
flight time
37 15
good, is pretty good, easy to learn for a beginner like myself, is normal, is exactly as promised, very responsive great, isn't bad, is great, decent, is about 5 minutes, was longer, pretty good, almost double, excellent, is around 9 minutes, normal, could be a little longer, little great than advertised, is good, minute range
34 17
ok, working well, been such a blast getting to learn all of it's tricks, been easier to get used, built-in protection, definitely a good helicopter, still works just fine, been a great bonding opportunity, flips are amazing, worked well, still working, still going strong, indoor, flys ok outside, currently orbiting earth, been easy to use, lots of fun, been a ton of fun, been a great birthday present, extremely fast
customer support
50 2
great, is excellent, was awesome, exceptional, was good, is good, were more than polite, is hands down, is ready to send replacements, courteous, excellent, was very helpful, responsive, holy stone, definitely contact, was right, outstanding, -)great, know right away, was incredible
35 15
good, stable, great, affect your next, is better than me, worked ok, real, quickly mastered, easy to breake, controlled, smooth, flew great, is fairly easy, better, steady, very user friendly, can be extended, easy to fly and stable, very durable, was going well
37 12
went above, contacted me, great, very easy to work with, awsome, keeps asking me to change my rating, really good to work, awesome, couple day, camille!great, is fantastic, shipped out new product, sent us a new drone, worked with me by providing a replacement for free, was gracious enough, are very professorial, helpful, replaced with a new one, backs up the product, best
43 3
bright, cool, are bright, love, easy to see at night, compact, easy to tell, are bright enough, really loves, are very cool, blue and red, helped us find it, are an added bonus, gives a cool look, very cool look, super, still working, make flying at night possible, nice, look really cool
52 104
stopped working, did not work, fell off, broke, would turn, popped off, came off, popped off one time, broke very easily, flew off of the drone, don't sync up, bent, are not spinning, would not all fire, would not spin, were broke, get hair, easily break, fly across the room/yard, in wrong place
28 120
stopped working, broke, burnt out, bad, stopped spinning, failed, burned out, weak, problem, broken, completely quit working 2 days, burned out after half a dozen flights, burned out on each one of them.update, stopped working within 24 hours, were just free floating in the box, burned out on the first flighting experiance, burnt out in the first three or four weeks, need to rest/cool down(i'm, was dislodged, go bad
25 26
’s connector into, didn't work, missing, bad, is usb, is a usb, no, is small/awkward, is already very finicky, seemed kinda cheap, issue, was bad, died, was missing, had trouble, will not run out after 5 min, did not come, could charge multiple batteries, last about 5 mins max, takes too long to charge the battery
21 24
haven't even come of yet, brittle, break easily, will fall off, pop off very easily, are small, is not tight, keep popping off, intermittently stop turning, kept coming out with each crash, can hit corners of a wall, broke quickly, are not tight, did not fit on the shafts, popping off quite often, came loose, seem to get loose, has broke, do fall off easily, went flying