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Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Punch Red - with Special Offers

We have analyzed 39408 reviews from Amazon and found:

35% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works well, was a gift. Tablet is great, works great, is awesome, is fine. Price was great, was right, is right, is great. Screen is clear, is bright, is very clear, is nice. 2% of users noticed that: Battery is dead, drains, will not charge, dies quickly. Camera is awful, don't like, is horrible, is not good. Ad are annoying, don't like, are a pain, are a little annoying. Charging port is loose, will not charge, has become loose, is terrible.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

22755 10114
love, great, loves, like, works great, good, loved, easy to use, is great, works well, excellent, awesome, was a gift, nice, gift, fast, is perfect, perfect, really like, does everything
5867 1459
great, good, nice, love, great little, is great, excellent, awesome, best, very nice, perfect, loves, works great, cheap, nice little, very good, amazing, very happy, decent, better
1658 84
great, good, was great, excellent, was right, amazing, very good, low, is right, awesome, is great, can't beat, decent, very nice, nice, cheap, reasonable, perfect, fantastic, was perfect
832 728
larger, bigger, clear, nice, great, bright, lock, is clear, is bright, is very clear, is nice, good, crisp, is smaller, large, easy to read, is great, big, beautiful, large enough
1297 34
perfect, right, great, love, like, nice, good, is perfect, i like, easy to use, smaller, is great, compact, small, is good, really like, larger, convenient, liked, works great
624 614
great, favorite, good, many, are great, lot, works great, love, free, work, plenty, few, like, unlimited, more, available, bunch, simple, tons, useful
763 451
thanks, love, thank you, great, like, was great, good, prime day, best, good job, contacted me, prime, is amazing, better, come on, can be done, was kind enough, great job, support, kudos
748 417
great, good, nice, great little, awesome, excellent, amazing, very good, is great, wonderful, very nice, inexpensive, works well, fantastic, very pleased, works fine, easy to use, is good, fine, decent
614 335
love, great, is great, best, like, good, works great, absolutely love, works fine, new, much better, was awesome, is easy to use, really like, unlimited, work great, improved, better, inexpensive, loves
battery life
498 312
good, great, is great, long, is good, longer, decent, is amazing, better, is very good, is pretty good, is excellent, is decent, is better, excellent, is awesome, like, is impressive, amazing, pretty good
399 34
love, great, favorite, good, like, beautiful, yellow, vibrant, is great, bright, nice, easy to use, are vibrant, different, cool, is beautiful, vivid, loved, is amazing, bright yellow
fire 7
328 89
love, like, is great, very happy, very pleased, prime day, highly recommend, really enjoy, enjoying, really enjoying, recommend, is a great, great, worked great, really like, loving, does everything, gift, good, gets the job done
256 148
love, is great, like, is awesome, works great, is nice, is cool, is good, is amazing, is wonderful, well, works well, is fantastic, easy to set up, is fun, works fine, is helpful, is a wonderful addition, is easy to use, is ok
this tablet
347 55
love, loves, highly recommend, recommend, absolutely love, like, loved, definitely recommend, really love, really like, enjoying, absolutely loves, do like, would recommend, really loved, enjoy, highly recommended, good, really do like, try
234 146
love, is great, like, very pleased, absolutely love, loving, really enjoy, was great, upgraded, is the best, still works, enjoying, original, is by far the best, pleased, great, better, quickly, best, was perfect
258 119
ok, okay, working great, super easy to use, not a bad tablet, working well, okay for the money, been good, okay to use, your only tablet, still a noticeable downgrade, still a lot cheaper, worked out pretty well, been easy for him to use, still working in the morning, worked great, used, thick, heavy, do its job great
303 63
good, great, very good, excellent, better, is excellent, nice, is great, amazing, high, love, decent, is awesome, perfect, very nice, very low, is very good, very pleased, is amazing, difference
285 45
great, clear, nice, is great, good, crisp, is nice, love, beautiful, sharp, easy to use, bright, is good, is awesome, excellent, like, very clear, large, bigger, is very clear
268 57
great, clear, good, is clear, nice, easy to use, is great, is good, bright, is beautiful, beautiful, is awesome, is crisp, decent, excellent, very clear, is amazing, is crystal clear, nice clear, are great
159 157
great, good, is good, better, is great, is ok, decent, like, clear, is amazing, ok, isn’t the best, is pretty good, could be better, is more than adequate, is much better, was louder, seems fine, is soft, should be made to be louder
276 28
great, best, good, nice, love, like, very nice, favorite, new, are great, easy to use, fantastic, extra, updated, has great, advantage, cool, better, are easy to use, many
fire tablet
213 79
love, like, i like, original, absolutely love, very impressed, are always great, really like, really love, very pleased, is easy to set up, is great, really enjoy, highly recommend, enjoying, is good, is as inexpensive, nothing beats, are so popular, gone through a lot
248 37
is great, love, like, was great, works great, is good, works fine, was fine, was perfect, is perfect, liked, was good, is fine, seemed fine, is as expected, works, is ok, was smooth, else, easy to use
218 57
great, good, is great, awesome, is awesome, works, is ok, nice, perfect, arrived on time, worked fine, excellent, was a gift, very pleased, arrived quickly, wonderful, was good, came on time, works instantly, was designated as new
266 4
great, good, awesome, really good, amazing, best, excellent, no big, fantastic, very good, works great, easy to use, not a big, pretty good, super, help me save some money, better, black friday, no bad, incredible
257 9
great, good, best, excellent, very good, better, nice, fantastic, perfect, awesome, cheap, decent, amazing, don't, best bet, no my best, no longer, nice easy, exceptional, something more advanced
209 56
great, best, good, excellent, very happy, pleased, fantastic, very pleased, solid, favorite, wonderful, decent, glad, very good, very please, let down, showed up earlier than expected, strongly recommend, large, continues to earn my high praise
251 8
light, lighter, very light, like, love, easy to use, nice, is good, good, perfect, very pleased, easy to carry, comfortable, bright, great, is perfect, easy to handle, solid, is perfect in my hands, comfortable in your hands
this product
133 127
love, recommend, highly recommend, like, would recommend, very pleased, absolutely love, definitely recommend, really love, enjoy, loved, enjoying, returning, very happy, i like, no dislikes, happy with, very very pleased, long, really expected
174 71
favorite, great, few, good, perfect, love, no, very few, work well, can play, lot, simple, tons, able to play, are good, can transfer my, much fun, lots of free, sees available, safe
169 67
prime, great, watching, is good, good, is nice, favorite, like, better quality, helped her learn, fine, like to watch, look good, countless, popped up, watched, more geared to what i like, are default loaded to the sd card, are fine, without the need of wifi
kindle fire
157 74
love, is great, are great, like, original, great, just fine, works great, really like, good, better, very happy, fan, dependable, good compromise, doesn’t hold a charge long, always use, listen up, is great for kids, all 5 of my kids
118 101
more, expandable, expand, larger, extra, enough, adequate, bigger, plenty, expanded, has expandable, needs more, clear, overkill, can be easily added, improve, much more, right, is amazing, maxed out
125 87
better, easier to read, more, bigger, cheap, needed something bigger, gets things done easier, big time, more things, can compute circles, were compatible, is louder, without overloading, well as my reading, bring fire, do anything, everyday, is a better option, works fin, would work fine
129 81
switching, cheap, better than, extra money, smaller, good, does everything, pro, much lighter, better, wish, like, is 4 years old, replaces my, outperforms this brand new fire, keep my grandson, enough is enough, proper, has been through 7, refurbished
267 641
died, is dead, doesn't last long, does not last long, drains, sucks, will not charge, bad, dies quickly, doesn’t last long, was dead, does not last very long, low, drains fast, stopped charging, dies very fast, drains quickly, dies fast, stays charged, drain
160 222
sucks, is awful, don't like, poor, is horrible, isn't the best, bad, is not good, haven't used, is so bad, isn't great, is pretty bad, is not so good, is crap, is not that good, is poor quality, is poor, is not the best, is also terrible, did not have
103 248
are annoying, too many, annoying, hate, don't like, many, do not like, dislike, are a pain, avoid, unwanted, irritating, suck, did not like, unsubscribe, stupid, stop, are a little annoying, incessant, constantly bombarded
charging port
20 323
stopped working, broke, went bad, loose, is loose, breaks, problem, issue, no longer works, broken, faulty, became loose, bad, quit working, stop working, isn't working, will not charge, problems, has become loose, is terrible
126 130
limited, is only 90 days, ran out, no, had expired, has expired, runs out, beware, 90 day, extended, is so limited, too late, replaced, just stop charging, ran out after 90 day, is now only 90 days, no ask questions, is short, not really a such thing, worthless!!right