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Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E500B/AM)

We have analyzed 630 reviews from Amazon and found:

29% of users say that: Product worked great, works great, works, works perfectly. Ssd is perfect for the price, was doing good, works perfectly fine, works great. Samsung is worth the few extra bucks, is the winning choice, is the current leader in replacement ssds, has a great reputation. Install was quick, work well, works well, worked flawlessly. 1% of users noticed that: Desktop was logged, is a common-as-dirt hp. Data don't stop backing up. Windows was tied to the motherboard, is loaded in seconds. Usb is not bootable.

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340 102
great, good, love, excellent, reliable, fast, worked great, works great, ’s fast, works, like, works perfectly, excelent, lightning fast, boots up, installed easily, has worked well, was faster, loved, works fine
60 6
great, best, fastest, replace, awesome, excellent, hard to say much about an, makes all the difference in the world, reliable, high quality, evo, really boosts up the speed of my computer, runs fast, is perfect for the price, lord, saved my 4 year old desktop, really speeds up boot time, cloned just fine, very high quality, was doing good
37 11
makes the best ssd, trust, is worth the few extra bucks, is the winning choice, 500gb evo, is the current leader in replacement ssds, has a great reputation, stable, good, is the best, efficiency, does as i expect, is my fav, know it, is my preferred maker of ssds, is still the king of ssd, has everything done right, provides migration software, no brainer, work well fast
44 3
easy, easy to, very easy, clean, very easy to, was quick, very easy to clone, super easy, work well, fast, perfect to refresh, fast easy to, works well, runs cool, 1.5 hrs, very reliable, fastest clean, running perfect, worked flawlessly, was easy
31 13
run incredibly fast, boots, is very fast, have new life, sped up, upgraded, pretty fast, is faster on everything, are significantly better, increased a lot, is a smooth, fast experience, run quickly, boots up a lot faster, integrated perfectly, are about 5 years old, runs like new, is lighting fast, better than new, screamingly fast
31 11
nice, great, fast, awesome, has ample space for windows 10 and office installs, is fast, has no moving parts, is providing very fast load times, was filling up, needed more room, is connecting via usb, worked great, was much faster, was recognized, properly took a linux installation, made slightly faster, is nice, solid, great hard, is awesome
24 16
boots up so much faster, speeds up your, is working excellent, works like it's brand new, really speed, was all ready fast, can probably use my, no slowing down, is faster, more responsive, running better, a little bit longer, will be faster, little extra life, has been zippy fast, is useable, is much faster, works great, good, is faaaaaaaaaaassssssssstttttttttt
25 4
good, great, decent, very good, continue to fall, is fantastic, good enough, is higher then most ssd, will be higher, only big difference, decrease by 10%.i, has come down, was good, better, is reasonable
great, solid, increased significantly, is great, nice, good, superb, is amazing, improved, best, incredible, really recommends, improve, worth every penny, difference, fantastic, day, better, amazing, works flawlessly
17 9
is intuitive, functional, unobtrusive, works perfectly, well, integrates well with windows, great, to easily clone your current os, easy to transfer all my data, has worked flawlessly, necessary, helps manage the drive, excellent, issue helpful, lets you determine your trim schedule, everything was ez to transfer to the new drive, was better
awesome, was 400mbs, love, fast, unreal, operating, more, is great, is looking good, achieve more, increased, very satisfied, is unparalleled with 30 second boot times, greats, extremely fast, is incredible
pro, pro mid 2012, air, like new, is faster, pro up
6 5
thin, was very easy, is huge, is like night and day, swap out, much faster
samsung ssd
7 4
turned out to be faster, smaller, lighter, is going strong, 250gb, the best, drives for years
great, best, most significant, love, easy and fast, fantastic, worth, major, huge
macbook pro
gave new life, utilizar, runs way faster, sped up my 2012, very happy, 2011 model, was recognized right away, very useful, runs super good
7 2
were glistening, truly impressive, is very specifically for any lenovo yoga, good, helps a fellow ps4 console enthusiast, 5-star, plenty
7 1
boot time
7 1
was great, is also great, fast, was about 28 secs, very fast, are impressive, is a fraction of what it used to be
5 2
good, best, please
this product
6 1
very happy, kudos to, recommend, can recommend, is intended to work properly, any problems
very pleased, has work great, corresponds with description, was delivered very fast, great, good, arrived within 3 days
5 1
booted right up with no hesitation, is very quick, boot, lives, working stably
boots, boots instantly, really sped up my, almost 10 times faster, start so quick, is brand new
5 1
was as simple, was a breeze, went fairly smoothly, easy, no problem
run off, going to migrate, drives for a long time, get it to boot, almost put my, boots up within seconds
good, perfect, very good, excellent
3 2
working perfectly, works al, was a 1tb wd sata 7200rpm
4 1
happy, are outstanding, are amazing, super super fast
good, verry fast, fast, prompt, amazing
4 1
are working, seem to run smoother, running all, open quickly
worked without a hitch, was clear, easy, went smoothly, works flawless
is night and day, love, no noticeable, can perceive, is enormous
4 1
speeds up, fast, reliable, faster
great, easy, perfect
good, run fast, quiet, serving me without fail till today
battery life
longer, great, given improved
3 3
changes, are quite expensive, expensive
2 3
was logged, takes 30 seconds to load up, is a common-as-dirt hp