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Apple iPhone 6 a1549 16GB Space Gray Unlocked (Certified Refurbished)

We have analyzed 2395 reviews from Amazon and found:

33% of users say that: Product works great, works perfectly, works fine, works perfect. Phone works great, is great, works perfectly, looks brand new. Iphone works well, looks great, was in like new condition, works fine. Condition was in great, worked great, is ok, works good. 8% of users noticed that: Battery is bad, is horrible, was no good, is crap. Screen was loose, is unresponsive, is loose, was bad. Battery life is awful, is terrible, is “, is trash. Seller will not respond to me, will not buy, have problems, is not authorized by them.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

874 608
great, love, good, works great, excellent, like, works perfectly, works fine, works perfect, no problems, perfect, recommend, worked great, looks brand new, works, loves, nice, very happy, ’s great, loved
687 482
great, good, works great, is great, works perfectly, looks brand new, works fine, is in great condition, excellent, looks great, is good, was in excellent condition, was in perfect condition, works perfect, looked brand new, was great, very pleased, no problems, nice, is in excellent condition
58 39
great, excellent, best, works well, loves, funciona mal, with a lot of damage, gift to my sister, nice, work's great, love, no funciona, looks great, no scratches, very pleased, was in like new condition, almost a month ago, last april, works fine, has a white spot on the screen
74 2
great, perfect, good, excellent, was in great, very good, in excellent, pretty much, speed, great great, worked great, is ok, works good, appeared to be fine, works fine, beautiful, is happy:)great, excelent, great phone.exellent, clean good
47 2
is fine, works great, works properly, has been fine, was good, ok, was nice, arrived on time, working fine, was ok, is working perfectly, was smooth, fast, works, works icloud, is ok, worked perfect, is great, else was fine, went as planned
35 3
great, good, reasonable, best, is much better, excellent, very good, very happy, high, wonderful, i'm really happy, excellent condition, was so good, dropped to 365, is great
iphone 6
28 6
better, arrived by 840, unlocked, is fine, opened the package to find an iphone 5, came well packaged, was in great conditions, is really good phone, really like, is a perfect combination, had a similar experience, work, is a steal, suits my purposes, has long and bright spots, refurbished, gold from mywit, ordered the gold 16gb, arrived quickly, arrived sooner
fast, great, was on time, replace the gift, was fast, super fast, prompt, took longer, was very fast, was fairly fast, was quick, awesome, was exactly as promised, was super fast, was also very quick
15 9
great, no issues, came quick, was mostly as described, arrived fast, was advertised, was as expected, was exactly as described, came perfect, is very clean, working perfectly, came as scheduled, has worked perfectly, received in the expected conditions
18 4
no, no blemishes, looks brand new
16 6
good, great, 👍, were so pristine, best, same issues, need arise, pretty good, couldn't be happier, extremely pleased
17 3
working great, ok, working nice, been charging, still at 1%, still working like new, been about 2 weeks, no problem, still a great product, works good, works perfectly fine, still working as expected, starts to work, working good
15 5
good, great, perfect, outstanding, wise, very happy, very satisfied, works just fine, thanks, very impressed
12 7
good, updated, weren't half bad, very technical, glowing, best, saw, will be like finding a piece of gold, help some of you, great, clear
14 5
with a 90+ rating, is the bomb, got me a refund, highly recommend, is taking 2wks to refund, would recommend, still consists business with this seller, recommend, excellent, trust, handled the return flawlessly, in excellent condition, has taken great care, would make it right
this product
10 9
highly recommend, returning, money, meets my expectations, works as a new phone, love, bought, would recommend, need to return
12 6
love, is a really good company, has an offer, like, never fails, queda, is particular about this, has a promotion going on, did a good job, meant quality, done everything, pay allows you to pay for items in store
10 3
is on and everything, great, excellent, worked for about an hour total, was fast, is active, working, better, expedient, quick
11 2
no, zero, worth the money, works great
6 5
was great, good, was very bad!!and, positive, great
10 1
is good, works, needed to be returned, worked right away no problems, works great, is well, no problems, not good indications, ok
fast, thanks for your on time, was fast, quick, was right on time, beautiful, good, speedy
8 2
no, no functional, not huge
sim card
6 4
is fine, purchased three new, able to insert his, are easily found, carried on with no changes, removable
56 255
sucks, bad, replaced, faulty, problem, dead, is bad, died, is horrible, was no good, is crap, is not good, is junk, is defective, doesn't last for not even an hour, dying, started swelling, problems, is not working, sucked
19 99
cracked, doesn’t work, was loose, is unresponsive, is loose, was bad, went black, displays early symptoms, often becomes unresponsive to direction, will come on and go off, is already malfunctioning, is a bit banged up, doesn't seem to have any scratches, replaced, glitchy, had no scratches, was damaged, easily identified, doesn't work at all spent a extra 100 bucks, popping up
battery life
21 37
is awful, short, horrible, is terrible, sucks, poor, worst, is “, only miss, fading, is trash, is pretty bad, is extremely short, terrible, goes dead, is very poor, is no good, isnt as great, dropped very quickly, bad
20 25
careful, will not respond to me, wouldn't have purchased, don’t buy, would never ever purchase again, do not trust, didn't get a response, not responsive to complaints, deny my request for a replacement, dont work right, > not very friendly, did not even respond, didn't give any return label, should be banned from amazon, again, replaced, refused a replacement, do not buy, would not recommend, will not buy
9 28
burnt me, does not work, was a knock off, dies all over again, broke after a few days, with the same issues, couldn't be happier with this purchase, is not original else, stopped working couple, was dysfunctional, broke after a week, didn’t work at all, is not original, attached to it at all times, is also not a company charger, did contain a 2 ft, was sent didn't work, came with didn't work, didnt send me original earphones nor, are not apple originals
13 16
does not work, bad spot on my screen, was all messed up, wont turn off, doesn't work, didn't work, weren’t working, click quite often, defective, is bad, wouldn't focus, must have been refurbished, makes a shutter sound, is broken, did not receive a major upgrade
11 11
limited, no, was out less than a week, was only until, is expired, sent back, was way too short, was actually only 1 month, period of natural causes, has 30 days
touch screen
3 16
problem if done scrupulously, is faulty, would not work, wasn't very sensitive, is not working, is no longer working, is not able to be calibrated correctly, freezes sometimes, did not work, became unresponsive, wouldn't work, is horrible, didn't work straight out of the box, constantly stopping, was not responsive, didn't work at all
9 9
cannot find network, looks like it still locked, was actually suggested by one of the amazon customer service representatives, is never able to connect, couldn't even turn, pull up the sim card cover, had bad dents, scratches, blocked from network use
2 13
problem, never worked, reduced the battery by 1%, lag, stopped working, no, would disconnect every 3 seconds, is weak, won't be connected, has stopped working, dropped often, limited use
1 12
does not work, problems, impossible to remove, sounded raspy, is messed up, cleaned, does not seem to be working, is blown out, went out after a month, dont work, stopped working
refurbished phone
3 8
do not buy, hesitant, will never buy, worst, don't recommend, wouldn't recommend
5 5
changes without me pushing the button, didn't work properly, does not work, doesn’t work, is so low
3 6
is useless, generic, came scratched up with no phone, came very dusty, was open, came empty
shutter sound
were not able to be silenced, cannot turn off, turned off, ended up doing a factory reset, not be a deal breaker, will not turn off, will not turn off whatsoever, couldn't mute, doesn't turn off
2 7
no, don't expect, did not include, didn't need to buy any other accessories, were missing, does not come witch