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All-new Kindle Paperwhite - Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage - Includes Special Offers

We have analyzed 5843 reviews from Amazon and found:

31% of users say that: Product is waterproof, is great, is my third kindle, works great. Kindle is fine, is great, is perfect, is amazing. Screen is clear, is easy to read, is great, is the same size. Paperwhite is great, is light, is perfect, is excellent. 2% of users noticed that: Battery drains, was dead, is worse, drains faster. Touch screen is very slow, is kind of touchy, is so sensitive, is intermittent. Page is annoying, have a tendency to disappear, will not turn, will not turn to the next page. Power button is on the bottom, is in the absolute worst spot, is a total pain, was on the top.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

5322 2336
love, great, like, waterproof, light, is waterproof, lightweight, is great, good, easy to use, lighter, easy to read, loved, is my third kindle, ’s waterproof, works great, compact, is lightweight, is my first kindle, is light
663 253
love, great, best, like, is fine, waterproof, lightweight, is great, unlimited, is perfect, new, is amazing, works great, really like, favorite, always liked, few, is wonderful, is backlit, is so light
435 266
flat, bigger, is clear, backlit, clear, easy to read, love, great, is easy to read, is great, brighter, smooth, bright, larger, lighted, is the same size, is bright, is very clear, like, flush
495 106
love, is great, absolutely love, upgraded, like, easy to read, waterproof, is light, new, is perfect, easy to use, still works, recommend, lightweight, replacement, really like, loving, is excellent, very happy, works just fine
battery life
385 174
long, great, longer, is great, is amazing, good, love, is good, is excellent, is phenomenal, is better, better, excellent, is awesome, extended, is fantastic, amazing, has been great, is very good, was better
296 163
great, good, is great, best, perfect, amazing, great little, very happy, nice, is perfect, very good, pleasantly surprised, very great, new, love, compact, is fine, wonderful, works great, lighter
420 23
love, perfect, like, smaller, great, compact, small, is perfect, is great, right, nice, i like, convenient, light, same, ease of use, good, really like, lightweight, are great
169 89
thanks, thank you, good, really, is such a great company, will push you to subscribe to different programs, wont like this, sure, nice, should work on something to better the “manage your content & devices, approve the return of the first kindle, gave me a credit, ’s cusomer service representative phoned, best value, has a program, is taking its sweet time, was more reasonable, fixes, ’s fine service, juncked all these features
227 8
light, very light, like, love, lighter, perfect, easy to use, great, nice, super light, right, easy to hold, compact, lite, easy to handle, easy to read, feel, are great, sleek, same
124 20
love, great, good, comfortable, like, enjoy, best, bright, easy, really like, nice, clear, start, pleasure, really enjoy, enjoying, enjoing, so light, reliable, better
94 44
great, real, good, like, favorite, love, lots, easy to transfer, miracle, best, happily speeding, finish, i find a solution, is smaller, fits easier into my purse, easy to order, does not want to carry around a large, can load numerous, are promoting, open up
96 27
is great, love, like, works great, bright, adjustable, is bright, is super, is awesome, lightweight, waterproof, seems a little better, is important to me, is pretty useful, is super convenient, led, is so subtle, helps to adjust the light, was important, is much more crisp
114 7
great, waterproof, nice, best, new, are great, awesome, audible, very nice, resistant, neat, greatest, wise, certain, waterproof and light, couldn't be turned off, adjusted the brightness of the screen with every page turn, do have my phone, learning to navigate, has nice
64 21
bright, dim, is perfect, works great, adjustable, warm, easy to read, is adjustable, no, bright sun, awkward, comes on very bright, easy to see under bright, looks yellow, ambient, is wonderful, bothersome, goes all the way up, doesn't tire your eyes, background
75 11
avid, great, voracious, perfect, good, fantastic, awesome, excellent, lightweight, works equally well in bright sunlight, was smaller, useful, very nice, huge, prolific, are leaders, great little, best, great sized, is really easy to use
kindle paperwhite
63 17
love, new, i like, old, highly recommend, is great, waterproof, is the best, basically eliminates, is so very light, newest, was a gift, is pretty nice, really enjoyed, may be changing my mind on e-readers, original, i iove, loved, for a short while, really like
63 13
is good, is perfect, love, nice, good, like, is pretty close, was more even and less noticeable, is super, up to nearly full, do like, much easier on the eyes, does not cause me, is adjustable, is so much better, is long past time amazon started including colored lighting, is pleasant, is perfect for ideal, is much much kinder to the eyes, easy to adjust to individual preference
56 17
great, clear, is crisp, crisp, is great, is excellent, excellent crisp, is sharp, is nice, is much easier on the eyes, is clean, is delightfully crisp, flat, feels better, looks cleaner and crisper, highest light setting, thin, is better than any phone/tablet, is nice an bright, no problems
55 16
newer, has everything i need, now hosts my audible library, offer those featuers, is bigger, previous, lighter and thinner than previous, hugely expanded their library, upgrade, very happy, higher end, looks even, has some good improvements, lighter than previous, thrilled, waterproof, much improved, new, lighter and thinner, several different
52 12
clear, easy to read, is crisp, sharper, is clear, is solid crisp, lot of shadows, nice, clear crisp, is nice, clean looking, underline some part, very clear, clean, can focus, is pretty crisp, is finer, more font options, is easy to read, is more relaxing on my eyes
this one
51 14
is great, waterproof, thinner, is the best, is much lighter, fits into my purse easily, is lighter, is even better, is awesome, is small, is nice over all, lighter, is smaller, is a lot nicer, is much more sensitive, is nice, will work out, is just as good, is easily the best, has the best
48 19
great, nice, fantastic, solid, very nice, enjoyable, was time to, isn’t worth it, good solid, was mainly for audible, excellent, will still use, are on the insides, number of model, is possibly worth, she likes, makes sense to, really enjoying, getting longer, pretty big
55 8
adjustable, are very good, is very helpful, very customizable, can be changed for both type and size, clearer on the new device, was different, are so much easier on the eyes, are completely customizable, lightweight, are more, read bigger adjustable, gradients, can choose, clear, allows me to read with no eye strain, comfortable, are easy to change, love, are very readable
57 7
good, great, reduced, reasonable, very fair, huge difference, nice, doubling, got even cheaper, added $100, should be, seems a tad high, was overkill, reduce, is great, very happy, helps, was very reasonable, is pretty high, match
54 7
is an extra bonus, fabulous otherwise, like me, is better, is for....., is always helpful, was a big plus, nice, makes for a nice addition, perfect to read, added features, wonderful, will meet its expectations, dark, no worries, perfect for the beach, updated-, is very nice, something lighter, helps
40 21
long time, lasts a very long time, lasts, lasts significantly less time, free, lasts for weeks, is long lasting, has maintained a weekly, is great, very fast, doesn't need to be charged, lasts much longer, lasts all week, holds as advertised, full week out, is amazing, longer lasting, enough, last for hours, is incredible
36 22
no, zero, no issues, is barely noticeable, is more, doesn't bother me enough, no glare, is minimal to no, is never a problem, is only noticeable, without worrying, no more, more, makes it difficult to use, never had issue, lot more
this product
42 16
love, highly recommend, recommend, like, definitely recommend, really enjoyed, really enjoy, really enjoying, really like, considering returning, replaced my older gen paperwhite, absolutely love, strongly recommend, stoked to have, sensationalism, always loved, would recommend, can't go wrong, incredible, very happy
51 5
great, huge, big, no, good, many, definite, absolutely no, no so great, drastic, are significant, suggest, absolutely love, no noticeable, really enjoy, nice modest, are nice, massive, won't notice, pretty darn
36 19
negative, weren't, pardon the pun, glowing, will update, are practically invisible, no problems, better, different, got me sold, isn’t about that, comfort, based, glowing positive, bunch, got a replacement easily, star, is more for the common person like me, quick, 5-star, same
this kindle
42 8
love, highly recommend, absolutely love, really like, recommend, definitely recommend, wonderful, purchased, would recommend, liked, enjoy, no complaints, do enjoy, upgraded, compact, small, really enjoy, ordered, like
38 10
adjustable, like, adaptable, easier on the eyes, surrounding light, low level, consistently on 7, good, love, is around 12-14, might be an illusion, ’s smallness, is amazing, off or low, was auto adjust, similar, easy to adjust, i want it, all the way down, nothing was helping
41 7
good, great, easy, easy to, very easy, clear, hard to, great fit in purse, fun way, perfect, is comfortable, comfortable to hold, light, like, last page, just fine, nice to take to bed to, favorite, outside in total sun, easy to use
40 8
waterproof, was cheaper, newest, newer, worked great, lasted, recommend getting the 32gb, is out for a while, has several hundred reviews, returning all new, updated, more difficult to use, wait, clearer to read, replaced my 2015, early, included the power plug, was mailed complete, returning the new, worked so well
45 1
more, extra, is great, bigger, larger, plenty, love the latest gadgets, brighter, upgraded, is helpful, updated extra, wow, very lightweight, has much more, excellent, greater, like more, love, not really needed, seem adequate
268 279
doesn't last as long, does not last as long, drains, was dead, issues, died, is worse, drains faster, is not going to last as long, was not staying charged, would not hold a charge, low, is gone, lasts forever, drain problem, dead, draining, wasn't holding a charge, now drains in the blink of an eye, stops
touch screen
37 56
is very slow, is kind of touchy, is so sensitive, feels defective, is intermittent, quirky, not responding, often results, doesn't effect the reading, nowhere near, lags a little, took as little getting used, slow responsive, is not sensitive enough when turning page, almost unusable, doesn't work all the time, is kind of balky, is not very sensitive, is almost impossible to manipulate, is terribly unresponsive
33 39
turns, constantly turning, skips, is annoying, distracting, dont turn correctly, have a tendency to disappear, sometimes tricky to turn, reloads, seemed to be getting darker, slight delay, will not turn, does not auto rotate, cannot change, had to search page, does not move with my finger, don’t always register and take longer, turn slower, always turning, goes forward no matter what i do
power button
6 55
is on the bottom, not a slider, died within two months, is in the absolute worst spot, didn't put, is a total pain, overly sensitive, stupid, issue, was on the top, bottom of the device, feels a little looser, is a bad design feature, is a terrible design, is on the bottom of the frame, is no longer recessed, can easily get pressed inadvertently, sticking out at the bottom, is a bad idea, is located along the bottom
14 37
turned off, no special offers, real dud, drains the battery to 0 in less than 30 minutes, on).too bad, can be a pain, was still on, use, don't need, vs no wifi, is draining, not picking up, turns on near instantly, not always near, i don't trust public wifi, is not needed to read, impossible to turn off, is not the issue, do not keep, difficulty