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BLU Studio X8 HD - 5.0" GSM Unlocked Smartphone -Black

We have analyzed 1561 reviews from Amazon and found:

29% of users say that: Product was unlocked, works well, works perfectly, works great. Phone is great, is cheap, work fine, is good. Price is good, is great, is consistent with its quality, is reasonable. Smartphone were 3g, is a hd. 4% of users noticed that: Screen is black, has the sticky stuff, was not working right, keeps going out. Battery dies quickly, is a little faulty, is dying faster, is kinda weird. Sim card don't have, work don't buy, were bad, was another battle. Camera is crap, is pretty bad, is not good, are not good in dark conditions.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

423 340
good, love, great, excellent, like, loves, easy to use, was unlocked, works well, ok, works perfectly, works great, loved, returned, is good, had to return, is great, liked, worked ok, works fine
357 331
great, good, nice, excellent, very good, is great, sucks, is cheap, unlocked, love, better, very nice, loves, cheap, work fine, perfect, is good, for my mother, is ok, is okay
55 5
good, great, excellent, very good, is good, low, is great, worth, is consistent with its quality, best, can't be beat, convenient, is reasonable, ok, was right, pretty good, very good and recommend it, is amazing, reasonable, working well
17 6
excellent, okay, were 3g, unlocked, good, is a hd, nice, very good, great, inexpensive, very nice, excelente, sencillo, economico, good for that price
19 2
good, nice, perfect, ideal, like, bigger, love, is manageable, came fast, works perfectly, suitable, right, well as, is perfect, she wanted, medium
14 5
great, was as described, arrived in time, are always perfect, is very happy, are saved on sim card, in good condition, is great, arrived neatly packed, is low cost, has good quality, very good, okay
12 6
great, fancy watch, takes good, works well, takes awesome, perfect, is great, beautiful, was excellent
12 6
good, very good, works very well, excellent, better more
13 2
ok, okay, usually e or no connection, work fine, running a really old operating system, working quite fine, bye, just a temporary phone, good deal
13 1
good, nice, very good, excellent, very reliable, is dual sim card, highly recommended, is coming with unblock
8 4
was working fine, works perfectly, looks handsome, never seem to disappoints, met all my expectations, has long list of things, would not have any problem
cell phone
10 1
best, good, decent, reasonably priced, excelente, loves, excellent, cool, had to order a new
8 1
great, is very clear good viewing videos, works well, is bright, clear, good - bright, beautiful
6 2
was great in shipping, effecient manner, same phones, sure, really hope, would cost me way more than i paid
picture quality
6 1
needs improvement, is wonderful, is fair, good, like
excelente, un, bueno, buen, muy buen
3 2
many, popping up, are appearing everywhere
29 36
is black, black, has the sticky stuff, glitchy, didn't work right, jus blank off, stopped responding, just blink on and off, touching a different part, flickers on and off, was not working right, bad, keeps going out, was acting funny, started to get dark, was at a deficit for pixel density, sometimes blacks out, started to flaah, started flickering, blanks off for a few hours everyday
8 42
drain, dies quickly, goes down to fast, issues, is a little faulty, last legs, is dying faster, is kinda weird, was bad, would jump around for a bit with little to no use, won't stay charged longer, can not and stay charged enough, problem, don't last, would never charge, having problems, has a dent, dies quick, was running done too quickly, showing low
sim card
6 27
couldn't get, don't have, does not work, work don't buy, nothing works, wouldn't work, were bad, would not work, returning item not compatability, didn't recognize, no service, was another battle, would not read, was damaged, could damage it, could not be recognized, very hard, would not format, does not fit, working
13 15
is crap, sucks, dislike, is pretty bad, haven't worked, where blurry, damaged, is not good, not great, doesn't work, are not good in dark conditions, no so good, is not all that great in megapixel, only has digital zoom, is not that good
9 15
bad, wasnt unlock, ’s not responsive, freezes up intermittently, is a little laggy, needed to be able to make phone calls, rooted, troublesome processes quarantined, impossible to use, is damage, porn watching, woefully disappointed, not a good, extremely dissatisfied, totally useless
7 15
discharges in two hours, were gone, bad, unable, kept coming back, started downloading, wayyyyy meeee, s not available for iphone, often falling down, are nonfunctional, open to slow, are unnecessary, unable to utilize, you cannot uninstall, needed would not play any games
this product
6 9
not too pleased, do not buy, really annoyed, highly disappointed, don't buy, not buy, unable to use, would not recommend, do not spend your money
battery life
7 7
short, is very bad, is not good, is very short, not that good
3 9
can drop at a moments notice, dropping, are dropped, n’t working - making, could not receive nor place, not meaning to, always drop, is spam automatically, go in and out
2 9
worst, stopped working, is two days past the 30 day return window, is malfunctioning, disappointing, did not do well, very disappointed
1 9
is so bad, could not get, no, is not connecting properly, doesn't connect to my, takes forever, very slow, hard to connect for, is really slow, will never use
3 6
is too slow, has trouble picking up, did not always connect in hostels, turned off.•, doesn't always work, couldn't connect
not compatible, is still in beta testing, captures showed constant communication, tried every, face difficulty, is not working, don't waste your time or money, not working
3 5
horrible, couldn't even get the money spent, won't work, isn't as good
2 4
does not work, attempts, no good
did not help, stopped working, missing, didn't work, doesnt fit, had no
1 6
is low, very limited, stuck, not a lot, barely any
blu phone
3 4
worst, is not a true, don't like
2 4
was practically nonexistent, was poor, weak, barely pick up
1 5
shame, does not give you enough details, very disappointed, would not provide me with a refund, has removed many of the models
camera quality
1 5
very bad, not good, is mediocre, is horrible, is also messed up
this phone
2 4
hate, don't buy, please never buy, bad
2 4
never come up, is horrible, isn't responding, pulls up for one minute