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CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 19 oz Daily Face and Body Moisturizer for Dry Skin

We have analyzed 1930 reviews from Amazon and found:

54% of users say that: Product was recommended, works great, works, is not greasy. Skin is so soft, works great, is much better, is soft. Cream was recommended, is great, is amazing, is awesome. Moisturizer works well, is so good, is glycerin-based, works great. less than 1% of users noticed that: Lid was off, was a large hollow. Boy was i wrong. Top of the bottle was cracked. Water has dried them out.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

2161 313
love, great, was recommended, recommended, good, works great, not greasy, works, excellent, is not greasy, like, works well, absorbs quickly, recommend, smooth, thick, is the best, is thick, is the best lotion, is great
387 35
dry, very dry, great, soft, smooth, sensitive, extremely dry, super dry, is so soft, feels great, works great, good, is much better, moisturized, moist, flaky, is soft, really dry, feels so much better, feeling soft
241 11
best, great, good, was recommended, favorite, is great, amazing, fantastic, thick, wonderful, is amazing, nice, awesome, absorbs quickly, is awesome, is great for dry skin, is wonderful, works great, perfect, smooth
168 10
great, best, good, favorite, lasts all day, creamy, nice, excellent, works well, wonderful, awesome, very good, miracle, is so good, very rich, thick, point, is glycerin-based, leaves skin really smooth and last, does not irritate my skin
124 14
best, great, favorite, awesome, excellent, love, for my face, nice, always loved, was everywhere, good, anti-itch, daily, feels great, helps keep my skin smooth and moisturized, is very moisturizing, not greasy, is different, tried a lot, was covered with plastic
this product
71 8
love, recommended, like, definitely recommend, highly recommend, loves, really like, recommend, believer, enjoying, long time to find, is perfect, confidently, helps me a lot, moisturizes, heals chapped or dry hands overnight, is not greasy, really hydrates, not greasy, very keen
this cream
73 5
love, buy, really works, is the answer, moisturizes my face so well, gives me a glowing appearance, works real well, really enjoyed, works better, absorbs more quickly, works well, like, has an ingredient, has caused allergies, thick, is amazing, is very hydrating, recommend, highly recommend, especially like
45 30
love, is great, makes it easy to use, makes it easier to dispense, provides a perfect amount, is really useful, makes me feel better, kept, prefer, is an added bonus, washes her hands, on top more, works great, really love, really fast, easy, really helps stretch the lotion, allows for just the right amount of cream, full sized, works
57 8
clean, great, feels so soft, was sensitive, especially my, feels really soft, extremly itchy, feel so moisturized, was dry, was dewy, lovely, recommended cerave, broke out with large cysts, gets dry, is sensitive to chemical, feels great, feels so hydrated, feels good, never does that not even on my period, has been recovering from a bad allergic reaction to a facewash with salicylic acid
57 2
very, super, great, not greasy, daily, without feeling heavy, great cream, very good, last very long, smooth, great job, creamy, wonderful job, loved, thick, keep my skin soft, best, scentless, non-irritating, is great
50 2
love, has been a long time, outshines, absorbed into my skin very quickly, itch relief, received a good rating, moisturizes amazingly, is great, much more expensive eye cream, is not at all greasy, penetrates immediately, remains on my skin for longer, is at the very top of most dermatologists lists, is just the perfect texture, not too runny, is moisturizing, has essential ceramides, is a thick cream, is easy to apply, soaks in well
this stuff
47 5
love, is great, is the best, is amazing, is awesome, works great, is the bomb, like, loves, is working on getting my skin back to health, is the end all, really works to keep skin, healthy condition, easy to apply, is around $20 with the pump, really works, goes on smoothly, non greasy, works wonders, works perfect
42 2
great, good, worth, works fine, nice, was great, is even better on amazon, was right, is kind of high, was better, is great, is cheap, reasonable, works great, very good, awesome product!great, are fair, i am quite frugal, best, fabulous
moisturizing cream
38 2
great, good, best, nice, fabulous, most effective, very favorite, excellent, is good, amazing, very nice, truly the best, is the real deal, is all i need, has made a noticeable improvement, is the best, is superior, is not the problem, is fablous, she prescribed
this lotion
love, thick, creamy, not oily or greasy, good for dry, sensitive skin, does the trick, like, really like, cleared those, is by far the best, absorbs fast, leaves a clean finish, is not greasy, feels great on my hands, helps keep my skin moisturized!!!highly recommend, is great, clean, non sticky, no perfumes
23 10
no, very sensitive, absolutely no, nice light, is minimal, non-instrusive, very mild underlying, has no, not a smelly, never clogs my pores, is very little, rich no perfume, heavy, no overpowering, nice neutral, slightly thicker, no flowery, pleasant light
23 9
no, strong chemical, chemical, has paraben, without, no weird-natural-gross-lotion-y, feels great on the skin, non-greasy, works wonderfully, is a cream, light, nice kinda fresh, works amazing, is gentle, almost not noticeable, good, have very dry skin, turns kind of funky, is a bit chemically rather than a neutral smell, o.k
great, good, amazing, love, anti-aging, helped moisturize my skin, clear up dry skin, wonderful, awesome, really good, fantastic
24 5
smooth, are so soft, non-greasy, super soft, are soft, not winter rough, no more dry cracked, went from dry, cracked, extremely painful to soft, wonderful, were severely dry, red, dry, creams for dry, cracking winter skin, so smooth, feel like a baby's behind now, better than working, soft
22 5
great, keeping my sons chronic, helpful, was born, perfect, good, runs in my family, amazing, came back with a vengeance, patches faded, started on her cheeks, patch just heals, get rid, cleared, has not gotten better, was 1, completely went away, very good, was calmed in 3 days, excellent
23 2
best, great, good, amazing, immediate, love, seeing, extremely pleased, looking forward to seeing, huge, real, saw, excellent, have been fantastic, better, was a surprising, very pleased, happy
15 8
large, good for eczma, is thick, is huge, uncap, lasts so long, no more germy hands, really large, was sealed, 14.00 to $15.00 dollars, will last a long time, finish, lasts sooooooo long, goes a long way, has lasted me for months
recommended, has recommended, renowned, gave me this for my eczema, recommended this, was advised, recommended for my skin problems, told me about them, helped relieve eczema, recommended me to use this cream, recommends cerave, recommended cerave, works real well, thru my, better protect skin against damage, was no help
is huge, easy to apply, huge, always lasts for a long time, will last a long time, really was bigger, lasts ages, does its job really, really well, many, makes it quick, fantastic value, had to open, goodness, has lasted months, countless, nice
this moisturizer
18 1
love, obsessed, really like, really love, absolutely love, expecting big things, can use, really really like, always love, really loved, keeps my skin so soft, loves, very impressed
16 3
is thick, like, impressive, is more like lotion, excellent, smooth, non-greasy, perfect, lightweight, is light, rich, does not feel oily, love, works great, quickly
14 3
no, can add essential oil‘s, soaks right in, no annoying, is non-intrusive, pleasant, nicely, without, appreciate
13 4
great, cheaper, good, my favorite, harmful, full of good, are alcohol, dries the skin, is great for sensitive skin, were healthier, good for sensitive skin, natural
12 5
great, were great, were good, has good, helpful, 5star, were positive, will likely update, is for the cerave moisturizing cream, good overall, good
13 4
i added a prescription of something, love, will cost you slightly more, done, without a pump is more convenient, will go a long ways, is large enough, convenient, is so much, large, better, is great, should last an average consumer
13 2
greatly decreases, long time, develops under my eczema patches, just vanished, was due to dry skin, scarring seemed lighter, prone skin, moisturizes, has worsened significantly, not cause, went away, just wasn’t getting any better, no more
13 1
super, heavy, barrier, texture, last step to lock, good, maintain, lasting, barrier was totally gone, thick, able to restore, is more on the lighter side, strong
10 4
no, have not had, clears up, no obvious, enjoying, blackheads, makes her skin even more dry, dryness/redness going away, is not a worthwhile tradeoff
12 1
large, was a surprise to me, valuable, larger, is perfect, handy, followed by massive swelling, smaller, generous, will last a while for sure
11 2
no, no strong, no noticeable, like, weird, pleasant neutral, gross, is no offensive
cerave cream
was recommended, seems to work best, absorbs really well, does not feel overly greasy, really helps to brighten up my skin, do not, is ok, has been a huge help along the way, always come back, is super duper, love
dry skin
great, is gone, very good, excessive, was healed, best, highly recommend, soaks it right in
this one
9 2
is the best, is easily my favorite, is not sticky, is the winner, is much better, works just as well, is perfect for my skin
working great, max, leaves my skin feeling so silky soft, in a squeezable bottle, easier to use, ok, called ceravé, worked well, been working great, already become my favorite
6 1
is thicker, is pretty thick, perfect, like, good, great