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All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Heather Gray

We have analyzed 688 reviews from Amazon and found:

37% of users say that: Product works great, work great, is great, is wonderful. Sound is great, is much better, is amazing, has good. Sound quality is much better, is good, is fantastic, is just as good. Speaker is great, is much louder, was better, is awesome. 1% of users noticed that: This thing is going in the trash, is total junk, is junk, has messed everything up. Issue has been to no avail, are essentially gone, will not stay connected to internet. Audio quality is poor. Speaker quality was just not fit to play music.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

514 139
love, great, like, works great, fun, nice, loves, work great, ’s great, is great, awesome, good, absolutely love, amazing, really like, is wonderful, easy to use, looks great, echo, is very good
139 21
great, good, is great, better, amazing, is much better, very pleased, is amazing, much better, clear, has good, improved, awesome, impressed, thousands times better, is so much better, is crisp, spooky, perfect, is much much better
sound quality
65 17
great, much better, is much better, improved, is good, is fantastic, better, is just as good, is a substantial upgrade, is superb, easy to setup, impressed, is just fine, is so much better, was closer to a clock radio, is awesome, more clear, surpassed the 1st gen model, is excellent, very responsive to voice commands
54 12
great, is great, is much louder, better, much upgraded, sounds great, was better, good, good quality, is awesome, is better, good little, is so much better, is much more powerful, variety, great extra, has better quality, love, is not too loud, is unbelievably good
37 12
love, is awesome, is addictive, is so smart, best, does well for single commands-, is awsome, always hear, is quick, easy to use, crisp, clean, very easy to understand, can be controlled, was very easy to set up, is very reliable, is fast, understands me perfectly, fits nicely, tells
echo dot
24 9
love, highly recommend, is a great tool, is a nice upgrade, is a nice addition to the echo, like, enjoy, is functional, faster track, is perfect, has a good speaker, in a timely manner, is wonderful, hear, is pretty great, shines right, was ok
26 6
great, better, still learning, great little, love all my echo, big fan, adding more, for free, would like, awesome, is the best, saves a lot of time, is the peak of technology, should be convenient, most everything, need to remain on all the time, much better, alexa-enabled, has an input for the power cable, versatile
27 4
great, has done a complete 180 with the dot, keep improving these dots, good, does from the, you rock, nwed one for my shower, lot, has tons, tons of options, has hit a new high, wants you to use, has reinforced their lineup, super easy to use, is so helpful, good job, added whisper mode, can come up with to help her day, suggestions, readily available
21 6
have been playing, enjoy, everyday, my favorite, choice, want, sure many other things in the future, easy to move around, sounds wonderful, much, is deafeningly loud, provide background, ambient sounds, you had to pay, ask to play, favorite, able to play, prefer, sounds much better, plays perfect
15 6
really loving, loving our echo, really glad, great, is now very good, worth owning, like, looked cheap, is loud, is bout 20% bigger, looking, better, really like, best, are just fine
10 7
easy to setup, reminder on the device, is much smarter, leave a lot to be desired, more convenient to maneuver, myriad, is great, up process, leads you through everything, was easier to use
11 5
is so convenient, wish, ’s most recent release, are most useful, only one echo needs to respond to alexa, allow for wider variations of phases / words, really use them everyday, is very helpfull, main, dots, regular
9 7
is good, is greatfor, better, looks better than the previous models, is maxed up, convenient, best, improved, 10x better
full, convienent, are really good, convenient, is perfect , small, is very loud, crisp, is pretty good, larger, slight convex bulge, seriously impressive
new, great, good, one of the better things, sounds better, nice, feel, is much nicer, is improved, softer
8 1
easy, easy to use, easy to, works awesome, was just like all of the others - same wi-fi network, improved, was easier than with the 2nd generation
4 2
is the future, great, is loudest, sounds a lot more muddy
4 3
decent, comforts me, way down, is not that great
5 3
looks way more sleek, classy, surprised me, 3:muffled, 3rd
6 2
best, does each night, is awesome, good, has bass
6 1
great, came quickly, well packaged, hundreds of dollars to activate a $50, is attractive
5 1
looks fresh, chic, has a better, is good, cute
set up
5 1
easy, works flawlessly, very easy, was super fast
4 2
answer your, im at work, relatively newer, sync
4 2
star, pretty good, bumping, impressively
alexa app
3 2
keeping track, like, open
4 1
fair, unbelievable low, better, great
great, happy, very happy, my first echo, best
this one
is huge for me, is awesome, is usable standalone, is much louder, more crisp
amazon music
works great, keeps me organized, unlimited, have been listening, seamlessly transitions between tasks
great, nice, worthy
impressed, absolutely no, few, notable, marginal
3 1
do better in large rooms, was stronger, sensitivity
this thing
3 4
is going in the trash, is total junk, is junk, has messed everything up
3 3
not only control, goes on in the loft, stay on unless you instruct alexa not to disturb you
3 3
playing or saying something at volume 6, very frustrating, still weak sound
3 3
stop, goes off in the mornings, can't do timed actions like
1 5
has been to no avail, are essentially gone, will not stay connected to internet, not an, no longer
2 2
has tried to push a bassier sound, will not connect to the wifi
bluetooth speaker
2 2
no longer, won't stay connected