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Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa

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29% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works, was easy to install. Ring works great, is great, is the best, was easy to install. Doorbell is great, works great, was easy to install, is awesome. Video is clear, is very clear, is good, is great. 2% of users noticed that: Battery was dead, is low, drains, is dead. Unit was defective, was faulty, was the problem, are on battery power. Motion is detected, was detected, is too sensitive, was some. Motion detection is unreliable, is useless, is sketchy, can be difficult to get set right.

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15248 5440
great, love, works great, excellent, awesome, good, is great, like, works, was easy to install, works well, easy to install, amazing, recommended, recommend, highly recommend, very good, fantastic, nice, best
1243 423
love, thanks, works great, highly recommend, recommended, is great, recommend, is the best, was easy to install, very happy, like, absolutely love, pro, very pleased, great job, safer, is easy to install, is awesome, works as advertised, new
840 551
great, is great, works great, awesome, love, was easy to install, good, is awesome, best, works well, easy to install, very happy, is fantastic, able to answer, works fine, perfect, works as advertised, like, absolutely love, worked great
824 459
great, clear, is clear, good, is very clear, is good, very clear, is great, excellent, doorbell, quality, works well, are great, crystal clear, love, is amazing, are excellent, is excellent, is so clear, is awesome
680 361
great, works great, love, is clear, is great, good, works well, is very clear, better, clear, stick up, is very good, is amazing, very clear, is awesome, excellent, extra, is excellent, well, best
985 39
easy to, easy, very easy to, very easy, super easy to, super easy, was easy, easy to use, works great, easy to set up, simple, simple to, works well, very simple, extremely easy, works like a charm, easy to setup, fairly easy to, works as advertised, works perfectly
695 276
great, awesome, excellent, best, fantastic, love, amazing, is awesome, good, very good, works well, very pleased, wonderful, really like, cool, is great, reliable, great little, is amazing, is wonderful
customer service
724 101
great, excellent, is great, is excellent, best, is outstanding, is the best, good, is awesome, amazing, is amazing, was great, very helpful, is top notch, outstanding, fantastic, was very helpful, awesome, is fantastic, exceptional
ring doorbell
639 135
love, really like, absolutely love, is great, very pleased, very happy, works great, is awesome, i like, highly recommend, like, was easy to install, installed, is amazing, recommend, recommended, is fantastic, has been great, works as advertised, very satisfied
520 256
works great, is easy to use, works well, is great, great, easy to use, is very user friendly, is user friendly, intuitive, is very easy to use, is intuitive, love, was easy, is awesome, is easy, simple, is well designed, friendly, open, are fantastic
649 63
easy, was easy, was a breeze, was very easy, was simple, was quick, very easy, ease, is easy, was super easy, simple, is simple, was a snap, straightforward, is a breeze, was relatively easy, quick, is super easy, was very simple, is so simple
this product
527 85
love, highly recommend, recommend, definitely recommend, would recommend, absolutely love, really like, like, very pleased, recommended, loved, very impressed, impressed, happy, great, loving, sucks, good things, really love, very happy
198 184
works great, great, get alerts, is at my door, can look, easy to set up, nice, can see, easy to pair, working, handy, friendly, just fine, contacts, able to speak to anyone, works with your, with ring support to no avail, in your hand 24 7, with you at all times, better
300 35
easy, easy to, was easy, very easy, is easy, super easy, was a breeze, was very easy, very easy to, simple, is super easy, is a breeze, works great, was simple, was a snap, is pretty easy, painless, is so easy, is fairly easy, quick
276 47
clear, great, is clear, very clear, is very clear, good, are clear, is great, good quality, is good, excellent, is so clear, is crystal clear, awesome, good clear, great clear, is pretty clear, much clearer, crisp, are so clear
video quality
232 83
great, is great, is good, is excellent, is very good, excellent, is pretty good, is decent, is superb, is really good, is ok, really good, love, could be better, could be a little better, is just ok, is awesome, best, better, good
160 145
able to answer, nice, can answer, can monitor, is great, great, without getting up, communicate, is awesome, well, answer, is invaluable, solid, came to our front, came to my front, at all times, can be at work, super safe neighborhood, see anyone, is the greatest
142 129
good, strong, excellent, is strong, speed, great, solid, is good, speeds, boost, extended, worked great, isn’t super strong, plenty, has something to do with that, prefer, is quite a far distance away, work fine, works lightning fast, adequate
191 80
are delivered, is delivered, delivered, was delivered, nice, included everything, lot, arrives, are dropped off, getting delivered, great, gets delivered, has arrived, delivers, delivered to the house, like, no more stolen, has been delivered, being delivered, being deliver
243 22
great, love, best, nice, sense, provides, peace of mind, extra, awesome, added, excellent, really like, fantastic, reasonable, like, extra sense, adds, fast, is comforting, little extra
set up
224 20
easy, very easy, was easy, easy to use, easy to, super easy, simple, was a breeze, is easy, works as advertised, very simple, works great, extremely easy, is pretty easy, intuitive, easily, fairly easy, quick, was really easy, was so easy
171 55
great, is great, is good, clear, good, is clear, is very good, are very good, excellent, are very clear, very good, quality, is excellent, is decent, is amazing, are great, crystal clear, chime, is awesome, are exceptional
video doorbell
157 50
great, best, love, very happy, works great, pro, is awesome, very pleased, highly recommend, nice, like, received our ring, is great, enjoying, are better, very easy to install, easy to use, is very help answering the door, excellent, works
ring video doorbell
176 21
love, highly recommend, really like, i like, works great, is great, absolutely love, very pleased, new, installed, very happy, is everything, is awesome, does everything, thanks, really love, has exceeded our expectations, is one of the best residential level, couldn't be happier, big huge
119 75
clear, is great, great, good, is good, is very clear, is very good, are great, excellent, is superb, very happy, impressed, is fantastic, is clear, works well, very clear, is good quality, is crystal clear, is clea, is also great
155 39
great, works great, excellent, very good, perfect, better, love, best, has been great, awesome, flood light, easy to install, is excellent, simple, easy to use, is awesome, integrates nicely, allows us 1 free month usage of icloud video viewing, really nice, with much caution
157 28
great, good, high, excellent, better, is great, is good, is very good, very impressed, easy to install, awesome, is amazing, is excellent, very pleased, impressed, solid, easy to use, love, was never a concern, is better than i expected
customer support
153 31
great, is fantastic, was great, outstanding, is great, is outstanding, is excellent, excellent, is the best, awesome, best, amazing, was good, is amazing, was very helpful, is very good, is top notch, is superb, has been great, is awesome
91 85
love, works great, door, works fine, rang, is great, ringing, much safer, sure your, indoor, reliable, is good, is loud, good, two door, will be gone, awesome, replaced, fly, bob cat pass
163 15
great, nice, best, good, love, awesome, favorite, cool, really love, like, live view, handy, very satisfied, pleased, many great, coolest, my favorite, improved, full of cool, are so easy to setup
147 26
easy to follow, great, were easy to follow, were clear, simple, easy, clear, were simple, very simple, easy to understand, were very clear, very clear, are straightforward, were great, are easy to follow, easy to install, were straight forward, seem like plug and play, are easy to read, were some of the easiest
156 9
great, good, reasonable, was great, is well worth, was right, is reasonable, easy to install, affordable, worth, high, lower, decent, low, very good, can't beat, all the functions, too much for retiree, did i mention, reflected in he
158 9
works great, love, works fine, worked great, like, is great, worked fine, is perfect, works perfectly, working perfectly, is good, works as advertised, looks good, is working great, was working fine, is fine, works now.(bought, working well, happening around my home, needed was included
213 577
low, was dead, died, dead, is low, drains, is dead, bad, doesn't last as long, does not last as long, charged, defective, sucks, problem, won't hold a charge, will not stay charged, will not charge, issues, is getting low, operated
221 224
defective, bad, was defective, faulty, replaced, reset, was faulty, problem, not happy, much more rliable, froze up in october, notice, gets older, does not record, was the problem, falls asleep, could not access online, would give us a bit of comfort and security, must be removed every 6 months, are on battery power
121 184
is detected, was detected, doesn't work, no, delay, detected, goes off, false, detects, picked up, very sensitive, big delay, stopped working, did not detect, is too sensitive, was some, doesn't catch all, walking away, is not motion, doesnt pick up
motion detection
141 151
no, stopped working, sucks, delay, doesn't work, still did not work, is unreliable, is useless, is sketchy, does not work, turned off, not working, never worked, delayed, did not work, excessive, does not work at night as advertised, not be working, can be difficult to get set right, is slow to start
motion sensor
107 176
is too sensitive, did not work, delay, goes off, going off, only complaint, is problematic, works, is very sensitive, is a little sensitive to traffic, comes on when they go out side, is overly sensitive, very annoying, being too sensitive, is worthless, a bit touchy, kept setting off, is a bit slow to respond, picks up passing traffic, works less than 50% of the time
117 122
no, delay, didn't get, many, was at my door, are delayed, limited, don't get, off, don't work, false, is activity or motion at my door, some lag, almost constant, failed to come through to my phone, anyone near, goes away or use the live view, delay experienced, are delayed long, you dont have
battery life
84 133
is horrible, could be better, months, still 1 week, poor, is poor, is unacceptable, is short, even on the live setting, is getting less time between charging, isn't close to 6 months, not sure, dislike, is nowhere near, due, is a joke, is not realistic, glitches ruin it, goes down rapidly, is annoying