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Moto G6 Play - 32 GB - Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) - Deep Indigo - Prime Exclusive Phone

We have analyzed 368 reviews from Amazon and found:

30% of users say that: Product works great, has a headphone jack, is not loaded, is moderately priced. Phone is great, works great, is fast, is awesome. Battery life is good, is excellent, is amazing, is the best feature. Screen is vibrant, is much less impressive, is brighter in sunlight, is big. 1% of users noticed that: Motorola is a problem with the audio and headphones. Samsung has been constantly crashing. Volume is to low. Call keep cutting out.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

250 148
like, great, love, works great, fast, unlocked, has a headphone jack, good, much better, does everything i need, wish, is not loaded, is moderately priced, connects to wifi, less noticeable, stays working this well, is common knowledge, definitely sacrifices the sleekness of the note, takes a lot longer to start up, read more easily
255 141
great, best, good, love, nice, is great, works great, is fast, excellent, favorite, very nice, much better, decent, decent budget, amazing, responsive, smart, awesome, better, charges quickly
battery life
49 7
longer, long, amazing, is good, is excellent, best, is amazing, love, is the best feature, incredible, recharges quickly, very good, is outstanding, is off the charts, amazingly better, is not a huge concern, is phenomenal, superb, is great.con, is so great
31 22
better quality, is vibrant, crisp, brighter, is much less impressive, is brighter in sunlight, great, comes with new, is big, very clear, is very bright, is very good, automatically adjusts to a warmer blue light, not too spacy, is bright, good enough, good, allows me to reply to text messages, higher res, larger
31 14
great, easy to use, very good, is awesome, is crystal clear, seems better than the iphone, work great, is great, is better than expected, chopping motion, very useful, led flash, has a lot of interesting features, is greatly improved, pleasantly surprised, adequate, nicer, is better than i expected, takes very good shots, good
26 11
great, big, lasts for more than a day, does not last like it says, fantastic 4000, is incredible, larger, is quite big, is 4000 mah, new, is huge, runs for 9 days, good, love, lasts very long, lasts for me all day long, fairly happy, mostly to do with, lasts all day under heavy usage, is unbelievable
23 1
great, full, look of it, best, was excellent, good, is phenomenal, does everything i need for a comparably small, stellar, much especially, i am thrilled, little slow, is reasonable, was crazy, fairly good, makes it quite a deal, very affordable, awesome, i was hoping for, is very fair
10 7
was very accommodating, tks, only 4 payments left to pay, is built in to account preferences, love, glad, thanks, problem with an item, ought to aid removal of six of your icons by identifying algorithms, thank you very much
11 5
awesome, doesnit job, is good, meets my expectation, beautiful, most budget friendly, has single-handedly changed the way i view android, high-end, right, look elsewhere, good
g6 play
8 6
moto, uses a nano sim card, has a beautiful finish, needed a moto, has better battery life, i recently needed a new phone, can get for it
8 5
run smartly, called content transfer for the task, came with it, like uber, heavy, everything, not overloaded, priced right
8 4
is above average for a cell phone, is pretty good for music, softer, great, best, is amazing, is very good, good
like, has some great, several, amazing, most expensive phones, has really cool, tons, wonderful do not disturb, has many nice, many more cool, like most, is better
9 1
is very nice, looks great, was the most a human eye, is edge-to-edge, looks amazing, nice, is a very awesome feature, beautiful display, works really well
correct, i like, quality, love, is perfect, nice, is right, is perfect for the pockets, perfect, is nice
6 4
the best, still okay, operating with android version 8.0, fine, working good, got most of features
8 1
more zippy, decent, is below average, good, very happy, better, very snappy, is satisfactory
moto g6 play
7 1
very reasonable price, is without a doubt the best deal, was an easy transition from iphone to android, was indeed my next phone, has everything i want, is just as nice, very pleased
7 1
is pretty much indistinguishable from 1080p, is fine, is great, relatively low, lot lower, is sharp, colors bright
this phone
6 2
love, like
7 1
cute, grippy, clear, pretty nice, super tough, decent, rubber
4 3
best, decent, excellent, is perfect
4 3
work well, nice, work fine, are fine
4 2
5.4 to 8.0, has always meant well, experience tailored to me and my life, much ‘smarter’ operating system
4 2
are great, cool, better quality, travel apps
very good, nearly perfect, backdrop built right, more bells, nicest, great
is compatible, play for about 36 hours, went with this because of the price difference, pay the extra, great upgrade, is the best bet
great, wish, were reliable, were so up, lot
works well, works great, is ready to go
fingerprint reader
3 1
is great, is super cool, is nice
screen resolution
3 1
is fine, is very good, quality
5 7
put bad parts, is a problem with the audio and headphones, fixes, no, could do nothing, would not confirm
4 4
can't beat, has been dropped, replaced, has the exact same problem
2 5
beware, has been constantly crashing, eats up, contempt, instead
2 5
goes silent during those parts, is to low, issues, doesn’t go loud enough on speaker calls, up/down
2 4
connection all the time, doesn't stay connected, won't text, connect ability
2 2
not ever, dont even miss
1 4
receiving, numerous dropped, keep cutting out, may be spam
power button
1 4
fell off, is below the volumn, is right under the volume buttons, is under the volume
2 3
turned on, sometimes don't work well, no longer works