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Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Black

We have analyzed 1800 reviews from Amazon and found:

35% of users say that: Product works great, worked great, works well, was easy to set up. Alexa is great, is amazing, can do so much more, is a game changer. Echo dot is perfect, has the best integration, is without a doubt one of the best items, has worked great. Speaker works well, is clear, is better than the gen 2, was improved. 2% of users noticed that: Sound quality is awful, is not great, is poor, was worse. Volume is very low, is not loud, is to low, is low. Google has always had difficulty. Wifi will not work, is needed, is the culprit, is no connecting .

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

945 314
love, great, like, works great, loves, good, easy to use, really like, ’s great, awesome, worked great, excellent, gift, works well, was easy to set up, was a gift, every day, is awesome, i thought i would, fun
91 32
love, is great, nice, doesn’t always answer, is amazing, felt more helpful, can do so much more, is a game changer, proper, is a great helper at home, answers all my questions, is just perfect, is unsure about quite a lot, is the best, have been happy with them, could be my new bff, gets it right, knows exactly when my prime pantry box, is super smart, will remind me about an early appointment
echo dot
50 21
love, absolutely love, loves, is perfect, looking, has the best integration, a little less than a year ago, kitchen the other in the bedroom, really like, enjoying, deal, very pleased, enjoy, integrate well, is without a doubt one of the best items, has worked great, amazing, is awesome, was a gift, have won over our house
42 26
great, better, works well, could be better, excellent, low quality, clear, fairly good, is clear, aren’t that powerful, improved, is better than the gen 2, ok for music, was improved, really good, is small, are fine, amazingly great, isn’t very loud, not very loud
52 15
great, great little, awesome, is great, helpful little, little, i own 4 other alexa, actually worked the way they say it should, can add some entertainment and company, liked, work, incredible, echo, very lovely, easier to set up, better, good little, work great, very solid reliable, ’s perfect
33 18
great, good, better, beautiful, wasn’t nearly, is important, great in the classroom, okay, high definition, is great, thunder nature, isn’t the best, amazing, pretty good, is good, is lesser quality, is so much better, isn’t very good, alexa in the kitchen, is excellent
20 17
echo, work great, good little, was great, is amazing, works well, are all about, help us to communicate, is very helpful, great, like, loves her echo, will do anything that the regular echo, would have been alot louder, works best, recommend, is setting on the pillow next to, is perfect
32 3
regular, love, big, forever, is doing great, is so smart, very impressed, is great, is an extra one for my granddaughter, is a lifesaver, total of 8 dots, pretty basic questions, without complaint, full size, little, very pleased, choice, white, is much better albeit larger, integrated part of my home
28 7
favorite, good, love, looking forward to get, can hear, great, playing, sometimes for fun jokes, clear, unlimited, played, nice, loud enough, foremost, amazing, are enjoying, reordering things, entertaining, loves, able to ask her to play
19 12
like, thanks, doesn’t have support people who know anything about alexa, prime music, only covers alexa enabled devices for 90 days, work perfectly, prime day, really amazing, make alexa work with brazilian portuguese, has a lot of work, sells more easily, does, enough, worked great, has this down, really needs to work on their tech, need, has updated the alexa app, listens to everything you say
great, good, was a good deal, was reasonable, was ok, was certainly right, nice to get, decent, very reduced, didn’t pay full, was good, works great!great, low, lower
16 6
works great, was easy to install, easy to use, keeps telling me that echo, looking forward, dots working, actually worked, runs properly with amazon features, is totally revamped, reordering things, n’t played, is helpful, is very hard to use, finally got it, looks and feels cheap
17 3
good, great, excellent, needed to make eco dot, fun, lot of fun, has both positive, arrived and functions as advertised, is awesome, works great, was purchased for my bathroom, kool, is a great addition to the alexa, listen to everything in your house, was easy to install
17 3
easy, easy to, easy to use, is simple, all over again, lightweight, simple
this product
16 4
love, like, liked, is very good, don't bother, simple enjoy
15 1
full, perfect, compact, perfect compact, small, very useful, like, nice small, perfect little, love, nice, convenient
14 1
helps with so many different things, easy to check, have her reordering things from amazon, doesn't nag, before opening my eyes, always check, basic, is good, gives me, useful, latest news, keeps offering, is at the time, is great
cool, great, great little, works better, can serve my purpose, excellent, neat little, awesome, comes in handy for music and trivia, very useful, cool little, little
13 1
love, true, good, needs an app, is just great, works, connects quickly, is great, went well, great, is good, was well for a day
11 2
great, good, very soon
9 3
looking forward to learning more, best, great, handy, fun, super useful, nice, coolest, good
set up
10 1
easy, super easy, works great, absolute pain
10 1
best, great, wonderful, favorite, does exactly as instructed, 2nd dot, echo, incredibly happy
7 3
is pretty loud, clear, nice, is 50/50 as well, i much prefer, great, overlapped
7 3
constantly, enjoyed, larger, decent, friends, have performed perfectly, great
this thing
8 2
love, helps me with everything, is a blast, is just too cool, is so liberal, knows everything
8 1
very pleased, positive, better, good, is way better on the echo, is lower than the echo, amazing, was surprised
7 2
5 star, 1 star, are written with the hope of helping other amazon customers, good, will be more catharsis than useful, honest, countless professional
7 2
favorite, just start playing, is fine, can recognize, are funny, plays my favorite
6 2
great, smaller, 4 units, buying, access to alexa
6 1
is able to get, very convenient, useful, nice and compact, great, enjoy
awesome, work in the best condition, favorite, was the prime motivator, good, gets loud
6 1
works well, morning, love, decent, works just fine, good
sound quality
18 23
poor, is awful, is not great, is poor, isn't great, disappointed, was worse, is really bad, is not that great, enough to be distracting at times, terrible, is obviously lacking, tinny, is garbage, is so poor, super disappointed
11 14
poor, very low, is very low, does not support, is not loud, limited, low, at random, would reset, is to low, does not work, down to 5”, is low, nothing like the full size echo
4 7
has always had difficulty, no, sorry, doesn't require me to open a skill, no longer understands simple commands, switched to echo dot, not as good
2 9
will not work, is needed, not recognize, did not connect, connectivity issues, like, plugs and light switches, is the culprit, is no connecting
5 5
can't answer, off the hook, many times to find, don't have to worry about paper, can either
bluetooth speaker
3 5
not, careful, is approximately a foot away, not to the, won't connect now
voice recognition
4 4
confuse my voice, is so unreliable, problematic, only allows specific people to control alexa