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Certified Refurbished Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

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30% of users say that: Product works great, works perfectly, works well, works fine. Amazon was able to push out an update, has assisted other customer, will get your money, is the new apple. Device works great, work well, came straight, is a great addition to fill. Fire stick works great, worked great, is great, works fine. 6% of users noticed that: Remote is not working, will not pair, was defective, was bad. Batteries were dead, were weakening, are dead within 24 hours time, drains. Fire is indeed--fire. Cable don't need, are dropping, were paying, got rid.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1234 507
love, great, works great, like, works perfectly, excellent, works well, good, no problems, works fine, worked great, works, was refurbished, loves, worked perfectly, awesome, work great, looked brand new, nice, works good
59 33
thanks, prime, was able to push out an update, has assisted other customer, will get your money, updated all my information, is the new apple, has started treating me the same, is saving money, should improve its quality control, has beenamazing, best, would give a run at the traditional cable providers, replaced it, you (blow-us-away, had better products, going to a new fire stick, good, several times with no help, immediately sent a replacement
52 26
great, great little, works great, nice, work well, came straight, should be able to be used, is a great addition to fill, refurbished, awesome, best, excellent, deserves it, is not often faulty, huge entertainment hub, was still connected to a previous owner's amazon account, totally hooked, perfect, i invested, really love
fire stick
46 20
works great, worked great, is great, works fine, working perfectly, almost perfect condition, worked long, connected fine, works wonderful, working great, really customize your tv, powerful, much nicer, easier platform to work with, is easy to work, powered, is perfect for prime video, works, is awesome, best
33 21
certified, sticks, never had any luck, firestick, flawless, good, came looking like new, meant certified fresssh, definitely recommend, works as good, are as good, new one with what i will spend on another remote, should have followed my gut, lasted less than three months, pretty much stole my money, have had no problems, works like new, stick, works great, works nice
32 21
great, excellent, works perfectly, really good, stated for deliver, was delivered on time, awesome, performed exactly like a brand new one, is good, glad, was refurbished, worked for about 5 minutes, works wonderfully, good, is re-ferbuished, works well, itself great, is fantastic, was packaged very well, appeared to be new
50 1
great, good, like, was great, arrived on time, works great, was excellent, better, easy, was way to high for refurbished, is great, difference, is amazing, was right, was terrific, was key, can have 1 for each of your hd tv, full, awesome, low
31 17
love, practically giving these things away, allows you to open a web browser, works perfectly, today one day ahead of schedule, works like a charm, is output, is always enjoyable, very quick, receptive, great, works very easy, burned out in less then two years with rare usuage, makes our old tvs, gives you access in spades, works just fine, is everything, glad, is awesome, provided countless hours of entertainment
25 20
good, scanned for networks for hours, had the best reviews, will be buying more, great, prime, cheap easy way to watch, several smart, shows like paw patrol, was easy to install, was a logical move, love prime, more than happy with my purchase of this product, got pretty smart, able to watch, work like a champ, has roku built in, checked, is fine, excellent
28 8
lots, are easy to use, we loved, option, will control it, free, work fine, needed, are first rate, enjoy, easy to work, was able to load, already with it, will work, was delivered, works fine, close on their own, lot more, access your prime account, good
31 2
works fine, works great, is working beautifully, looked brand new, operated, went as expected, works smoothly, in life melts, works, seems second-rate, was as new in the box, came just as it would have new, works as advertised, see, went as planned, is great, is fairly easy to use, was as promised, tried, is fine with the product
23 2
no, never had any, never have i ever had these, works fine, haven't had any, zero
no, works well, minor, not expecting
set up
21 1
easy, easy to use, quick, ease, was easy, easy to, easy to navigate, extremely easy, easy to install, was a breeze
great, good, best, awesome, excellent, not big, nice, better, not a huge
customer service
11 10
great, is pretty good, was outstanding, replace, drop so fast, best, offered to replace it, was fast, was good, was great
14 7
ok, work really good, been scanning, been great for movies, been 2 weeks, okay, working great, still working, worked pretty well, refurbished!-joemarie, actually pretty user friendly
this product
14 6
love, highly recommend, recommend, no money, zero issues, haven't had any issues, advertise, absolutely love, very impressed
fire tv
13 6
stick arrived on time, stick worked as expected, needed something simple, is supposed to do, good, stick, stick tried everything, impressed me, happy, stick fit at home, was quickly delivered, has met expectations, sticks work
17 1
fast, was fast, super fast, works well, work great, again pay, took way too long, prompt, included everything i needed, would arrive in five days
best, great, favorite, no issues, excellent, good, absolute favorite, charged, very pleased, happy, amazing, glad
9 8
is new for all practical, satisfied, refurbished, works great, arrive preprogrammed with your prime, work great, reconditioned, great, replacement
10 7
works well, is easy to start, works with one of my other remotes, is convenient, better, compact, works just as great, is great
great, good, excellent, improve, no difference, pretty good, arrived on time, better
easy to, very easy to, easy to use, works great, nice, simple to, super easy to
13 1
best, good, is awesome, is cool, works great, has opened new worlds of entertainment, is working perfect, is fast, provides unlimited entertainment options, great, lasted longer
12 2
work great, arrived together in one box in 2 days, is included with the new-fire-stick, was working fine, worked perfectly, ok, is good, lasting, work perfectly, work fine, good
great, good, best, excellent, awesome, excellet, long, works like new
11 3
perfect, looked like it was new, definitely functional, all, says (looks) new, was easy to set up, nice, high quality, works great, was great wow, was presentable
10 4
is better than hd cable, clear, works well, look great, is good quality, was crystal clear, looks like, is real clear, great quality, great
9 3
is brand new, offers a new look, was fairly surprised, is much easier to use, own, works fine, no troubles, got a, getting
21 205
did not work, doesn't work, does not work, didn't work, stopped working, didn’t work, doesn’t work, quit working, is not working, wouldn't work, broke, never worked, no longer works, will not pair, broken, stops working, wouldn't connect, not working, was defective, was bad
13 28
changed out, were dead, replaced, changed, very quickly, corrected the problem, were weakening, are dead within 24 hours time, doesn't work, drains, did not work in the remote, told to put, not pairing at all, were also dead, opening up, came with the fire stick, constantly take, were sealed, continuously move, no luck
14 24
stick, sticks, stick a few months, is indeed--fire, stick keeps restarting, tvstick, freezes, sticks didn't work, stick powers down automatically within 5min to a hour
6 22
rid, no more, do not have, cut my, wasn't ready to cut, could never go back to, without paying for additional boxes, don't need, are dropping, were paying, canceled, got rid, out, no, easy too use cut, is free, cut, not all rv parks
6 18
flat, “normal boot, not boot up, froze, couldn't navigate, cast from ios, skipping, is a pop up saying, not even a start up, got black, couldn't get past, start, same, did not work showed multicolored, freezing, would repeatedly freeze, blank, black
5 14
black, is straight black, is going inside a drawer, is slightly smaller, wrong address, large black, shut, didn't work, returned, failed out, plain black, is all black, not work, inoperable
remote control
keeps stopping, doesn't work, didn't work, does not work, was defective, inauthentic fire stick remote, weren’t connecting to the fire tv, didn't work.i called them back for another remote, doesn’t work properly, did not work, did nort work properly, don't work, would not work, is not working, bad, damaged
5 9
keeps logging off, stick, do not connect cant pair, isn't strong at all, takes over the connection, not depend, is having trouble reaching the stick, keeps dropping out, poor
6 6
is just dumb, is having issues, does not respond, lags sometimes, not working, doesn't work